I Will Divorce the Female Lead’s Siscon Brother (Novel) Chapter 2


When I first realized that I had transmigrated into a novel character, I thought I was lucky.

When I thought I would die in a car accident, I was given another chance.

Furthermore, the work I possessed was the novel "Return and Walk Only on a Path of Flowers," which I enjoyed reading.

The story of Liena, an orphan who died after a miserable life, goes back in time and is adopted by a duke.

After that, Liena grew up with a lot of love from the members of the Duchy: her father and her two older brothers.

A terrifying father who only cares about his daughter, as well as two older brothers who become friendly whenever they see their younger sister.

The three men in the duke's family who once shook the world only raised their hands in front of the little rabbit.

Their scene of causing a commotion, teasing, and consoling Liena is one of the greatest pleasures of the novel.

I also really like the childhood plot.

"Just by reading the book..."

So here's the problem!

What is my role in this world?

A villain destined for destruction? A secondary character destined to die?

Both assumptions are wrong.

I was Ethel Wallace, Liena's sister-in-law and the wife of her first brother, Leandro.

In fact, it was only after transmigrating that I knew the owner of the body was Ethel. In addition to the fact that she has light pink hair and jade-colored eyes.

Leandro's wife was a minor role mentioned only occasionally in the novel.

Leandro decided to marry her solely for the benefit of his family. Like most nobles, it was an arranged and loveless marriage.

That's why Ethel doesn't appear much in the scene where the Cassius family gathers, and although she appears like a bean in a drought, she doesn't attract any attention at all. Unlike Leandro, who often seems to meet his younger sister even after marriage.

However, I was quite satisfied with this obscure character.

"Because I am the wife of my favorite character!"

The young duke, Leandro Cassius, with hair brighter than the sun and eyes bluer than a deep lake.

A perfect man who resembles his father, the duke, from his skills to his appearance.

His charm is that he is diligent, serious, and cold in every way, but he only melts in front of Liena.

Although that doesn't mean I love him...

Why? Because I don't have deep feelings for a novel character.

My long-standing theory is that a married couple can work well as long as there is trust and respect.

Furthermore, Ethel is less likely to get involved in troublesome affairs due to her small number of appearances, although she is also a member of the Cassius family, which will surely thrive from generation to generation.

Is there a better seat in the audience to witness the development of the novel?

It's a decent life considering that I have fallen into an unknown world.

Let's take a look at the path of flowers that the female protagonist will walk!

... Looking back, at that time, I was too optimistic.

It didn't take long for my hopes and expectations for my second life to begin to weaken.


"What did you just say?"

In response to Leandro's question, my awareness returned to the present.

Oh no. I got carried away for a moment.

In the moment I said I would end this relationship, I only looked to the past.

"Wife, answer me."

I faced the man who asked me with a restrained voice.

He seemed angry and surprised.

Except for matters related to his younger sister, Leandro never expresses his emotions above a certain level.

A man like that looks at me and shows an attitude as if he can't control his emotions.

A man who strangely avoided me after marriage and never had any rational contact with me.

I deliberately uttered the following words again and again.

"I said we have to divorce."


Seeing my husband's wrinkled face turned sour, an odd sense of pleasure welled up in my chest.

At the same time, I felt as relieved as if the weight I had carried for ten years had been lifted.

I realized once again.

I wanted a divorce.

I didn't realize it clearly, but I was indeed hoping for the end of this relationship.

Anyway, I know Leandro cares a lot for his younger sister.

I'm not very sincere about it either. If I endure a bit, my life will be comfortable.

All the dozen reasons to avoid this breakup were meaningless.

"Let's divorce. As soon as possible."

There was even a hint of excitement in my voice when it came to talking about divorce.




I've said what I wanted, and the atmosphere at the table was indescribably cold.

Duke Cassius took turns looking at both Leandro and me, speechless.

Even Duke Cassius, whom the emperor respected, seemed quite uncomfortable. The servants who had served the meal held their breath.

Liena was the first to break the heavy silence.

"Divorce? That doesn't make sense!"

She stood up so quickly that she pushed her chair back.

Stimulated by Liena's words, Leheim said.

"Yes, sister-in-law! Of course, you made a mistake, but divorce is absurd."

On the other hand, Leandro looked stunned after hearing the word 'divorce,' but his younger brothers were more upset.

I calmly folded the napkin I had placed on my lap.

"I didn't make a hasty decision. It was a decision I made after long deliberation."

Sometimes a lie is necessary.

The duke, who had been silent until then, said.

"Ethel, in this world, nothing can be done by your will alone..."

"I had a good meal. Although I didn't enjoy it very much."

I stood up after placing the folded napkin on the table.


The duke's face, which boasted a beauty comparable to that of a young man, even though he was middle-aged, seemed puzzled.

He appeared surprised by his daughter-in-law's slight rebellion, who had never spoken to him in her life.

"Then goodbye."

But I didn't care, and I left the dining room.

I could feel countless eyes watching my back.

It was impolite, but I didn't want to listen to the duke until the end.

Well, he's a duke, so his words have the power to make others hesitate to disobey.

That's why it's best to cut it short.

"Little lady!"

Ignoring the servants, I went to the central hall.

Then I walked directly to the front door to leave the cursed Cassius mansion forever... well, I'll do it later.

I went to the stairs of the central hall and climbed the stairs.

The destination is the couple's room on the second floor.

Although it was the couple's room, it was actually Leandro's room, where he often slept alone.

Anyway, when I arrived at the mansion in the morning, I left my luggage there.

I'll only take what I need. I don't even have money in my pocket right now to find a place to stay tonight.

I'll pack the essentials into my bag as quickly as possible.

The door opened with the sound of heavy footsteps.


Leandro, who had already regained his senses, entered the room. I wanted to leave as soon as possible for fear of this.

I asked, a little annoyed.


"Do you really mean the divorce?"

"I'm serious."

"Why do you want to get a divorce?"

Haha, I couldn't help but laugh.

Leandro doesn't seem to have any idea why I asked for a divorce.

Well, I'd spend three or four days explaining why, but instead of hurting my mouth, I chose to ignore it.

I'll make sure to pack all my things.

"Step aside. I'm leaving."

"I asked why you want a divorce."

"Are you asking because you really don't know?"

"Obviously, it's my fault that I forgot our wedding anniversary. But just because of that..."

"It's just not that."

"Then what?"

"Put your hand on your chest and look back. If you can't think of anything, you're a fool."

Did you ever think I wouldn't have complaints against a husband who speaks less than ten minutes a week?

Fortunately, I wasn't that stupid, so he said.

"I admit that our relationship isn't as friendly as others, but..."

The words that followed were within my expectations.

"Isn't that the usual case for couples in arranged marriages?"

"I'm not just saying it wasn't a friendly relationship."

"What else?"

"Figure it out for yourself."

Seeing that I was really about to leave, Leandro looked around the room.

He seemed to be looking for something to stop me, but it didn't come to him easily.

Then his gaze fell on the object lying on the other side of the bedroom.

"Wait. Look at this!"

He approached and picked up the fabric that covered the object.

He removed the cloth that had been blocking the dust and sunlight, revealing the pure white color underneath.

The lace that artisans had meticulously woven one by one, and dozens of pearls glistened in the sun.

It's a wedding dress.

The dress I wore when I married Leandro was placed on a half-body mannequin, displaying its unchanging figure.

After the wedding, I left it, and it occupied the corner of the room all the time.

The moment I saw the wedding dress, my mood immediately warmed.

Leandro, not realizing it, started talking as much as he wanted.

"Do you remember when you married me in this dress? Even though things were twisted like that, it was fine at first. Even thinking back to that moment..."

"It wasn't fine."


"It wasn't fine. That dress and our marriage."

Confused, he asked.

"No way. Didn't you say you liked this dress because it's very beautiful?"

"When did I do that?"

"At that time, definitely..."

"It wasn't me who said that dress was beautiful."

My voice was surprisingly calm.

"It was your sister."

In response to my words, Leandro stiffened.

"Liena? No way..."

I decided to kindly remind the man who still hadn't regained his senses.

"Remember the time I wore the wedding dress."

Also known as the stolen wedding dress.

The incident, as I called it, took place months before our wedding.

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