I Will Divorce the Female Lead’s Siscon Brother (Novel) Chapter 11



The face of the woman visible under the robe was someone I knew well.

Someone I saw in Cassius's mansion a few days ago.


It was Tara, one of the maids who helped Liena. Tara looked around carefully as if searching for something.

"Did you follow us?"

As I wondered if I should leave, Terence acted swiftly.

He leaped in the blink of an eye and subdued Tara.


Tara tried to defend herself with a dagger hidden inside her robe, but she was quickly overpowered.

"The presence was weak, so I didn't want to believe it, but it seems like she followed us from the square. You seem quite skilled."

"Let me go!"

Tara looked at me and struggled even harder.


"Is it true, Tara?"

"It's a misunderstanding! I coincidentally saw the lady in the square and followed her because I had something to tell her!"

"If the goal had been to talk to me, there would have been many opportunities to appear."

Terence stood firm, and Tara pleaded with me.

"It hurts. Miss, please say he should let me go! But who is this person?"

She looked genuinely pitiful and unjust.

To anyone, Terence would be a villain harassing innocent women.

But there was something more I could say about her.

"Did my sister-in-law order you?"

When I mentioned Liena, Tara's face immediately stiffened.


"I asked if my sister-in-law asked you to find out where I was and to follow me."

"That, that can't be possible. She knows very well what kind of person she is."

"What kind of person is she?"

"A pure person like that wouldn't make me follow another person..."

"But you have done it several times following her orders."

"Miss, what are you talking about?"

"You just followed others? Seeking weaknesses and setting traps."

"It's absurd..."

"Tara Spello is a common, chatty maid prone to making mistakes, but she is actually deeply affectionate with her lady. But it's all an act."


"Get rid of that act. In reality, you're just a dog who quietly follows and spies on others according to your owner's orders."

At that moment, Tara became as blank and expressionless as a blank sheet of paper.

Tara Spello. She was originally born to servants working for a noble family.

Tara's parents were given a small plot of land in exchange for their long service to their master's family.

If they worked hard in farming, they could avoid their young daughter working as a domestic servant.

The farming life of a family that began with so much hope soon came to a tragic end.

It turned out that the ownership document they received was a fake, and the land was taken as collateral.

When the owner's family went bankrupt due to various debts they couldn't pay, the collateral was handed over to creditors.

They lost their livelihood overnight.

Even if they wanted to protest, the owner's family took away their valuable items and disappeared.

Her father died while working too hard to reclaim the land, and her mother suffered a stroke and died.

The two younger siblings were taken to an orphanage but eventually died of starvation.

Tara persistently tracked down the whereabouts of her master's family for ten years and finally managed to find her enemy and take revenge.

The death penalty awaits her when she is found out as a noble's murderer.

Tara's life was filled with misfortunes that were common but should never become common.

In Liena's first life.

After Liena returned, she personally visited Tara based on the information she received through newspapers in her previous life.

Tara's persistence and ability to gather information to achieve revenge shocked the world and made headlines.

Liena was that jealous of Tara.

The returner whispered to the person who had not yet managed to take revenge.

"If you live for me from now on, I will not only help you take revenge but also ensure a safe life for your younger siblings who have not yet died."

Indeed, Tara's two younger siblings entered school under the duke's sponsorship.

At that moment, Tara decided to take Liena as her lifelong teacher.

Tara, who was reborn as an excellent assistant thanks to hard work, makes countless secret attempts for her teacher.

This is the inner story of Tara from "<Return and Walk Alone on the Flower Path.>"

Outwardly, she is a common and ordinary maid, but inwardly, she is a loyal dog who doesn't mind doing dirty work for Liena.

In addition to Tara, there are other similar characters.

Liena used her memories before returning to attract talents from all over.

Liena is a three-dimensional character with many facets. The cute and innocent appearance she usually presents as Cassius's youngest daughter is not really a facade.

If you look at the novel, Liena's true feelings are described.

But that's not all.

Should I say that there is a separate self that grew and formed in the love of the family and a self that returned?

Although she doesn't have a split personality, there's a sense of disconnection between Liena when she's with her family and when she plays tricks on them behind their backs.

To put it bluntly, I believe the author only wanted to give the main character a cute childlike charm and a serene allure like that of someone intriguing.

"That's why a strange character was created, tsk."

I clicked my tongue and looked at Tara, who lay motionless.

She was looking at me cautiously.

"I'm a little worried."

If I let Tara go, Liena will pay attention to the "mysterious man" who was with me...

"It's not a fatal risk, but it seems like it will be a nuisance."

If she keeps watching me and reports every one of my movements to Liena, I will feel uncomfortable.

Terence spoke quietly as if inquiring about the food menu.

"Shall we handle this quietly?"

Tara's body trembled.

He has no mercy for people who seem suspicious, like murderers or spies.


Although I transmigrated into a novel, my moral sense is within an extremely normal range.

Moreover, if her limbs suddenly disappeared, Liena's alert level would increase immeasurably.

Hmm, what should I do?

As the temple bell rang exactly three times in the distance, I made my decision.

"Tay, I'm sorry, but can you leave us alone for a moment?"

"Will you be okay?"

"Sure. I have this."

I took out my personal defense amulet from my pocket and showed it to her. When Terence didn't back down with that alone, I added.

"I know this girl, and she would never harm me."

Because I will never let her do that.

He sighed and removed the sword from Tara's neck.

"I'll stay a little further away. Is it okay if I can't hear the conversation?"

It was a question that accurately understood my intention. I'm sorry, but I don't want him to hear what I'm about to say.


After Terence left.

I whispered softly.

"Now tell me. Did Liena tell you to follow me?"

"Absolutely not."

It seems she plans to stick to her claim that she coincidentally found me and followed me.

Tara's loyalty can never be broken by ordinary means.

But I was a possessed person, which was not a common case.

"Is Viscount Chiléan your enemy?"

Tara's eyes filled with surprise.

"Listen carefully. If you cooperate with me, I'll tell you where Viscount Chiléan is right now."

I decided to repeat Liena's method.


"Don't ask questions. Because, just like Liena, I can't answer."


"When Liena appeared in front of you and said she would help you get revenge, you asked. How do you know everything about your situation?"


"Liena said she couldn't answer. It wasn't just then.

Even when she asked you to bring a Matisse wandering the streets. Even when she asked you to bring the secret accounting book of Bishop Bisan.

Even when she ordered you to collect the legendary wind plain flower. Tara's face turned pale every time I recited them one by one.

All of these are things Liena told Tara to do using her memories before the start of the novel.

"You were always curious. How does the young lady know all these things? She's not even a god."

Liena reveals at the end and to those around her that she once rewound.

"But Liena didn't tell you. I can't tell you either, so listen quietly."

A drop of cold sweat rolled down Tara's forehead.

"Could there be a traitor among us?"

"Are the things I just said orders that Liena gave only to you?"

Let's talk about valid points.

"Well, even if... even if you have abilities similar to hers, you're not my benefactor."

"So, you won't listen to me? Will you give up your revenge?"

"I can get information about Chiléan from my lady."

"But she hasn't told you yet."

"She promised to let me know when the time is right."

"She only needs to tell you now. Why does she have to do it later?"

"There are things that are impossible for you too! Don't talk nonsense!"

Her reaction was violent.

In fact, it is evidence that she also has some doubts about her mistress. Although it's only a very small doubt.

"Is it really impossible? Or not..."

"Shut your mouth!"

Tara looked at me as if she were going to kill me.

At the same time, I saw a kind of fear in that anger.

She's scared. She fears that all the years of loyalty and sacrifice I've had so far will be in vain.

"Just say one more word! I'll kill you!"

The sight of a malevolent spirit like a ghost sent shivers down my spine.

But I shouldn't show any sign of shrinking here. I held the amulet tightly in my hand so I could activate it at any time.

"No, you can't touch me."

I asserted. It's as if I'm in the palm of my hand.

"She's curious about the information I have on Chiléan."

For Tara, there's something that takes precedence over loyalty to Liena.


Even in the novel, there was a moment when she was so blinded by revenge that she almost did what Liena told her to do.


At this moment, her head is probably thinking a lot.

However, the result is fixed.

Tara can never ignore the possibility that "that woman knows about Chiléan."

Furthermore, since Terence can't force out what he wants from me, the only remaining options are...

"What do you want from me?"

After a long time, a muffled sound escaped between her teeth.

I got it!

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