I Will Divorce the Female Lead’s Siscon Brother (Novel) Chapter 8



This is where Liena meets him for the first time.

At first glance, a chance encounter may seem fateful, but in reality, it's an extremely bad relationship.

From where I am, I can only see the man's back.

The well-toned muscles of his back are clearly visible even through the cloth covering his body. A murky aura surrounds him.

A sinister dark red that shines intensely.


His black hair flows along with his heavy breathing, as if he had just moved his body violently.

The novel's villain and the worst enemy standing in Liena's way.

Terence Friheiden. He was there.


I was mesmerized, admiring the man's back, and in the next moment, I snapped back to reality.

I don't know why, but the view from behind was so impressive that I lost my composure.

Quickly and silently, I hid behind the tree next to me.

"I can't believe he's really here!"

Of course, I came here knowing that this was Terence's favorite training spot.

But I didn't know he would be here when I came.

"I just came here today for a preliminary visit!"

The intention was to determine the exact location and geographical features of this place before we met face to face.

How can we meet as naturally as possible, as if it were a coincidence?

Terence stays at home or wanders the streets except when he's training. So, if I want to pretend to have a chance encounter, the only place I can go is the Wandering Forest.

I was lost in thought with my back pressed against the hard wooden surface.

"What do I need to do?"

Should I simply pretend to be lost and step out in front of that person?

There's no one who can support me during my divorce.

The Marquis Friheiden.

Terence, who is still a high-ranking noble, actually hides an even greater identity and will soon gain significant power.

The purest noble blood of the empire flows through his veins.

And I have "information" I can give him in exchange for his cooperation in the divorce that I covet.

This is not the case with the Andala mine.

Although the mine is a bonanza, for now, it's just useless baggage.

Even if I loudly defend its future value, I'd be lucky if they don't treat me like a lunatic.

On the other hand, the "information" I will provide to Terence can be used immediately.

However, it's only useful to him.

For other people, it wasn't worth supporting my divorce, not even to the extent of pretending to be with Cassius.

That's why I came to see Terence among so many influential people.

"All right! Let's go now!"

If not now, when else would I have the chance to meet Terence here?

The excuse of being lost is a bit old-fashioned, but it's not suspicious enough to raise doubts.

The nearby residents also frequently visit the trails of the Wandering Forest.


However, contrary to my firm determination, my feet didn't advance easily.

"I-Is it going to be okay?"

I was struck by the fact that Terence is a character who does things right in the second half of the novel. He's truly a villain with no blood or tears.

Isn't this like poking a lion's nose while trying to avoid a wolf?

The plot unfolds as I try to divorce Leandro, but will I be drawn in by Terence?

In my head, I have confidence that such a disaster won't happen.

It was much later when Terence truly turned dark.

In the novel, it's clearly written that, although he's inherently somewhat nervous and twisted, he's not beyond the category of a sensible person.

Above all, if I use the "information" I know well, it's possible to prevent him from turning dark to some extent.


After witnessing that terrifying aura, I hesitated.


Meanwhile, I could constantly hear the sound of a sword striking the scarecrow's armor.

I took a deep breath and calmed my fear.

It's foolish to worry about the worst that may not come and be reluctant to act.

"Do I want to live in that house for the rest of my life, being ignored?"

When I think of Cassius, who is happy with everyone but me, my worries vanish.

Will prevails over fear.

With that decision in mind, I was about to step out from behind the tree.

"Who is there?"

A voice full of chills fell gently.

It was a beautiful deep voice that tickled my ears, but my body was frozen.

...Did I get caught without taking a single step?

"If you value your life, show yourself obedient."

Somewhere, a languid warning.

"You thought I wouldn't know you've been hiding behind me for a while."

My heart started to beat vigorously.

"I have to get out quickly."

I have to go out and explain that I got lost...

But my body didn't respond.

I stiffened and barely moved my neck to peek out from behind the tree.

He hurled the sword he was holding with a powerful strike. The sword instantly grew in size and rushed toward me.

Instinctively, I threw myself to the ground, protecting my head with my arms.


A crunching sound was heard, and the tree split in two.

...The tree right in front of the tree where I was hiding.


And then, a masked man appeared out of nowhere and brandished a sword.


Terence dodged the dagger and lunged toward the attacker's side.

With that, the match was decided.

The next moment, Terence was alone, holding a bloodied dagger.

It was as if I were the only one in the world from the beginning.

"That was boring," he said, his words making my body tremble as if he had sighed.

I was watching Terence and quickly lowered my head.

" Somehow, the level of assassins decreases over time."

Fortunately, he didn't seem to notice my presence because he was too focused on the monster that was screaming and thrashing its limbs.

"I can't believe you're sending a guy who openly shows his life."

I waited for this moment to pass without making any sound.

No matter how you think about it, the timing is not right.

There was nothing good for me if I stood in front of Terence, who was probably on high alert.

" It's unfortunate, but we should meet next time."

The sound of a heavy object being dragged on the ground can be heard. It seems that Terence is trying to get rid of the assassin's body.

I don't know how, but it certainly seemed like it wasn't going to be a task that could be completed quickly.

Although quite some time had passed, there were no signs of Terence returning.


I stood up to leave the place quietly.



My legs cramped because I had been squatting for a long time.

My body collapsed in the same position I had just stood up from, and the place I stepped on was an inclined terrain.


I closed my eyes and prepared for the impending shock.

However, as time passed, I felt no pain.

My awkward attitude toward falls proved ineffective. Furthermore, the solid sensation behind me...

I barely managed to turn my head and look back.

And then I took a deep breath. This was because a pair of red eyes were staring at me up close.

...I was enveloped in Terence's arms.

The first thought that came to my mind when I saw his face up close.

"Why are you so handsome?!"

No! That's not it!

"When did you come?!"

Obviously, I didn't hear any footsteps coming back. So, did you intentionally approach me without notice?

This is a very bad sign.

I quickly pulled away from his arms and clasped my hands.

"Thank you for your help! Thanks to you, I survived!"

Even then, he seemed a bit dazed.

Maybe he caught me on reflex as I fell from above.

But it was only for a moment.

Soon, the man closed his eyes, lifted both corners of his mouth, and leaned his upper body forward.

"I wonder."

It was an extremely gallant smile.

"What are you doing in such a remote place, ma'am?"

His appearance was so outstanding that it immediately captivated me, but my hands were sweaty.

Wow. He's extremely cautious.

Hell awaits if you're deceived by that fox-like exterior.

Terence Freeheiden was the kind of person who treated people with more kindness and affection the more cautious he was.

On the contrary, he revealed his dry nature to those he felt comfortable with and trusted.

His red eyes, curved like a crescent moon, secretly scanned me.

"I-I took the wrong path..."

"The wrong path? I apologize, but may I ask for what purpose you visited the Wandering Forest?"

"For a walk..."

"It definitely wasn't for a walk. This place is far from the trail and in the opposite direction."

It seems that simply being lost was a bad excuse!

"Yes! No! I mean..."

As his smile deepened, warning signals went off in my head.

"I had other matters to attend to, so I ventured deep in for a walk to explore the area. My goodness, I'm lost! That's it!"

"What other purpose did you have?"

"It's hard to tell you in detail because it's a personal matter."


Not good. It's really bad.

Terence is not a vile person who would harm a lost passerby.

But would that also apply to people who might have witnessed a murder?

"I'm curious. There's nothing here except accommodations for wandering mercenaries."

Obviously, his eyes were trying to guess how long I had been here.

Cold sweat moistened the back of my neck. I was busy rolling my eyes here and there, looking for a suitable excuse.

From the corner of my eye, I saw the personal defense amulet that had fallen to the ground.

It seemed to have bounced into my pocket when I slipped.

"Or perhaps you know that someone is here..."


A bright thought crossed my mind.

"I'll tell you!"


"It's a personal matter, but of course, I can tell the benefactor who saved my life!"

I pretended to have a concerned expression to tell a realistic lie.

"I came to hire a mercenary as an escort."

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