I Will Divorce the Female Lead’s Siscon Brother (Novel) Chapter 56



Ah, handsome. A handsome man remains handsome even if you look at him upside down.

I replied without understanding, harboring a somewhat unexpected feeling within me.

"Yes, I was surprised that Tay seemed cold."

Maybe it's because the situation is so unexpected that I can't even find an excuse.


Tay's face disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared. He hid again among the leaves and let out a muffled voice.

"If you respond so obediently, there won't be anything else to say, right?" I complained like a child.

The tone was as if he were embarrassed.

"That was complaining."

Thinking about it that way, it's cute. In the novel, the dark character emitting a dangerous atmosphere complained like a child.

Feeling satisfied, I asked honestly.

"Does it matter that it was for Tay?"

"I was a little surprised. I thought you would stay out no matter what others did."

"Me? Hmm, I think I've shown a lot of both sides until now."

In Sharon's old office, I even cried once while talking about my marriage.

"You didn't hesitate at all in front of your ex-husband and ended your relationship with the Wallace family without hesitation."

"That's because those people weren't that important to me."

"Then me..."

When I was about to speak, I looked up and saw Terence falling to the ground with a dull noise.

"It's not good to express it out loud."

What? He's smiling happily. A person whose voice was sunk a moment ago.

"Huh? You changed clothes. Is this for camouflage?"

"Oh yes. Vinetta is wearing my original outfit."

"Ah. It was an exchange."

"That's right. Vinetta, wearing a robe over my clothes, should already be boarding Ambassador Leok's carriage."

As she was probably escorted by soldiers, there was little chance of her identity being discovered. Journalists would flock to the fake Ethel Wallace, who wouldn't give a single answer and would barrage her with questions.

Terence looked closely at my outfit.

"But just in case, it would be better for Ethel to wear my robe."

He took off his cape, put it over my shoulders, and carefully placed the hood on me.

"Can I use this instead?"

Before I knew it, Terence was holding the straw hat I was wearing.

Although I was still stunned by his sudden change of attitude, I told him with a smile.

"Sure. It looks good."

We crossed the garden and headed to the back door of the Central Courtyard.

"Fortunately, it seems that everyone has gone to the main door to take a look."

"Let's go quickly!"

"At that moment, I called a carriage to arrive at the back door."

"What about the horse you came riding?"

"It's so tired that it can't walk anymore."

"Now that I think about it, you rode together. I'm sorry for the horse."

"I'll give it a special meal and let it rest well, so you don't have to feel sorry for it."


"Why do you look so blank?"

"You're embarrassed right now, aren't you?"


"Then why are you still avoiding my gaze, Marquess?"

"Anyway, no."

"It's okay. When people are tired, they can complain a little."

"You're making fun of me."

"Oh, did I catch you?"

As we chatted, we walked towards the carriage, which was in a dark alley near the back door.

To my dismay, Terence soon reverted to his original cunning behavior. Even when I teased him more, he didn't even blink.

Later, I heard that he was worried because his presence seemed quite weak.

Do you not seem as self-aware as you think?

After hearing that, I couldn't help but have a question mark on my face.

In "Return and Walk on a Path of Flowers," who was the character with a stronger presence next to Liena, or in some aspects even more powerful than Liena?

It was surprising and pleasant to think that Terence of all people was also thinking about this. I got to know a new side of him.


The next day, at the Cassius residence.

Liena tapped the surface of the desk with her nails. Worries didn't last long.

The Golden Jade Lady of Duke Cassius ordered her maid, Tara, in a low voice.

"Bring Elliot immediately."

"But Elliot Rudd is currently on a business trip abroad for important guild matters..."

"This is more important than that."

Elliot Rudd, an uncommon genius whose ability is said to be given by the Goddess. I couldn't say he had a good personality, but his ability was undeniable. Meanwhile, Elliot had been helping Liena come up with ingenious plans that no one else would have thought of.

Liena had no doubt. This time, too, she would definitely make what she wanted a reality.

"If Elliot steps forward, the current unfavorable situation will not be a problem."

At that point, Tara agreed.

"I suppose so. In particular, the law is his specialty."

Moreover, while Farrell was a person who demonstrated the best skills in the existing legal system, Elliot was a person who achieved victory even by creating a law that didn't exist.

"How much longer until Elliot returns?

"Even if we find the fastest ship, it will probably take at least 15 days.

"No matter the cost, ask them to buy a ship on the spot and return immediately.


Still, Tara didn't understand why she was calling Elliot that way, but Liena couldn't afford to persuade her.

"I have to tell Farrell too.
That he should change his tactics to take as much time as possible until Elliot arrives.

In the current situation, it would be difficult for him to win, but it would be possible to gain some time.

"Given that Leandro has suffered such a humiliating stigma, the emperor will no longer intervene.

The emperor had no intention of engaging in a large-scale dispute with Cassius. He just wanted to shame him. And that purpose has been fully achieved.

"Damn it, of course, the head butler… Even a tape recorder.

Why did things happen like this? If things had gone according to plan, it would have been a trial that Cassius would have easily won.

However, Liena soon stopped thinking and stood up.

"It's almost time for my sister-in-law to arrive. I have to go see my dad.

This was also just a momentary difficulty. After experiencing the miracle of regression, a brilliant victory was always promised to her.

On the way to the duke's office, Liena met her second brother, Leheim.

"And our older brother?

"Our brother is still the same as yesterday. He locked himself in his room and hasn't come out yet.

"He didn't even meet Uncle Farrell?

"No. Farrell was so frustrated that he seemed about to die. Why did he hide such an important fact?

Leheim groaned.

"I'm really surprised that something like this happened between my brother and my sister-in-law.

"I wish he had been honest from the beginning.

"I know, yes. He always told us to be good to our sister-in-law, so we just believed it.

Leheim, who had been chatting for a while, secretly looked at his younger sister.

"But, does the trial really have to continue?

"What do you mean?

"After seeing them yesterday, it seemed like they weren't really compatible. Wouldn't it be better if they just got divorced?

"Why do you say that?

"Why are you so angry?

"Our sister-in-law is family. Can you give up on your family, Leheim?

"I don't mean… yes. You're right. I made a mistake.

"I got unnecessarily worked up."

Liena smiled cheerfully and changed her mood.

"Let's keep doing our best. Our sister-in-law will realize our sincerity someday.

"Yes, because you're always right.

"Instead, I'm going to see dad right now. Do you want to come with me?

"Is it because of our sister-in-law? I heard that Uncle Kayden is also coming, so I should go see him.

When they mentioned the head butler who had been with them for a long time, both of them became depressed.

"… Why did he betray us?

"I don't know. We treated him like he was part of our family.

The brother and sister kept walking, consoling each other after being hurt by the betrayal of a loved one.

Ethel arrived at the mansion not even a minute before she had anticipated.

"Hello, everyone. Ah, I guess you haven't been well.

Accompanied by the head butler, a lawyer, and a woman who seemed to be a bodyguard.

"What is your purpose in coming here?

Duke Cassius was the first to ask about their business, as if he didn't even want to let them into the hall.

"Let's start with the duke. Elders are given preference.

The wrinkles on the duke's forehead deepened due to Ethel's shrewd attitude.

"You have stained my son's honor.

"I simply spoke the truth.

In a tense standoff where neither side backed down, Liena intervened, standing next to the duke.

"You two, calm down. Let's resolve this through a conversation. It can be resolved peacefully.

Similarly, only Leheim, who was next to the duke, nodded, and the tension did not diminish at all. Leandro didn't come out even though his wife came.

The Duke Cassius turned his gaze to the head butler and spoke first.

"Answer me. Why did you abandon Cassius?


"Are you saying that the last twenty years you spent with us meant nothing?

It was a question full of resentment and betrayal so deep that its depth was unknown.

The head butler looked at Ethel. Ethel nodded slightly to him. As if to encourage him.

The duke gritted his teeth at seeing it. Because it was clear evidence that the servant who had served him for a long time was no longer his person.

After an exchange of glances, the head butler finally spoke.

"Do you remember my son Joshua?

"The duke narrowed his eyes at the unexpected topic."

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