I Will Divorce the Female Lead’s Siscon Brother (Novel) Chapter 40



Duruk, duruk

I was in a carriage, and in front of me was a woman in motion.

Curly brown hair, brown eyes, and a face full of freckles. The woman, who clearly seemed intimidated, rolled her eyes all the time.

"I, I... I don't think it's really the case."

"It's alright."

Even when I consoled her, she cried.

"Oh, no, that doesn't make sense. The story about being the lost daughter of Ambassador Leok...!"

The woman's name is Anna. Yes, she is the lost daughter of the Ambassador of the Leok Kingdom, the person I previously asked Sharon to find.

Sharon gave me good news when I returned to the office after bidding farewell to the butler yesterday.

"I think I found her! One of my acquaintances knows someone who fits the criteria you mentioned."

I went directly to the address Sharon gave me and was convinced that this woman was the person I was looking for. Not only the name and situation but even the appearance was exactly as it appeared in the novel.

A woman whom Sharon had helped before came to see her and told her that the person I was looking for resembled the woman next to her. Initially, the creditors kept coming and making noises, but she said she would inform her because she was her benefactor.

"The right thing to do was to ask Sharon."

Thanks to this, I found Anna, whom not even Liena could easily find!

So today, as soon as the sun rose, I headed to Ambassador Leok's residence with Anna. I had to reunite the separated families as quickly as possible.

"It was supposed to be Liena's doing."

What does it matter? Regardless of who does it, good deeds are what matter.

At that moment, Anna nervously murmured.

"Who could have imagined that I would be the daughter of the famous Ambassador Leok? Any orphan of the Empire would have dreamed of it."

It is said that Ambassador Leok accidentally lost his daughter when he traveled to the Empire a long time ago. From then on, he stayed in the Empire to find his daughter.

"I often looked at ads about missing children that appeared in newspapers and wished dozens of times that the girl was me."

The ambassador searched for his daughter with such desperation that no one knew. The Empire also actively cooperated, considering its relationship with Leok.

Although the Leok Kingdom was not large in territory, it was a country with abundant resources and national power that couldn't be ignored.

Furthermore, the ambassador's wife is the aunt of the current King of Leok. In other words, she is the sister of the Queen Mother of the Leok Kingdom.

"It's natural that the Empire would pay attention."

In Liena's first life, when Anna dies at the hands of her husband, the ambassador strongly protests to the imperial family. What led to his daughter's death was this very society, with its lack of awareness of domestic violence.

Because of this, the novel briefly states that her relationship with Leok became tense and difficult for a while.

"But it's different the second time around."

In her second life, the tragedy doesn't happen due to Liena's actions, and Liena gains a strong ally in the name of the Ambassador of the Leok Kingdom.

I reassured Anna, who had a pale complexion.

"Just trust me. I've seen him from a distance before, and Anna looks a lot like him."

It's a lie. In reality, I had never seen him before. However, I couldn't say that I saw him in a novel, so I had no choice but to provide more details.

However, the only thing certain is that she resembles the ambassador. There is definitely a passage like that in the novel.

Anna waved her hand.

"Well, that can't be possible. First of all, as you can see, my hair is brown. According to the description in the newspaper, the girl is blonde."

"It's more common than you think for hair that was golden in childhood to gradually darken and turn brown."

Anna's expression wavered for a moment. It was as if she remembered what color her hair was when she was young.

I checked her yesterday and found that she had blurry memories of her childhood. I thought it was because she was separated from her parents, and her environment changed suddenly.

"... That's not all! The place where they found me is in the eastern part of the Empire. But the place where the ambassador lost his daughter is a famous tourist center in the south."

"Maybe that's..."

Just as I was about to explain, the carriage stopped. We had arrived at the Ambassador Leok's residence.

It's faster to show something once than to tell it a hundred times. Anna will understand when she sees it in person.

I convinced Anna, who was hesitating, to come with me, and we headed to the entrance of the embassy residence. But someone blocked our way.

"Stop. This is Ambassador Leok's residence, and it's not a place anyone can enter."

It was a guard guarding the main entrance of the embassy residence. There was a cautious look in the man's eyes.

"Please state your identity and the purpose of your visit."

It seemed to be that way because I had come in a carriage without a family crest.

"I believe the woman by my side is the lost daughter of the ambassador, so I came to see the ambassador."

At that moment, a sneer escaped from the other person. The tone of the speech also changed.

"Hey, why don't you stop thinking nonsense and go back?"


"Do you think only one or two people like you have come here? It happens every day. Scammers claiming to be the lost daughter."

"Hey. I understand why you don't get it, but..."

"Shouldn't you at least show sincerity by matching the color of your hair?"

The guard brazenly examined Anna from head to toe as if assessing her.

"Do you think a girl who looks humble at first sight can become decent if you put on nice clothes? Where could she be the ambassador's daughter?"

Anna's face turned bright red. The fingertips, covered in sewing wounds, trembled.

I lent Anna my dress because she was crying and saying that she only had shabby clothes, but even that couldn't hide the tough moments she had been through.


I had no idea that a situation like this would happen just because I wanted to introduce her to her parents as quickly as possible.

Anna, who was crying, grabbed my arm.

"... I guess, after all, this wasn't the place I was supposed to come to. Let's go back."


"Ah, no, I didn't dare to give orders to Ethel-nim. I'm sorry."

Anna, who had shrunk a lot, was surprised just by hearing her name.

I revealed my identity to her yesterday. I did it simply because I thought it was common courtesy, but it had the opposite effect.

Anna struggled with me as a noblewoman. No matter how much I told her to be comfortable, it was of no use.

I feel bad. If I had thought a little more deeply before bringing her, this wouldn't have happened.

I gently caressed her drooping shoulders and made eye contact with Anna.

"I'm sorry. For making you listen to these words."

Her brown eyes opened wide. She seemed surprised to see a noblewoman apologizing.

"But will you give me one more chance? I will definitely let you meet your parents."

"Oh, yes..."

When Anna stopped trembling, I looked at the guard. No matter the reason, he couldn't treat someone who might be a noble this way.

For some reason, I felt that he might let me in if I bribed him, but I didn't want to give this guy a single cent.

"What are you looking at?"

"Do you have confidence?"


"What if the person here is really the ambassador's daughter?"

"That's so funny."

The guard laughed and mocked.

"If that's the case, I'll kneel for three or four days, apologize, and voluntarily give up all my possessions. Ending up in a situation similar to that humble woman."

"Hmm, it seems like you don't have much."

"What? What?!"

"Alright, I understand. Make sure to keep your word."

The man with the flushed face shouted.

"I'll never let you in, so get out of here! If you don't leave, I'll force you out!"

"That won't work."

I smiled, took something out of my pocket, and showed it to him. It was an elaborately carved brooch.

"Even if I tried to bribe you...!"

Hyuk, the guard who was looking at the brooch, took a deep breath. He asked me with trembling eyes.

"No way, is it... someone from Cassius?"

His tone suddenly became polite.

The emblem engraved on the brooch was Cassius' black goat. Cassius wore it so often that even the three-year-olds of the Empire recognized this symbol.

There's also a fairly famous anecdote that anyone with the Cassius last name is given an ornament with this pattern engraved. It was good to have brought it.

The brooch was in the jewelry box I brought from the Cassius mansion not long ago. I received it as a wedding gift but stored it in a jewelry box and forgot about it.

"I didn't think it would be of any use..."

I never thought it would be so useful.

If people saw me now, some might ask, "Aren't you ashamed to borrow Cassius' prestige when you ran away on your own because you didn't like it?"

"Not at all. It feels great."

Before the divorce, I was Cassius too, and so what? It's not even a lie. If they don't agree, they can sign the divorce papers immediately.

Now the one who was thinking and trembling was the guard. Cassius' notoriety was significant.

"I-Is it... a forgery...?"

"If it were a counterfeit product, you should report it specifically to the ambassador. Shouldn't the ambassador personally hand over the impostor to an agent?"

Because they were not from another family, but someone pretending to be Cassius.

The guard groaned.

"Why? Are you scared?"


He shouted loudly as if my provocation had worked well.

"Wait a moment, impostor! I'll bring the ambassador with me soon! Hey, come and watch over these girls and make sure they don't escape!"

He disappeared into the embassy residence, and we had a hard time surrounded by other guards.

"Don't worry. You'll be able to get in shortly."

"... Yes!"

I held her hand because I was afraid she'd get anxious, but Anna seemed calmer than I expected. Moreover.

"Is it my mistake, or does it seem like the way people look at me has changed more favorably than before?"

Soon after, a guard came out of the official residence. But he wasn't alone.

"Is someone pretending to be Cassius?"

"Yes, Ambassador. It's that woman over there!"

The ambassador came in person. Judging by his appearance, he seemed to have been taking a stroll in the garden.

First, the ambassador and I made eye contact. He was a person with the same hair color as Anna and a dignified look. Should I say he exuded dignity?

However, I didn't have the chance to introduce myself. The moment the ambassador's gaze naturally turned to my side.


His expression changed completely. His eyes filled with amazement observed Anna's face closely.

The moment of reunion had arrived.

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