I Will Divorce the Female Lead’s Siscon Brother (Novel) Chapter 22



"I conducted my own research on you before coming here, Sharon.

Even if I've read the original story, it's essential to conduct direct research.

"Why did you accumulate so much debt? You provided free representation to women who couldn't afford the fees but urgently needed a divorce on multiple occasions.

As many people as there were letters on that desk were freed thanks to it.

It is said that not only is the defense insufficient, but it also covers other litigation expenses, and if there is someone who has nowhere to go right now, you introduce them to a shelter prepared with your own money.

"I really respect you."

"It's all just self-satisfaction."

Sharon shivered and moved away from me as if she had been burned.

"Aha. It's self-satisfaction. Hmm, I see."

"It's true!"

"Didn't I say anything?"

Why are you suddenly yelling?

"No... Why do you keep looking at me like that...?"

Sharon tried to ignore my bright eyes, then pursed her lips, sighed, and sat back down.

For some reason, I couldn't help but smile.

"Yes. I suppose so."


Then she asked in a slightly different tone.

"Do you think I'll give up on the divorce if you don't accept it to the end? Is that why you refuse?"

There was no immediate response.

"As I said before, I will definitely divorce. If the only divorce attorney in the empire doesn't handle it, you will have no choice but to turn to a worse divorce attorney, and there is a high probability that you will lose the case."

Sharon's expression became increasingly tired.

"Then the news will be widely published in the newspapers, people thinking of divorcing will back off, the divorce rate will plummet, families will disintegrate, and society will collapse..."

"No, no, why did both of them collapse behind them? Are you scaring me?"

"I just made a reasonable prediction."

"In other words, if I don't want it to end like this, I have to cooperate?"


I raised my index finger in front of the lawyer's eyes.

"This may be a risk, but it's also an opportunity. If I win, it will be a successful divorce case even against the Cassius family. It can be hope for someone suffering somewhere even now, at this very moment."

"...That's right."

Her expression became strange, as if she had also considered that possibility. Does it feel like a mixture of 90% resignation and 100% hope?

"Is it like hitting a stone with an egg?"

"...Yes, honestly."

The woman nodded calmly.

"Based on what Ethel Wallace discussed last time, I can't imagine winning the case."

"And what if what I told you back then wasn't everything?"


The worries didn't last long.

"If there's a reason that can make all the judges understand the same thing, the chances increase. Still, it's difficult because of the Duke's influence."

"There is a reason."

"Ah, there is no other answer for this than divorce. This should be one of the reasons why those voices naturally arise. I vaguely believe that it's worth enduring so much, right? Is there room for improvement? It shouldn't be like that."

"Listen and judge. I decided on Sharon anyway, so I'll say it as it is."

Sharon swallowed hard at my confident tone.

"We will protect the content of the client's consultation no matter what."

Now I could trust Sharon.

When I looked at the seat next to me, I noticed that Terence, who had been silent so far out of consideration for both of us, was also focused on me.

I made eye contact with both of them once and made a solemn statement.

"My husband, Leandro, is having a great problem in having heirs!"

A very heavy and cautious silence fell.

"Well, if it's an issue about succession... Are you saying there is a problem with young Duke Cassius in that direction?"

The lawyer was very surprised and confirmed the facts, and the Marquis kept his mouth shut.

"Certainly, if he were to marry while hiding such a serious problem, it would be grounds for divorce."

As a competent lawyer, Sharon immediately began a legal review.

"Couples have a duty to respond to sexual relations, and especially for nobles, siring heirs is the most important thing in life."

The eyes under the glasses began to be tinged with warmth.

"Really? Are you sure there's a problem?"

I started to feel my mouth itching when a hand grabbed my shoulder and shook it gently.

...Is it really true?

Unless the author was crazy, it was completely unfair that he had given such a scenario to the wonderful older brother of the heroine.

Although I didn't have the experience of witnessing it with my own eyes, Leandro's reproductive ability must be completely normal.

But for my primary priority, which is divorce, I had already decided what to say.

"In reality, I can't say for certain because I've never experienced anything, but I'm sure something is wrong. Because he didn't even attempt to have relations with me."

"Oh, my goodness!"

My conscience hurts because I've already thrown half of it in the trash. In reality, I was conflicted too.

Do I have to do this? More than Leandro's honor, it was about the attitude I had maintained in life until now.

Is it really right to use someone's sensitive parts, even an enemy's, to achieve my goals? Consciously?

After much deliberation, I came to a conclusion.

"Yes. Discard your conscience."

First of all, he wasn't an enemy I could face while keeping my conscience intact.

Above all, Leandro is a man who even bribed officials to prevent my divorce decree from arriving. Should I be the only one to follow the right path?

I don't want to be an easy prey. That's why I suppressed the conscience that had come out of the trash can of my heart.

"It's not entirely wrong to say that as long as Leandro continues to act this way, there will be a problem with the appearance of a successor, right?"

Meanwhile, Sharon rubbed her chin and bolstered her confidence.

"I see. As expected, just like the rumors at that time..."

It was exactly the reaction I wanted.

"Sharon also knows that rumor."

When I deliberately sighed and dropped my shoulders, she returned a look of subtle sympathy.

"...What are those rumors?"

Terence asked.

He was a person distant from social circles. He might have heard the "official" news, but it was difficult to understand the gossip that was secretly spread by word of mouth. It's not the kind of thing that would interest Terence.

"When I attended the academy, I only heard the noble students whispering briefly..."

It didn't matter if I explained it myself, but Sharon, who had been considerate of me, spoke first.

"There was a time when there was a rumor that the Duke Cassius's eldest son had a problem with that."

How did the brother of the protagonist come to be perceived as dishonorable?

The story behind this was as follows.

The culprit who spread the rumor was a certain baron, who was the political enemy of Duke Cassius at that time. He tried to disgrace Cassius by criticizing his successor, Leandro.

If there was a problem, it was that Leandro Cassius was too perfect. He had excellent literary and martial skills, looked great, and never caused any trouble.

Personally, it was an assessment I didn't agree with, but in any case, in the eyes of others and in the environment, Leandro was that kind of man.

It's said that a certain baron searched all of Leandro's romantic relationships but couldn't find a speck of dust. The baron, who was grinding his teeth in anger, suddenly felt strange.

"Even if he's clean, isn't he too clean?"

Leandro had no problems with relationships and had no experience in dating people of the opposite sex, which is common. No one had even seen him being intimate with a specific woman of his age.

At an age when he should have been interested in the opposite sex, the only woman close to Leandro was his younger sister.

In a way, that's natural.

In "Return and Walk on a Path of Flowers," the brothers and father of the protagonist are like that. They only have eyes for Liena, express affection only for Liena, and live for Liena.

A girl who melted the hearts of her older brothers, who had been frozen by the death of their mother, the duchess. Liena was a kind of savior not only for the two children but also for the duke.

The presence of the younger sister is so strong that there is no room for "Ethel."

There was no description of Leandro loving his wife until the end of the novel. The only description was that the couple respected each other and lived in peace.

There was a scene where Liena monologued, saying, "Perhaps you will fall in love in this life," but she didn't even have much desire to do so because she felt like she was being chosen for love.

Maybe there's a one in ten million chance that the day will come when Leandro falls in love with me. But that love will be pitiful compared to the love he feels for Liena.

Anyway, let's get back to the original topic.

A certain baron thought this was enough and spread malicious rumors about Leandro. And it spread like wildfire.

At that time, many noble ladies who loved Leandro confessed their love and were rejected, so his love life was one of the most talked-about topics in social circles.

There were quite a few people who harbored resentment against Cassius's rapid rise, so the rumor was soon accepted as truth.

"Of course, if the story ends like this, it's not the family of the protagonist."

The episode ends with Liena using her wit to find the source of the rumor, a baron, and punishing him, and Duke Cassius publicly threatening that anyone who defames his family will be followed to the ends of hell and punished.

Rumors about Leandro spread quickly due to the duke's fierceness, but a few years later, he married me, and people seemed to have completely forgotten it.

I intended to pour oil on the fire again. Although it can't be seen, the embers are still burning.

Baron, I will make good use of the rumors you have created and spread.

Leandro, do you think only you can be dirty and wicked?

"I just restrained myself because I didn't want to stoop to that level. Keep trying to make me give up the divorce or whatever."

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