I Will Divorce the Female Lead’s Siscon Brother (Novel) Chapter 20



"Would you like to go out and take a walk for a moment?"

I was stunned by Terence's words and asked him, "What?"

Instead of accepting or rejecting my offer, he suddenly asked me to go out?

Terence stood up with his typical polite smile.

"Isn't it frustrating to stay indoors? The weather is perfect for a walk."

It was a completely unfamiliar smile.


We walked through the bustling streets.

Perhaps thanks to the sunny weather, the faces of the passersby were lit up.

Indeed, the weather also influenced my decision to make a bold proposal to Terence today. You can't ignore the impact of the weather on a person's mood.

"If he listens to me when he's in a good mood, the chances of him accepting it will increase."

"It doesn't seem to have much effect at the moment."

Although he was the one who asked to go out first, Terence's expression was subtly rigid.

No matter how long it had been since we last met face to face, I could clearly notice the difference between a formal smile and a heartfelt one.

Anyway, he still seemed to be pondering my suggestion. Can I reassure him a bit?


He turned his head slightly at my call.


Undoubtedly, Terence will think this is an extension of the conversation we had before, something like asking for a quick response to a suggestion.

But what I said was completely different.

"Should we go shopping?"


"It's been a while since I've been out."

"If you want to buy me something again..."

"Oh, it's not like that. I now know that you're much richer than me... Haha."

In fact, I knew that from the beginning, but I pretended to be embarrassed, and Terence made an excuse.

Regardless of the circumstances, since you were deceived, I'll pay you back for the gifts you gave me in money."

"Where can one return a gift? I gave it to you because I wanted to."


"If it bothers you, Marquess, you could give me a gift this time."

This meant that he would have to pay for the shopping.

Seeing me wink, Terence's expression brightened a bit.

"Choose whatever you like."

"Oh? If you say that, I really have no objections."

"As you wish."

"Even if you declare bankruptcy, you can't forget it."

"I guess I should also buy a tent just in case I have to sit on the street."

We headed to the shopping district, joking as always, as if the conversation at the tea house had never happened.

That's what I said, but my courage was not enough to steal too much money from the villain.

"Hmm, what should I do?"

"Do you really have to choose one? Just buy everything. Please give me everything in this showcase."

"I decided on this! Please pack it quickly!"

Shopping was a continuation of these conversations. After all, luxury was not something everyone could afford.

When we finished shopping hastily and were at a nearby outdoor café, Terence asked with sarcasm.

"Didn't you say you were going to bankrupt me?"

However, even the Marquess, who was so proud, gave in to a parfait filled with ice cream and snacks.

"I'm not a big fan of sweets..."

"Just try a bite."

"I'm sorry to bother you."

"It's not for that reason."

With a victorious smile, I took a spoonful of parfait and put it in my mouth.

A man wearing a navy blue uniform caught my attention.

"It's the uniform of Cassius's Knights...!"

Although it was the first time I had seen his face, and the distance was quite far, I hid by unfolding the umbrella I had bought a while ago.

In times like these, it was advantageous for all the people serving Cassius, including knights and servants, to wear elegant uniforms. It stood out even from a distance.

It was an outfit issued by Liena with the purpose of distinguishing it from other families and instilling pride as a member of the duchy.


But for some reason, the Cassius knight came directly toward us. Certainly, it didn't seem like he had seen me.

The matter was soon resolved. This is because the knight shouted at Terence.

"Suspicious man, reveal your identity immediately!"

Terence, who stood up and looked at the knight as if to hide me behind his back, responded calmly.

"Should I reveal my identity to you?"

A voice tinged with absurdity returned.

"Don't you know what this uniform and emblem on the shoulder mean?"

"I don't know."

"Idiot! This is the great Cassius family!"

"Hmm, so what does Cassius want?"

Terence, who was expected to tremble, reacted calmly, and the knight clearly felt embarrassed.

"Our job is to investigate people like you who seem suspicious and dangerous. Immediately reveal your identity or leave here."

Something is strange. Although Cassius's members went out, they didn't stop and interrogate people on the streets just because they had swords on their belts.

First of all, what rights do the knights belonging to a single family, not even a nation, have to do this?

When Terence also pointed this out, the knight responded condescendingly.

"Soon, someone you can't even imagine admiring will come here. The Emperor has granted us the right to protect him."

I suddenly realized. Liena is coming!

This is something that is familiar in novels. Cassius's Knights follow Liena every time she goes to the city center.

Of course, although the target was a princess, the security personnel were excessive. But common sense does not apply to Cassius, especially when it comes to things related to Liena.

The Duke threatened the knights. If even a single hair of my daughter is harmed, they are dead.

As a result, more than a hundred knights were mobilized to protect Liena each time.

"In the novel, it's only described that he diligently protected Liena..."

In fact, they had already set up camp in a place Liena would go to and were driving away the guests. Furthermore, traffic control will also be in place in the future.

People around them also seemed dissatisfied, but as the other person was someone from Cassius, they didn't seem to be able to say anything.

"I don't think the Emperor has given Cassius the authority to have the title of a private knight for this reason only."

The knight's face distorted as Terence sighed and mumbled to himself.

"How dare you...?!"

The knight tried to draw his sword but was blocked by Terence, who quickly closed the distance.


With his other hand, Terence thrust his fist right into the knight's solar plexus.

"That's it. Your skills are below average. It's worth knowing Cassius's level."

Terence looked at me, ignoring the knight lying on the ground.

"Let's go before we attract attention."

It was definitely better to leave quickly as Cassius's Knights were nearby.

"If we go."

"Now, just a moment..."

But the knight, who was still down, spoke with difficulty. The man extended his hand toward Terence.

"You... Even though it's low-level, I'll admit your ability to defeat a Cassius knight..."

Acknowledge the underlying issue, say something, and focus on it as it is. What are you trying to say?

"Would you like to become a knight? You can officially join our knight unit."

Terence responded with a look that said he had never seen a more pathetic being in the world.

After a while, as we moved away from Liena's movements, our steps slowed down.

Terence said.

"We will have to file a formal complaint later for causing such a disturbance in the streets."

"Hmm, no matter how much you are the Marquess, I don't think that family will obediently listen to you."

"In that case, I have no choice but to use informal channels."

"For example?"

"Crying and complaining to my father about how they accused his son of being suspicious and nearly kicked him out?"

I couldn't imagine him sobbing, so I burst out laughing. The corners of Terence's mouth relaxed as well.

He and I laughed in silence for a while and walked down the street, dyed red by the sunset.

"The life I've had so far has been extremely monotonous."

Looking into the distance, he began to speak, as if he were talking to me or to himself.

"Enjoy what you're given, but don't covet more than that. Simply live quietly as if you don't exist."

It was a somewhat unexpected introduction, but I immediately understood what he meant.

The son of an emperor who wasn't recognized lived that kind of life. As a noble's blood, he could enjoy the life of a high-ranking noble, but he shouldn't attract public attention.

This is because his birth was not the result of a legitimate marriage approved by God.

As a knight, he couldn't go to war and accumulate merits; he found it difficult to convert to religion because his existence itself was impure, and he couldn't learn magic due to the concern of gaining too much power.

"At least, it's allowed to become a scholar and live a life solely studying."

Even if he achieved great academic accomplishments, he couldn't announce them because his name couldn't be widely known.

No matter what job you choose, there is a clear wall of limitations. So what the man said a moment ago about becoming a knight does not apply to Terence.

In Terence's particular case, he was even forbidden from entering social circles.

As for other illegitimate sons, as long as they didn't have accidents and lived quietly, they could marry normally, start a family, and join aristocratic society.

However, he was the emperor's eldest son, born before the crown prince. The Empress completely isolated Terence, fearing that this could have a negative impact on her son's succession to the throne in the future.

The emperor, who loved his son but preferred to be a wise emperor rather than a good father, did not actively prevent it.

A life where you have a lot of money but only have to breathe.

"If you know my situation, you can guess it, but I've had to live with a false name more times than my real name. The name Tay is one of them."

The reason he had to wander the streets pretending to be a commoner mercenary instead of the Marquess of Friheiden.

"I rarely appeared in front of people as my true self."

Only in this way could he feel at least a small amount of freedom.

"Maybe that's why I need more time to think about it."

The man crossed his arms. It was clearly a defensive posture.

"To respond to the deal proposed by Ethel, that is, to keep Duke Cassius under control, I must not only reveal my existence but also become more than just the Marquess of Friheiden, who only has a title."

First and foremost, that was Terence's answer.

But he had confidence. I'm sure he will eventually take my hand.

"Well, sir. I think it's a sudden proposal, so you'll need time."

In the novel, even without my presence, Terence eventually chooses to become a prince.

Basically, he wasn't a person who would be satisfied with a farm animal's life.

And if he becomes a prince, a conflict with Cassius, who belongs to the prince's faction, will be inevitable.

There was no way he didn't know that if he was already going to be exhausted anyway, it would be more advantageous to negotiate with me and get the medicinal tea.

However, the reason for asking for time is...

"He probably wants to know more about what kind of person I am."

Whether I am a person worthy of being within the line he has drawn.

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