I Will Divorce the Female Lead’s Siscon Brother (Novel) Chapter 44



I stopped to avoid falling into confusion and began to speak to the woman in front of me.

"Liena, be careful with what you say. We don't have a relationship where we can talk freely."

At that moment, I saw the expression on Liena's face. An irritated expression, as if she had discovered something she wanted to hide.

The woman quickly returned to the "Liena Cassius" I knew. As if putting on a mask, a childish pout filled the place where anger disappeared.

"...I made a mistake because I got angry. But my sister-in-law spoke too harshly."

"Are you blaming me?"

"It's true that you said something harsh. It bothered me."

"Ha, yes. Besides that, what did you say before about all this being for me? What did you mean?"

"Literally that. I don't want my sister-in-law to go through a hard time. It's much more comfortable and safe to be under Cassius's protection."

It was not logically incorrect, but it was an explanation that somehow sounded like an excuse. Certainly, it didn't seem like she had said it that way before.

Liena must have felt the scrutinizing eyes and quietly stepped away.

"Ah, it's already very late. My father and brothers are waiting for me to go. See you later, sister-in-law!"

"Just a moment..."

"I learned that my sister-in-law's wounds were deeper than I thought. But it's okay. When my sister-in-law comes back, we can heal her."

"I won't come back. I will win in the trial."

"Well, is that really so?"

That embarrassed smile probably stemmed from ridicule.

"We can't make a premature judgment about who will win."

"I will look forward to it."

Vinetta asked after Liena left.

"Should I have caught her?"

"It's fine. If we had used physical force against the Duke's daughter, we would have been at a disadvantage without any reason."

Even if I had caught her anyway, I wouldn't have been able to get the information I wanted. Liena was not immature enough to reveal information she wanted to keep hidden just because she couldn't overcome her anger.

"Just showing that strange attitude a moment ago was uncharacteristic of Liena."

What the hell was that? Even when I think about it again, it doesn't resemble the Liena I knew.

There were several moments in the story when Liena got angry, but this time it felt different.

"One moment."

She's not like the Liena I knew... How much do I know about Liena?

A question I had never thought deeply about hit my head. I read Liena's novel, "Return and Walk on a Flower Path," countless times.

But can I really say that I understand everything about the character of Liena Cassius?

After thinking about it carefully, the answer to this question was "no."

I had already questioned the legitimacy of the Cassius family after seeing the hidden circumstances of the steward's son. Furthermore, I witnessed several times a dark side of myself that is not shown in the novel.

"Until now, I thought it was because the people around me loved Liena too much."

Now I am beginning to question Liena herself.

I felt it intuitively. I met another side of Liena a moment ago.

What kind of person is Liena? What kind of face does she put on in the parts that are not covered in the novel?


Liena walked down the hallway, concentrating her thoughts. Don't get excited about something that doesn't matter... It wasn't like her.


Leandro asked as we entered the waiting room.

"How was it?"

When Liena shook her head with a somber expression, he sighed deeply. Duke Cassius, who was beside him, spoke angrily.

"Liena, you have nothing to worry about such an ungrateful person."

"Hey, don't talk like that. We acted wrongly towards my sister-in-law."

"How did we act wrongly? She's not even a child to complain about not receiving attention."


"Why make such a fuss about not wanting a divorce and make my daughter hear hateful comments?"

Liena desperately tried to stop the Duke when suddenly an arrow pointed at Leandro.

"It's not like that. I also showed up because I wanted my sister-in-law to come back."

"You're so kind that it's a shame."

In an attempt to lighten the now hostile atmosphere, Liena spoke cheerfully.

"It's okay. It's obvious that this side will win the trial, so we should only talk about good things. Should we go out for a family meal after we're done?"

"... ..."

"... ..."

"... ..."

But the response she received was a bit strange. The expressions of the three men became stiff.

"Oh, what's going on?"

The response came from Leheim, her second brother.

"Bunny must have gone to talk to her sister-in-law as soon as she arrived, so she probably didn't hear. Things are a bit strange. Read this."

"It's a newspaper."

"The employee just brought it here. A newly released extra."

"An extra? Did something important happen?"

Liena tilted her head. Was there any significant event during this period that justified the issuance of an extra? Even when she used her powers to review memories from her last life, she couldn't find anything.

"Well, if it's something I don't remember, it won't be a big deal," thought Liena as she received a small newspaper and held it. The newspaper paper crackled and wrinkled.


What caught her attention was the headline of the article adorning the cover.

"Return of Ambassador Leok's Daughter, Missing for Twenty Years! Is the highly talked-about young Duchess Cassius responsible for the family reunion?"

Leheim explained further.

"I heard that the carriage that brought my sister-in-law here belongs to the Leok Embassy. We didn't know because we arrived first, but there seems to have been a commotion outside."


"I'm baffled too. How dare my sister-in-law find the lost daughter of the ambassador at a time like this? A lot is happening."

No, this was not something that could be simply dismissed as important and move on.

This time Leandro spoke up with a furrowed brow.

"Damn, it's good that they consider her a benefactor for finding someone from her family. But why is she interfering in other people's domestic affairs?"

Liena quickly scanned the contents of the article. There were many things that bothered her, but she quickly found what Leandro had mentioned.

It was an interview conducted directly by the ambassador Leok's daughter named Diana.

"I suffered from an abusive husband for a long time. I prayed every day to break my relationship with that person. But it was impossible. Because the law was not on my side."

Diana continued to say that she was preparing for a trial to officially divorce her husband and hoped to create a society that did not sacrifice people in the name of family peace.

Although it seemed to be limited to her own story, it was actually a statement in support of Ethel's divorce.

However, since nothing was said directly, Cassius had no grounds to protest interference in domestic affairs.

No, even if there is justification, how can you argue against it? Diana vividly testified about her unfortunate past.

"A victim in every sense. It's almost overflowing with sympathy."

For no reason, it's easy for Cassius to be portrayed as a villain who pressures the victim by speaking incorrectly about this incident. That's not enough.

The image Cassius should have is that of a cheerful villain. Rebels who protect the weak and maintain minimum moral standards while facing a greater evil.

How much effort did Liena put into improving the previously negative reputation of Cassius? It was impossible to bring down the tower that had been built so painstakingly in this way.

Liena calmly analyzed the current situation and shared it with her family.

"Please don't respond separately on this matter. Public opinion may tilt a bit in that direction, but it's within the expected range. There's nothing that can make us lose."

She gave a reassuring look to Leandro.

"There's no need to worry. Well, it's just an external factor. The most important thing in the divorce is what happens between the couple."

"Yes, you're right."

"Leandro's fault with my sister-in-law is that he was too busy to spend time with her and treated her with indifference, right?"

"...Oh, yes."

"It's not enough. No matter how much he gained favor with the people, that alone is not enough to convince the judge."

At that moment, Liena, who was absorbed in other thoughts, did not realize that her brother's response was a bit hesitant.

"Besides, if you look at the fact that he took his maid from the Cassius mansion, you can guess what kind of logic she would use. His efforts are hypothetical, but... Our family's lawyers are not so easy."

Leheim intervened as if remembering something.

"Oh, isn't that scandalous too? Selling the jewels my brother gave her and using them as she pleases."

According to the head maid's report, all valuable items disappeared from Ethel's room after her visit.

In a way, it was natural. How could Ethel, who couldn't receive support from her parents and had only played around since she got married, form a proper defense team?

"Now that I think about it, my friend Lady Delacent told me she saw the 'Verdant Princess' in a jewelry store a few days ago."

The 'Verdant Princess' was an emerald ring that Leandro won at an auction and gave to his wife. The meaning of it being in the jewelry store and not in Ethel's hands was clear.

"My sister-in-law is also very toxic. Selling the jewelry she received from her husband to raise money for the divorce. I heard that her lawyer moved offices not long ago."

"I guess it was because she got excited at that time. My sister-in-law is probably regretting it now."

Despite Liena's defense, Leheim and the Duke's furrowed brows did not smooth out. Leandro remained silent with a gloomy expression.

However, among the people gathered here, the person who was most upset was definitely Liena.

She couldn't focus on the previous conversation. Because a certain question seized her mind.

"How did she find the ambassador's daughter?"

This is impossible at this time. In her last life, the ambassador's daughter died at the hands of her husband without ever finding her parents.

But this time, she arrived safe and sound. Of course, with Ethel's help.

How? Under what circumstances? For what reason? Why?

Liena's teeth chattered.

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