Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 102



"I don't want to hastily conclude on Shirone's case. We currently lack information about the Unlocker.”

Ethella, who agreed with Alpheas, added.

"Shirone entered the Immortal Function three months ago and dramatically opened it during the recent battle. The Holy Order recognizes the Immortal Function as a mental sublimation function. It could be a separate issue from life itself."

"What are you talking about? We're not here to listen to the Holy Order's perspective. We want to get this situation resolved as quickly as possible.”

Some teachers did not understand Ethella's words. The Immortal Function was a level beyond comprehension. Even the most knowledgeable teachers couldn't claim to understand it more than a layperson in the field of enlightenment.

The teacher who confronted Ethella spoke directly to Alpheas.

“Principal, please change your mind. To be honest, though with all due respect, it all started with Principal's love affair. There is nothing more important to us than this school. At this rate, the worst may happen.”

Alpheas looked around at the audience. Dozens of gazes were pressuring him with silent expectation.

“Worst case? What is the worst case you think of?"

"The school might be ordered to close."

"No, that's not the worst-case scenario."

A frustrated teacher spoke up, beating his chest.

“I can't understand Principal's will. What could be worse than the school closing?”

"The worst-case scenario for the school is when all students and teachers die."

The conference room was enveloped in silence. The gazes that were facing Alpheas diverged one by one.

"If it weren't for Shirone, none of us would have survived. And the list of casualties would have included all of you."

Alpheas was disappointed in the teachers who only sought to use the student's death to their advantage instead of honoring them.

"Isn't there a slim chance that remains? Even if it's less than a 1% chance, isn't it the child who gave up his life for us? Shouldn't we try until we've exhausted every possibility? Even if the school closes, isn't it our duty as teachers to do our best for Shirone's return?"

“But, Principal, what does the school mean to us? We feel sorry for Shirone, but if the school closes like this..."

"The school won't close. I will take all the responsibility. So please work hard for Shirone. Shouldn't we at least make this sacrifice for that child?"

The teachers could not refute Alpheas' words. Regardless of the reason, they couldn't deny the fact that they had their lives saved by a student.

After the meeting, the teachers left the conference room with dark expressions.

The Magic School Student Council.

Student council representatives from each class gathered in the massive conference room. Unlike the teachers who were worried about their livelihoods, the emotionally sensitive students felt betrayed by Alpheas's past.

"Hello, I am Amira, the student council president. I have called this meeting to discuss and resolve the current situation. I hope everyone will present constructive opinions."

Amira from Class 2 declared the conference from the podium. A twenty-two-year-old senior majoring in climate magic, she was ranked first among the graduating students.

As a representative figure of the student council's leftist inclination, the atmosphere of the debate could be predicted. As expected, the first to request the right to speak were the conservatives who criticized the school's stance.

“I am Cerielle from Class Three. I am aware that there is a serious public opinion criticizing Principal Alpheas within the school. However, I think we need to be careful. The school's honor is the same as the students' honor. Attacking the faculty in this situation could have negative repercussions for future graduates."

“I am Cass from Class Four. While I understand Committee Cerielle's point, this issue is related to the morality of the teachers. Even if it happened 40 years ago, it was a criminal act. I don't think there is a future for the school if they doesn't take responsibility for this part.”

Naturally, Amira agreed with Cass. However, as befits her chairman, she did not express her agreement outwardly but simply nodded.

“Olivia from Class Six. The main issue at hand is the death of Shirone. As you know, Shirone has died. However, a minority of students and teachers are distorting this fact. As a result, the school side missed two of the suspects who were aligned with Arcane, and Principal's accusation is also being delayed. I believe this is a clear case of responsibility evasion, and the student council should step up."

Amira was furious for the same reason. Currently, teachers were delaying the accusation of Alpheas on the grounds that Shirone's condition was uncertain.

Cerielle objected.

"Isn't it a bit of an overinterpretation of the teachers' intentions? Shirone's heart is not beating, but there is no decay either. I know that there is a lot of discussion about the opened Immortal Function even in Ivory Tower. Considering this, it's not unreasonable to understand the teachers' judgment."

The students reacted with disdain. It was the Immortal Function, which was difficult for even the teachers to understand, so there was no way they could accept it at their level. Some students didn't even know what the Immortal Function was.

It was the same with Amira. The highest level that a mage can pursue. But what about that?

Magic was a phenomenon based on knowledge. She couldn't feel the greatness of it being called the best while talking about something as intangible as a cloud.

"Um, this is Veronica from Class Ten."

An eight-year-old raised her hand. The student council selected representatives from each class, so regardless of their age, the weight of their words was the same.

"Yes, please go ahead, Committee Veronica."

“What did Grandpa Alpheas do wrong?”

At the sound of a voice that looked like she would burst into tears at any moment, Amira frowned and let out a sigh.

'This is why I suggested separating the classes.'

Veronica said with a sniffle.

"Can't we forgive Grandpa Alpheas even if he made a mistake?"

“That's not right, Committee Veronica. This is a matter related to the honor of the school.”

"But... everyone makes mistakes, right?"

The atmosphere in the conference room stirred. There was no doubt that her statement had a significant impact. The conservatives, surprised by this unexpected harvest, listened to Veronica's words and watched the situation unfold.

"I get scolded by my mom a lot too. But she doesn't scold me too much. She said that everyone can make mistakes. Grandpa Alpheas made a mistake, but he has led the school well until now. Can't we forgive him?"

Mark, wanting an opportunity, raised his hand and stood up.

"Class Seven's Mark here. I agree with Committee Veronica's statement. Of course, those who commit crimes should be punished. However, I think it's overstepping for us, who have trusted the school's security and advocated for maintaining the status quo, to be aggressively attacking now. As long as the teachers are not intending to condone the situation, the student council should also have the wisdom to wait."

'Nice work, Mark.'

cerielle gave a thumbs-up under the table, and Mark responded with a nod. With the changing atmosphere, opinions were clashing.

Amira predicted the votes based on each person's speech. Overall, the lower-grade students sided with the school, while the graduating class tended to criticize the school. The votes of the upper-grade students were split.

'At this rate, we might lose.'

If things continued like this, they would not be able to accuse AlpheAs. They needed to find an opportunity to turn things around, but the younger students in the lower grades tended to be swayed by emotions, making it difficult to quell the situation.

"Class One's Arduino Fermi speaking."

When Fermi, who had been listening until now, raised his hand, the eyes of the audience turned to him. He was the top-ranked student in the graduating class and the first candidate for graduation, so it was natural for everyone to be curious about his thoughts.

Cerielle looked at Fermi anxiously. The young man, neatly dressed with combed black hair and a formal suit. But beneath his authoritative attire was a hideous sense of mischief.

He was more than capable of graduating but had repeatedly failed for some reason. He had been a strong candidate for the next student council president but eventually withdrew, leaving the position to Amira.

To be honest, it was hard to understand what he was thinking. The only thing that was certain was his love for stirring up trouble and enjoying the struggle of others.

"Everyone here has received grace from Shirone. If it weren't for him, we would already be dead. Therefore, there must be some who cannot accept his death."

The students were stunned. They knew how hard Shirone fought for the sake of the entire school.

But on the contrary, Cerielle became anxious. To her knowledge, Fermi was not the type to feel gratitude toward someone. She couldn't understand why he would bring up such a topic now.

"I am also grateful to Shirone. But the teachers are using him as a shield. Therefore, our judgment is not overstepping. It is a struggle to protect Shirone's spirit."

"What spirit are you talking about? Shirone is not even dead...!"

“It has already been five days. Shirone's heart is not beating. There isn't a single person among you who doesn't miss Shirone, right?"

Most of them nodded their heads. Even if they didn't think that way, mourning someone's death was not too difficult.

“Everyone misses Shirone and is grateful. So let's ask the question again. Does anyone among them really think Shirone is alive?”

Cerielle realized Fermi's strategy. By separating emotions and reason, guilt disappears and reality becomes clearer. The students would make a rational decision.

"Of course, no one would think that. It's not cruel; it's common sense. And yet, the teachers still insist that Shirone is alive. It's almost like a cult."

Cerielle hit the table and rose up.

"That's not true! There must be something strange about Shirone's condition...!"

"What exactly is strange? I've read the report on the Immortal Function. However, it has nothing to do with magical phenomena and the death of an organism. We've also obtained intelligence that Shirone's body has already been embalmed."

"That, that is...!"

It was Alpheas' order. If the Immortal Function was involved with the mind, then the physical damage should be managed here with foresight.

However, it was unknown how Fermi had accessed a secret known only to a few.

Amira asked, her eyes flashing fiercely.

"Embalming? Is what Committee Fermi said true?"

Cerielle glared at Fermi. Seeing that innocent smile made him even more annoyed.

'You troublemaker. You just want to stir up trouble for no reason.'

“Committee Cerielle, please answer me.”

Cerielle sighed. A battle that could have been won was thrown into uncertainty by a momentary mistake.

"I will exercise my right to remain silent. If you want more answers, please hold an official hearing."

Keeping one's mouth shut in itself implies a positive meaning, but it was a world apart from speaking directly. The importance of the right to remain silent is to leave room for rebuttal. There was no need for a foolish act of driving a wedge in advance when any variable could turn the situation around.

Amira didn't waste time. If there was an atmosphere of reversal upon reversal, now was the best point. She closed the meeting and proceeded with the vote.

"Then we will begin the secret ballot."

The result was... as Cerielle had expected.


"Alpheas must resign! Accept the inspection department's investigation!"

“Proceed with Shirone's funeral! Playing with the dead is not something a teacher should do!"

Over 100 students who had participated in the student council's decision held pickets and protested in front of the infirmary.

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