Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 112


'The mental durability, which was strong from the beginning, has increased remarkably. Now he can control Immortal Functions to some extent.'

Shirone's specialty was the defense-oriented Four Way type. As with most defensive types, the teachers predicted that Shirone would also become a defensive mage.

However, Immortal Function flipped his characteristics. . Now, his endurance, which was his strength, has become an essential element supporting his offensive power.

About 20 seconds later, Shirone gritted his teeth and attempted a final acceleration. The score broke through 340 as a tremendous speed erupted.


The buzzer sounded when the measurement time ended. Shirone closed his eyes for a moment and took a deep breath. Tens of children had gathered, but the arena was silent. Everyone was staring at the scoreboard.

410 points.

If you average it out, he endured 30 seconds with 13.6 beats per second. Moreover, the final 5 seconds were a rapid-fire that exceeded 15 beats per second.

"It's really incredible. Why are they like this these days? Won't they really become seniors from next semester?"

"No matter how you look at it, the promotion will be difficult. His theory scores are mediocre. Raising your score in a short time isn't easy."

Shirone turned to Canis. It was an unspoken declaration that he would still be able to become a senior.

"That child is really amazing."

Arin admired with a pure heart. Infinite mental strength through the Immortal Function and the endurance to control it, coupled with a unique magic nature that could give mass to light.

There was no other way to describe him other than a magician who was particularly loved by the gods.

"Humph, he should be at least this good to be considered a rival."

Canis' fighting spirit flared up like never before. At first, he thought it was due to the difference in attributes. But the demonstration that Shirone showed shattered that misconception. He would now even be pushed back in a full-force duel.

Canis, who had been glaring at Shirone for a long time, turned around roughly.

"Let's go, Arin. It seems like the observation is over."

The students felt relieved as they watched Canis and Arin moving away. Although Shirone wasn't representing the level of Class Five, they felt the same satisfaction as if they had defeated the apprentice of Archmage.

"Shirone, you were amazing. I failed the exam, but I feel good. Are we nothing just because they're apprentices of Archmage? Who dares to belittle Class Five of the Magic School?"

"Shirone, and even Eruki and Nade. Are you guys really thinking of getting promoted this time?"

"Well, we're doing our best."

Shirone evaded a direct answer. However, Nade, who ranked third, was overjoyed at the fact that he passed the practical exam.

"Hahaha! Of course! You better prepare to treat me like a senior! Hey, hey! Let's practice from now on. Call me senior!"

Students' protests poured in.

"You're so conceited it pierced the sky! I hope you fall down!"

"If you're a senior, I'd rather quit school!"

"Why are you boasting when you might fail the theory exam and it will be embarrassing? I'll pray every night so you can't get promoted!"

Regardless of what they said, Nade stood straight and laughed proudly. Since he was friendly with all the students, he could endure their heckling.

Shirone and Iruki sneaked out.

'Ugh, embarrassing.'

The final practical exam is over.


Summer was leaving.

Cool winds blew in the morning and evening, and the plants were preparing to change into colorful clothes. However, it was still hot during the day and the children were busy burning the end of the semester.

Now, only the last week was left. The classes ended last week and all that was left was the final exam.

Exams were conducted sequentially each day, starting from Class Ten. Finally, on the sixth day, the students of Class Five moved to the examination hall with bursting hearts.

Shirone's group also nibbled on breakfast and arrived early at the exam venue.

The exam lasted exactly 12 hours with only 5 minutes break. Compared to ordinary schools, it's a nearly laborious schedule. However, for the students of the Magic School, maintaining concentration was as important as knowledge.

The exam questions were classified into types A, B, and C. The questions were the same, but the arrangement of the answers was different to prevent cheating and reduce the chance of guessing the correct answer randomly.

Shirone had Type A, Eruki had Type B, and Nade had Type C. They were each assigned different examination rooms and were relaxing in the hallway before the exam began. Since the results of this exam would determine their achievements over the past six months, even the naughtiest of them couldn't help but tense up.

Nade was trembling continuously even in the warm weather.

"Ugh, I'm going to die. Shirone, how about you?"

"I feel like throwing up. If you make a single mistake, it's over, especially in the mathematical subjects."

"Let’s stay calm. We have enough time anyway. There's no need to get nervous before you get the test paper."

Iruki's words calmed the two. However, everyone couldn't help but pale when the bell signaling the start of the exam rang.

“Let's go in. Let's see each other with smiling faces later."

"Yeah, fighting!"

The three of them entered their respective exam rooms, looking forward to the end of the 12-hour exam.

Supernatural Psychic Science Reserach Group Lab.

Shirone and his friends were busy grading their scores. Although it was impossible to leak the test paper, Iruki perfectly recreated the exam questions.

A Savant's memory is incapable of forgetting. It was as if he could put a bundle of documents in a drawer in his head and read it whenever needed.

When Iruki called a question, Nade wrote it down and Shirone found the correct answer. After working until dawn like that, they was able to restore the test papers for all subjects.

Though their bodies were exhausted, the three of them started to check their answers individually.

Since the test paper that Eruki restored was Type B, they had to match it one-to-one with the answers that Shirone found.

"Phew, I'm nervous. I think I messed up a few subjects."

Nade whined. However, everyone had their weak subjects.

"I feel the same. This is really cruel when you actually do it. Even if you get a perfect score in other subjects, it's over if you fail one subject, right?"

Shirone was anxious like never before. He couldn't guarantee promotion even with his insight.

"Anyway, that's what the study group is for. Come on, let's finish grading first and assess later."

A few more hours passed like that, and the outlines of the scores began to emerge.

Nade was the first to stand up with his fist raised.

"Yes! I did it! Average 82 points! I got over 80 points in all subjects!"

Although there weren't any high scores, he pulled up all subjects equally and scored 82 points. He used to ridicule Class Four, but once he got promoted, he couldn't have felt better.

Iruki and Shirone didn't say anything. The moment to truly celebrate would be when all three of them confirmed their promotions.

After grading, Iruki leaned back on his chair and wiped away his sweat.

"Phew, I made it. 87 points. I got one 80-pointer in Language. If I missed one more question, it would have been over."

"wow! So are you passing? congratulations! Class Four!”

"Wow! So, you passed? Congratulations! Class Four!"

Nade and Iruki looked back at Shirone without asking anyone first. If the last one passes, their first wish for simultaneous promotion would be fulfilled.

But Shirone had no response. Iruki noticed that his hand, which was doing grading just a while ago, was not moving.

"Shirone, what's wrong? Did you fail the exam?"

Sirone's face, seen from close up, was as pale as white paper. It was clear what had happened.

Nade asked nervously.

"Why are you like this? How many points did you get?"

“86 points…...”

"Wow, you did amazingly well, didn't you?"

Nade was genuinely astonished. They had set a goal of everyone advancing, but it felt like a miracle when they actually heard it. Shirone lived a life far removed from studying as the son of a commoner. Yet, he scored an average of 86 points with just half a year's worth of effort. (If you said that, he could contest magic with a disciple of Archmage with just few years effort. I’m not trying to diminish his effort, of course.)

If you compare it with Iruki, who scored an average of 87 points and passed the math class with a perfect score using his Savant ability, you can see how desperately Shirone studied.

Iruki tilted his head, perhaps thinking the same thing.

"Did you do...well? Were there any subjects you messed up?"

"That's the thing, I'm not sure."

"What do you mean you're not sure? Be more precise."

Shirone anxiously bit his fingernails. No matter how much he thought about it, he couldn't remember.



"What's the answer to the last multiple-choice question in the math proof section?"

“Oh, that? You have to prove something by linking two mathematical formulas, right? The answer to that is quite long."

Iruki, who had said that far, suddenly exclaimed in surprise.

"You don't mean to tell me......?"

"Yeah, I can't remember. I can't recall which proof I thought was the correct answer. I've tried to work it out again, and it's the same. I remember clearly debating between two of them at the time."

"How many points is it worth? How many points would you get if you got it wrong?"

"78 points....."

Iruki and Nade realized the severity of the situation. The last multiple-choice question was worth 2 points. Therefore, advancing or staying in the same class depended on the outcome of that one question.

"How can you not remember that? What number did you write as the answer?"

"3. But I'm type A, so I can't verify it."

Nade hurriedly pulled out the exam paper. A hellish proof equation, which extended to twenty lines for just one option, was densely written. To be honest, he himself got this question wrong. Probably the only person in Class Five who could easily solve it was Eruki..

Shirone clutched his head in agony.

"I thought it was either option 2 or 3. I was in conflict with only 10 seconds left, then suddenly something came to me. But.... I can't remember what that was."

It's something that happens once or twice when you're pressed for time. Nade and Iruki, who had been in the magical school since childhood, knew exactly how that felt.

However, this time the issue was about advancement. If he failed here, he would have to stay in Class Five for another half a year.

Nade was on the verge of dying from impatience.

"Damn it! I just can't wait any longer!"

"What are you going to do?"

"I'm going to check it directly. Let's ask Ms. Sienna. She's our class teacher."

Shirone felt that they would not be able to grasp anything at this rate. Having made their decision, the three of them left the study group and headed towards the examination hall.

As the grading had taken a full day, Class Four's exam was currently in progress. Taking advantage of lunchtime, Shirone's party entered the building anxiously awaiting the return of the teachers. After about 30 minutes, Sienna walked down the corridor. The three of them raced toward her.

"Teacher! Teacher!"

"Hm? Why are you here? The Class Five exam finished yesterday, didn't it?"

"The last multiple-choice question in Math Proof Type A! What's the correct answer?"

Sienna tilted her head. Her major was chemistry, but as the test papers were reviewed at least three times, all teachers participated in grading. Of course, her skills were good enough to handle student-level math even if it wasn't her major.

"Why all of a sudden?"

"Hurry! This is a really important issue."

Sienna, who read the urgency in Nade's eyes, recalled the last multiple-choice question. It was a fairly challenging question and remained in her memory.

"Oh, that one? If it's Type A, it's number 2, isn't it?"

"Number 2….”

Shirone's body stiffened as if he had been hit with a hammer. The answer he wrote was number 3. In the end, he had it wrong. The score was 78 points. Thinking that he was disqualified from promotion by a mere 2 points difference, he felt suffocated.

"Number 2... Number 2...."

Shirone, who had been murmuring the same thing, suddenly held the back of his neck. Then, he couldn't stand it any longer and fell backward. Just before collapsing in the corridor, Nade quickly supported him.

"Shirone! Are you okay? Pull yourself together! You're supposed to be indestructible!"

"Number 2? Why..... How could it be number 2....."

"Teacher, we'll get going! Take care!"

Shirone continued to mumble the same words even as he was being dragged away. Sienna, who had been watching quietly, blinked her eyes and headed towards the staff room with a small chuckle.

"Do they ever get tired? They're so full of energy every day."

The staff room was chaotic with teachers grading. Sienna also sat down and started grading. Then, she suddenly opened a drawer and pulled out the Math Proof Type A exam paper.

"They said it was the last multiple-choice question, right?"

Sienna looked at the last problem. After momentarily solving it with her eyes, she spoke with a bright smile.

“Ah, number three.”

Arian Shirone. Advancement confirmed.

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