Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 117


"Huh? What are you three still doing here?"

Shirone and the others, who were standing awkwardly, bowed their heads and stepped into the meeting room at Sienna's recognition.

"Ah, we came to say goodbye before leaving. Thank you for teaching us this semester."

An elderly teacher burst into laughter.

"Haha! It's funny to hear such words from the biggest troublemakers in the school. Anyway, you guys have also worked hard. Play hard during the vacation. After all, students should also be good at playing."

Sienna gave a seat to Shirone's group, poured tea, and offered some words of encouragement.

"Congrats on your promotion, all three of you. You'll be busier next semester, won't you? It's good to rest, but don't let your guard down. I'll be watching closely when school starts."

As expected, Sienna wasn't one to let things slide easily.

But compared to teachers who froze classrooms for chatter, her words were kind. The teachers seemed to have relaxed with the end of the semester.

"Yes, we'll work hard."

As Shirone was sipping his tea, Thad, who was standing next to him, asked Ethella.

“Teacher Ethella, if you have time, could we have dinner...?"

Shirone almost spit out his tea.

No matter how flirtatious he is, to even flirts with the monk.

Ethella also seemed taken aback, but she laughed awkwardly and declined.

"I'm sorry. I have to manage the school supplies during the vacation."

“Ah, that’s right. If I could be guided by a beautiful woman like Miss Ethella, I would also like to join the Karsys Holy Order right away.”

Ethella is shocked. Unless someone was insane, they wouldn't say such things to a bishop of a Holy Order.

However, as a woman who pursues goodness, he maintained her manners to the end.

"Hehe, it's a pity. So, what will you do during your vacation, Teacher Thad?"

Sienna intercepted the answer.

"Heh, he'll probably go around chasing women."

Thad's brow wrinkled.

Why was this woman always looking for a fight in everything? She seemed to itch if she didn't pick a fight even on the last day of the semester.

Knowing that getting angry would mean he lost, Thad shrugged it off.

"Haha, there's nothing shameful about falling in love at my age. I'm worried about you, Teacher Sienna. Your prickly personality might make it hard for you to find a partner."

"I beg your pardon?"

"What? You lack charm, charm. I can tell just by looking. You've never even been on a date with a man before, have you? That's because of your prickly personality."

Sienna squinted her eyes and shouted.

"Don't jump to conclusions! I’ve dated men at least!”

The teachers all turned to look at Sienna at her unexpected statement.

Shirone and his friends, who knew about her difficult relationship with Armin, couldn't help but be surprised.

"Really, Teacher? When? Who did you date?"

Thad laughed as he held onto his stomach.

"Hahaha! Guys, do you believe that? She's just trying to save face. Isn't that right, Teacher Sienna?"

"You're making fun of me. I really did date someone!"

"Really? Then who? I hope it's not rude to ask for their name?"

Sienna gritted her teeth and glared at Thad.

She don't know about anyone else, but she never wanted to lose to this man.



Everyone's ears perked up.

"I'm dating... magic."

Sienna's face turned bright red.

They say that when people try to bluff, words beyond reason come out without hesitation, and the current situation was the prime example.

The atmosphere in the meeting room became solemn, the red-faced teachers turned their heads away.

Thad also wanted to avoid this situation, but he managed to reply while holding back.

"Ah, yes. I see."

"Are you ignoring me now? I plan to dedicate my life to magic. Is that a bad thing!"

"No, I apologize. I seem to have misspoken."

Thad drained his hot tea in one gulp and turned away from Sienna.

Watching this, Shirone and his friends stifled their laughter.

This was a side of their teachers they weren't normally exposed to.

“Everyone didn’t go back and still here.”

“Oh, Principal!”

Alpheas entered the meeting room.

He'd been staying in the dormitory due to the suspension of his teaching license and had just come over when the students began to disperse.

"You troublemakers are here, too. You've all worked hard this semester."

“Thanks to the good leadership of Principal. We are also grateful.”

“Hoho, am I still the principal? I hear a temporary principal dispatched from the Magic Association will arrive next semester. Treat them as well as you have treated me."

Nade's face darkened.

No matter how he looked at it, he doubted anyone could be better than the current principal.

Even without invoking the saying 'An old official is a famous official', Alpheas could be considered the best principal.

"I wonder what kind of person are they? Won't things get harder next semester?"

"Kaka, it could be. But you can be confident. What you've achieved this semester is remarkable. You'll do well next semester, too."

As the teachers finished their tea and began packing up, Shirone and his friends also prepared to leave.

“Principal, then we’ll see you next semester.”

"Take care. Enjoy your break, maybe even go on a trip with your family. Oh, and Shirone, can you spare a moment?"

Shirone, who was following his friends out the door, turned back.

Nade said, pointing at the door with his thumb.

"We'll wait for you outside. Shirone, we'll be in the hallway."

“Oh, okay.”

In the now-empty conference room, Shirone faced Alpheas alone.

His expression was quite serious, causing Shirone to wait nervously for his words.

"I wanted to see you because of Miro incident."

"Oh, I see."

Shirone recalled the image of Miro.

He'd been preoccupied with the promotion and the subsequent hectic days, but the impression of Miro remained strong in his mind.

"Are you curious? Do you still want to investigate Miro?"

"Yes. I need to discuss with my parents, but I'll try to find time. Since it’s vacation anyway, I thought there would be no chance if it wasn’t now.”

"That's right. It will be a good experience."

Alpheas agreed easily.

However, an unpleasant aftertaste remained on his face.

"Did you call me because of that?"

Alpheas finally brought out the words he wanted to say.

"No, actually, I wanted to ask you something. Can you tell me about the state of Miro when you were there?"

“Her condition you say…. You mean her state of mind?”

"Yes. Not just her mental state, but I want to hear about your detailed impression of Miro."

Shirone recalled what happened at the time.

The time he'd spent with Miro was short, but since it was such a significant event, he remembered even the trivial conversations they had.

"Hmm, thinking about it, her emotions seemed a bit... volatile. I brushed it off then because Miro was inherently mysterious person."

"To what extent? Was it severe?"

“No, it wasn't like that. Of course, there were times when it was creepy.”

Alpheas sighed softly.

Complex emotions that couldn't be described in Shirone's short life were conveyed.

“Did she look lonely, that Miro?”

"At the time, I asked her the same thing, and Miro said that gods do not feel loneliness."

“God does not feel lonely, huh.”

A shadow fell over Alpheas' face.

Perhaps Miro wanted to convey something to him through Shirone, or to them...

'No, was it a message for them...'

Shirone carefully examined Alpheas.

What on earth had happened to make him look so serious?

But since he had promised not to dig too deep, he couldn't ask outright.

"If you're so worried, Principal, I won't go exploring the ruins."

It was then that Alpheus snapped out of his thoughts.

He realized he had been too lost in thought, neglecting the person sitting in front of him.

"Hm? No, you should go to the Kerugo ruins if you get a chance. You should be able to get a rough idea of ​​what the world Miro lives in is like.”

"Does that mean there's really a secret hidden there? But it's a tourist spot, isn't it?"

“Kaka! t wouldn't be fun if I told you everything. But you must never let your guard down. I allowed you to investigate because I trust your abilities."

Shirone realized there was substance to his words.

Alpheas was a person who let his students have their freedom. But because of that, he also had a mischievous nature that could allow for a fair amount of risk.

"Yes. I will do my best to investigate.”

After saying goodbye to Alpheas, Shirone left the meeting room and encountered his friends waiting in the hallway.

"Shirone, what did you talk about?"

“About Miro I told you about before.”

"Ah, right. You said you were curious about her, right? Something about Kerugo ruins?"

"Yeah, that's right. But after hearing what the Principal said, I'm even more curious. I'll make time to go."

“Sorry. We want to go with you too.”

"No, it's okay. You should spend your vacation with your families."

“Sheesh, we’re not even a kid, who cares about that? The problem is that we'll half die if we don't go home."

Nade stuck out his tongue as if the thought alone was horrifying.

It was the same with Iruki. Since his father was the head of the Dragon Thunder, so he couldn't run around outside.

“Still, I am very curious. To say that a person named Miro was the president of our research group, after all, mean she is our direct senior, right? I wonder if she ever saw me?"

Iruki broke Nade's innocence.

"Shirone told you, didn't he? Unless you enter the Immortal Function, contact itself is impossible. She's probably dwelling in some intermediary dimension between our world and hers."

“Ah, I wanted to meet her and say hello.”

"Well, you might see her before you die. Anyway, it's time to part. Take care, everyone."

Three wagons were waiting at the place Iruki pointed to.

Among them, what stood out was the splendid twin-headed carriage sent by the Mercodyne Family.

"Oh, a real first-class noble. Different class, indeed."

"Noisy. That's all a waste of money. Besides, that thing is too slow."

The three said their goodbyes.

They would see each other again soon, but when the time came to part, a sense of loneliness rushed in.

“Shirone, Iruki. I'm going to miss you. This is the first time I've ever disliked a vacation."

"Will you be okay? Can you handle it?"

Iruki asked anxiously.

Knowing what Nade's home was like, he could guess how much fear Nade was feeling.

But unexpectedly, Nade smiled brightly.

He was different from last semester. It was because he was taking with him a bundle of joyful memories while meeting Shirone.

"No problem. I should go back and reorganize first, and start playing properly from next semester. Everyone, stay healthy, take care."

The three, who had shared joy and sorrow for half a year, walked to their respective carriages, waving their hands.

"Great! Then see you on the first day of the new term!"


One week ago.

Kaizen Swordsmanship Academy, like other swordsmanship academies, completed the first half of the training.

Rian received the worst report card, but being of a positive nature, his steps were light as he returned home.

He wanted to go back to his hometown immediately, but he had to pick up his luggage from his sister's house, so he had no choice but to head towards the palace.

'Damn it, I have to see that witch again. If I'd known, I would have left it at my grandfather's house. She'll kill me when she sees my report card.'

Rian opened the door to the mansion, hoping that Reina had left.

The mansion was large and luxurious, befitting an artist recognized by the palace. But for Rian, it only felt like an unnecessarily long escape route.

As he tiptoed through the hall like a thief, the sound of the piano, crushing Rian's hopes, resonated loudly.

"Shit! Were you at home?”

The sound of the keys was so loud that it drowned out his voice.

Reina was sitting at the grand piano that decorated one side of the hall, completely engrossed in her performance.

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