Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 13



Shirone let out a heavy breath. Four minutes felt like eternity.

Reina looked amazed.

Since it was not quite a performance, she could not evaluate the pitch, but she had the insight to realize the essence.

Who was he?

'Why did a child like this become a servant under my family?'

“Seriously?! Shut up, you old hag!”

The emotional atmosphere of the room shattered, and Shirone and Reina turned their heads at the same time.

“If you're here, just wash your feet and go to sleep! Or even play a nice lullaby to listen to! Why the heck are you being so hysterical!”

Frizzy hair, and half-closed eyes.

Rian, still half asleep, came into the room while scratching his washboard abs.

Then after he locked eyes with Shirone, he tilted his head.

“Huh? What are you doing here?”

“Uh, no. I was…”

If it were to be revealed that Rian and Shirone were friends, it would create problems. But fortunately, Reina took the lead.

“So, do you guys know each other?”

“Shirone? Yeah, he's my friend.”

“Rian! What are you saying?”

“Hahaha! It's okay. Although she has a nasty temper, she doesn't really care about things like this.”

Does she really?

He knew she was pretty open-minded, but there was a high barrier between the aristocrats and the commoners that should've been hard to ignore.

“So your name's Shirone. Don't worry about it. Any friend of Rian's, is also my friend. Even though he's a little pathetic, he still takes responsibility for what he says.”

Shirone wasn't looking any less suspicious.

From the receiving end, that could have been perceived as rude, but Reina accepted it rather well.

Genuine trust is born from doubts and suspicions.

“But you are one of a kind. Really, how did you think to play like that?”

“What? Shirone was the one who did it? And here I was thinking it was your hysteria acting up again.”

Shirone frowned slightly.

He couldn't understand how words such as 'witch' and 'hysterical' were used to call such a pretty and friendly sister.

“Rian, why did you lie to me? Your sister is a kind and nice person.”

“Shirone! Don't be fooled! This woman is a witch! She might eat you one day!”

Rian's expression looked really serious, so Shirone could not reply back.

Reina spoke.

“Hoho, I'm sorry. My little brother is extremely immature, but I'm relieved to see that he has a friend like you. Take good care of him for me.”

“Oh, no. I don't…”

Reina's eyes sparkled at the sight of Shirone, who lowered his head shyly.

Despite having an abundance of knowledge, Shirone was still an innocent child in regards to emotion. After all, he is still only sixteen years old. 

“You're quite the cutie.”

Rian, who gulped down a cup of water from a table, said while pouring himself another glass.

“If he's so cute, why don't you just take him and live together. I would love to have Shirone be part of my family. Muhahaha!”

Shirone was even more embarrassed at Rian's joke, but what he was feeling didn't seem so bad either.

Reina realized something from her brother's words.

“Oho, it looks like you're close enough to even give your sister away.”

Rian retorted, looking flabbergasted.

“What are you talking about? Of course. Shirone is like a brother to me, but I don't mind giving a witch like you to just about anyone. Rather, Shirone is worth too much. You're not worthy of Shirone.”

“Oh, really?”

As soon as she finished talking, Reina jumped high enough to the point where it could easily exceed a person's height.

While still frozen in surprise, she landed in front of Rian and pulled her brother's ear.

“OWW! It hurts! It hurts!”

“I went easy on you because you were cute, but it seems like you are trying to walk all over me now.”

“It hurts! I said it hurts!!”

Although she was now a musician, Reina was once a talented swordsman equivalent to Rai.

The strength of her pinch was so great that Rian turned his head with watery eyes.

“Shirone! Run away while you still can! If you get caught by this witch, you're done for!”

He couldn't tell if he was joking or not, but one thing was sure, He couldn't leave Rian like that.

“I'm sorry. I don't think you meant any harm.”

Reina, who was staring at Shirone and Rian with a grim stare, pulled his ear roughly one last time and let go.


“Just know that your friend was the one who saved your life. Tsk tsk tsk, do everyone a favor and learn a thing or two from your friend. Such an immature kid.”

“Tsk, it was only because you held me in a sensitive spot.”

Rian grumbled while rubbing his ear. Then he looked back at Reina again.

“Why the hell did you come home? Weren't you on vacation?”

“You haven't heard? The news regarding Rai?”

“When did I ever care?”

“Rai is taking a certified exam this time. That's why I'm here to pick him up. I left with grandfather, but he said he was going to meet a friend halfway.”

“A certified exam?”

Rian looked shocked.

Of course, his brother was a genius, so he accepted the difference in skill… But how did it reach this extent?

A certified license was the dream of all nobles, regardless if you were a swordsman or mage.

The exam was held once a year, with only a few applicants being allowed to take the test. And out of those few, the ones who obtained official recognition were less than 30.

Of course, there was also the non-certified license.

It was issued by an institution designated by the royal palace, and in Creas, an example of a representative was the Alpheas Magic Academy.

After graduating from the magic academy, you automatically became a non-certified Grade 10 mage. You could then increase your grade by accomplishing various quests through associations or guilds.

“Hmph, he must be happy. Geniuses sure are different. He even shoves me around at home, too.”

Reina ruffled Rian's hair.

He was a cute little brother, despite his lack of talent. She just hoped he would not be hurt by this.

“First, I have to go prepare dinner. It's fresh seafood from the royal palace, so we'll have to dress and clean those ourselves. It was nice meeting you, Shirone. Don't forget to say hi the next time we meet.”

Shirone bowed his head, pushing away the sad feeling.

“Yes. Goodbye.”

Although the chance to see Reina again may never come again, one thing was clear…

He would never forget the moment he played the piano with her.

Perhaps that is why Shirone, who was to leave the mansion tomorrow, was able to gather up a lot of courage.

“Rian. Does she… your sister, I mean.”


“…Does she have a boyfriend?”

As soon as he asked that question, a huge amount of regret washed over him, but there was nothing he could do as the words had already left his mouth.

Rian blinked, then smiled widely, his teeth showing.

“Shirone. Do you—”

“N-NO! Forget what I just said! I was just—”

“HAHAHA! Big sis! Big sis!”

Rian ran out of the room in a flash, he grabbed the railing on the second floor, making Shirone pull him back by the waist.

“Big sister! Shirone asked if you have a boyf—”

“Gosh! Stop it!”

Shirone, who barely managed to cover his mouth, dragged Rian back into the room with all his strength.

“Huh? What am I hearing now? Boyfriend?”

The maids working in the kitchen looked up at the second floor, but Reina just laughed.

“They're just messing with each other. Alright, all we have to do is steam it. I removed the poison, so please do the rest.”

“Of course, miss.”

When the cooking began in earnest, the maids were back to being absorbed in their work.

However, the attention of the man in charge of the mansion's affairs did not leave the 2nd floor.

Head butler Louis.

He was a person who rose to the head of the butlers at a young age due to his calculation skills and thorough personality.

That was 5 years ago and he was still in his mid-thirties. He was wearing rimless glasses with a cold expression.

“Shirone, they called him?”

The maids may not be able to remember, but he, the head butler, remembered very clearly.

He was the contract boy brought in by Temuran for the relocation of the Great Library.

'Why is he with the youngest young master…?'

For him, who decided to devote his life to the prosperity of the Ogent family, it was not a matter that could be simply overlooked.

His glaring eyes turned to a butler near him.

“Tell the deputy butler to come to my room. Now.”

Early morning of the next day.

Shouts rang out.

After hearing that Rai was taking a certified test, Rian increased the intensity of his training.

“HA! HA!”

'I will definitely catch up.'

The news added fuel to a fire, and Kite became sure as he watched his student's sword dance.

'His skills have improved!'

Stamina, vitality, technique, everything.

With that level of skill, he would be able to easily defeat a bandit group near the city.

However, If he were to have a match against someone who learned official swordsmanship, he still had a long way to go.

The problem was Schema!

Rian's impulsive, wild style was his biggest advantage, but it also acted as his biggest weakness.

'His swordsmanship is too tactless and honest.'

There were times when he would have to look back with a cold mind, but he was only moving forward.

'Everyone has their own way. The downside of not having a clear mind becomes nothing compared to that heating power of his. It's obvious that we have no choice but to continue like this!'

“HA! HA!”

He was wielding a club that was twice as heavy as a longsword with only his physical strength.

Kite couldn't imagine how much Rian would improve if he were to learn how to activate Schema.

“Stop! 10 minute break!”

Rian came back panting like crazy, but his eyes were on fire.

'That also happened back then!'

'…Yes, it happened around a year ago, although it went away quite quickly too.'

This time was different. Rian's flame did not fade.

“Young master! Young master!”

A butler came running.

Arriving in front of Rian, who was taking a drink of water, the butler spoke before he could catch his breath.

“There's a big problem. Miss Reina is asking you to come to the mansion immediately!”

“Big sister did? What's going on? If it's because of my big brother, I don't care. He can do whatever he wants.”

“That's not it, a contract boy named Shirone is on the verge of being executed.”


'Shirone's in danger?!'

He was even more taken aback because he was about to see his friend off in a few hours.

“Shirone? Why? What's going on?”

“Well, the thing is…”

“Hurry up and tell me! What's going on?!”

“Louis seems to have reported something to the Lord. I don't know the exact details, but I heard it revolved around a sort of friendship between you two…”

“Damn it!”

Kite asked as he watched Rian hurriedly pick up the dry clothes he placed on a rock.

“What's the matter? Who is Shirone?”

“He's a friend. I didn't go around announcing it because of his commoner status, but Louis must have found out about it and reported it to father.”

Kite remembered a boy he had met briefly in the library a long time ago.

Kite liked the shine in his eyes, but he wasn't that interested as he was a servant of the family.

'That's what happened?'

Rian spoke who was now neatly dressed.

“Master, let's finish our training for today. I have to see my father. I have to go to the mansion.”

“Unfortunately, you cannot.”

Rian looked at him weird.

“What are you talking about?! My friend is in danger!”

“Did you not say he was a commoner?”

“What does that have to do with anything?! Master, are you that kind of person?! You said it too! Anyone who can converse with a sword can become a friend!”

Kite clicked his tongue.

His student, who did not understand the ways of the world, had gotten someone into trouble.

“What are you going to do when you get there? Are you going to wail and cry like a baby?”


“Rian, anyone can be a friend. But this is a matter between the people directly involved. Bad rumors can affect the position of the Ogent family. They'll do anything they can in order to ensure those rumors never see the light of day. Your foolishness will not be of any help in this situation.”

“So I should just stay still?! I reached out to Shirone first. I will not give up on him! I am no coward!”


Kite stared at his student's eyes.

'Such fine eyes. No lies, only passion. And above all, they are pure.'


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