Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 17



“This is utter nonsense. Clearly, I am my father's son. There will be no instances where I will be adopted as a son of another.”


Vincent was touched.

He said it with no hesitation, and even his tone was layered with disgust as if just thinking about it was unpleasant.

While the rest of his family members were dumbfounded, Klumph asked coldly.

“Are you completely sure you are okay with that? You have the chance to become a noble. This isn't an opportunity anyone can just get.”

“If I'm required to become the son of another, I would rather live as a commoner.”

“Commoners cannot enter the magic academy.”

“Then I will not enter.”

“If you don't get into the magic academy, you can't become a mage.”

“Then I won't become a mage.”


Klumph stood abruptly from his seat.

Shirone's upright attitude was frustrating.

'Other times, he is such a smart boy, so why now, of all times, is he so hung up on such a simple problem?'

“Is it guilt? Living in this world is no picnic. There are things you have to sacrifice for success. Is that dream of yours that insignificant to you?

Simply looking up the large build of Klumph must have felt overwhelming, but Shirone replied calmly.

“Maybe that's why.”


“No matter how small or big my dream may be, that is something I inherited from my parents. They were the roots that nurtured me and allowed me to dream. I mean, look at me, the child of a mountaineer working in a mansion. And even before all that, reading… It's because of them I can read. If I must make a comparison, this one opportunity I have right now does not even come close to standing alongside the countless other ones my parents have handed me. Telling me to deny my roots and to be nurtured by another is no different from telling me to wither and die.”

Silence enveloped the living room.

They weren't simply impressed by Shirone's words… He made them reflect.

Klumph was very shocked.

'It's not guilt. He understands the way we humans grow.'

Even if one were to miss an opportunity right in front of their eyes, new ones would eventually turn up.

However, the moment one abandons the people who helped them get to where they are, they lose everything.

Suddenly he had this idea.

Maybe he was thinking incorrectly from the start? Even without someone's help, wouldn't this child eventually become a mage?

'Rian, maybe it was you who was the lucky one.'

'If even the honor of the Ogent family is just a passing opportunity for this child…'

'Then no one can restrain this child!'

After a long time, since no one bothered to open their mouth, only then did Shirone smile.

“I am grateful for the proposal. But I can't accept it. The only ones who I can call my parents are the two people here right now.”

Vincent clenched his fists hard.

He was embarrassed. He wanted to crawl under his chair and never come back up.

'Why feel hurt by meaningless documents? My son believes in me, a parent who has done nothing for him.'



Vincent's head hung down.

“Please, take Shirone as an adopted son!”

No one thought of him as a lacking parent because they, too, had a family of their own.

However, this was not a simple matter that could be solved by being persistent.

“I understand how you feel, but it can't be helped. How can I turn blind eye to Shirone's heart?”

“To be honest, Shirone… Shirone is not actually my child.”


Eyes widened after Vincent's remark, but out of everyone, Shirone was the most shocked.

It wasn't because it was kept a secret, in fact, everyone in the room had thought about it at least once.

Shirone looked completely different from his parents. Both in appearance and physique.

However, despite not being blood-related, for the sake of his son, Vincent was ready to give up everything.

“We cannot have children. Shirone is a child that was given to us by coincidence. I'm sure he's a child of nobility, as you would have assumed living with him. I am not worthy of him. On the contrary, if he becomes an adopted son of a noble, it's like returning him back to his original position. He won't be denying his roots.”

Seeing the reasoning behind his words, the gathered people thought over it.

But breaking their thoughts, Shirone shouted with a very hurt look.



“What are you doing?! How could you say that without discussing it?! You've never said anything about that before!”

“I'm sorry, Shirone. But since you're now grown up, to some extent—”

“Do you know why I didn't ask? Because everyone only gets one father and one mother. How many parents are you going to make for me? It's to the point where I'm about to have six parents because of you, father.”

Vincent was stunned.

Two of the adoptive parents, two of themselves, and two of those who abandoned Shirone. A total of six. If he was to think that way, what he was about to do to his child was ridiculous.

“I'm just sad that you are giving up your dream because of me…”

“Who said I'm giving up on my dream? If I continue to work hard, another opportunity will surely arise! Do you know how it feels to be abandoned twice?!”

As soon as he saw his son's eyes fill with tears, Vincent realized his mistake.

“Shirone, I'm sorry! What in the world did I do? I won't ever leave you under the care of someone else. I will do everything to make your dream come true!”


As Vincent pulled him in for a firm hug, Shirone wiped away his tears and jumped into his father's arms.

How upset he must have been, a thoughtful child who didn't even express his own emotions, in fear he would hurt someone.

While the Ogent family watched with pleased faces, it was Bischoff who was particularly swayed by the scene.

He was a father who had to raise four sons and a daughter alone as his wife 'left' without him.

Bischoff quietly told Klumph.

“I have no choice but to ask you to use a bit of your strength.”

“You're asking for all sorts of things from this old man. How would I use my strength? Even the scholars, who are quick-witted, are all tongue-tied under Alpheas' obstinacy.”

Even though Klumph was whining about it, his expression wasn't particularly dark.

“Then I'll have to give an order as the family head. How about going through with a special admission? I've heard there is an old debt…”

“Hmph! Alpheas? That guy? You think he only owes me one? The problem is, he's not one to break the rules.”

“So it's not possible?”

“Well, who knows? Aren't reckless tactics best used against principled men?”

Bischoff smiled silently.

This was because he remembered the circumstances in which he was forced to take over the family due to such reckless tactics.

Shirone stayed in the Ogent family until the day Rian left for the Swordsmanship Academy.

Shirone, as well, did not know if his special admission would pass. But even if he were to pass, he would enter the school early next year, so he still had six months to spend with his parents.

A few days later, an antique-like carriage was stationed near the main gate, waiting to depart.

It was a carriage that would take the family to the royal castle.

Rai was already on board, and Klumph decided to meet with Alpheas first and join them later.

Rian, who did not want to say goodbye, could not hold back his tears.

Whether it was a magic academy or a swordsmanship academy, the period of graduating from one was not specifically set.

If one failed the graduation exam, getting stuck in an academy for years was not an impossibility. So if they were to split now, there was no set date as to when they could meet again.

Rian grabbed Shirone's shoulder.

“Shirone, you must become a mage! I'll write you letters!”

“Okay, it's not like we're never seeing each other again, and we can also come back from time to time. Stop crying.”

“I'm certain you can graduate! I guarantee it!”

Reina socked him in the head.

“For crying out loud! Worry about yourself! You're the one we are all worried about the most!”

“Hey! I'm going to work hard, too, you know! I'll become the best knight and become Shirone's sword.”

Shirone believed his words and had no doubts. He was sure Rian would do well.

Although he was no genius like Rai, he possessed things that Rai did not.

Reina turned to Shirone and smiled.

“Shirone, you don't have to worry, have fun with your family for the time being. I'm sure my grandfather will get you enrolled in the academy. He's someone who keeps his word.”

“Yes. And… Thank you for your help.”

Shirone spoke with sincerity

Even if he was friends with Rian, things wouldn't have worked out this well without Reina's support.

Reina stared at Shirone.

'He really is a unique child!'

At first, she only thought of him as a boy four years younger than her, but she changed her mind after the incident.

He may not have grown up physically yet, but his mind was already something to marvel at.

And above all, the fact that Shirone was interested in her was very important.

“Shirone, do you…”

Just as Reina was about to say something, she stopped and started laughing as she realized just how absurd the idea was.

'Just 16-years-old… His future's so bright.'

'If Shirone gets into the magic academy, he will meet so many talented people. And his eyes… his eyes will surely change…'

“No, it's nothing. Let's work hard, both of us. I also think you can become a mage.”

“Yes, please take good care of Rian.”

“Haha, don't worry. Since he's made his oath, he will do his best. I don't need to nag him.”

Reina looked back at Shirone one more time. She waved, and got into the carriage.

As soon as the four horses stomped out, Rian opened the window and stuck his head out.

“Shirone! You are the best! When you get into the magic academy, crush them all!”

Shirone waved his hand big.

“You too! Be sure to graduate!”

Thus, his life as a worker for the Ogent's ended.


When he finally grasped that it was over, his heart felt a little heavy.

The Broad Way of the Ogent family, which intimidated him when he first arrived, now felt like something that wished him good luck.

“Young master, let's go. I'll escort you home.”

Seeing the carriage waiting, Shirone finally realized…

He was really going home.

Shirone bowed his head towards the Ogent family's mansion.

“Thank you.”

Alpheas Magic Academy, Noon.

Despite the fact it was class time, there were two old men who sat opposite each other, both drinking tea in the headmaster's office.

A large, blue-haired man and another who wore a gentle smile while looking out the window.

Alpheas Myrhe and Klumph Ogent. Both have been friends for over 50 years

The conversation between the two had stopped over half an hour ago.

To be more specific, it was Klumph who was waiting for Alpheas' answer.

He didn't care how long it took.

It was Alpheas' turn to answer, so Klumph was just waiting.

“Even if it's from you, I can't do you any favors of that kind.”

Considering how long it took for such a short answer, most would've been frustrated by it, but Klumph just grinned.

He dragged on, as if making a difficult decision, but in truth, he must have done that for show…

Because the Alpheas he knew was mischievous like that.

“'Even if it's from you'? Do you know how much I suffered because of you when we were young?”

“KAHAHA! For such 'flattery' to leave your mouth, you must be in quite a hurry. But you have to know, the special admission was not made just to become a free pass for nobles. Countless requests are made every year, but most do not meet the heavy criteria.”

“Keukeuh, how funny. A free pass for nobles… But this is different.”

Alpheas became slightly uneasy.

The tactless and stubborn Klumph's eyes were full of mischief, warning Alpheas that whatever he was thinking of was not ordinary.

“…What is it?”

“I'm not asking you to accept some scoundrel. It's actually the opposite. He is a friend of my youngest grandson, and he's very talented. I see the young you in him.'

Recalling his past, Alpheas' eyes dimmed, as he realized that time truly did pass quickly.

“Hmm, your youngest grandson… You mean that immature and reckless Rian? He's very much like you.”

“Kekeke! I threw him into a swordsmanship academy because he's not talented enough. Anyways, I'm not here to talk about Rian. I'm here to talk about Rian's friend.”

“If he's that talented, why not just enroll him in the academy normally…? But since you're here, I imagine there's a reason why you can't just do that. ”

“Indeed, there is a problem. A big one. He's not a noble.”

Alpheas' eyebrows narrowed slightly. A short, but intense memory from four years ago flashed through his mind.

“No way… Is he perhaps a blonde, blue-eyed boy?”

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