Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 67



However, shortly after, the students began to burst into laughter as they felt a strange sense of exhilaration rising in their hearts.

“Puhahaha! This is really a masterpiece, right? Yeah, you guys did it!"

"Right! Honestly, I've been interested in this kind of thing for a long time! Please hold more fun presentations like this in the future!"

"It's been a while since I've broken a sweat. You guys won! You're the best!"

Although the teachers were confused by the sudden change in the students' attitude, Shirone had already anticipated it. Every rational human has a curiosity about the essence of things.

Where did we come from, and where are we going?

Perhaps that is the most important question for human beings. It was also the very reason why the Supernatural Psychic Science Research Group had to exist.

Alpheas nodded in satisfaction.

"Showing the invisible as invisible. Indeed, there was such a method. The kids have done a great job."

“Then, Principal, do you plan to keep the Supernatural Psychic Science Research Group?"

"Hmm. That's not up to me. Well, is there anyone who wants to refute the students' argument? Do it now."

No one among the teachers stepped forward. Even Sienna had no choice but to keep her mouth shut this time.

To be honest, they felt like they had been properly hit by their students. The Supernatural Psychic Science Research Group had to exist. Hundreds of students gathered here proved that fact.

Thad raised an objection.

"But what if the violations of the school rules are revealed? There will be quite a backlash. It's uncomfortable to approve the group as it is already."

There were quite a few teachers, like Sienna, who had confirmed the illegal intrusion into the forbidden zone. As several people pointed out the same issue, an impromptu teacher meeting was eventually held.

Sienna was the first to comment.

"It's true that the students have broken the rules. However, I think that is separate from the issue of whether the research group should exist."

Teachers put on a puzzled expression when she, who had been at the forefront of dismantling the group just a moment ago, came to defend the research group.

However, Sienna thought that this was enough. It was a promise with them. Shirone's group had met their requirements, and all she had to do was acknowledge their achievements.

Separate from the teachers' discussion, in a secluded part of the park, members of the Shadow Research Group were secretly talking.

“They say it's rotten, but it's not over yet. Our seniors left quite some bold guys behind, huh?"

"There's no need for a war. The Supernatural Psychic Science Research Group's momentum will continue for a while. Our Ant Language Research Group will not step forward."

"Hmph! They're just Class Five anyway. They'll eventually rise to the graduating class, but by then, I won't be at this school."

"Isn't it too early to say? If you fail this year, you might have to compete with them next year."

"What? So, you're saying I'm running away from them because I'm scared?"

"Enough, everyone. It's funny that we, who don't even see each other's faces usually, are doing this. If you want to compete, just do it. Of course, our Hide and Seek Club won't step forward."

"They'll probably be watching our every move now. You guys would even go into sewage water if you had to hide something, right?"

"They'll probably be watching our every move now. You guys would even go into sewage water if you had to hide something, right?"

"Let's stop here. People are watching, and all this gathering will do is damage the reputation of the research group."

The leaders who ruled the shadows of the magic school decided to reach an agreement and headed towards the graduation class building. Sienna's brow furrowed as she caught sight of them gathering together.

'Ugh, those pathetic losers.'

She was fed up with just looking at their faces. They were the worst troublemakers who had relentlessly tormented Sienna from low-level classes to advanced classes until they entered the graduation class.

Despite this, they couldn't do anything because they abused their god-given talents to hide their tail like ghosts.

'How many kids like that are there in this school? This is all because they acknowledge these ridiculous research group.'

How could a teacher deal with the ingenious tricks passed down from seniors to juniors, and then from those juniors who become seniors to their juniors?

The reason Sienna wanted to disband the Supernatural Psychic Science Research Group was not because she hated Nade and his group, but because she wanted to cut off the root of evil from the beginning.

'But it ended up like this.'

Shiina clicked her tongue as she made her way through the crowd. She then shouted to Shirone and his group standing at the rooftop railing.

"I announce the results of the teachers' meeting."

The applause and cheers from the students subsided.

“The Supernatural Psychic Science Research Group was scheduled to disband sooner or later. It had no official activities for a year, and the number of members was insufficient. However, based on today's presentation and after discussions among Alpheus, the principal, and several teachers, the research group led by Nade and two others will continue to exist for the time being. But..."

Sienna broke down in tears as she continued to speak. No matter how many times she thought about it, her irritation welled up and she ended up yelled and pointing.

“You three are on probation for a week! Suspension, you idiots!”


The children held their belly button and laughed. The idea to prove the research group was brilliant, but they were guilty of installing unauthorized equipment in the school.

Shirone, Nade, and Iruki blankly opened their mouths. They then looked at each other, their mouths curling into smiles, and their eyes filling with joy.

"We did it! We succeeded!"

“Uhahaha! We made it! We saved our research group!"

It was an attitude that didn't care about the suspension. Looking at the students who were excitedly hugging each other, Sienna was speechless.

However, they did their best and had no regrets. They were genuinely happy with the result because they had poured everything they had into it.

"Hahaha! Hey, congratulations! Keep up the good work!"

"Where's your lab? I'll come by sometimes!"

Students offered their congratulations. Among them were Mark and Cerielle, Shirone's ardent followers.

“Wow! As expected of Senior Shirone! I expected from the beginning that it wouldn't end like this! As expected, Senior is always one step above me! No, two step!”

"I know. I never thought in my wildest dreams that the survival of the research group was at stake in this presentation. Anyway, they did a great job this time too, didn't they? Isn't that right, Amy?"

Amy should have been the happiest at this moment, but surprisingly, she looked sullen.

"What's so great about getting suspended? Why do you do such pathetic things? We should be focusing on studying and getting into the graduation class."

Cerielle looked lovingly at Amy, who was clumsy with expressions. There was no way she couldn't know how much Amy wanted to join Shiro and live their school life together in the graduation class.

"But isn't it amazing? Of course, I couldn't do it if you asked me, but everyone has that thought at least once. The thought of wanting to surprise the world."

Cerielle looked at Shirone with envy.

In the face of Shirone, who was smiling brightly amidst the children's cheers, there was not a trace of worry.

A longing emotion filled Amy's eyes. In fact, she knew it too. That the person who wanted to be by Shirone's side the most was herself.

But she shook her head as if to ignore her feelings.

Right, I don't have time for this if I want to graduate. I'll never look up to you.'

She wanted to be with Sirone. She wanted to climb to the top and laugh the happiest laugh in the world. Suppressing such thoughts, Amy turned away.

That’s why… Hurry up and catch up, you fool.'


4 a.m.

It was a deep night when the night shift staff had left, and all the students and teachers were asleep.

Shirone's group lay in the grass of the central park, where the historic presentation had taken place, looking at the stars.

The cheers of the children and the noisy sounds had disappeared, but they still seemed to hear echoes in their ears.

Nade said in a hoarse voice.

"We finally did it, all of us."

"Yeah, but I feel sorry for Shirone, you know? I'm used to being disciplined, but it's Shirone's first time, right?"

Shirone laughed. He didn't care anyway.

"But it was fun, wasn't it? It was so much fun."

"Yeah, it was the best. Will we ever experience a day like today again in our lives? I still can't forget the cheers of the people."

"The three of us joined forces, so it should be that much. Anyway, we've made a new history in Alpheus Magic School."

Shirone suddenly stood up.

"Besides, it's not all bad. We gained a lot too. The level of photon output has increased tremendously through this presentation. At this rate, I think it'll work in the graduation class."

"Me too. I gained knowledge about fiber optics, and most importantly, I experienced the mass production process on my own. Honestly, it was an amazing study. It's all thanks to you guys."

"I feel the same way. I learned a lot by applying the behavior patterns of 400 people in real situations. If Shirone hadn't used the Immortal Function, it would have been absolutely impossible."

"What are you talking about? You're the one who's amazing. If it weren't for your Savant Syndrome's behavioral equation, the students would never have been fooled."

“If you put it that way, Nade had the hardest time. He installed hundreds of mechanical devices without any errors. That concentration is really amazing."

Shirone and the others, who had been chatting excitedly, closed their mouths simultaneously as they realized something. A chilly wind passed for a moment. Nade said as he laid back the body he had raised.

"Let's stop. What's the point of praising each other?"

"Right. We shouldn't become frogs in a well. It's natural to enjoy our achievements, but we must not let our guard down."

Shirone looked at the twinkling stars as if they were pouring down.

“I want to go higher. I have to become the star that can shine the brightest.”

Iruki thought the same.

"It seems like we've done everything we can while fooling around. It's time to move up. To the graduation class, I mean."

Nade tumbled and jumped to his feet.

"Great! Let's set new goals! The goal is to move up in classes as fast as possible! And to graduate at the same time! Let's have fun even when we go out into society!"

Shirone and Iruki nodded.

"Alright. Until then, don’t stop and run.”

"Hehehe. It's been a while since I've felt so motivated."

The three of them gathered their hands and shouted 'fighting' with full force.

Someday they would become the greatest magicians. As they looked up at the night sky with such determination, their eyes sparkled like stars.

The only brightest star.

The North Star was looking down on them.

At the top (1)

Upon returning to their dormitory, Shirone immediately collapsed and fell asleep. It was regrettable to receive a week-long suspension, but the mental and physical fatigue was too overwhelming to feel that way.

The day went by just like that.

The sound of the piano in the morning, the sun floating in the sky, and Shirone's suspension had nothing to do with each other.

"Hey. Shirone. Shirone."

As someone shook his body, Shirone frowned and opened his eyes. The blurry figures of two people flickered, and then Nade and Iruki's smiling faces appeared.

"Uhm. What?"

"You're really something. Are you still sleeping?"

"I don't know. I'm tired. Go away."

"Don't say that, get up. We can't attend classes anyway. So, let's go out and have fun."

"Go out and have fun?"

"Iruki knows a casino where they give away free drinks and there are lots of pretty girls. Since we're in this situation, let's make the most of it."

Shirone didn't even want to respond as soon as he heard the word 'casino'.

"Aren't you guys tired? I'm exhausted."

"We slept all day too. You've been sleeping for 27 hours now. Instead, let's go out for three days. With Iruki's Savant Syndrome, making money will be a piece of cake, right?"


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