Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 76



Cholkeurong. Cholkeurong.

While having such thoughts, a sound of chains was heard from the prison at the end of the corridor. When someone resembling a wolf appeared, Arcane's eyes lit up with interest.

The thought itself was different from those who jumped out without looking back just because a cell was opened. He also liked that they were not only shackled but also handcuffed.

"There was one more left. Did you hide your presence? Your Schema is quite good."

The man let out a hollow laugh while looking at the collapsed prisoners.

“Heheheh, I’m stumped. Do you know where this is? West prison called Inferno. Are you thinking of rebelling?"

"Rebellion. That sounds fun. Will you join?"

The man shrugged.

"There's nothing I can't do if you let me out."

"Your ears must have been open even if you didn't see? There is no freedom unless you defeat me.”

"Ha, it's really strict."

The man scratched his head with his handcuffed arms. His eyes shone sharply as he suddenly threw himself forward.

When he swung his foot with the leaping power of the Schema that surpassed even the weight of the iron ball, Arcane's face was struck squarely by the iron ball.



The man landed with a bent knee and a disgusted expression. He hit a person but such a noice came out.

"Tsk, this annoying magic."

Arcane didn't even flinch. Half of his face, struck by the iron ball, was covered with a dark shadow. It was Dark Skin magic that absorbed shock by maximizing the absorption power of dark magic.

"Not bad. You pass."

As Arcane cast a dark power spell, a shadow rose from the floor and grabbed the man's shackles and handcuffs.

"Don't move. Your arms and legs might fly off."

Before the man could reply, the shadow became blade-like and spun quickly. The chains were broken in an instant, and yet the man's skin wasn't even slightly damaged. The limitless molding technique and delicate manipulation were the essence of dark magic.

"It must be nice to regain your freedom. Follow me. I have work for you to do.”

"Why are you doing this? I never said I'd join."

The man's smiling lips trembled slightly.

He already knew how strong his opponent was. But if he was dragged along like cattle, what was the point of escaping prison?

"What moves you is money. If you help me, you'll be able to make a fortune."

It is common knowledge among common sense that mages are rich.

Moreover, the man would do anything for money, so there was no reason to refuse.

"Hehe, a fortune, huh? If it's a mediocre amount, I'll quit halfway."

The man followed Arcane out of the prison. Thus, one escapee occurred in Inferno.


Shirone and his party collected information from the library, organized it in their notes, and rented an inn. After two days of discussion, they were able to grasp the outline of the Photon Cannon's principle.

“Why does mass exist?”

When there was no mass, nothing changed. And it was a decent world in its own way. What's the big deal if today repeats just like yesterday?

But in the beginning there was mass. As if this world should be filled with some new things.

"Mass is not weight. Weight is a force acting in the direction of gravity. There's no direction in the universe. Then what is mass? Cohesion? But that doesn't seem like a perfect explanation either."

Nade asked.

"Then what do you think it is?"

The feeling that came to mind was clear. But it was only clear, not distinct.



"Evidence that it exists in this space. Isn't that mass?"

Life is the code of living organisms. Perhaps mass is the true proof of existence that is used throughout the universe.

"Hmm. It does sound plausible. Like the will or breath of the Creator, for example.”

Hearing Nade's words, Iruki snapped his fingers.

"God's Particle."

"Huh? What?"

"God's particle, I said. Isn't it nice? Calling the particle Shirone discovered God Particle."

"Oh, that's not bad? Shirone, what do you think?"

Shirone nodded repeatedly. It was as if Iruki had excavated something original rather than a created word, and he felt like it fit exactly into the Omniscience he was feeling.

"I really like it. And this is important."

"That's right. Because a mage's Omnipotence is linked to feelings. It's good to use a name that pleases you."

In that sense, God Particles was an excellent choice.

When the discussion paused, Iruki lay down on the bed. His eyes were about to pop out from reading books all day.

"Whew, let's finish the analysis and go back to school tomorrow. Classes will start normally from the day after tomorrow, so let's prepare our minds. Surely you haven't forgotten your promise already?"

Nade chimed in.

"Of course. Going up to Class Four this semester. From now on, I will study like crazy. In the worst-case scenario, Shirone could graduate first.”

Maybe that's possible.

At first, it was said as a joke, but Nade and Iruki's faces became more and more serious.

If things continued like this, Shirone might graduate first. To that extent, the discovery of God Particles was a great achievement.

“Shirone, do you have any thoughts about attending for another year even if you graduate?"

"Haha! What are you talking about? In the current situation, I am the one with the greatest chance of not being able to keep my promise. At least you guys are in the top ranks."

Shirone's words were not wrong, but considering the growth rate alone, it was enough to make them feel a sense of crisis. A student who didn't even know the basics was now considering graduation within six months.

"I can't sleep. I'm going to study a bit before bed."

"Oh? Me, me too!"

When Iruki got up from the bed and opened a book, Nade took a seat at a table in the corner and began to study.

Even if the end comes tomorrow, Shirone was dumbfounded when the friends who wanted to play and see each other until the end burned their passion for learning instead. But soon, he looked at them with a warm gaze.

'I've met good friends.'

Shirone was the last of the three to open a book.


Kingdom Education Academic Gathering Teachers' Association.

The Kingdom Academic Conference, hosted by the Teachers' Association, was a gathering of all social and cultural workers, including magic schools, swordsmanship schools, various religious orders, schools, alchemy foundations, and the elite 99 Artists Association, to present the vision of the kingdom.

Thad attended the academic conference as the representative of Alpheus Magic School. His mind was about to go crazy in the situation where debates on the harm and efficacy of rote education were going on for days.

'Ah, damn it. Don't those people sleep? Let's go home.'

He attended due to being caught in a lottery draw, but it was really disgusting. Since his school days, he was known as a bad boy and had no interest in education, whether voluntary or involuntary.

The presence of many attractive female teachers was his only consolation. In particular, the woman sitting at the round table across from him was his perfect ideal type.

Her blue hair flowed in curls, and her playfulness was charming even when she wore a suit.

'She's quite a looker. Was her name Ogent Reina?'

She was a musician who attended as a student of the pianist Merhen of Melody, a member of the Kingdom's top artist group, the 99 Artists Association.

The discussion ended at 7pm.

As the Teachers' Association hosted the evening party, the heat of the debate disappeared as if it were a lie. The attendees were busy sipping wine and interacting with people from various fields.

Especially around Reina, there were high-ranking officials who even those uninterested in the Teachers' Association might have heard of.

'I guess the phrase 'beauty is painful' is used in times like this.'

Thad was waiting for his turn to say something, overhearing their conversations. Most of the conversations were authoritative and on the verge of being tense or cruel jokes.

Reina kindly responded with a sharp smile. It was an unexpected side of her for Thad. It was a bright personality that didn't fit well with the notorious 99 Artists Association.

Art is a technique for dealing with emotions, and therefore, its power to captivate the public was not at a level that even the powerful could ignore.

In particular, due to the nature of the critical function of art, there were quite a few stubborn people among artists.

However, Reina was happily hanging out with people from all walks of life as if she had nothing to do with those rumors.

'Haa, it would have been nice if Teacher Sienna had at least half of that personality.' '

As he thought that and drank wine, Reina, who had finished her conversation, came to Thad.

“Hello, Mr. Thad.”

"Ah, yes! Huh? But do you know me?"

"Of course. You're a teacher at Alpheus Magic School, right? Ogent's family is from Creas."

"Aha! That's right. I completely forgot. Nice to meet you."

With mutual joy, the two talked for a long time. As Thad predicted, Reina had a bright and fun personality.

“By the way, is Shirone doing well?”

"Excuse me? How does Mrs. Reina know Shiro? Ah, I see."

Thad, who had been the teacher grading Shirone's entrance exam, recalled that Shirone had written the Ogent Family as his origin.

“Shirone was a guest of the Ogent Family. You indeed have an excellent eye for people, as expected from a prestigious family. Shirone is doing well. Well, he did get into an accident recently, though."

"Yes? An accident? What kind of accident?"

When Reina opened her eyes wide, Thad realized his mistake. If she knew that a student backed by the Ogent Family had been suspended, it would have hurt her pride.

"Ahahaha! It's nothing. Being an outstanding student, even small things can become big rumors. That's the kind of accident I meant."

"Ah, I see."

Reina breathed a sigh of relief. Just by listening to Thad's story, she could guess what kind of life Shiro was leading.

"I'm glad he's doing well. Does he have many friends?"

"Of course. He's popular with both boys and girls without discrimination. Sometimes I'm even envious to death. Hahaha!"

"Oh, then by any chance..."

Reina, who was about to ask if she had a boyfriend, shook her head. It was a question that she could ask as a sponsor. However, the questioner in her heart was not solely borrowing the name of the sponsor.

"Excuse me? Is there something you're curious about?"

"No, I'm just glad that he seems to be doing well."

"Haha! Do not worry. It's kind of strange to say this with my own mouth, but Alpheus Magic School is prestigious. You can leave him with peace of mind.”

"Hehe, you're right. I went too far. I'm sorry."

"Not at all. I was rather being presumptuous. How about going to Creas with me? I plan to leave in the morning. I'll treat you to a splendid lunch."

Reina shook her head with a sad expression.

"I'm sorry. I have a performance scheduled, so I need to go back to Bashka."

"Ah, I see. What a pity..."

Thad could not hide his regret. Usually, he would let someone go without any lingering feelings, but she was a woman he really didn't want to miss.

"It can't be helped. But I really want to see your performance. Won't you tell me the schedule? I'll visit you in Bashka."

“Oh my, this is an honor. Actually, I was worried. I was wondering what to do if there are many vacancies because bad things happen in the capital.”

"Ah, what happened in Bashka?"

"They say a dark mage attacked Inferno and broke a B-class wanted criminal out of jail. The capital is now under strict security, almost equivalent to martial law."

"A dark... mage?"

Thad's brow wrinkled. It could be just one of many news stories, but on second thought, it was a rare event.

Dark mages were hard to find in the world these days. And they attacked Inferno, of all places? Just to get a single B-class wanted criminal out?

Dark Mage, Inferno, B-Class wanted criminal.

A scene from history flashed through Thad's mind and passed by.

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