Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 86



"It doesn't seem like that, does it? What on earth is this magic? It's not the usual Teacher. We'll all freeze to death at this rate."

Nade was equally puzzled. NoThere are hundreds of students here at the moment. It was hard to imagine that they, who had lost their memories, could withstand the minus 20-degree cold for long. However, the effect of putting pressure on Lucas was excellent. It was because when the body cells were cooled, the effectiveness of the Mitochondria Build would decrease.

"Damn it! It's driving me crazy!"

Especially where Lucas was, the wind chill made it feel even colder. Necrosis was progressing from the peripheral nerve.

This was the reason why high-level ice mages usually cast Blizzard to start a battle. Its killing power is not great, but it is a wide range magic and it gives dealt constant cold damage, so it was essential before the great swordsman.

"Anyway, it's annoying. These mages."

Lucas was fed up with wizards who harassed swordsmen with all kinds of strange magic. But it wasn't the time to give up. More than anything, her condition was not normal.

As the sharp ice spear flew through the blizzard, Lucas hurriedly threw himself away. However, due to his weakened Mitochondrial Build, he couldn't completely avoid it, and it grazed his side.

“Damn it!”

Most creatures tend to have reduced activity in low temperatures. Moreover, as he braved the cold to swing his sword, his fingertips already showed signs of frostbite.

'It seems the temperature has dropped further. Does she really want to kill us all?'

If even Schema users suffered from frostbite, the students should have already frozen to death. But in reality, only Lucas was trapped in Blizzard. The snowstorm, which had narrowed its range at some point, followed him with a focused mark.

Lucas, completely unaware of such a fact, bared his teeth at Sienna, who appeared through the Blizzard.

"Are you crazy? How long will this damn snowstorm last?"

Lucas stopped talking. Sienna's eyes still void. No emotions, thoughts, or even ego.

"No way..."

Lucas' shoulders trembled. The magic was remembered in the body, not the head.

Literally, the brain.

Just as swordsman acquire skills through endless repetitive training, Sienna had also reached a state where she could implement specific brainwave patterns even in a memory-loss state.

Repetition, and repetition again. She must have relentlessly driven her mind to death since birth.

'How much training has this woman done?'

His hair stood on end. The path of hardship she had walked, regardless of her skills, was drawn in his mind.

'Shit! It's not just like stepping on shit, this.'

He should escape at this point. No matter how much he liked gold coins, they were just metal scraps in front of his life.

Lucas mustered all his remaining strength and fled. He thought that once he escaped the Blizzard, he wouldn't be chased. However, that idea was nothing more than a fantasy, and in the end, he had to pay the price for showing his back to a 6th-rank certified mage.

Sienna raised a finger and pointed at Lucas, and after a while, Lucas screamed and was buried in the snow.


There was no pain. However, the two legs were missing, as if they had been cut off with scissors. Lucas twisted his back to examine his legs. He couldn't feel the slightest sensation in his frozen legs.

'No, that's ridiculous.'

It was Absolute Zero, which he had only heard about in rumors.

This magic, which could be called the pinnacle of Ice Magic, severely restricts particle activity through preservation and condensation.

By realizing the realm of Absolute Zero, Sienna became a certified 6th-rank mage at the age of only 20.

However, it was a magic that required enormous mental power to the extent that even she could only produce a local effect.

'Damn it! What a crappy school… All the students and teachers are monsters!'

Sienna cast the next magic with a calm expression. It was Glacier Bombing, an advanced magic derived from the pinnacle of preservation and condensation. As dozens of massive ice chunks appeared in the sky, Lucas's face turned pale. With his legs frozen, there was no way to avoid them. He could only entrust his life to the will of the heavens.

Nade and Iruki ran to the students. Although it was not a wide-area magic, the size of the glaciers was so huge that they couldn't be sure. As the frozen ice chunks slowly pushed each other away with their massive weight, an almond-shaped glacier began to fall towards the students.

Nade, running towards Arin, grabbed her shoulder and threw her to the ground.

"Kyah! What are you doing!"

“Evacuate the students! Otherwise, everyone will die!”

"No! There's not enough time!"

Iruki interrupted the two of them and shouted.

"I'll do it!"


Iruki gritted his teeth without even having time to answer. Could he really do it? It was a massive glacier weighing tens of tons. Even if he detonated an Atomic Bomb, the problem was the fragments shattered into dozens of pieces. Calculated by the size of the glacier, it will break a human head easily unless it was broken into at least 1,000 pieces.

'I have no choice but to try....'

Momentum can be predicted mathematically. If he could calculate the physical quantity of splitting the glacier, and then splitting it again, and again, he could cause an explosion before it crashed.

“Come heeeeerree!”

The disassembly-type Spirit Zone plunged into the center of the glacier. When the Atomic Bomb exploded through the detonation process of the available limit value, the glacier was excited and split into seven chunks.

Irukki activated the Double Spirit Zone and relentlessly fired Atomic Bombs, shattering the glacier.


The ice flower is in full bloom. As the glacier burst, it was separated into fragments, which then exploded again and scattered like sparks.

Nade and Arin stared in awe at the chain explosions unfolding in the sky. Then, realizing the ice particles raining down, they turned their heads to the students. Although small fragments of ice fell like hail, not a single person was injured.

Arin's eyes trembled with shock. Arcane always disparaged the magic school students. weak students who lacked fighting spirit and will, simply accepting what was given to them. However, the level of magic school students she had experienced firsthand far exceeded her expectations.

'This is a magic school, huh? Huh?'

Arin turned his head. Realizing that she was leaning against the chest of an outsider man, and shouted at Nade while pushing him away.

"Get away! What are you doing!"

Nade's face flushed red, as if he had been slapped on the buttocks.

"What, what did I do! I just helped you!"

“Why are you helping me! We are enemies!”

"Who says that? Hurry up and release the mind control! Are you really going to kill all these people? And you're still in your right mind?"

Arin bit her lip. Although she would become the protagonist of a massacre recorded in history after today, she was not afraid. Had she not met Canis in Radum, she would have been destined to hit rock bottom in misery.

"It doesn't matter. If it's for Canis, even if the whole world dies.”

Nade read the emptiness in Arin's eyes. What kind of life had she led to have such a gaze?

"Let's go."

Iruki carried Sienna, who had fallen in the snow, on his back. Then he looked back at Lucas. Was there really a god for evildoers? He was stuck between glaciers with only a few meters of clearance. But he had lost his chin, and his eyes were only visible as whites. Having lost both legs, thievery was impossible. In the end, he was destined to return to the dark prison of Inferno just seven days after escaping.


Nade and Iruki turned their heads to the explosion in the forest. A thick beam of light shot through the sea of forest.

"Wow. What is that big thing?”

"It's Photon Cannon. I guess he had an enlightenment?”

The forest shuddered, and Shirone burst out as if being spat out.

Arin's face regained color at the sight of Shirone, who looked like she had just escaped from a quagmire. It was clear that Canis had the upper hand.

However, her prediction was undeniably shattered.

As Harvest knocked down trees to the left and right with its long arms, Canis staggered out. He was even more battered and bruised than Shirone.

Iruki said in disbelief.

"Is it... a draw?"

"It's impossible. Shirone's Photon Cannon evolved during the battle, didn't it? And still, he couldn't win?"

Shirone, propping himself up on the ground, said,

"I can't win."

Her friends doubted their ears. Was it the first time they had heard such words since meeting Shirone?

"What, what did you say? Don't talk weak."

"It's not weak talk. That guy... he's really strong."

Shirone honestly admitted it. If he had known that he was the disciple of the Archmage, it would have been more convincing, but even without knowing that, he could feel his will in every magic.

The will not to lose. The will to crush humans. The will to prove oneself as the best.

The power of Photon Cannon was maximized, but Harvest, who borrowed Canis' mental power, absorbed even that.

From then on, it was a brawl. They fought a battle of attrition by exchanging the Power of Darkness and the Photon Cannon.

In the end, Canis successfully countered and pushed Shirone out of the forest.

'Being so strong... Why does he want to hurt people?'

If he had chosen evil for some reason, it could be possible. Because all humans make mistakes.

However, he could not admit that the evil was strong. Because strength is the product of effort, not mistakes.

"Why are you doing this? What did the students do to you to make you act like this?"

"Is it because you're losing in strength that you're now running your mouth? A typical pattern of weak nobles."

Shirone didn't get angry because it wasn't true.

"Answer me. What you're trying to do now is a terrible act that will be recorded in history. At least I need to hear the reason."

"History? Who cares about that? Those who are abandoned are just struggling to survive each day. If I don't kill someone, I'll die."

"Don't try to justify it with sophistry. No matter what kind of life you've led, there's no one in this world without hardships. Everyone has to live with some pain that's hard to bear."

"You. Have you ever eaten feces that fell on the ground?"

Shirone shut his mouth. A cold wind blew.


Arin's eyes were filled with grief. Those who haven't lived in Radum can never truly know what Radum is like.

It was another world, isolated from the rest of society.

Canis and Arin had been abandoned there. They couldn't remember when they started being together or why it was just the two of them.

However, they were there from the moment they came to their senses, and even while other friends died or were sold, they survived.

Canis had been clever since he was young. Although he was a powerless child, he demonstrated firsthand how strong a person could become when talent and determination combined.

In Radum, teeming with villains, there was only one thing Canis wanted.

To protect Arin for one more day.

There were no women in Radum. To be precise, there were no women past infancy.

In places where food is extremely scarce, helpless girls are bound to be eaten at the same time as they are born.

However, Arin survived in Radum until the age of ten.

Radum's only female.

Canis was the one who protected that eerie symbol.

He was always barking like a mad dog. When an enemy appears aiming at Arin, he rushes at him with the determination to die.

They couldn't join any organization with Arin. So they lived day by day, rummaging through garbage cans to survive.

The ironic thing was that even the trash in Radum had owners. They fought, not hesitating to get hurt, for the scraps and filth that others had thrown away.

After such a fierce fight, Canis could barely obtain half a moldy piece of bread.

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