I Will Divorce the Female Lead’s Siscon Brother (Novel) Chapter 69



A whirlwind of silence took hold of the banquet hall. Most attendees remained silent, unsure how to react to this sudden turn of events. Out of the corner of my eye, I observed the Empress's reaction beside me.

"... "

The Empress was literally furious. The expression that could kill a person with just her eyes would have suited her well at this moment. It was a moment when the Empress's cruelty made people even more ashamed of reacting to this situation.

A noble closer to the stairs leading to the second floor shouted loudly.

"I salute the new Prince. Glory to Asteroth!"

Then several people repeated the same phrase.

"I salute the new Prince!"

"Glory to Asteroth!"

The behavior was contagious. One by one, the nobles who were just paying attention showed respect. It was the moment when Terence entered the imperial palace, receiving a warm welcome on the surface.

"Those people are probably followers."

The people who welcomed him earlier were the Emperor's closest collaborators. These were the people Terence had been busy meeting with until recently.

They, who had received news from the Emperor in advance, seemed to be in charge of leading the situation so that the atmosphere did not become uncomfortable.


I made eye contact with Terence, who was in the distance. His smile grew even deeper. Wait, it's hard for you to look at me and smile right now. Because, at my side...


The Empress clicked her tongue forcefully, as if surprised, and walked towards the door. It seemed she decided that Terence was provoking her. To be honest, it was difficult for me to think that he had no such intentions at all.

"Y-Your Majesty the Empress!"

"Your Majesty!"

The Empress's handmaidens hurriedly chased after their mistress. The Emperor, who was watching this, calmly calmed the atmosphere.

"It seems something urgent has happened to the Empress. But there's no way it can ruin the banquet. Please enjoy your part for the Empress."

"Yes, Your Majesty."

People responded unanimously, but there seemed to be only a few who would truly enjoy this awkward situation. The interrupted performance resumed, and several couples attempted to resume dancing.

"Oh, wait a moment. Shouldn't our prince also play among the youth?"

The Emperor affectionately patted his son's shoulder.

"If you like someone among these people, invite her to dance."

I could feel that people were nervous.

In this monumental moment, is the person the new prince invites to dance literally just "the person he likes"?

"There's a high possibility of a hidden political intention."

Many people might have had a common thought at this moment. The family of the princess who dances with the prince will be his greatest support.

Well, my expectations were very different. I knew, after having read the novel. Terence, as someone somewhat lonely and distrustful, rejects the Emperor's offer. He used the excuse that he wasn't good at dancing.

"Thank you for your consideration. So, I'm not good at it, so I'll just dance one song."

Yes, yes. Declining something like that...


No, why do you suddenly accept it?

You have other intentions. Instead of declaring a unique place from the beginning, you want to leave space and encourage competition for loyalty among your followers!

"Oh, do you have someone in mind?"

When the Emperor asked with joy, Terence smiled shyly.

"I just want to have the honor of dancing with the most beautiful person here."

"Haha, let's see which lady is the most beautiful? Please note that this is the prince's personal preference, so other women shouldn't worry too much. For your information, in my opinion, the Empress looks more beautiful even after decades."

Did a person like this bother his wife by having a child out of wedlock? But people had to laugh and say things they didn't mean, like being jealous or calling him a romantic.

By the way, who is the most beautiful person? Recently, the faces of several people considered beautiful in social circles crossed my mind.

"It probably isn't Liena, whom Terence doesn't like. Is it Santa Arsia? The saint didn't attend today. I don't think it's good to have a first dance with a married woman, Duchess Luciano..."

Meanwhile, Terence descended the stairs and made his way through the crowd. The ladies who saw him up close blushed. Whether the Empress hated him or not, the fact that Terence was an attractive man remained unchanged.

Seeing that, I felt a bit lonely without knowing why. Unlike the novel, if Terence had a lover, it was difficult to maintain a deep friendship between a man and a woman, no matter how close they were.

"There's a high probability that the person he dances with also likes Terence."

Because he is a good person. My role was to wish happiness from afar to my friend.

But soon, those thoughts were destined to disappear.

"Excuse me, my lady. If you don't mind, would you like to dance a song with me?"

Terence extended his gloved hand.

Toward me.

"... Me?"

I quickly looked around, but everyone was looking at us. I didn't know where the crown prince had gone in the meantime, but there was no one around except me. In many ways, the person he asked to dance was me.

"What if he chooses me here?!"

Then I realized his true intentions. I see. I may not be the most beautiful person in the room, but I'm certainly the most politically irrelevant.

"There is no family behind me, and the relationship with Duke Cassius is not the worst."

Although I am close to Ambassador Leok, I am not the daughter of the noble Leok family and am only a personal benefactor of the ambassador's family.

In other words, his act of dancing with me was an expression that he had no intention of forming a definitive relationship with any power yet. At the same time, it also means that everyone has opportunities.

As there is no equivalent person in the novel, Terence would have simply refused to dance. However, in moments like this, it's best to socialize without sidelining others, which will make him appear more sociable and is good for his reputation.

"Did you invite me for that?"

It may simply mean that he wants to receive congratulations, but does he also want me to be his dance partner?

Well, dancing with me, who is recently divorced, would raise fewer suspicions. If he had approached another single woman, the media would have made a scandal as if an engagement had been announced.

"But few people would think that the prince would be seriously interested in a divorced woman."

Even if he simply chose someone, people would think he had chosen someone who was less burdensome. And honestly, although I wasn't the most beautiful woman, my face had no flaws on any side. Alright then.

"Pleased to meet you, Your Highness. My name is Ethel."

After completing this reasoning in a short period, I signaled to Terence that I understood everything. It would have been better if you had told me in advance.

Leandro could be seen behind Terence.

He had a surprised expression. Terence, who he thought was just a guard, appeared as a prince, so he was surprised.

"Did you think I didn't dance because I didn't know how to dance with other people?"

It's just that there was no one in particular I wanted to dance with, but it definitely wasn't because I couldn't forget Leandro or was afraid of people's gaze. Leandro danced, is there something I can't do?

"To say that I am the most beautiful person here is an exaggeration, but I will do my best."

I slowly raised my hand and placed it gently on Terence's palm.

"It is an honor."

Then, naturally, he kissed the back of my hand. Winking. I know it was a performance, but it was detrimental to my heart.

When we joined the ranks of dancers, the band played a new dance number. But there was an unexpected problem.

"How do you dance...?"

They say there were many festivals in Cassius Territory, but Leandro and I didn't get along well enough to dance together. The last time I danced was on my wedding day.

If I had known it would be like this, I would have practiced! In a situation where so much attention was focused, even Terence became the laughingstock.


In the end, I twisted my foot and was about to fall.

"It's okay."

Terence's arm holding my waist gave me strength. I managed to maintain balance.

"Relax your body and let me guide you."

He whispered so that only I could hear.

"Take a turn around here."

My stiff body relaxed at the low, powerful voice. The body followed automatically. The dance movements I learned in the past came to mind.

When I came to my senses, I had successfully completed one song. Actually, only one song. Another one is not possible.

Let's leave it at that.

Terence, noticing my exhaustion, pulled me out of the group like water.

"Are you still okay?"

"Yes, anyway, I was just planning to perform one song."

Now that I think about it, he said that in front of the emperor before. This aspect was similar to the darkness that clung to the mystique in the novel.

"You look exhausted. How about taking a break?"

Before I could answer that question, people flocked to the side of the new prince. After exchanging glances with him, I silently left the group.


Leandro came towards me from afar. Are you going to ask about Terence? And even though it's been a while since we divorced, he still calls me his wife.

"Wait a moment, talk to me."

Nothing good would come from talking to Leandro without any reason. I gave up on the idea of going to the hall and wandered through the banquet hall. When I reached the place where many young ladies were gathered, I muttered aloud.

"Oh, the young Duke Cassius is looking for someone to dance with."

The eyes of the ladies gleamed at those words. They actively blocked Leandro's path.

"Young Duke, what do you think of me?"

"Please dance with me too!"

"Sorry, but I'm busy right now..."

While Leandro struggled, I opened the nearest door and went out. It was a door that led to a long corridor.

"Should we go to the garden first?"

With a light heart, I walked through the imperial palace. But soon, I regretted my choice.

"Why do you humiliate me like this?"

"Stop. Everyone will hear."

"Tell them to listen! I have nothing to hide!"

It was because I ran into the Emperor and the Empress arguing in the middle of the hallway.

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