Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 144



At first, Amy couldn't understand and blinked her eyes, but when she realized what Tess was trying to say, she turned her head away with a puzzled expression.

"Why are you saying something weird all of a sudden? What does Shirone have to do with my graduation?”

"But think about it. Shirone is still in class four, and you're in the graduating class. Moreover, with your skills, you will definitely be able to graduate next year. If that happens, won't you leave for the capital?"

As soon as she heard the words "leave for the capital," Amy's heart suddenly beat faster.

She had never thought about it before. But realistically, it wasn't that far off.

"It has nothing to do with me."

“Hoo, is it?”

Amy spoke coldly, but Tess couldn't sense the slightest hint of sincerity in her tone.

Amy, who remained silent for a moment, finally revealed what she had been keeping insidw, as Tess had expected.

"Still... We made a promise. He have to catch up to me, no matter what. That's what he said on the condition that we could speak comfortably."

Tess let out a surprised "ho" sound. If they had gone that far in their conversation, then their feelings for each other were far from trivial.

"Hmm. Shirone is undoubtedly amazing too. But you said she moved up to Class Four in just half a year, right? Even if he's a genius, do you think graduating so easily would be possible?"

In fact, even Amy knew it, too. The accomplishments Shirone had achieved so far were beyond what an ordinary person could imitate.

An 18-year-old boy who had lived without even knowing magic moved up to Class Four in just half a year.

Expecting more from him might be greedy.

Amy looked at Shirone's back ahead of her. Had Shirone ever thought of something like this? If she really graduated, would Shirone miss her?

It was difficult to take a step first among those who did their best. However, Shirone was already taking several steps ahead of them. Perhaps he is running with all his talents burning to the limit.

Amy knew that, but she couldn't help but feel upset. She glared at Shirone's back with a stinging gaze and conveyed it to her heart.

'Hurry up and catch up. I really won't let you go if you fall behind.'

The two women, after finishing their secretive conversation, quickened their pace to catch up to Shirone and Rian.

After reuniting, Shirone and the others climbed the hill to the villa while exchanging various stories. Then, suddenly, Tess stopped and warned in a low voice.

"Shh. Quiet."

"Why all of a sudden…?”

Amy asked, turning to Tess. At first, she thought Tess was playing another one of her tricks. But when she saw her serious expression, Amy immediately shut her mouth.

Tess, who trains rapier swordsmanship, focuses on Sensory System builds among Schema.

Although not as good as archers, her sensitivity to stimuli was far beyond that of ordinary people.

Shirone and Rian noticed the atmosphere belatedly and approached her. Tess also signaled them to be quiet with a raised finger.

“There is someone in front of the villa. If I look at his lung capacity, it is a man. If his physique is average, he should be around 170 to 175 centimeters tall."

Rian grabbed the handle of the greatsword behind his back. After the commotion at Royal Palace last night, there was a good possibility of intruders.

"I don't sense any enemies, but be prepared just in case.”

Tess whispered as she walked silently like a cat, and the other three slowly followed her.

Upon arriving at the villa, they saw someone standing in front of the door. The figure, visible only in silhouette, didn't move and was looking elsewhere.

Shirone's group advanced cautiously without letting their guard down. However, before they took a few steps, the figure lost its balance and collapsed to the ground.

Shirone and the others looked at each other and hurriedly ran to the door.

The unexpected midnight visitor was Jis. It was hard to find an undamaged spot on his face, indicating that he had been through a tough time.

Shirone grabbed Jis by the side and supported him. Just the touch of his hand made Jis' face crumple in pain.

"Ugh! Ouch, it hurts!"

"Are you okay? Who did this to you?"

"G- Get away from me!"

Jis pushed Shirone away. He didn't want to reveal who was responsible for his current state. He didn't want to appear weak, at least not in front of Amy like before.

Jis sat down with his back against the door. As Shirone approached him again to support him, he forced out a painful laugh and raised the corners of his mouth.

"You're having fun this late at night? Your wit seems to have dulled."

Jis' condition looked very critical, but Tess remained vigilant until the end.

She knew that Jis was the one who had manipulated Amy with some strange method last night, leading her into danger. No matter how injured he was, she had no intention of trusting him.

Amy, on the other hand, approached without hesitation. Rather than trusting Jis, as a person who understood the rules of this world, she had some idea of what happened.

"What happened to you? Tell me. Was it Falkoa?"

Instead of answering Amy, Jis raised his head and glared fiercely at Shirone.

Now that he thought he could stand up to Shirone, he felt a little better.

It is Amy's life that he saved while falling to the end of his life. Wouldn't it be okay for him to be the main character, at least for a minute when he had to explain everything?

"Hey, you! Listen carefully. Take good care of your woman."

"What are you talking about?"

When Shirone tilted his head, not understanding, Jis frowned terribly. He had guessed since the conversation he had with Amy in the carriage. The fact that the relationship between the two cannot be clearly defined.

That's why it made him even more frustrated. He doesn't know why he has to go through all this trouble because of Shirone, who has everything he doesn't have.

"Amy, that jerk! She messed things up with that kind of approach, so take care of her till the end!"

“I have no idea what you mean. Why Amy? We were together all day today.”

Jis recalled Falkoa's instructions. Even thinking about it now, it was absurd, and he couldn't help but burst into laughter.

"He told me to bring her, even if it meant killing her. He mix Loop in a drink at a fatal dose and asked me to give it to Amy, saying she wouldn't have a choice but to drink it."

"This crazy...!"

Rian widened his eyes like a tiger and clenched his fists. The others were equally outraged.

Of course, Amy wasn't foolish enough not to realize Falkoa's scheme. However, given her pride and her Red Eyes abilities, it was a problem where a terrible thing might have happened.

Tess, who had been thinking that far, shivered with chills.

"I'm going crazy. I knew he wasn't normal, but he went to such extremes."

Shirone's voice was trembling like never before.

"So, what about that drink..."

"I threw it into the trash. I told him I couldn't do it. Do you get it now? I'm protecting Amy. It's not you, it's me! I risked my life to keep her safe! Got it, you idiot?”

Shirone and the others firmly shut their mouths. They couldn't refute, and they didn't want to.

Shirone kneeled down to meet Jis at eye level.

“Jiss, we….”

"That's why!"

Jis cut off Shirone's words and screamed loudly. As he screamed with all his might, the pain swelled as if his ribs were breaking. But the reason his tears streaming down like a waterfall was not because of the pain.

"That's why….”

Jis lay flat. Then he put his forehead on the ground and spoke in a sobbing voice.

“Please help me.”

Shirone and the others didn't say anything and just looked down at Jis, who was lying face down.

"My sister... My sister seems to have been taken. After I came to my senses, I went to the store, they said she went home, but when I went home, she wasn't there either. So I went looking for her... But no one would help me. Please, help me find my sister. I'm begging you."

Jis, who begged Shirone and the others, burst out crying and repeated his request.

Shirone was looking at him with a mixture of anger and sadness.

How much time had he wandered the streets in this state? Who would care about a little sister from a back alley? His desperate pleas as he called out his sister's name in the indifference of everyone else were vividly recalled.

"My sister. My younger sister. My everything....”

“Is there any guess? The place where your sister was taken.”

Jis raised his head. Since no one was willing to help, he had come seeking assistance, but even if someone wanted to help, they would have to directly confront the Freeman organization that ruled the island.

No matter how much a mage they were, their life wouldn’t be guaranteed, so he thought it wouldn't be easy to ask them a favor. That is why he begged with the determination to sacrifice even his life if necessary.

However, Shirone didn't even think about it and asked about where his sister might have been taken.

"Thank you! Thank you so much!"

Jess bowed his head repeatedly. The gratitude he could express was limited to this much.

Amy, who was watching him disapprovingly, grabbed Jis by the arm and pulled him up.

"Enough. Do as you were doing. Suddenly acting like this makes us more suspicious. Let's go inside for now. We'll talk while treating your wounds."

"But, my sister..."

"Stupid! If we recklessly rush in without thinking, we'll be the ones in trouble first! If she were kidnapped on your way back home, there's still plenty of time. I'll even fly if necessary, so let's treat your injuries first."

Amy supported Jis and opened the door to the villa. Although she was also concerned about the girl named Yuna, for now, checking his injuries took precedence.

As Jis lay down on the bed, Tess helped him remove his clothes. Having learned numerous combat aids, she was able to know Jis' condition at a glance. From the bruising pattern, it was evident that his ribs were injured.

Tess pressed various parts of Jis' body.

"Ouch! It, it hurts."

"Of course, it hurts. You were beaten up like this without mercy. Bear with it a little. I need to check your organs too."

Tess pressed as hard as she could on Jis' abdomen. The organs protected by skin and muscles were difficult to examine unless pressed so forcefully that it caused excruciating pain.


It must have been a maddening pain, but Jis desperately endured it. It was because of the thought that he could go to rescue Yuna only when the treatment was completed as soon as possible.

"Thank goodness. He has a cracked rib, but the rest are minor surface injuries. The organs are fine too. Surprisingly, you have a sturdy body."

Jis smiled bitterly. While he couldn't fight, due to constantly facing numerous nobles, he had already become used to getting beaten up.

Jis explained the situation while Tess applied bandages.

Based on Yuna's working hours and the time she should have arrived home, they estimated she was kidnapped about two hours ago.

"They would have taken her to their hideout, so they haven't arrived there yet. However, we couldn't have matched their timing exactly. I just want Yuna to be alive..."

Amy cut off Jis’ words.

"No, it's okay. They will likely travel by carriage, but if we borrow horses, we can catch up to them easily. Where exactly is the hideout? It must be quite a long way from here."

"I've never been there either. I heard it's in the north of the island, but I'm not sure."

"No, that's probably it."

Shirone was sure that that place would be a hideout. The north of the island is a natural cliff. Wasn't that’s why when they first came here, the ship went around the island and docked at the southern port?

In addition, if it was in the north, it was close to the Kerugo Autonomous District, so it was out of reach of the government. There was no better environment to use as a hideout.

"Alright, let's go then. Can you manage alone?"

Jis nodded. He intended to send Shirone away with him, even if the wound worsened.

Even so, the reason for his dark expression was the self-reproach of involving unrelated people in this.

"Are you really okay? It's funny to ask for help and say this, but they're really strong.”

Amy snorted. Even if she wasn't for Jis' sister, she had always intended to deal with Falkoa one day.

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