I Will Divorce the Female Lead’s Siscon Brother (Novel) Chapter 75



"Don't you like the food?"

I opened my eyes wide at Terence's question.

"No, it's really delicious!"

"Then I'm glad."

While eating with Terence in front of me, I felt my heart sinking. This person is as insightful as a ghost.

The place is a restaurant. Despite its large size, it was just the two of us in this place that Terence had prepared for a secret dinner or meeting.

"Let's be careful. I can't ruin the time Terence has prepared for me."

I tried to enjoy the food as much as possible. The food, in the quaint interior, was amazing. But my mind kept wandering in another direction.

The last time I saw Tara's face remained in my mind. Perhaps Tara will die. It was by far the worst imaginable case.

To date, there is no clear evidence that Tara betrayed Liena. Even if she did, it didn't seem likely that Liena's personality would severely punish Tara, who had not directly harmed her. However...

"Elliot is different."

I was convinced that Tara was a traitor and had an extreme personality.

Once a traitor, always a traitor.

According to that theory, there was a possibility that Tara, who knew a lot of information as one of Liena's limbs, could be eliminated before becoming a major threat.

Indeed, in the novel, Elliot cares so much for Liena that he goes against her wishes several times. It is said that he suffers a serious injury to his nose in the second half and reflects on it.

If things continue like this, Tara could really die. My hands naturally gained strength as I cut the meat. I remembered the face that shyly expressed gratitude to me, or the smile that came running towards me with a big smile after revenge.

I'm not close to Tara. I may not have the will to take risks and help her. My prediction was spectacularly wrong, and Elliot might not have harmed Tara.

However, one fact was certain. I don't want Tara to die. I want to help Tara fulfill the oath she made to me.

"But how?"

The opponent is the genius Elliot. Moreover, he had the favor of Liena, Princess Cassius, and owner of the Iver Merchant Guild. I can't do it alone.

No, my nose is one meter long*. Elliot also showed hostility towards me. Because Liena cried because of me.

(N/T: Expression used to describe a situation where one's own affairs are so urgent and difficult that they cannot afford to help others.)

No matter how much I think about it, I don't understand it. Why is Liena so obsessed with me? In the novel, there wasn't much interest in the stepsister.

It was even hard to say that it was my fault.

Even without that, Liena is already one of the richest people in the empire.

Also, by observing Liena's attitude in court last time, it seemed like it was an emotional matter. Why the hell did Liena make me...? Ah, I have no idea!

"Why don't you jump at me first?"

Even if that were the case, there was no way Elliot could find me if he decided to. What should I do first with Elliot if I want to live safely?

Then, Terence asked.

"As expected, is there something bothering you?"

I was constantly controlling my facial expressions, but did it still show? Although I wasn't as good as Liena, I also had reasonable confidence in my performance. But Terence was surprisingly quick to recognize my feelings.

"Oh, there's nothing to worry about."

"Well. I apologize for reacting."

When I waved my hand, he obediently stepped back.

"Still, if you have any concerns in the future, I hope you can consult without hesitation. Because we are friends."

"... Thank you for your words."

Terence was a good man. So I became even more reluctant to reveal it.

"If he finds out about the situation, he will most likely try to help in some way."

But now I was a prince. I couldn't bother him because he was busy with his own affairs. His help was already well deserved.

I shrugged.

"But aren't you being too kind to me?"

I was thinking of changing the subject with a joke.

"One has to live somewhat calculatingly to a certain extent. Tay is so kind that it's hard."

It was a very funny joke to say that the villain was kind. Terence also smiled.

"Even if you look at me like that, I have a fairly calculating personality."


"Actually, I asked Ethel if she had any concerns because I do. I thought of consulting first and getting help."

"What worries you? Is this a problem I can help you with?"

"Of course."

"I wonder what I can do with the problem that worries even His Highness..."

At this point, I didn't take his words seriously. Because I thought Terence had said this to lighten my mood. But the next moment, his expression became quite serious.

"What do you think I should do to become emperor?"

It was a difficult question that came out of nowhere. I never thought it would be such a political issue.

"Oh, don't feel too pressured. This is a question I ask people I consider my people these days...

"First, we have to deal with Elliot Rudd."


Terence asked surprised. However, what surprised me the most was when I said it. But I said it seriously.

Moreover, I never said this because of my personal feelings towards Elliot or because it would be better for me to deal with him.

This was the answer I found simply by thinking about Terence's question as it was. If nothing had happened with Elliot today, I would have answered this question the same way.

"I don't know if you know, but Elliot Rudd is a genius currently serving Liena Cassius."

Terence listened to me.

"I know his name because he appeared in the newspapers as a genius that appears once every thousand years or something."

"As long as he is under Liena's command, and as long as Liena supports the crown prince, who is her lover, Tay will have great difficulties ascending to power."

"Is he that great?"

"If you look at history, not all geniuses had a great impact on the world. But Elliot is different."

Most of the ingenious tricks of Liena that appear in the novel originated from Elliot's mind. If Liena's ideas are limited to basic lines, Elliot is the one who embodies them.

He was jealous of Liena's lover, the crown prince, but anyway, he provided him with many tricks to help him win the competition for the throne. Because that's Liena's wish. And one more thing.

"This is not a well-known fact, but he is the deputy leader of the Iver guild."

"I did some superficial research on Iver. The interim owner at the top is Cecil Iver, and the assistant owner is Elliott Rudd."

"Elliot played a very important role in Iver's growth."

"I didn't know that."

Terence opened his mouth and tapped his forehead with his finger as if he had a headache.

"My father has been very upset lately."

He quenched his thirst with water and then spoke.

"The Cassius Duke's family alone is the second most important family after the imperial family, but if you add the Iver family, it's much beyond what can be seen."

As mentioned, in the novel, the emperor starts seriously pressuring Cassius when it is revealed that Liena owns the merchant guild.

"If that's the case for Iver, I can't believe they have such a great genius under their command. It really seems like Princess Cassius has been blessed by the goddess."

Oddly enough, even though Terence spoke in a dejected tone, his eyes lit up.

"It's strange. Why do I covet the position of emperor the more favorable it is for my half-brother and the more he is considered superior to me?"

His eyes narrowed.

"It feels unfair. That's why I want to prove it with my own hands. There's no human in the world who is solely blessed."


"Oh, did I say something too strange?"

"Instead... I feel empathy for it."

I knew for a long time that this world was unfair and that Liena had been blessed, and I thought it was something that couldn't be avoided. That's because Liena is the main character.

"But even if I do, this is too much!"

Just because Liena was sad, I received bloody threats from Elliot and couldn't even eat.

What did I do so wrong? Is it a sin to divorce? Should I have been tied to that house for the rest of my life until Liena said it was okay?

We'll see. Whatever happens, I'll live the way I want to live. For that to happen, we first have to do something about Elliot...


At that moment, an idea flashed in my head. I carefully laid out the fragmentary facts that have come to light so far.

I had to neutralize Elliot for a free future and for Tara. Moreover, Elliot was the biggest obstacle for Terence to become emperor, and the emperor is preparing for Cassius and Iver. And Elliot is the vice president of Iver.

Gradually the outline took shape. Yes, this is it. I made eye contact with Terence.

"Would you like to do something together?"

If done right, this is a task that can corner Elliott and even the Iver guild in one blow.

After hearing my explanation, Terence lost in thought and drummed his fingers on the table.

"If what you say is true, this is a bomb that can bring down the gigantic Iver in one fell swoop."

"It's difficult for me to use this information on my own, but I thought it would be possible with Terence's help."

"Right now, my father is busy trying to find something that could be Iver's weakness. If what you say is true, you will give me official authority to investigate."

"Good for you. We have to do it as soon as possible. If you postpone things even a little, they might notice! You should go quickly and investigate the data..."

"One moment, Ethel."

I was so motivated that I tried to get up, but Terence stopped me. He stood up as if to stop me, took my fork, and put the biggest piece of meat on my plate.

"You have to be full to work. Aaah."

Huh? As they pushed the meat in front of my eyes, I opened my mouth without thinking. Like a child, I only regained my senses after taking what he gave me.

"I-I can eat on my own!"

Terence's movements were so natural that I didn't have any doubts for a moment."

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