LWTG (Novel) Chapter 115



“Huaaaaaaaanh—” Susanoo yawned.

The story being told by the person in front of him was far too boring.

‘So he’s going to show it to me like this.’

It wasn’t a bad way to answer the question about who asked him to kill Arthur. If Susanoo didn’t know who they were, showing them to YuWon would be the most certain method to convey the answer.

”So you want me to kill that Arthur guy?”

“Yes. Please.”

“Just a random person who isn’t even a High-Ranker… Why should I? Why does it have to be me? Also, besides that…”

Susanoo rested his chin on his hand while staring with vacant eyes at a person wearing a robe.

“Who are you to talk to me?”


The incredible amount of killing intent covered the robed person’s body like a thousand blades coming together. Simultaneously, Susanoo’s army rumbled like a wave.


“Click, clack—”


Thousands of Death Knights, incorporeal specters, and even monsters made of bone formed the impossible army.

Susanoo, with his own strength and this army, was able to climb to the high rank of 57th. He boasted an overwhelming presence.

“It’s not important who I am.”

However, the robed person didn’t flinch at all, even though he was facing Susanoo. Dying to Susanoo wouldn’t simply be death. Dying here would mean that they would join the thousands of Undead and become a part of his army.

“Isn’t the important thing what you want?”

“What I want?”

Curiosity filled Susanoo’s eyes for the first time.

He had climbed to the end of the Tower to become a Ranker and was able to receive a near-immortal life through the system. Afterwards, he spent every day in dullness and boredom.

What did he want?

It was an amusing topic.

“What is that?”

“Don’t you want war?”


It was a tempting word.

The robed person continued to speak. “Don’t you want to see this Tower drenched in blood?”

Susanoo’s eyes wavered. He felt an electrifying feeling.


A blood-soaked Tower.

And change from day to day as a result of that.

His sword would never stop. As soon as a war started, he wouldn’t have to worry about penalties or interference by Administrators. He would only need to enjoy his days under the skies of war.

“That’s an interesting story.”

Susanoo became curious.


The robed person took off the hood covering their head, and he saw a monstrously green face with a single pupil-less eyeball stuck in the middle.

‘That guy…’

YuWon’s expression shifted as he looked through Susanoo’s eyes at him.

In comparison, Susanoo stared at the dubious, green face.

“It’s my first time seeing a face like that. Are you a Ranker?”

An unusual face. No, it wasn’t a face that could be recognized in the first place. Normally, there should have been a rumor if someone was going around looking like that.

“I am someone who isn’t part of the Tower.” Seemingly ashamed of his own face, the robed person put his hood back on and continued speaking, “Anyways, you don’t really care about who I am, right?”

“That’s true.”

“The death of the King of Knights is but a very small seed. But…”

The form of the robed person slowly started to fade.

Susanoo reached out with his hand to grab him, but he couldn’t.

The robed person disappeared like a mirage.

“That seed will slowly but surely grow.”

With that phrase, the robed person disappeared from sight.


Susanoo clenched his outstretched fist and thought back to the robed person’s appearance.

“Seed, a seed…”

An electrifying feeling.

“Uha, uhaha, hahaha!”

Refreshing laughter exploded out for the first time in a while.

The “King of Knights,” Arthur. A Ranker quickly climbing the rankings and also the monarch of Britain. The master of the guild The Round Table.

“Alright, sure.”

Susanoo stood up from his seat.

He put behind him the inactive days where he would fight against his own Undead army and now began to move.

“I’ll dance to your tune.”

* * *


The wide fog disappeared.

As the world seen through Susanoo’s memory disappeared, the original scene spread out before him.

“—That was all. Even I don’t know what that guy was. Thanks to that, I was able to fight with this guy and had some fun times as well.”

As YuWon turned his head, he could see the dejected and dispirited Arthur crumble to the ground. Just how much longer was he going to mope about his body?

YuWon felt that he should get him a usable body afterwards.

“So? Did you get what you wanted?”

“—Not long after that, a great war started.”

“The Gigantomachy?”

“—I enjoyed that quite a bit. It was because of Hades’s interference that I wasn’t able to enjoy it more.”

It looked like Susanoo intruded on the Gigantomachy and was restrained by Hades. Then again, with Susanoo’s personality, there was no way he would have sided and fought with either the giants or Olympus. But Hades wouldn’t have been able to leave Susanoo alone either.

“—Anyways, it looks like you didn’t get the answer you wanted. You probably wanted the death of that guy to be connected to the ‘Three Precious Children.’”

“That’s what I initially wanted.” YuWon’s thoughts started to whirr. “But my head hurts now since the situation is more complicated.”

“—More complicated?”

Was he talking about the war that would drench the Tower in blood that the robed person was talking about?

However, for some reason, Susanoo felt that YuWon wasn’t holding onto a ‘what if’ like that.

“—Do you know who that guy is?”

“…I do.” YuWon nodded. “Very well at that.”

“—Who is that guy? I couldn’t find him no matter how hard I searched.”

“That would be the case. That guy can become anything and do anything.”

YuWon’s voice faltered for a second. He tried to be as calm as possible, but it wasn’t easy to do. He didn’t know he would see that guy this soon, even if it was only through the eyes of someone else.

‘Foolish Chaos.’

Asura, Merlin, Vishnu, and his other allies. They all died in the final fight. They succeeded in defeating 《Foolish Chaos》 in the end, but it was just a fight riddled with bloodshed.

“—Who is that guy?”

“The oldest god to have invaded this Tower.”

An Outer God.

YuWon replied with determination, remembering the fight against it, “It killed my friends, and I killed…” YuWon shook his head. “And I will kill him in the future.”

* * *

* * *

YuWon found accommodations on the 1st Floor.

As he rested his head on a pillow, the thoughts that he had struggled to suppress started to resurface.

He wasn’t in a condition to meet Hephaestus right now. He felt weird.

《Foolish Chaos.》 That was what everyone called that guy.

‘Everything is going faster than I expected.’

After returning using the Clock Movement, YuWon had experienced many things. Most of them were things he had initially planned for with his allies, but the plan had progressed faster than he expected, so he felt that everything was proceeding fine.

‘Arthur died about a thousand years ago.’

The only one who saw Susanoo’s memory was YuWon. Arthur probably didn’t know who or why someone wanted him dead.

‘That guy wanted to plant a seed in Britain through the death of Arthur.’

It had already been a thousand years since then. It had been quite a while, enough time that one could harvest the fruit of the seeds they planted. If that really was the truth…

‘The things that happen with Britain at its center…’

YuWon thought back to the many incidents that he remembered.

The second Gigantomachy, Ragnarok, the War of the Heavenly Realms, the Great Heavenly Demon War…

He thought about all the major incidents, but there weren’t many that he could link to Britain. They wouldn’t have taken this long just to simply change the monarch of Britain, and the seeds that were spread by 《Foolish Chaos,》 who wanted to bring chaos into the Tower, were probably part of a bigger picture.

“…In the end, is that the only one?”

The major events that were related to Britain… As he thought about some of them, a picture started to form in his mind.

YuWon stood up from his bed and shook his head. Just thinking about it wouldn’t change anything.

‘The situation can be changed.’


YuWon looked at the dormant spirit of Arthur inside 「Kyneē.」

The Arthur that was making a fuss to find him a better body this instant would become Britain’s hidden card.

‘For now, there’s no choice but to climb.’

Everything was at the top.

* * *

Just like anyone else, sleep found him when he least expected it.

If one thing was different about him, it was that YuWon could usually tell that he was in a dream. Thanks to this, most of his dreams were lucid.

‘Is it the dream from that time?’

YuWon blinked at the scene in front of him.

It was a familiar sight. Hundreds of Rankers were in a state of alert and determination. The man that stood at the front wiped off the blood on his neck with the back of his hand.

“Was the second head cut as well?”

As expected, the scene played out just as he remembered.

The first person to speak was an old man who had grown a white beard down to his chest.

The great magician Merlin. As the guardian of Britain, he was someone who had fought alongside YuWon for a long time.

“It doesn’t matter.”

“It does matter. Your brother died.”

Merlin clicked his tongue. He looked on with pity at the man who only had one head left.

Asura. The “Monster of Three Heads and Six Arms.” One of the highest ranked High-Rankers, ranked 16th.

He was looking up at the sky with his one remaining head.

“I just need to avenge them.”

“Then will they even come back to life?”

“None of your concern.”

“You’re too prickly.” At receiving such an edgy reply, Merlin shook his head.

The mood was heavy because everyone was thinking that this would be the last fight.

“Well, I don’t know about the others, but we need to catch that guy, Foolish Chaos, no matter what.”

Merlin was looking at the huge, purple wave that was approaching from a far distance.

YuWon scanned his surroundings. The powers from outside were consuming the Tower, and the world was being tainted by its colors.

There was only one situation where this happened.

‘It’s approaching.’

“It’s coming.”

A long distance away, outside the Tower, many Outer Gods were coming together.

Asura stepped towards them.

Was it because of the death of his two brothers? He was normally the one who would step forward for any fight, but today, it looked like he took a few more steps.

YuWon looked at Asura’s back.

He would definitely die today, in this spot.


‘Everyone but me.’


YuWon stepped up with Asura. Even if this was a dream, he wanted to perhaps change the outcome.

“That’s unusual. You stepped up before everyone this time.”

Asura was intrigued at YuWon’s actions. Before this, there were many fights YuWon participated in, but there weren’t many times he stepped up like this. However…

“True.” It was a voice filled with regret. “I should’ve done this from the start.”

Because if he had, maybe some other people would have survived as well.


Was it because it was a dream?

[Cinder Eyes] ignited in YuWon’s eyes. Through the flaming sight, he could see the form of the Outer Gods that were approaching from a ways away. And among them…

‘Come at me.’

《Foolish Chaos》 was leading the Outer Gods towards him.

‘I’ll keep killing you.’

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