LWTG (Novel) Chapter 124



“Are those the Knights of the Round Table?” Mamos had an amused expression.

Pure white armor and horses. They definitely looked emblematic of “The Round Table.”

“Not all of them.” YuWon looked at the foremost knight in the group that was approaching them. “One of them is.”

At least one of them was a Ranker that was worthy enough to sit at the Round Table. And just by being able to sit at the Round Table, they would be among the top one hundred strongest members of the group.

Clip, clop—

The horses came closer.

YuWon saw the face of the knight in the front and tried to remember him.

‘Who was it…’

A face that tickled his memory. It was someone he had definitely seen at least once before.

As he looked through his memories, a name came to mind.

‘Knight Pervial. The 31st Knight of the Round Table.’

But why had he come here personally?

The distance between them was quickly reduced, and Percival spoke while still on his horse, “Are you the ones who have come up after passing the test this time?”

A Knight of the Round Table was asking them personally. It was something an ordinary player couldn’t even dream of.

In terms of “coolness,” there wasn’t a guild that people longed to get into more than The Round Table.


“My name is Tual.”

“I am Oren.”

“I am Ellie Rosamond. As a pureblood…”

They fussed about, trying to introduce themselves. It was an understandable reaction.

‘If I garner favor with a Knight of the Round Table here…’

‘I’ll be able to become a member of The Round Table.’

‘If I’m able to become a Ranker of The Round Table, I’ll be able to get into any of the Big Guilds. And since The Round Table is one of the fastest growing guilds right now, it might also be okay to stay here forever.’

They were all dreaming their own dreams.

However, the actual Knight of the Round Table didn’t really pay them much attention.

“What about you two?”

His attention moved to YuWon and Mamos.

They couldn’t really dodge his question since he was asking so openly and directly.

“I am Kim YuWon.”


YuWon had thought that Mamos was a soft kid, but he had replied quite coldly.

Percival looked at Mamos for a bit then got off his horse.

“I am Percival. Welcome,” he greeted the players that had arrived at the 25th Floor.

A polite and courteous attitude was an uncommon trait for a Ranker who had climbed to the top of the Tower. Even more so if they were from a large-scale guild like The Round Table.

However, this was the natural mentality of the Knights of the Round Table—chivalry. This was also the mentality of the first monarch of Britain, Arthur.


“Have you heard of him before?”

“He’s part of the upper half of the Rankers of The Round Table. I’ve heard of him a few times before.”


Seeing that his name was known to players from the lower floors, he had some influence within The Round Table itself as well. If he found someone favorable, that person would probably be able to get into The Round Table immediately without much hassle.

“It’s good to see everyone. Maybe because you’ve all only just gotten here, but you all feel like fresh younglings. Hahaha.” After laughing heartily, Percival looked around at the ten players. “I have come here on the orders of His Majesty. He is looking for a player among the ones who have climbed this time to fill the empty seat in the Round Table.”

An empty seat in the Round Table. This was enough to put the players into shock.

‘By an empty seat in the Round Table…’

‘Does he mean a Knight of the Round Table?’

‘Is he saying he’ll pick a prospect for the guild? From among us?’

‘Since Kim YuWon is already known to not join any guild, it could be me…’

Everyone was thinking the same thing. Although The Round Table mobilized to scout YuWon, the chance that the guild would fail was decently high this time as well. So then there was a possibility that the empty seat could be filled by them.

Just by being a part of The Round Table, one would be able to wield an incredible amount of influence and authority.

“Well, we’ll talk about the details at a later time. First, aren’t you tired after just finishing the test? Although Britain is not far from here, let’s go together.”

“That’s good with me!”

“M-Me too!”

“I’ve always wanted to come to Britain at least once.”

This was quite the normal reaction, even if they weren’t trying to get into Britain. As Britain controlled half the world, it was a big enough country where one could say they controlled the entirety of the 25th Floor. Wanting to visit such a place was naturally on a lot of people’s bucket lists.

The only ones that didn’t immediately accept the offer were just two people.

“Bro, what are you going to do?”

One of them was Mamos. He was a little uncertain about the current situation.

“It smells a bit fishy.”

“Let’s go for now.”

“I think they’re trying to slowly break you down and lure you to their side. I can see it so obviously.”

A Ranker had personally come to guide players. Even if it was a Knight of the Round Table that put importance on chivalry, this was still a rare occurrence.

One could assume they had a certain goal with this, such as scouting out a specific player.

“Lure me…”

YuWon looked at Percival with doubtful eyes. He certainly looked like one of the world-renowned ‘Knights of the Round Table’ as he kindly answered all the questions the other players were asking him.

It wasn’t odd for The Round Table to scout YuWon for their guild since even bigger guilds than them had tried to scout him before.

“Well. Who knows what will happen.”

But he couldn’t think too lightly on this.

“Because that place is a giant ‘net’ made to catch you.”

Hargaan had told him to be wary of Britain. He recommended YuWon not remain there after arriving on the 25th Floor and move straight to the 26th if possible. Britain had laid a net to capture YuWon for certain.




“This is just a ‘what if’…”

Yuwon then talked about some situations that came to mind.

“Nah, no way.”

“That’s why this is just a ‘what if.’”

“Hmm… I understand. I’ll keep it in mind for now.”

As Percival started to guide the others, Mamos looked at Percival’s back with a doubtful expression.

“I really don’t think they’ll be that dishonorable.”

* * *

* * *

Click, clop—

The players including YuWon and Mamos followed the footsteps of the three horses.

Britain wasn’t too far away. From the start, the point at which the players had arrived after completing the test was on the border between Britain and another country.

They soon arrived at a city surrounded by high walls.

The capital of Britain, Camelot.

After walking for a few hours, they arrived at the ramparts which were guarded by many knights and soldiers in rows.

“We’re here.”


Percival turned and stopped his horse and looked at Mamos.

“But there is a problem…”

Mamos looked around his surroundings. Then he noticed a second later that Percival was looking at him.


“Yes. You.”

Mamos was curious about what he meant, and Percival spoke in a regretful tone, “Unfortunately, Britain severely restricts the entry of demons. It’s hard for a demon whose identity we haven’t confirmed yet to enter.”

“What? What year is this? Isn’t this racism?”

Mamos’s expression turned very dark. Even though he still had the face of a ten-year-old, demonic energy flowed out from the emotionally hurt Mamos.

The players that had come with him were teammates that had fought next to Mamos. Seeing him become enraged, they tensed. If a fight were to happen right now, they couldn’t guarantee that they would come out unharmed as bystanders.

“Did Britain have such a law?”

This was a law that even YuWon was hearing for the first time.

Realistically, unless it was under special circumstances such as a war, you couldn’t restrict a specific race in the Tower. If that happened, they wouldn’t be able to survive the arrows of criticism.

Not just anywhere, but Britain was going out of their way to restrict a race of players. At least in YuWon’s memory, this had never happened before.

“This is a bill that was implemented after consideration after the sudden disappearance of the first king of Britain. As this is a sensitive matter, I hope you understand.” After saying that, Percival turned to YuWon quietly. “Of course, the story would change if you vouch for that man.”

“What? Fuck! Hey, do you know who my father is?”

It was a statement as childish as he looked. Since he couldn’t win in a fight against a Ranker, he had brought up his background and lineage.

But the opponent was one of the Knights of the Round Table. He was someone who could just ignore most backgrounds.

“Naturally, I do not. However, no matter who your father is, the laws of Britain will not change.”

“My father is Belial! You bastard!”

Seeing Mamos’s enraged shouting, Percival looked surprised for the first time.

The “Monarch of Lies” Belial. One of the Seven Demon Lords that led the big guild Demon Lords. He was also one of the High-Rankers in the top 100, so the power he possessed was comparable to that of The Round Table.

And this child was the son of Belial.

“You dare doubt my identity?”


“Do you want me to tell my dad? Huh?”

It really was extremely childish. YuWon was getting secondhand embarrassment from just hearing what was being said.

However, Percival, who was the one actually being confronted by Mamos, was sweating because of this predicament.

It was understandable since that ‘dad’ of his was one of the Seven Demon Lords.

“You probably won’t have to worry about his identity.”

At YuWon’s words, Percival hurriedly nodded his head. “Th-That seems to be the case.”

“Then let’s go inside. I don’t think I need to vouch for him any more than this.”

“…Yes. Let’s go.”

After hesitating for a second, Percival turned his horse again.

Now, there really wasn’t a need to check his identity. If he continued to have a problem with his race and persecuted Mamos here, it could grow into a fight between the Monarch of Lies and The Round Table.


The castle gate slowly lifted.

Inside, the capital of Britain, Camelot, revealed itself.

And while the castle gate was opening…


YuWon’s player kit rang.

Turning to his side, he could see that Mamos was moving his fingers and sending YuWon some messages.

[Mamos: It’s just like you said. They can’t do much after I bring up my father’s name.]

YuWon typed into his player kit and replied.

[YuWon: Yeah.]

[Mamos: I really didn’t think your scenario about race would come up. Haah, I got really pissed…]

He seemed to have been pretty pissed as his typing speed was quite fast.

[Mamos: But, Bro, how did you know something like this would happen? Did you study Britain’s laws or something?]

[YuWon: It’s a law that didn’t even exist in the first place. You wouldn’t learn this by studying.]

[Mamos: What? Really? Well, something like discrimination based on race would make their dead king Arthur roll out of his grave.]

[YuWon: …Yeah.]

[Mamos: Then how did you know?]

[YuWon: It was just a feeling.]

After replying vaguely, YuWon immediately put his player kit back into his inner pocket.

The castle gate had completely opened.

He could see a lot of people moving around inside. Among the tightly packed buildings, YuWon could see a tall castle that looked as if it touched the sky.

They were here.


And just like that, YuWon took a step into the “Heart of Britain,” Camelot.

And at that moment…

[?’s Egg is bearing its teeth.]

[?’s Egg is begging for food.]

The Outer God egg that YuWon had rang.

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