LWTG (Novel) Chapter 146



“Fist Lord!”

The first person to react to Pung BaekLim’s unexpected action was Spear Lord Baek MuGang.

He was enraged at Pung BaekLim’s reckless act of displaying combative intent towards the vice-lord. Baek MuGang even pulled out his weapon.


YuWon stopped MuGang from going further.

No matter what was said, Pung BaekLim’s fighting spirit wouldn’t be quenched. It didn’t seem to be a spontaneous decision as his lowered fist was clenched shut.

“Then, would it be fine to do it now?”

Since the additional reward was delayed, it wasn’t like he could just go to the next floor right away. After giving these two their rewards, YuWon had planned to go pick up the item, but he wasn’t in a rush at all. The spar wouldn’t take that long either.

At YuWon’s permission, Pung BaekLim’s expression became bright.

“Thank you!”

“Well, it’s not much. Let’s start right away. Spear Lord, take care of the surroundings so no one else gets swept up.”

“But, Vice-Lord…”

“That’s an order.”

Baek MuGang faltered for a second but then lowered his head and maintained his distance.

Pung BaekLim also stepped back about twenty paces from YuWon.

The surrounding area instantly became an arena for the two of them.


Blue electric-type mana flowed into Pung BaekLim’s hand.

Looking at this, YuWon was amused. Now that he thought about it, the attribute of mana that Pung BaekLim controlled was also lightning. A rare attribute…

‘Fist Lord Pung BaekLim climbed to the spot of one of the Four Heavenly Lords last.’

Because of this, he was assessed as the weakest of the Four Heavenly Lords, but Pung BaekLim was considerably high in rank among Rankers. He was the strongest in the Heavenly Demonic Cult in the way of fist techniques.

Also, this wasn’t the 10th Floor but a stage on the 25th Floor.

“I won’t be using the Heavenly Demon’s Spirit.”

Pung BaekLim’s eyebrows twitched a little.

[Heavenly Demon’s Spirit] was the worst skill in terms of compatibility against a martial artist of the Heavenly Demonic Cult. All the skills they learned under the [Heavenly Demon’s Spirit] made it so that they couldn’t attack the [Heavenly Demon’s Spirit] directly.

Actually, YuWon had used the [Heavenly Demon’s Spirit] on the 10th Floor against Pung BaekLim and fought him in a tight match. But now, YuWon had proclaimed that he wouldn’t be using that [Heavenly Demon’s Spirit.]

“I feel like you’re underestimating me too much… Is what I would like to say,” Pung BaekLim couldn’t help but agree with YuWon. “But thank you for your consideration.”

During the past roughly ten days, he had continued to observe YuWon’s fighting form amongst the pioneers.

It was marvelous. Just how strong had he become in such a short time?

The power of the lightning bolts that were thrown one by one with practiced ease was enough to surprise him.

YuWon definitely wasn’t below him anymore. It would be close even without the [Heavenly Demon’s Spirit.] And if he did use [Heavenly Demon’s Spirit,] the outcome was obvious.



Lightning flowed through Pung BaekLim’s body.

It wasn’t just the electric energy that he was wielding, but also a sign of the penalty. He was going to handle the penalty from the start and bring out his power.

“I’m coming.”


A divot was created in the ground as Pung BaekLim’s body bounded forward.

And simultaneously lightning exploded from YuWon’s hand.



The two different-colored electric forces collided and created sparks.

Pung BaekLim stared at YuWon, who was also creating lightning, with fire in his eyes.

The battle quickly continued.

YuWon was using his fists rather than his sword.

Weirdly enough, YuWon’s fists weren’t too awkward, even though his main weapon was definitely a blade.

“Will you not be using the Holy Fire?”

The symbol of the Heavenly Demonic Cult, and the power that represented them—[Holy Fire.] YuWon had become the vice-lord of the Heavenly Demonic Cult because he had that ability.

Pung BaekLim wanted to experience that power for himself. However…

“I’m practicing this right now.”

YuWon’s response was different from what Pung BaekLim expected.

“Are you saying you have no intention of taking this seriously?”

“We’ll see.”

“Those words you said just now…”

Words that hurt his ego.

“You will regret it.”



Another blue bolt was created from Pung BaekLim’s hand.

YuWon’s eyes shifted to Pung BaekLim’s fist. It was a familiar feeling.

[Sky-Destroying Lightning]


The powerful strike that extended in a straight line. It was the first fist technique used on YuWon in the Heavenly Demonic Cult’s test.

‘It’s much more powerful compared to back then.’

As the floor was different, so was the limit on his power that BaekLim was allowed to use. Just looking at its power, it was much stronger than the first time.

But just because it was a bit stronger didn’t mean YuWon had to dodge it like before.

[Your body has been imbued with the power of a giant.]

[Constitution is being converted into Strength at a high rate.]


Rather than a sword, YuWon threw his fist just like Pung BaekLim.


Pung BaekLim was surprised at the sound of thunder that exploded out of midair.

He had thought that YuWon would dodge like last time, but he didn’t. Rather, he had done the opposite.


The one that was being cut into was his arcane power.

“What is…”

Just looking at power alone, he was someone who had confidence in his strength compared to even the Sword Lord among the Four Heavenly Lords.

Yet his fist technique had been overcome like this.


His fist was deflected upwards.

Even in terms of arcane power or strength, he had lost in both.

“That’s impossi—!”

As he was shouting that it was impossible…

Bang, rumble—!

YuWon’s fists continued to pummel BaekLim’s body.

He had brought up his hands to barely block the flurry of blows, but he couldn’t handle it, and his body shook. It felt like his hands in the guard up position were about to break.

‘A stupid amount of strength.’

After the battle against YuWon, Pung BaekLim didn’t miss a single day of his training. At that time, YuWon was a player who had just come up to the 10th Floor, but Pung BaekLim had gotten a pretty big shock due to that fight.

That was why he pondered everyday. He thought of how much difference he and YuWon had in terms of power.

If it was a real battle and not just a test, would the outcome have been different?

He wanted to fight.

And that wish was finally granted…


‘I can’t let it end so easily like this.’

Pung BaekLim lowered his raised arms.


The shock that he took to the face, it was like his chin was being disconnected. In an instant, it felt like his head was spinning, and his consciousness was fading.

But he grit his teeth and endured it.

Thanks to this, although he got hit once, it gave him the opportunity to throw a punch.


Lightning exploded from his fist.

If he couldn’t land even a single blow, his pride wouldn’t let him live.

[Hundred-Step Lightning Fist]

Pung BaekLim’s fist extended forward.

Slowly but accurately.

It felt as if time had stopped.


He saw a curious image right before his eyes as he looked at YuWon. The lone thing that could move in this stopped time…

‘What is…’

A flow of purple fire that instantly covered YuWon’s body and started to squirm and move as if it was alive.

The flame formed itself into an image of the most terrifying thing that Pung BaekLim had seen during his life until now.

The Heavenly Demon, Lord Cheon MuJin.

The flames took on that form and ate up Pung BaekLim’s body.



After having shouted without realizing, Pung BaekLim took a few steps back in surprise.

Time that had been stopped for a moment started again. The image that he had seen just then disappeared without a trace, and only the flames that covered YuWon’s body remained.

The fist that he had thrown just hit empty air before he took some steps back.

“Huak, huk—”

Pung BaekLim’s body went stiff.

He was just barely able to avoid collapsing on the ground on his back, but in that moment, he understood completely. Just then, if YuWon had willed it, his head would’ve been blown to pieces by YuWon’s fist.

“I-It is my loss.”

Pung BaekLim lowered his head and accepted his defeat. He still couldn’t calm his thumping heart.

And so he asked, “That…” The purple monster that he had seen behind YuWon. “What was that?”

The moment he came face-to-face with it, Pung BaekLim’s body had frozen solid.

But he wasn’t able to get that answer from YuWon. The question came back the same.

“What did you see?”


“I’m asking what you saw.”

What did he see?

Pung BaekLim thought back to the fiery image behind YuWon. It was something he couldn’t dare not know.

“The Heavenly Demon…”

Because that was their god.

“I saw the cult leader.”


[Holy Fire] showed one’s deepest fear. It also consumed that fear to grow, so someone who feared the [Holy Fire] must be ready to face an even stronger flame.

The image that Pung BaekLim had seen was Cheon MuJin. It looked like he was more afraid of Cheon MuJin than anything in the world.

“In any case, it was fun. It was helpful as well.”

Compared to the Knights of the Round Table, Pung BaekLim would rank pretty high amongst them. BaekLim probably wouldn’t falter even if he fought both Thal and Lollit at once.

‘I’ve come a long way.’

The spar against Pung BaekLim had become the opportunity for YuWon to compare his current self to his past self.

He had really become much stronger. Maybe even above most Rankers.

With the increase in stats, the many skills that he aimed for, and the two crystals, now he was ready to clash against the upper floors.

* * *

* * *

YuWon returned to Camelot after asking Son OhGong for help.

The speed of 「Flying Nimbus,」 which he hadn’t ridden for a while, was still dizzyingly fast.


“Are you gonna throw up?”

“Drive a bit safer.”

It only took ten minutes for him to fly back to Camelot. When thinking of the distance, it truly was close to instantaneous.

Still, this was a 「Flying Nimbus」 controlled by a clone, but if it was the main body, it wouldn’t have taken even half that time.

It was definitely the fastest method of travel inside the Tower.

“But why aren’t you going straight to the next floor?”

“The reward calculation hasn’t finished yet.”

“The reward? Why not?”

“They probably didn’t expect me to finish this early.”

No matter how great a High-Ranker was, it would be impossible to finish the World Development test this fast.

Maybe if it was Son OhGong, but there was a reason the test duration was a year in the first place.

But YuWon had passed the test before fifteen days had even passed.

The Administrator wouldn’t have expected it either.

As always, a test that had finished outside of the norm would have its reward delayed.

“And I have something I need to get from here.”

“Need to get?”

“The Stone of the Sea.”

“The Stone of the Sea… Ah, that thing? I heard it was famous in the lower worlds. So you had it?”

Son OhGong wasn’t that surprised even after hearing about the 「Stone of the Sea.」

The legend of obtaining power on the level of the gods was something only those who would rely on it for power needed. In the first place, Son OhGong wasn’t one to rely on an item like that.

Of course, YuWon’s thoughts were a little different.

‘I might act like that as well if it was a normal item.’

In the future YuWon knew, the 「Divine Sea Crystal」 was forged into an item called the 「Trident」 under the hands of ten famous blacksmiths.

But from what YuWon knew, the 「Divine Sea Crystal」 wasn’t fit to be a ‘weapon’ in the first place.

“If I had had the Stone of the Sea and made an item with it…”

That was a long time ago.

This was something that Hephaestus had said after he had found the broken 「Trident」 after Olympus disappeared.

“Rather than make a spear like that, I would’ve made a set of armor.”

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