LWTG (Novel) Chapter 93



An incident broke out on Adam’s 21st branch.

“They’re fighting!”

“Who’s fighting?”

“Kim YuWon! The guest that got here yesterday!”

“The human?”

“Yeah, so who is Kim YuWon fighting?”


A large group of adult Giants passed by.

Buar, who had overslept, looked around in confusion at the commotion.

“What’s going on? A fight?” Buar asked with interest.

He didn’t know what was going on, but he decided he needed to act quickly. He was a guy that sought out fights, even if meant jumping into a fire.

“Big brother.”

But there was someone that always tried to stop him.

“You’re not thinking of joining in, are you?” Nwiar asked.

“H-Huh? O-Of course not…”

Nwiar let out a sigh, watching her older brother laugh awkwardly. She couldn’t believe that he would mindlessly rush into a fight.

“He’s the Elder’s guest. Why are you trying to fight him?” Nwiar asked.

“No, I was, uh, going to stop them. He might be able to handle one or two, but look how many people are flocking to him. It’s dangerous.”

Buar pulled the excuse out of his ass, but he wasn’t wrong. Nwiar was able to count at least ten Giants running towards the commotion.

“… You’re not wrong,” Nwiar said in defeat.

“See? Now let’s go. Hurry up.”

Buar pressured Nwiar to move faster, running through the trunk of the tree and up twenty branches.


He heard a loud noise in the distance.

As someone who had spent his entire life fighting daily, Buar recognized this sound. It was the sound of fists colliding with each other.

“Wow—!” Buar gasped while finding the group of Giants gathered on one of the branches of Adam.

They were all young Giants like him.

“What a nice sight. Now this is youth,” he remarked.

They were gathered in a circle, creating a stage of sorts.

Buar broke through the group and made his way through.

Once the other young Giants noticed Buar, they moved aside for him.

As he made his way in…

“Kgh… Ugh…”

Buar found a Giant laying on the floor cradling his fist and YuWon standing in front of the Giant moaning in pain.

“So that’s it for Tulkar.”

“I’ll go next!”

As one Giant fell, another opponent stepped up to the plate.

Stomp, stomp—

It was one of the bigger Giants that were gathered there.

His name was Vulkan, and he was about ten years older than Buar.

“It’s Vulkan.”

“Oh. Finally…”

“This fight should be more fun to watch.”

“But is he actually a human?”

There were about a hundred Giants gathered around YuWon.

They were all young Giants like Buar, and they were multiple times bigger than YuWon.

But the main character that had set this stage was YuWon. More than a dozen Giants had already lost to him.

YuWon let out a sigh while looking at the Giant named Vulkan who had stepped forward. “Could you guys just gang up on me instead of coming one at a time?”

“What?” Vulkan, who held a giant hammer, said with a red face, “Are you underestimating me?”

“It’s not that, but…” YuWon said while scratching his head. “Actually, you’re right.”

YuWon grabbed Vulkan’s shoulder.


Vulkan was confused. He wondered what YuWon, a guy much skinnier and shorter than him, was trying to do by reaching his hand up and grabbing his shoulder…



But in an instant, Vulkan was brought to his knees.

His eyes widened in shock from having suddenly lost his balance.


And it didn’t end at him being brought to his knees.



As YuWon pressed down on his shoulder, Vulkan’s upper body was smashed to the ground.

He couldn’t move an inch. There was far too great of a difference in strength.

[Your arm has been imbued with the power of a Giant.]

[Partial Gigantification will occur.]

Power was overflowing in YuWon’s arm.

Vulkan tried his best to push away YuWon’s hand, but he failed.

After bringing Vulkan down in a flash with pure strength, YuWon looked around.

A hundred Giants had gathered before he realized it.

“Still no change of heart?” YuWon asked.

He was taunting them, telling them to stop trickling in because he was more than strong enough.

“… I knew it,” Buar said.

He felt electrified. YuWon was strong, as he expected. In fact, he seemed stronger than his original estimation.

Buar’s blood boiled intensly.

As he was about to step up, Nwiar joined him.

“You want to go as well?” he asked his little sister.

“This is what he wants. Might as well consider it as a bit of unique guest treatment.”

YuWon watched the siblings, having spotted them.

Buar and Nwiar locked eyes.

“Besides, he warned us not to come at him one at a time,” Nwiar continued.

“He did indeed.”

Buar and Nwiar stepped into the circle.

The Giants started to whisper.

“It’s Buar and his little sister.”

“Hot damn…”

“We’re going to get to watch the descendents of the Giant Gods fight?”

The Giant Gods. They were the leaders of the Giants, and each of them possessed the strength of a High Ranker.

Only a few of them were still alive, and it appeared that Buar and Nwiar were descendants of one of those gods.

‘So they’re more important than I originally thought,’ YuWon thought.

That explained why he thought most of the other Giants here seemed weaker in comparison to the sibling duo.

Kwant’s hand strength, for example, was not even close to Buar’s.

‘But I’ve never heard of either of them.’

Buar and Nwiar were names he was not familiar with.

There was also that red-haired player, Horang. There were quite a few skilled people he had never heard of on this floor.

YuWon grinned a little. It seemed that they might be a bit helpful, unlike the others.

“My body’s been itching since yesterday,” Buar said while his body expanded. “Now let’s see how amazing your skills really are.”

“You can see as much as you want,” YuWon bantered.


YuWon’s eyes became flaming red.

[Cinder Eyes reads the path.]

“If you can last that is,” he taunted.

* * *

* * *

Through the use of [Cinder Eyes,] he could clearly see the muscle movements of Buar and Nwiar. He could see how their bodies were moving and where they were headed.

YuWon’s mind started to work faster using said visual information, and his senses started to twitch.

[Activating Sensory Field.]


YuWon’s ability to perceive everything expanded, and the space around him felt like it was all in the palm of his hand.

Thinking that YuWon had finished preparing, Buar made the first move.


Shortening the long distance between them, Buar’s fist created a sonic boom as it just grazed over the top of YuWon’s head.

YuWon tried to get up close to Buar, but his move was greeted by Buar’s knee flying at his chin.

The knee strike was stopped by YuWon’s non-dominant hand.



YuWon felt numbing pain in the hand he blocked the attack with.

He decided to give up on getting up close and personal as he noticed Nwiar’s punch coming from behind him.

‘I’ll strike back,’ YuWon decided.



Nwiar’s fist and YuWon’s sword clashed.

Nwiar’s fist was unscathed. In fact, YuWon’s sword was the one that got pushed back.

‘Her strength’s no joke,’ YuWon thought, his eyes wavering.

They were much stronger than expected, meaning that it wasn’t going to be possible for YuWon to take the sibling duo with no mana and only physical strength.

YuWon heard Buar’s voice behind him.

“Do you know why I can’t talk back to my little sister?”


Buar tightened his fist, getting into position to swing as hard as he could.

“It’s because she’s stronger than me,” Buar explained.


YuWon was cornered front and back with nowhere to escape.

Buar became sure of their victory, thinking, ‘It’s over.’


He felt a satisfying thud under his punch, but he quickly came to a realization.



Buar and Nwiar locked eyes with each other in confusion.

YuWon had disappeared.


A noise came from above them.

“What the…?”

“What’s up there?”

YuWon had jumped up into the sky by leaping off air.

This wasn’t just him jumping high.


His feet were pushing off of thin air. It was like there was something invisible under his feet.

[Hermes’s Treads]

ᗌ Shoes that Hermes lost long ago. They are imbued with his powers.

ᗌ +50% jumping ability.

ᗌ Able to double-jump midair.

ᗌ Able to use Skill – Sky Step once a day.

This was the item YuWon bought using the CP he had earned on the 11th Floor.

If he couldn’t go forwards or backwards, then going up was the natural answer.

‘He jumped higher than our height at such a fast speed?’ Nwiar was taken aback.


YuWon swung his sword down, adding to it the power of gravity.



A long cut was inflicted on Nwiar’s arm.

Buar became enraged at the sight of blood spurting out of his sister’s arm.

“How dare you!” He shouted.


Buar’s punch once again split the air.

His punch missed again, but Buar wasn’t alone.

“Now! Corner him!” Buar instructed.

“Got it!”


Disregarding the wound on her arm, Nwiar moved in harmony with her brother.

Fwoop, crash—!


Buar glared at YuWon, who was dodging all his punches like a slippery eel. Even with the duo fighting together, they couldn’t land a single hit.

‘This is tricky,’ Buar thought.

YuWon wasn’t just fast. Not only could he duck or slide to either side, but he could jump up to dodge their attacks.

Buar didn’t know what kind of skill it was, but it was clear that YuWon could jump again in midair.

At first it might not have seemed that impressive of a skill, but facing it was incredibly tricky.

Normally, one would have no additional escape route if they jumped up, but this guy could double-jump and change directions. ‘He essentially has another layer of movement,’ Buar analyzed.

With additional possible directions for evasion, attacking YuWon was a dizzying task.

And more than that…

‘I don’t think we’ll ever be able to catch him,’ Buar thought.

Despite the two trying to corner him, YuWon wasn’t even attacking them back. He simply dodged all attacks.

At first they thought it might have been because he had no room to attack, but that wasn’t the case.

‘I’m only punching dead air.’ Buar felt defeated.

No matter how much he swung his fists, he swung at nothing, and he didn’t think his punches would reach YuWon anytime soon.

YuWon watched Buar and Nwiar with eyes that made him seem like he knew everything.

Buar grit his teeth, “You think I can’t catch you?!”

Vwoom, vwooooom—

Mana gathered around Buar’s fist. The condensed mana vibrated as if it was ready to explode any second.

“Big brother!” Nwiar shouted in surprise, seeing her brother enraged.

Buar’s flow of mana wasn’t normal.


It was to the point that Buar’s body started showing signs of penalty, demonstrating how much power Buar was exerting.

Unfortunately, it was too late to stop him.

“Eat this!” Buar shouted while swinging his fist.

It didn’t matter to him if YuWon could or couldn’t dodge this because this attack was about to wipe out everything in front of him.

YuWon watched the fist flying at him.

The punch moved ever so slowly, and he could clearly see the flow of mana contained within.

‘This attack…’ YuWon decided that instead of dodging, he had to strike it away.

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