SYS (Novel) Chapter 103


C103 - Tragedy of Kollon (2)

Pan’s expression was peculiar.

With furrowed eyebrows, he shuddered in fear, but his eyes continued to trace each character.


“Can you read the characters?”

“How… did you know that I was fromm the Kollon Ruins? Whomm are you guys?”


With a cautious glare, Pan looked at Jin.

He remembered when he escaped his homeland that became ruins three years ago. The day he went to the Free City of Tikan to escape from the eyes of the Zipfel Clan.


“Hm, what’s the best way to put this… I’m Chief Alisa’s guest, this black-haired guy is a dragon, the green-haired fellow is also a dragon, and the child is clearly a 6-year-old child.”


Jin revealed their identities, and Pan wasn’t the only one who was startled. 


“Hey, hey, kid! Why’d you say all that?”

“What do you mean, ‘why’? Mr. Pan seems to know some valuable information about the map. Hmm, Mr. Pan. This is how we identified you.”


It would be best to tell the truth. Other than the fact that Euria was Az Mil’s contractor.


“Lathry, the green-head, is Az Mil’s dragon. He touched this map and saw a vision due to the resentment stored within the object. In his vision, he saw people like you who were being tormented. It was essentially a coincidence.”



Pan remained silent for a while, then spoke.


“May I go have a zmoke?”

“Go ahead.”


Pan trudged to the front yard of the restaurant. Leaning on the wall, he lit the stick.


‘I’m pretty sure he said he didn’t have any cigars, but he had them.’


Jin smirked, and Lathry worriedly opened his mouth. 


“That man… What if he escapes?”

“How the hell would he? This is the runt’s land.”

“Oh… right. I apologize, Lord Murakan.”

“Apologize for what?”

“Oh, uh… It’s nothing.”


After burning through the entire stick, Pan looked more composed and organized—calmer than before. 


“May I azk a few things?”

“Of course.”

“Are you guys the Zipfels?”

“We aren’t exactly in good relations with them.”

“Do you know what thiz map meams?”

“Doesn't it lead to treasure?”

“Not a treamsure.”

“I see.”


Jin answered and lightly shrugged. Pan’s eyes narrowed. 


“Will you harm me if I dom’t help?”

“We swear that we will not. Even after you take out the seafood stew, we will not harm or threaten you. We can’t do anything about you being captured for poor behavior. Instead, our meeting will be non-existent.”


Jin had no intention of lying. 


‘Since he admitted that he’s a Kollon native, I’m sure he went through many things evading the Zipfels’ eyes. There’s no need to harass him.’


Silence filled the room, and Pan was deep in thought.

Was it truly a coincidence that he met Jin, or were they hunting him down? He arrived at a conclusion.

It wasn’t something he could just decide upon.


“My sibling…”


“Everyone, I thimk we should go zee my sibling.”


Jin nodded. 


“Then let’s wait a little for them to package the food.”


* * *

* * *


Pan was a talented liar.

He said he didn’t have a cigar, but he had a pack. He said they should go to see his sibling, but it wasn’t his sibling.

After taking his packaged seafood stew, they went to Pan’s home, which was located in a deep alleyway. They barely had any free space.


“This is the first time Pan brought guests home. Welcome, nobles of Tikan.”


The person who welcomed them was a woman who was disguised as Pan’s ‘sibling’.

Although she was much younger than Pan, her ‘brother’ bowed in her presence.


“Lady Laosa, I brought guestz without your permissiom.”


“Good job, Pan.”


An eerie mood.

Laosa’s aura felt mysterious. Jin couldn’t say that it was strong, but it wasn’t something to approach without caution.

She overflowed with sacred energy. Usually, Murakan would say something like ‘Why is the house so shit?’, but he was watching his language.

As soon as Jin saw her, he knew.


‘The Kollon natives have the most noble blood. They were the god-chosen race. It seems she’s the last descendant.’


Laosa seemed to have deep wisdom.


“The one born from the birthplace of swordsmanship and chosen by the shadow, a Black Dragon, and the Dragon of Verity as well as the beloved child of Az Mil. And Tikan’s Chief of Defense who always cares for Pan.”



Everyone was surprised and stared at Laosa.


“How did you…?”

“It’s just a little talent. I apologize if I startled you. Pan, please get some tea.”



As Pan poured water into a crooked kettle, Jin’s back began to sweat. 


‘A little talent…?’


And a calm attitude, as if she already knew that they were coming. 

Jin had never encountered a human like Laosa. No, he didn’t even know if she was human at all.


‘This transcending aura… I’ve felt it before.’


The same aura he felt the moment he contracted with Solderet in his past life.

It was weaker, but similar.


“Lady Laosa, are you a god?”


Although it could sound too out of place, excluding Euria, everybody else also had that question due to the stifling air.

Still, her aura was powerful. It begged the question ‘Is she a god?’


“No, I’m a vessel. If I were a god, then I wouldn’t have lost my homeland and lived my life in hiding.”


Murakan nodded as if he knew.


“She was a god’s vessel. There’s great wisdom remaining, but soon it’ll be all gone.”

“That is true. However, saying so makes my heart hurt, O Great Black Dragon.”

“Listening to all of the conversations so far, I think it’s pointing at the Kollon Ruins. You guys are Kollon natives. This is the first time I heard about a god who descended there. Who is it?”

“Even if I told you, you would not know. Besides, would you please show me the map?”


Laosa extended her arm and opened her hand. Jin lent her the map.


“My dead grandfather created this map. It was supposed to have two fates. And thankfully, instead of the Zipfels, it came to you. It seems my feeble devotions have worked.”

“May I ask what is written on that map?”


(The one who reads this through a Kollon’s heart,

Please do not forsake us.

Please come and shout; we are mere quiet people.

Quiet people.

The god gave us a heavy order, but not enough strength to execute it.

I am resentful.)


Laosa slowly read and interpreted the sentences written in their native tongue.


“Something like that.”


Despite her calm voice, Laosa shed a tear. She remembered the centuries of oppression and her dead grandfather.


“The order written here is to protect the item located on the ‘X’. Do you know the situation in Kollon?”

“It’s in ruins because of the Zipfels. While at home, I have executed a mission there.”

“Haha… Under the guise of artifact excavation, the Zipfel Clan is trying to find our sacred item. Even with their advanced magic, they are struggling to do so. However, it’s only a matter of time before they succeed. Since we cannot stop them.”



The kettle blew steam. Pan, who was slowly serving the tea, seemed to be holding back his tears. His back flinched every now and then.

Regaining composure, Pan distributed the filled teacups. Laosa smiled.


“My grandfather was a realistic person. Without any promise of reciprocation, he begged to not be forsaken… However, I am not like that. Would you like to make a trade with me?”

“You’re literally on the verge of losing your wisdom, and you want to trade? Just ask us for help. We’re going to go to the Kollon Ruins anyway.”


Although he spoke harsh words, Murakan really wanted to help Laosa’s helplessness.

Jin also thought that a deal was not necessary. As Murakan said, they were going to go anyway, and his original plan was to prevent the Zipfels from getting their hands on the mirror artifact.


“I do not believe in favors done out of pity. Pan and I had to suffer many battles just to achieve this small house.”

“Oh, Lady Laosa. Please forget thoze memories. I apologize.”

“If you are sorry, then please stop drinking and getting arrested, Pan. Anyways, if you are willing to save my people, there is only one thing I can offer.”

“What is it?”

“I will use the rest of my divine power to call your god. I’m sure it’s been a while since you heard Solderet’s voice.”


Murakan and Jin looked at each other.


“Hoho… You seem to know a lot. How does this city have an old god’s vessel and Az Mil’s contractor? Too many kids with clairvoyance and wisdom. What’re you gonna do, Jin?”

“What do you think? There’s no reason to refuse. I understand, Lady Laosa. I will leave for the Kollon Ruins soon. However, I can’t guarantee that I can save your people.”


He would help them if it were as simple as fighting the Zipfel magicians, obtaining the mirror, and escorting the natives to safety. 

But salvation wasn’t his thing.


“Going there is already enough. I will tell you more about the internal problems, so please stay a little longer.”


* * *


February 20th, 1796.

Only three were going to the Kollon Ruins: Jin, Murakan, and Kashimir.

After the death of Andrei and Vyuretta, Quikantel could not show her face to the Zipfels at any moment. Gilly’s powers were still being suppressed, and Enya was too inexperienced to venture on such a mission.

As for Alisa, she needed to stay in Tikan to maintain security.

So, by process of elimination, the three men had to go. They disguised themselves as normal tourists and got ready to leave. 

However, they already hit a problem.


‘What’s this…? They’re not opening the ruins to tourists anymore?’


Things had changed since Jin’s cadet days. 

The Kollon Ruins had become a restricted area that even barred people during the day.

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