SYS (Novel) Chapter 114


C114 - Reinforcements (4)


“Th-The Master of the Hidden Palace, Talaris Endorma?!”


Amongst the high-star magicians of the Seventh Tower, there wasn’t anyone who didn’t know the face of the Abyssal Spider.

The magicians who were bombarding Murakan with spells simultaneously stopped. Midor, too, couldn’t help but stare at the white toad.


‘You did it, Sir Kashimir!’


Jin almost fainted after feeling great relief. He was pushing himself far beyond his physical limits; the only thing he could do was stand.

While the barrage of spells were at a brief pause, Murakan quickly ran to support Jin.


“If that toad came even two seconds later, I wouldn’t be able to see you again. Kuku, kiddo. Is this the first time an amphibian looked so attractive? Snow Toad Mort. There’s a human that could summon that thing in this era as well.”


Summoned beast, Snow Toad Mort.

It was bigger than the magicians’ dragons and had a voluminous white beard, as if it had lived thousands of years.

A summoned beast that could only be controlled by the one chosen by the Myriad Ice. Every time Mort croaked, Talaris nodded.


“Yes, it was a long distance to travel quickly. Go rest until I call you again, cutie.”



Surprisingly, Mort’s massive body immediately disappeared into the white dimensional portal.

As the portal closed, Talaris and Syris landed on the ground and looked around.


“Let’s see… The kid who received the Hidden Palace’s snow blossoms… Ah, there he is.”


About thirty high-star magicians and six dragons were anxious. They couldn’t process the series of events that transpired on the ground. Even the dragons who didn’t know of Talaris’s notoriety didn’t budge.

The course of battle had instantly changed at her appearance. 

The natives continued their ritual as the situation unfolded.

Clip, clop.

With carefree steps, Talaris snickered as she walked towards Jin without acknowledging Midor. The moment she walked past the Zipfel, Midor felt an ineffable humiliation. However, he did not dare to strike her from behind.

If he did, his head would be cut off before he knew it.


“Oh my, you’re in an unspeakable condition. Can you even hear me?”

“Yes, Madame Talaris.”

“Yes? Alright. Before I help you, let me ask one thing. Did you really kill my 307th boyfriend?”

“I beg your pardon?”

“I meant Alkaro Tzendler.”


The drug dealer that Jin killed in his assassination mission during his cadet days.

Caught off guard by the ‘small talk’, Jin cleared his throat, temporarily forgetting about his unbearable pain. Syris shook her head from secondhand embarrassment.


“Oh, that…”

“I’m not trying to antagonize you. I was going to get rid of that druggie anyway. Instead, please introduce a better person after getting rid of one. Like that handsome gentleman next to you.”


Jin and Syris were flabbergasted but suppressed it. Murakan shrugged.


“Hmph, ‘handsome gentleman’, you say. I must say, you sure know how to look at people. And your entrance was very extravagant.”

“In that case, we should have a drink some time. Anyways, my daughter. Go help out your lover and frolic in the grass or something. I have some business to deal with.”

“I said, he’s not a lover… Haaa, whatever. Good luck, mother.”

“Yes, yes. Oh, and you should be very thankful to my daughter. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t even be here.”



Talaris turned around, and an ice wall rose from the ground, surrounding Jin. She was using ‘Myriad Ice’ to protect her priorities. 

All she did was wave her hand, and she created an indestructible barrier. Murakan was impressed.

Talaris then did the same for the natives.


‘Thank god.’


Relieved, Jin finally let go and let his body fall to the ground. Syris hung his arm around her neck. 


“...Long time no see, Jin Runcandel. I was sure that we would have a duel the next time we met, but I didn’t think it’d be like this.”

“Lady Syris, thank you. I am indebted to you.”

“No need. There’s no way I would let you die before I defeat you.”



Jin let out a groan, and Myulta’s Rune was deactivated. All of the blood that accumulated in his helm spilled out.


‘Oh my—He was standing in this condition? I’ve never seen so much blood before!’


Spiritual energy, mana, and aura were mixed in with Jin’s blood, making it have a dark glow. Syris quickly pulled out a potion and rested Jin on her lap.


“I’m sorr—”



Syris slowly and calmly poured the concoction into Jin’s mouth. Murakan smiled at the sight.


“Lookin’ good. I apologize if I’m disturbing your guys’ special time. Should I clear out for y’all?”


Murakan was in a very good mood.

Not so long ago, he was preparing himself to never see Jin again, but with the situation improving, he was relieved.


“Hmph. Out of all the dragons I’ve met, you are the most childish.”

“Huh? How’d you know I was a dragon?”

“My mother doesn’t call just anyone a ‘handsome gentleman’. She only uses that towards dragons. And I’m not in such a great mood right now, so I wish you would stop fooling around.”

“Fufu, alright. I need to rest anyways. I’ll leave the kid to you.”



Murakan transformed into a cat. He paced back and forth around Jin before settling next to him. Syris scoffed.


‘Wait, was he the cat that I saw at the banquet? It was a dragon?!’


She shuddered at the memory of petting and loving Nabi Runcandel after dueling Jin at the Runcandel banquet.


‘Jin Runcandel. I don’t like the atmosphere around you too much.’


However, she didn’t really hate Jin’s wet hair on her knees.

On the other side of the barrier, the magicians awaited Midor’s next move.

Since the Master of the Hidden Palace entered the battle, would they silently retreat or fight in the name of the Zipfels?

From a technical standpoint, the former was a smarter decision; the latter wasn’t. Facing her would be borderline impossible.

However, Midor chose the latter.


‘Even though the opponent is the Master of the Hidden Palace, I can’t just let the pillar’s killer go.’


He also had a plan up his sleeve.


‘Even with the Seventh Tower of Magicians, she would be a challenge… but if we hold on for a bit, then the other towers will reinforce us!’


Before coming to the Kollon Ruins, Midor alerted the other towers that Myuron was in grave danger.

—As of now, we shall gather all magicians of the Seventh Tower and go there. Elders, please alert the main house and other towers.

—And other towers? Aren’t you just escalating the situation?

—I have a bad feeling. A summon this early in the morning…

Midor’s hunch was spot on. On top of Myuron’s death, they had to face the Master of the Hidden Palace. 

And if sufficient reinforcements were sent, then their victory was attainable since the opponent was Talaris Endorma and not Cyron Runcandel.


‘And the patriarch has bestowed his abilities upon me. Even if I can’t inflict enough damage with Spatial Explosion, I can at least stall for time.’


Midor made his decision and stepped forward. His eyes met with Talaris. 


“Master of the Hidden Palace. I am the vice pillar of the Seventh Tower of Magicians, Midor Elner. I would like to ask why the Ruler of the West Sea is interfering with Zipfel business.”


As Midor finished his sentence, the magicians planned their battle formation. The six dragons gathered their breaths, preparing for an attack.

Talaris scoffed in pity.


“Interfering with Zipfel business? I’m dealing with some business myself. On that note, you guys are the ones meddling with my business. If you understand and walk away, I’ll be nice enough to let you go.”

“I understand that the world knows of your strength and skills being uncontested, but the Hidden Palace cannot threaten the Zipfel Clan. Those people are the ones who killed the sixth son of the patriarch, the pillar of the Seventh Tower of Magicians. So please back away, Master of the Hidden Palace.”

“Oho, that’s some serious stuff.”

“I’m sure that you do not want the Zipfels as an enemy of the Hidden Palace. Additionally, this land is part of the Lutero Magic Federation—part of Zipfel land.”

“But there’s not enough spark or flash. ‘Our clan is so great that we’re the best in the land.’ That’s something dogs would say. Well, they do say that dogs act like wolves in their territory.”


The elders behind Midor furrowed their brows.


“Master of the Hidden Palace! That’s too far—!”

“Shut the fuck up.”


Talaris glared daggers at the elders.




That was all she did, but the two elders fell to the ground, holding onto their throat as if they were suffocating.

The elders fell after receiving the glare filled with concentrated murderous intimidation from Talaris. The ‘will’ of a 10-star knight was no different from a weapon.


“Third elder!”

“Raise a barrier!”


The magicians quickly cast a barrier, and simultaneously, the dragons released their breaths.


There weren’t many moments where the breath of a dragon looked pitiful.

Talaris instantly disintegrated the six dragons’ breaths.


As the breaths reached her hand, it turned into brittle ice. The ice shattered, and the air glimmered with the sparkles of ice. The magicians instinctively stepped backwards.


“Isn’t it glamorous? If you shoot your breath one more time, you ugly reptiles will become Mort’s meal. Alright, I think I’ve shown off the difference in power. Are you going to continue?”


This was the Zipfel magicians’ last chance. Their last chance to leave without losing anyone.

However, Midor was too blind to seize the opportunity of survival.


“Even if we all die fighting you, the ones to be erased from this world will be you. Not us!”



Midor aimed and used Spatial Explosion on Talaris’s neck.

Talaris’s eyes shook.

She reacted perfectly to the explosion and blocked it with her ice, but she was very surprised.


“Huh? This is Kelliark Zipfel’s power… What the hell are you?”

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