SYS (Novel) Chapter 122


C122 - The Jet Who Rolled In Is Kinda Useful (1)

When Jin brought down the Tesings, he sent three messages to three different organizations—each with specific records attached to it.

The slave records to the Vermont Imperial Family, the illegal transaction history to the Zipfel Clan, and the Tesing Clan’s customer registry to the Akin Press.

And Jet’s name was written on those documents. Consequently, he was dragged into the Vermont Empire’s and Zipfels’ investigation teams, but the Vermont Empire’s witness protection laws kept him safe.

At the time, Jin hoped for Jet and his son to gain a new life.

However, after seeing the man’s current state in Tikan, Jin realized that he was too careless.


‘I kinda get it. It seems that the Vermont Empire’s witness protection is a little worse than I thought. He probably came here while being chased by Zipfel headhunters.’


However, Jin didn’t feel any pity. Jet was a traitor who backstabbed him multiple times in his past life. The man even poisoned Jin’s drink in this life. 

If it weren’t for Jet’s 3-year-old son, Jin would’ve told Kashimir to kick him out without remorse. 


“Let’s hear what he has to say. Bring him over.”


The bulky guards dragged Jet into Kashimir’s office.

He looked terrible. Multiple scabs were scattered around his face, as if he had been beat up through the night.

Now facing Kashimir, Jet’s fearful eyes shifted to the floor, and the guard maintained a suffocating pressure.

Jin remained at the windowsill, leaning his head on the window with his back towards Jet so that the uninvited guest couldn’t identify him.


“Hm, I heard that you knew the location of one of our secret bases, so I thought you were one of our old boys. But it’s a face I’ve never seen before. Where did you roll in from?”


Kashimir’s attitude towards Jet was cold.

For the leader of the intelligence agency, any leaked insider information was serious business. He could only be so cold.


“I am Jet, and I operated an information agency in the Akin Kingdom.”

“Akin? That means you were working under the Tesings. And since you lost your job there, you came here. How do you know our secret base’s location? Your life depends on your answer.”


Then, Jet gave an unexpected answer.


“...To an information broker, security is no different than their life. Before I become your worker, I cannot tell you such an answer.”

“You! How dare you flaunt your information. Tell me now. How do you know about our base?”

“That information is a means for me to negotiate a deal with you. Even if you beat me to death, I will not tell you.”


Jet’s eyes were filled with determination. 


“And on top of the secret base, I have some information on one of the investigation requests that you guys are working on.”


“Please use it well. If you find me useless within one month of my contributions, I will accept any fate you bestow upon me.”

“You little—!”


Kashimir shouted with anger, but he was curious about Jet. 

The man’s attitude wasn’t bad at all. Keeping one’s lips sealed was most important to an information broker. On that note, Jet was doing a fantastic job.

Whatever happened during the past few months after Tesing’s destruction, Jet became a more different person than Jin thought.

Aside from him looking run down and ragged, his trickery and malevolence were all gone. He was now a man pushed to the brink, just trying to survive. 


“Sir Kashimir, I will be content with doing dirty work in the lowest, third division. If you give me one month, even you will realize my skill and expertise. However, if you choose to kill me on the spot, I honestly have no way of stopping you.”

“Very demanding… You even know that we’re split into three divisions.”


Kashimir eased his expression.


“You have nothing to lose. I plan on becoming a hardworking, trustworthy worker. But if you don’t like me, then you can get rid of me any time.”


Kashimir were allies with Jin, and Jet’s eyes flicked towards the young Runcandel. He had been concerned about the person at the windowsill since he first came in.


‘From my knowledge, Ghostblade Kashimir is the ruler of Tikan. But who is this man who could just leave Sir Kashimir and look out the window?’


Jet’s heart sank as the person in question slowly turned to face them.


“Y-Y-You are—!”

“Long time no see, Information Broker Jet. I’m sure I gave you many jewels and gems before we parted. Why are you broke now?”

“You scammer! What are you planning to scam out of Sir Kashimir?! Sir Kashimir, do not fall for his tricks! That man impersonated Beradin Zipfel and destroyed all of Tesing! He’s part of the Vermont Special Forces!”


With bloodshot eyes, Jet screamed at the Runcandel.

He definitely had the right to do so since he firmly believed that his life was ruined because of Jin.

He wasn’t wrong. In fact, in Jin’s past life, Jet lived as an affluent information broker in Akin. Of course, he was a malicious villain. 

Silence ensued. Then, Kashimir and Jin burst into laughter. 


“Young Master… Kuhahaha, this is the first time I’m hearing that you are from the Vermont Special Forces.”

“Jet, it seems you were mistaken. I mean, it’s plausible. But do you think Sir Kashimir would be with me without knowing my identity?”


As soon as his sentence ended, Jet’s face lost its color.


“Th-Then… the fall of Tesing… was Sir Kashimir’s orders…?”


At that moment, Murakan burst through the doors and came into the room, complaining.


“Hey! Runt! Where are the ero novels that I told you to buy? Do you know how long it’s been—Huh? Isn’t this kid…?”


“That’s the parasitic bitch who poisoned our drinks. Runt, why is this thing here?”



There could only be confusion in Jet’s mind.


‘H-He’s addressing Sir Kashimir as “runt”?!’


From Jet’s memory, this dumb scary man was the scammer’s right-hand man.

Jet’s mind constantly tried to make sense of the situation.


‘Kashimir is the ruler of Tikan. But that dumbass looks down on him. And the dumbass is the scammer’s underling. Then the highest ranked person here is…?’


The scammer that Jet despised.

He should’ve been pleading Jin for an opportunity.


He went on his knees and faced Jin.


“Oh, Young Master! I apologize for not recognizing your greatness! H-Haha. To think that I accused you of being in the Vermont Special Forces—to call you a scammer, even! Of course you are not one. Please forgive this poor soul who could not perceive your greatness, Young Master.”

“Oho, now you’re acting like the real Jet.”

“Oh goodness, oh gracious. You may not know, but life after leaving Akin was harsh! But thanks to Young Master’s efforts, I was able to become the warrior of justice who freed Akin!”


Instantly changing his demenaor, Jet believed in Jin. Just as hopeful as the time the young Runcandel impersonated Beradin Zipfel.


‘I don’t know who the hell he is! I really don’t! But he is above Kashimir! I can live a rosy life once more if I work under him!’


—I didn’t know you were such an important person! A successor of the Zipfel Clan. Sir, please offer me a chance to display my loyalty. I will do anything.

He recalled the words that he spat when Jin claimed that he was Beradin Zipfel.


‘Let’s forget all of the trickery that he committed. Either way, when we parted ways, he even gave me a handful of valuable gems. He’s not a bad person!’


Jet rubbed his hands, pleading, and looked up at Jin.


“Hm, it seems that you have had a tough time. I apologize for that. Alright, you want to work for the Seven-Colored Peacock?”

“Yes! I’m sure you have experienced it, but this Jet is pretty useful, you know? Didn’t you use me well in Akin?”

“Well, yeah, sure… Things went well thanks to you. Alright, if Sir Kashimir allows it, you will be enlisted in the agency. But before that, make sure to answer these next few questions truthfully.”

“Please ask me anything!”

“First, how do you know the secret base’s location?”

“When I was still operating the information agency in Akin, I coincidentally got my hands on a Seven-Colored Peacock agent’s notebook. I decrypted the codes for fun and found one of the locations.”

“Ha! You said that you wouldn’t speak even if I beat you to death, but you are breathing out your information like air in front of the young master! So you aren’t scared of me, but him?”


Kashimir said these words, but he didn’t really foster any hate towards Jet.

He was more impressed at the fact that he managed to decode the notebook by himself. It was an impossible feat for anyone who wasn’t a ‘useful’ person.


“Hm, alright. Then, second. Where is your son? You didn’t sell him away while escaping or forget about him, did you?”

“I believe that you may see me as a traitor—a rat. And although that is true, I absolutely adore my child! My son is currently in the Tikan nursery. My final savings all went there.”


Jet risked his life and came to Kashimir because he wasn’t certain that he could get more money to feed his son after paying the nursery.


“Although it’s a little embarrassing, if Sir Kashimir kills me off, please take care of my son… I’ve heard that Sir Kashimir was a warm-hearted individual.”


Jin’s heart sank.

If Jet’s son faced negative consequences from this timeline, it would be Jin’s fault as a regressor. He wouldn’t be able to handle the remorse.


“Lastly, if your answer is satisfactory for this one, you will probably be able to become a certified agent under Sir Kashimir.”

“I am ready, Young Master!”

“In your conversation with Kashimir, you said that you had some good information about a case that he is investigating right now. What request is this information about?”


For the first time, a smile stretched across Jet’s face.

The information that he knew was likely related to Jin's request.


“The place that you destroyed… Testing Clan’s leader, Spiderhand Alu. It seems that the Seven-Colored Peacock was investigating that case. And I know quite a bit about that man’s past.”


Satisfied, Jin nodded.

He never would’ve thought that he would get key information to one of his big questions in such a scenario.

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