SYS (Novel) Chapter 157


C157 - Reward (3)

While Gilly left for the main house, Jin ordered an investigation on the remaining members of the Dark Magic Association.

The association was in its prime two hundred years ago. And just as their name suggested, they were crazy people who worshiped dark magic and beasts. Their history was decently long, and during their peak, they had the ability to throw the world into chaos. 


‘And the one who hammered them down was Liol Zipfel. The one time she used Ring of Erupting Flames Massacre by the Empress of Magic 1st Form was when she wiped out the Dark Magic Association.’


A history that Jin learned when he studied magic.

After contracting with Solderet, Jin actually researched the Zipfel Clan’s old patriarch for a while.

Contrary to its name, the ultimate destruction spell, Ring of Erupting Flames Massacre, had ties to darkness, which made it definitely related to Solderet.


‘Beradin said it was Ring of Erupting Flames Massacre, but that was just some Erupting Flames.’


Liol was Solderet’s contractor two contractors ago. She wasn’t the thousand-year contractor, but she was one of the best, excluding Temar and Jin.

The one who guided Jin to the book with Ring of Erupting Flames Massacre Final Form was none other than Solderet.

—My contractor, after becoming plenty strong, we shall go find Liol’s magic tome. That is, when you can pass the test she left before her passing. 

Something Jin heard after being Solderet’s contractor for about a month.

Was it because he watched Beradin—though pathetically failed—cast the spell?

He wanted to go find the tome immediately, but finding a tome belonging to one of the greatest magicians in history wasn’t going to be easy. 


‘Instead of some legendary spell that I can’t handle, refining my current spells is more important right now.’



In Jin’s palm, an Overload Vortex let out a shrill vibrating noise. After Gilly had left, Jin had been hooked on practicing his overload magic. 


“Young Master. I, Jet, seek your presence.”


As soon as Jet came in, Jin deactivated his spell. With two hands, Jet handed a crumpled sheet of paper. The document had the cumulative forces and location of the Dark Magic Association as well as their most recent activities.


“Southern region of the Vermont Empire? They’re really active there?”


Jin asked, raising an eyebrow.

He didn’t expect them at such a location.


“And there are over fifty of them there? I can’t believe the Vermont Imperial Family is just letting this happen. And if what’s written here is true, they aren’t staying put or anything.”

“Yes. They trash and loot cities while letting beasts loose in the empire, but it seems the Imperial Family isn’t particularly reacting.”

“Hmmm… something smells fishy.”

“Isn’t it obvious? Either the unfair officials are being bribed or the weak leaders are trying to fake an accomplishment. Haaah. Well, the ones dying are always the poor.”

“In the Vermont Empire, widespread intervention is pretty rare. However, they’re inside the mainland, so I’m sure there’s some reason.”

“Shall I go and find out?”

“No need. I’ll find out when I get there. Having a basic idea on what they’re doing is enough.”


The remnants of the Dark Magic Association consisted of 3- to 4-star magicians. There were some 6-stars here and there, but they weren’t enough to threaten Jin.

After all, Jin was confident in fighting fifty 7-stars simultaneously. He physically felt that he was ‘strong’. However, he had no intention of stopping where he was.


“Oh, and Lady Gilly has returned.”



As soon as she returned, Gilly flashed a big smile.


“Young Master!”

“Gilly, how was your trip?”

“You’ll be very surprised about what I brought and what I’ll tell you. Hehe, I felt so refreshed when the patriarch slapped Young Master Joshua across his face!”

“Huh? Father slapped Joshua’s cheek?”

“Indeed! In front of my and Lord Owal’s eyes! Oh, I forgot to mention that Lord Owal was present as well. I would’ve never guessed, so I was very surprised. But that cannot overtake my happiness.”

“The Leader of Nameless was there as well? Tell me more.”

“So it went like this…”


* * *

* * *

Four days ago, Garden of Swords.

Cyron had left the Black Sea and sent Owal an official invitation. He also sent the telegram to Tikan to summon Gilly.

Both of the invitees arrived, and Cyron had a short discussion about Yona with the elders. 

After the meeting, he called Gilly, Owal, and Joshua into his room.



“Yes, Father?”

“Thanks to you, Yona’s return has been delayed for five more years. Do you have anything to say?”

“...No, Father.”

“I don’t even want to mention that the second flag-bearer showed mistakes towards the youngest provisional flag-bearer. And I’m sure I warned your siblings about one thing. What was it?”

“You said to never lay a finger on Yona.”



Cyron slapped him.

Slap, slap!

Even from slaps without any aura, at every moment of contact, bits of flesh and blood splattered all over.


“You cowards would have never disobeyed my law. However, it turned out to be so.”

“I apologize.”

“Return the Black Light Cuirass. It seems that it doesn’t fit you.”



Joshua immediately removed his sweater, and when he took off his shirt, the Black Light Cuirass revealed itself. 

Watching him take off the shimmering black chestplate, Cyron clicked his tongue.


“Years passed since Rosa gave this to you… but the luster is the same as when you received it. Did you not know that your mother’s intent in offering this armor…!”


Clink, clink.

Removing the breastplate, Joshua fixed his clothes. At that point, Gilly was looking straight down, not even letting out a sound.


“The next time I leave the Black Sea to meet you again, be prepared to lose your flag-bearer title! Leave!”


* * *


Jin’s eyes deepend.


“Isn’t it crazy? Young Master Joshua had to self-reflect for while and you received the Black Light Armor!”


Black Light Cuirass.

The ultimate armor that was forged thirty years ago in the Minche Smithy Association founded by legendary blacksmith, Picon Minche.

At first, this little group only created the armor for the Zipfel Clan.

However, after Zed took over the Zipfels’ Fifth Tower by waging war, the Runcandel Clan obtained the armor, and it had been sitting in storage ever since. Rosa then bestowed it upon Joshua seventeen years ago.

Helping him out when he was losing severely to Luna. 


“I understand why Father intentionally punished Joshua in front of Gilly and the Leader of Nameless. Also the reason to bestow the Black Light Cuirass.”

“Why do you think so? Are you not happy, Young Master? I didn’t think you’d be this calm.”

“I am elated. But the fact that Joshua got struck… Father is assigning some homework through the armor. During my time as a provisional flag-bearer, I should return to the main house after fighting the strongest foes—enough to break the chestplate. It’s closer to an assignment than a reward.”

“So that’s what he meant when he criticized the unchanged luster.”

“He also warned the Leader of Nameless. To never use Elder Sister Yona for compromises. Since he will crack down on the second flag-bearer anytime, he’s implying that he can do it to Leader Owal as well.”

“I felt that too. It seems the patriarch treats Lady Yona with care. I never knew. She didn’t have a nanny and went to Samil at an early age, so I thought she had been kicked out.”

“Same for you. He also warned me through you. To never even think of using Elder Sister Yona.”

“Oh… Goodness, so that’s what he intended.”


Jin’s speculation was spot on.

Cyron purposefully called the three of them to one place for a reason.


‘Elder Sister Yona definitely has something. Seeing that Father reacted like this, it must be her special powers or something.’


—You also have a secret.

He remembered some of Yona’s words.


‘I think she definitely has something big that she’s hiding. But it isn’t something to uncover right now. Realizing and addressing it is enough.’


Organizing his thoughts, Jin nodded.


“Now I just need to find opponents strong enough to break my new armor. I can’t disappoint Father.”

“Phew, I only celebrated like a fool. I didn’t know that such a reward would carry such heavy burdens…”


Jin smiled at Gilly. 


“No, it’s your job to be happy at these things.”


One week later, Kashimir returned, and Jin and Enya prepared to embark for the Vermont Empire.

Kashimir looked dead from fighting the Black Sea’s monsters for a month.

However, feeling a little accomplished, his two eyes only glimmered.


“Goodness, it’s been a while since I’ve seen you, but you are leaving once again. I heard you are wiping out the remains of the Dark Magic Association?”

“My father gave me some homework to do. It seems that relaxing will be hard. Besides, did you forget anything?”

“Pardon? Forget anything?”

“You said you forgot something at the Vermont Empire, so you left for an entire month. You also emphasized that it’s something you needed to find on your own.”


Jin asked as if he didn’t know, and Kashimir cleared his throat. 

Jin already knew that he left for the Black Sea at Cyron’s request from the day he left.


“Ah, ahhh! That, yes, I found it and stored it in Vankella’s eternal storage room.”

“Hm, that’s weird. I don’t know why, but you reek of a pungent monster blood smell. And you said you went to the Holy Kingdom of Vankella… I don’t think they would’ve let you in.”

“Monster’s blood, haha. Your jokes have improved over the years, Young Master. Anyway, I’m worried for Enya.”

“Because of me?”

“Yes, that. I’m sure you have stated that the Dark Magic Association was active in the southern region of the Vermont Empire. And that even though they are ravaging villages, the Vermont Imperial Family isn’t doing anything.”

“That’s correct. I don’t really understand why, so do you have any theories?”

“Hmmm… The Vermont Empire is known for its security. Enough for normal pirates or bandits to immediately be dealt with by the defense forces. However, they intentionally refrain from intervening with stronger foes.”

“Why is that?”

“They’re leaving them as the royals’ hunting game. I think the defense forces are leaving the Dark Magic Association alone so that the academy magicians can set achievements.”


As much as Kashimir was a former prince of the Vermont Empire, he knew well about the inner workings of the nobles.


“I’m worried because of that. If Enya were to meet the nobles who bullied her, she might recall some unwanted memories.”

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