SYS (Novel) Chapter 172


C172 - Temporary Farewell (2)

A few days passed. Until mid-November of 1796, the group at Tikan continued their congregation.

An artifact that could find contractors. 

They predicted that the Zipfels had such an item ever since Jin’s battle against Andrei. However, only after hearing the word ‘Compass’ did they feel a little uneasy.


“First, kiddo, send Ice Cream and Enya somewhere else. Before we get the Compass, we should send the contractors somewhere else.”


A consensus. 

What would the Zipfels do before returning the Compass to the Kinzelo Group?

They would try to hunt as many contractors as possible, granted that they hadn’t successfully duplicated the artifact yet. Tikan was a great hunting ground for them. The city had three contractors packed together, was not associated with any of the world powers, and did not have any all-powering being residing within.

However, they just assumed that the artifact was imperfect when they failed to find Euria and kidnapped Lathry. 

What if the Compass then pointed towards one of the contractors in Tikan?

A horrible problem would arise. 


“Even after they return the Compass, they could definitely craft a similar item. But I’ve never heard of an artifact that can find contractors. If it isn’t the God of Fragmenting, then that kind of item can’t exist.”


Murakan and Quikantel did not think of Bouvard as a mere contractor, but the resurrection or second-coming of Well.


“Even if the Zipfels crafted something similar, it’d definitely be imperfect. It won’t be as good as Bouvard’s. It’ll be a little dangerous when that happens. They’re probably ramping up their contractor hunting game while they have an actual Compass, which is right now.”


The group decided to send Jin, Enya, and Euria away from the city for that reason.


“Enya, Euria, and Miss Alisa should request protection from the Hidden Palace. They somewhat know our situation. And even if the Zipfel Clan finds them in the Hidden Palace, they can’t do a thing.”


They decided to send Enya’s brother, his old dog, and Lathry to the Hidden Palace as well. Meanwhile, Murakan, Gilly, Kashimir, and Jet decided to stay in Tikan.

Despite the fact that he was about to leave his wife and daughter for an unknown amount of time, Kashimir looked calm.

Who would want to be far away from their loving family? However, this was a problem with his daughter’s life and Tikan’s well-being on the line. 

Above all, Euria was already a priority on the Zipfels’ list. They needed to be careful.


“What happens if the Hidden Palace denies our request?”


To Gilly’s inquiry, Murakan shook his head.


“The Master of the Hidden Palace wouldn’t do that. She'd think of this as a chance to repay the debt for her daughter's special fiancé, Strawberry Pie.”

“Hmm, fiancé… Do you really think so?”

“I guarantee it. If it fails, I’ll pull some strings. That woman seems to have some interest in me as well. I heard her say the word ‘handsome’ so many times back in Kollon.”


Murakan bragged a bit, then glanced at Gilly. 

No, everyone in the meeting room very obviously waited for Gilly’s reaction, hoping to possibly see a hint of jealousy.

She just sighed worrisomely. No specific reaction. Showing no sign of envy, she was clearly distant from Murakan.


“Ehem… Anyway, don’t worry too much.”

“I will trust you, Lord Murakan. Haaa, I know that this is all I can do as a nanny with a sealed aura. I can’t do anything this time either…”


To those words, Murakan shook his head again.


“Just your presence is more than enough, Strawberry Pie.”

“Then where will Young Master Jin go?”


Kashimir cracked the awkward stuffy air, and all eyes were on Jin.


“Oh, the kid has somewhere else to go. Even if this situation didn’t happen, I was gonna send him there anyway. Well, the time is right.”

“Is there somewhere else that’s as safe as the Hidden Palace?”


Murakan’s smile faltered. He shrugged.


“Considering that magician clan’s tracking, there’s no other place that’s safer. It’s a land they can’t find even with a tracking item more miraculous than the Compass. Even if a god descends, they can’t enter.”


Jin heard of this place right after returning from Hosen City.


“You’re probably wondering why I can’t send Enya and Ice Cream to that place if that’s the case. It can’t be helped. That land is reserved only for Solderet’s contractor. And amongst the contractors, only Runcandel magic swordsmen have access to it. As of now, no one other than the thousand-year contractor can enter.”

“So where is it, dipshit?”


Quikantel frowned. 


“Land of the Illustrious Legends.”

“Illustrious Legends… They’re the beastmen who went extinct five thousand years ago!”


Many beastmen used to roam the land. 

Crossing the southern border of the Zhan Kingdom, the Land of the Beastmen began. In that land, there were tribes so peaceful and so weak, no one knew how they were still alive.

There were the Watertail Tribe and Gold Snow Tribe—little rat-like creatures addicted to gold. There were also the Isolated Craftsmen Tribe—who lived in a secluded area—and warrior tribes like the White Wolf Tribe and Orange Tiger Tribe.

At the mention of ‘warrior tribe’, everyone would think of either the White Wolf Tribe or Orange Tiger Tribe.

However, the earliest instance of such a tribe was the Illustrious Legend Tribe, who reigned over all of the lands.

After their extinction five thousand years ago, any literature regarding their history was difficult to find. However, not all of their records were erased from existence. Even now, many scholars and archaeologists tried to uncover their secrets. 

Because they wanted to know how the entire tribe disappeared when they dominated the lands. 


“Where is it, and how is it still intact?”

“It remains in the Great Mythra Desert. I can say that there was one contract between Solderet and the Illustrious Legend Tribe. It’s hard to explain the specifics. Anyway, Jin goes there.”


At the name of the location, the group began to murmur.


“Isn’t it too dangerous? Knowing that the entire White Wolf Tribe might be related to the Kinzelo Group and the Great Mythra Desert is where even indigienous beastmen get lost…”

“It’s dangerous, of course. But it’s a place where the kid has to go through multiple times. It’s basically a trial for him to become a real magic swordsman. And since he didn’t reveal his face to Kinzelo, it’ll be fine.”


All eyes were on Jin.

And as always, he looked determined. They knew there was no stopping him now. 


“We should reunite next May. If we gather and leave together in Tikan, the Zipfels and Kinzelo might have suspicions. So let’s meet in the Bellard Empire. Towards the end of May, we must have everyone to intercept the Compass.”


Afterwards, they strategized the interception of the compass and talked amongst themselves regarding possible problems. 

Thankfully, the Hidden Palace accepted their request, relieving Gilly of her worries. 

As soon as Murakan arrived at Manji Island, Talaris came to greet him herself, asking what happened to her daughter’s fiancé.


“Nothing much. Just went to take some test.”

“Hmph, what test?”

“Secret. Anyway, we’re going to send some fellas to your place within four days. Also, say hello to your daughter for me.”


That night, they had a little farewell party. 

The day after, Tikan would become very empty.


* * *

* * *


At the southern border of the Zhan Kingdom.

Revisiting the location of his first mission as a cadet, Jin held new emotions regarding the place. 


‘I wonder how my division is doing. Hope they’re doing well.’


He remembered his subordinates from advanced cadet training. He wanted to see their growth once he returned to the Garden of Swords.

On him were travel robes and one big backpack. In the bag were dried food, water, a blanket, some medical herbs, a travel artifact, and some salt.


‘The Great Mythra Desert…’


Occupying the center of the Land of Beastmen, the Great Mythra Desert wasn’t a force to be reckoned with. Even crazy veteran travelers and adventurers didn’t dare to enter this land.

In this land, no ruins, gold, or divine resources remained from the Illustrious Legend Tribe as proven by investigation teams and explorers from many different kingdoms and empires across centuries.

Many explorers entered the Great Mythra Desert following myths, legends, and dreams. However, the result was always brutal.

Most adventurers couldn’t fight against the heat, so they became one with the desert. And those who completed their journey said that all of the stories about Mythra were lies.

Even for those in the White Wolf Tribe and Orange Tiger Tribe, traversing the Great Mythra Desert was suicide.


“Why. Do you. Enter. Small human?”

“Did. You. Break. Up? So you. Wanted. To die? That. Happens. Often. Those stupid. Humans.”


At the southern border of the Zhan Kingdom, Jin met the Watertail Tribe for the first time in a while. These questions were not weird at all.


“No break-up. Just going. Also, you guys are smaller than I am.”


The Watertail beastmen clicked their tongues and shook their heads.


“Ah, and you guys. Do you know about the Watertail Tribe that lived over there two years ago? At a village around two hours west from here.”

“Oh. There. Village. Us.”


Rustle, rustle.

Jin went through his pockets and pulled out a small gold coin and a gem.


“I’m finally paying the price for the fish I ate back then. Why don’t you use it to barter with other humans or the Gold Snow Tribe?”

“Wait. Back then. You?!”


A Watertail Tribesman noticed Jin. The little creature knew that he and his team were the ones who took fishes from the village. 


“This. A lot. Too much!”

“I don’t have any need for money in the desert.”

“Suicide. Yes?!”

“No, it’s not. Anyway, I gotta go. I’ll catch you later.”


Jin moved, about to leave. 

Yet one Watertail creature grabbed his belt.


“Do you. Have to. Really. Go?”




“Beastmen land. Right now. Orange Tiger. Ganging around. Use. Our trails. If. You. Just go. Gonna. Encounter them. No good.”


The Watertail Tribesmen always did their money’s worth even when they didn’t have to. 

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