SYS (Novel) Chapter 184


C184 - Inheriting Shadow Blade (7)



Rinpa’s colossal sword swiftly cut through the air, splitting through space like butter. Coated with spiritual energy, it looked like a massive black pole being swung around.

Left, right, down, up. Particles of energy sparked everywhere after each swing.

It looked very flashy and cool, but it seemed like normal swinging to Jin. However, with a little more focus, he was able to see it. There were two swords slashing through the air. 

The sparks had been concealing the other blade. In fact, he never saw the second sword in the first place.


‘Whenever she swings, a mirror image of the sword appears on the opposite trajectory…’


When she swung to the left, a shadow image would appear to the right. The same occurred in the other direction.

As long as the sword was moving, there was a shadow of it moving in the opposite direction. At any particular moment, two swords cut through the air.


‘Is this really the second technique? She was just showing a sword covered in spiritual energy.’


The sword dance quickened. 

Sweat gathered on her forehead, and the colossal sword drew more trajectories per second. Jin mindlessly watched her swing away at the air.

He had never thought of wielding two swords while holding only one. Rinpa was demonstrating what a dual-wielder could do with one sword. 


Finishing her dance, she dropped the sword on the ground. Garmund and Boras began to clap, and so did Jin. 

She deserved it.


“How was that?”

“That was amazing. You never did this before.”


‘Did you want me to pay attention first?’

Jin almost spoke those words, which probably would’ve ended his career. 


“Your silence… Is this alright, Rinpa?”


Garmund and Boras couldn’t believe that she terminated her training just for a child. 


“It is alright. No need to be so worked up.”

“We must tell the others!”

“Yeah, she can communicate with us and the apprentice. She couldn’t even talk to Temar back then…!”


The two Legends sprinted away to announce the news. Jin gave an awkward smile as he and Rinpa were left alone in the training grounds.




“That’s the name of the second technique, Apprentice.”

“A fitting name. The second blade image makes the bladework analogous to a pair of scissors.”

“Can you mimic it?”

“Isn’t it something that I can't just imitate and perform? And this sword is a problem too.”


Jin pointed at Shadow Vacuum on his hip.

The sword continued to drain all of Jin’s spiritual energy.


“Shadow Vacuum is like a sheath. When you draw your sword, draw out the spiritual energy from the sword along with it.”

“Yes, I have been feeling that recently. It doesn’t just eat up my spiritual energy. It gathers it in a pool.”


Jin shrugged.


“So, why were you not talking for so long?”

“No one listened.”

“To what?”

“That we shouldn’t challenge gods. I believe that it was the right punishment for not being able to prevent such a fate from befalling them. A damnation, rather than training.”


Rinpa believed that her tribe’s extinction was her fault. Jin sympathized with her, but he didn’t verbally console her.

It probably wasn’t what she wanted to hear.


“I finished my punishment thanks to you. Very easily, on top of that. I am finally able to speak for the first time in twenty years, so I will now tell you everything I know.”


The moment she began to explain the second technique, Garmund and Boras returned, along with a dozen others.


“I guess we will continue tomorrow, Jin Runcandel.”


“Fourth Legend! It’s finally over!”


Some of them questioned Jin on how he did it, which caused him to look away. The others didn’t seem to not know why she had been silent. 

Jin tried to slip away, but Boras grabbed him.


“I will now consume your second achievement.”

“But I haven’t done anything.”

“Didn’t you open Rinpa’s mouth? Hehe, this air must be inhaled by me.”


Boras took deep breaths as if he were going to dive underwater. Jin burst into laughter. He looked like a dog trying to eat the falling snow.

He could never know what these beastmen were. He sometimes doubted that they ruled the world five thousand years ago.


* * *

* * *


It was a shame that Rinpa had been mute. Her explanations were immaculate.

Thanks to her, Jin learned how to overcome the cursed sword and use Shadow Blade’s second technique. In just two weeks, he finished his training.

Of course, he learned how to do it but didn’t really master it. However, since he knew how to do it, mastering the skill through practice was only a matter of time. 

February 1797, Vahn visited him personally and took Shadow Vacuum. She thought that it was enough.


“You’re doing well.”


She spoke those words, but she was actually slowly erasing Temar’s shadow off of Jin. 

Of course, Jin couldn't make that out from her curt comments.

Subsequently, Tantel returned Bradamante. 


“I thought I couldn’t use this, since it supported my spiritual energy.”

“You must use it starting today. I told you that sparring would begin once you’ve completed your training.”


Jin had been waiting for this moment.


‘I wanted to go head-to-head with one of these guys when I first came here.’


The Legends and Goddess were out of his reach. He knew that without having to cross swords a single time.


‘The Legends are at least 9-star, maybe even 10.’


As for the Goddess, she couldn’t even be evaluated. She was on the same level as Temar, or even Cyron.


‘But I have no idea about the other warriors.’


Probably beyond the average White Wolf or Orange Tiger tribesmen.


“The First Legend will select your first opponent. Honestly, I think it's a bit too early…”

“You speak like I’m guaranteed to lose.”


Tantel nodded.


“Certainly. A seventeen-year-old baby fighting an Illustrious Legend warrior. That would never happen back in the day. And the First Legend doesn’t like you.”


“Hahaha! Isn’t it an obvious reaction, since you acted arrogant at first? Only the Fourth, Fifth, and Eighth Brethrens looked past it.”


Tantel’s laughter immediately disappeared. He looked straight into Jin’s eyes.


“Instead, if you perform well, you can instantly change the public's opinion of you through the First Legend. I’m rooting for you. Good luck. I’m sure you've already noted my advice.”


He had experienced the Illustrious Bladeworks. Although he didn’t see it in person, he had it in his memory. 

Vahn and Tantel left the training grounds, and Garmund shook his head.


“Hm, you’re definitely strong enough. No, you're beyond strong. I can’t even believe you're a human. So don’t be too down, kiddo.”

“Tantel spoke as if I’d lose, and you say that as if I’d already lost. I've never lost my determination, though.”


Boras and Rinpa looked at Jin with the same thought.


“Hoho, I’m a little worried. I think you're the type who’d be scarred from one failure.”

“Same here. Those who have an endless uphill climb tend to work like that.”


A lot of worry in their faces.


“But Jin, you must also learn how to stand up from failure.”

“Agreed. Failure is the key component for growth within a warrior. Outside, Temar never lost a single time, but he had an insane loss streak in Lafrarosa.”


An interesting piece of news. 


“Garmund, how strong was Temar during his first spar?”

“Stronger than you. Maybe one or two steps ahead.”

“I see. One or two steps…”

“And yet he didn’t beat a single warrior.”

“Do you see why we’re worried? After his first battle, Temar quit eating. We’re thinking you might have some similar characteristics as him.”


Garmund, Boras, and Rinpa were completely misunderstanding him.


‘One loss isn’t anything. I don’t know why they’re so worried. I lost over a hundred times fighting Lady Alisa.’


In contrast to Temar, Jin was used to countless failures prior to Lafrarosa. 

The same applied to attaining success in the end.


* * *


The First Legend selected a warrior named Shaku. He was a longsword user deemed as Shaku of Lightning.

All 77 beastmen came to watch the battle. The others had the same expectations as Garmund, Boras, and Rinpa. They wondered how many swings it would take to defeat Jin.

About thirty of them said it would be within ten, while others selected smaller numbers. 

The only ones who thought differently were Vahn and Jin.


“Inheritor! Are you ready?”


Shaku spoke in a booming voice as his gemstone heart gleamed. 


He swiftly drew his sword, its blade reflecting the gemstone’s light in all directions. 


“I wish for you to come at me with the intent to kill.”


“It’s just a spar, so I get rusty when I’m not on the edge.”

“Whatever. I tolerate your little tricks. However, this time, it's too far. The worst thing on this planet are humans who don’t know their place. Disgusting.”


Jin grinned.


“You’ll learn some other things today.”


From Jin’s chest, a triangular light burned brightly. It was almost identical to the one on Shaku’s chest.

The aura from the light spread to Bradamante. Murderous intent from Shaku’s eyes fell onto Jin. He instinctively felt repulsed that a human was using Illustrious Bladeworks.


“Illustrious Bladeworks…?! It can’t be… Did the Legends teach you?”

“Dunno about that. But it’s nice, your Bladeworks.”


Jin made the first move.

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