SYS (Novel) Chapter 30


C30 - Class Advancement, Welcoming Ceremony (3)

As he relaxed in the warm bath, Jin thought about the fruits of his latest mission.

He had strengthened the cadets’ admiration and faith towards him. Where else would someone find a Runcandel who would willingly put their life on the line to rescue a mere cadet? Normally speaking, a hundred cadets would be forced to risk their lives to save a single Runcandel.

Many of the beginner cadets held great potential. Mesa and Bellop were obviously very promising, but most of the cadets who participated in the mission were also very gifted.

None of them would ever forget Jin’s valour when rescuing Mesa in their lifetime.


‘I didn’t necessarily act like I did to gain their trust or admiration, but it doesn’t hurt to have those.’


Rescuing Mesa wasn’t a calculated scheme.

Jin has lived for 43 years if you include his past life. So as a skilled, strong, and mature human being, he couldn’t sit by and do nothing as a young girl got kidnapped and almost had terrible things done to her.

If Jin hadn’t saved Mesa during this mission, he would’ve been plagued by a sense of guilt and shame for a long while. And he hadn’t regressed to relive a life of such disgrace.

He had experienced more than enough feelings of helplessness in his first life.

It was now time for him to live a different lifestyle.






A black ball of energy formed on top of his wet, soapy palm.


‘So this is 4-star spiritual energy…’


It didn’t appear different on the outside from back when it was 3-star. However, the weight was different. The ball of spiritual energy pulsating on his hand felt substantially heavier than before.

4-star spiritual energy had as much destructive power as 6-star aura and mana.

It was on a different level compared to ordinary forces. In fact, due to his spiritual energy, the current Jin was stronger than he ever was in his past life in terms of pure destructive power.


‘But since my swordsmanship is still 3-star, I can’t make full use of the spiritual energy.’


Spiritual power is most effective when used with a sword. Moreover, its effect is maximized when used with ‘Bradamante’ or ‘Barisada’, swords that were specially crafted to channel spiritual energy.

Solderet is the God of Shadows as well as the God of Swords.

Therefore, it was to no surprise that spiritual power and magic weren’t a good match. Although magicians yearn for Solderet, they are only interested in the superior strength of spiritual power.


‘But just because they’re not a good match doesn’t mean they’re useless with one another.’


It was all a question of efficiency.

And now, Jin had the freedom of choice to select the most efficient methods at all times, as he could also combine magic with swordsmanship if he wanted.


‘I should reach 6-star swordsmanship in the next five years.’


6-star swordsmanship.

It is commonly known that 1-star to 2-star are considered novice knights, 3 to 4-star are common knights, 5-stars are superior knights, and finally, 6-stars are elite knights. The rankings for magicians are more or less the same as for knights.

7-star onwards are ‘master’ knights.

However, there are countless masters around the world, which comes to no surprise as the continent has a population of two billion people.

7-star is only considered a transcendental realm amongst ordinary people. However, amongst warriors, the 8-star stage and onwards is truly considered ‘exceptional’.

There are noticeably less people who have reached 8-star around the world.

As for the 9-star stage, there probably exist less than one hundred, even if one were to find every single eccentric hermit training in seclusion. Needless to say, there are far less than that at 10-star.

Finally, the stage where there exists only one person.

The unique realm, Genesis. That is the realm where one has transcended the limitations of humanity and has become a demigod.

(T/N: The Korean word the author uses for “Genesis” has several meanings, and they didn’t specify which one. Previously, the same Korean word was used for Cyron Runcandel’s title “True Holy Knight”. So technically, we should’ve translated it as “True Holy”. But according to the context here, we decided that “true holy” wasn’t the right one, and changed it to “Genesis”. So from now on, Cyron will be called the “Genesis Knight”.)


‘I’ll definitely reach that realm in this life. No, I’ll surpass that realm.’


In order to do that, Jin first had to successfully deal with his siblings’ schemes and ruses once he advanced to the intermediate training class.

Although Myu, Anne, and the Tona twins were conversing in a secluded area earlier, Jin could already predict the twins’ movements. He was already anticipating all their possible plans of action.

As someone who had lived at the bottom of the Runcandel food chain for 25 years in his past life, there was no way Jin didn’t know about their schemes.

Jin had never experienced the intermediate training class in his first life due to dropping out of the beginner class. But he was more than aware that the intermediate class was like the wilderness, a place where only the strongest survive.

In other words, logic and reason were unnecessary in the intermediate training class.

It was the same in the jungles around the continent. Although there are some smart and cunning animals at times who use their brains to survive, most of them are in the middle or bottom of the food chain.

In that case, which animals live peacefully in the jungle without being bothered?


‘I’ll dominate the intermediate class with pure power.’


The ferocious predators that hold absolute strength.


* * *

* * *


February 1795.

The cadets’ results and scores have been announced.

All the members who accompanied Jin on the mission have advanced to the intermediate class. As the valedictorian of the beginner training class, Jin received a medal and the encouragement of the Runcandel Clan’s elders. All the cadets that advanced have now moved to their new dormitories.

Jin also received an offer from the second butler, Petro, to change rooms. Rosa had prepared a large room at the center of the mansion for her youngest son.

The room was previously used by ‘Joshua Runcandel’ in his youth, Jin’s eldest brother. After Joshua stopped using the room, no one was allowed to use it ever since.


“Petro, tell my mother that I’m fine where I am right now. I’d like to continue using this room.”

“Young Master Jin, the room Young Master Joshua used to use is the best in the Garden of Swords and holds great significance. It is the room that was only bestowed to the clan’s eldest son.”

“I know that much. But tell Mother that I just prefer it here so that she doesn’t get upset. Understood?”


Petro had gained a good understanding of Jin’s personality over the past few years. The 13th young master he knew had never changed his mind after making a decision.

That’s why it was such a pity.

The room symbolizing the eldest son had been offered to him, so why was he refusing it? Jin’s other siblings could only suck their thumbs while secretly wishing they’d receive the room for themselves!


“Young Master, please reconsider one more time.”

“I’m thankful for your concern, but I already said I didn’t need it. And if you think it’s a pity, use the room for yourself.”

“Young Master!”

“Haha, in the end it’s just a room. You may take your leave. I don’t really enjoy using such big and burdensome rooms.”


Petro lowered his head in response as if he had gotten a wind of Jin’s intention.

The butler couldn’t believe that the 13th young master—a 15-year-old boy—had such deep insight.


‘He noticed that the Madame offered the room to him as a test instead of a reward!’


Petro then returned to Rosa and informed her of Jin’s decision.


“Jin refused?”

“Yes, Madame.”


Rosa listened as she rested her chin on one hand and hummed softly. She was content with Jin’s refusal of receiving Joshua’s room.


‘Jin. I sometimes can’t distinguish if our youngest son has no desires or has too many of them.’


The room Jin had refused was none other than the Great Runcandel Clan’s eldest son’s room.

It remained empty ever since Joshua moved out of it. In other words, it implied that the room was only bestowed to the child who would be ‘responsible for the clan in the future’. As soon as they took a step inside the room, they’d get the full backing from the clan.

And Jin had immediately realized that this beautiful offer was sweet bait connected to a terrifying fishing line. As soon as he moved into that room, Jin would’ve been targeted by all his siblings.


‘Mother is annoyingly insistent.’




Jin left his room with Bradamante on his hip.

He was going out to check on the cadets he’d train with starting tomorrow at the intermediate training class.


“Good morning, Young Master!”

“Scott, gather all the cadets who advanced to the intermediate class.”



A total of nine cadets gathered in Scott’s room, including Mesa and Bellop. Although they pretended to be fine, you could see the stress and unease in their eyes.


“We’ll be in the intermediate class starting tomorrow. Have you all resolved yourselves?”


“As you may know, the intermediate class is divided into several forces under the name of ‘factions’.”


The cadets all nodded in unison. They knew better than anyone else that they were the only people in Jin’s faction.

The cadets also knew they’d be the targets of harassment, threats, and coercion due to that.

It was a natural occurrence. While the other cadets couldn’t torment a pure-blooded Runcandel, they could still target his faction.


“There's no need to be afraid. I called you all here to say that.”



The cadets answered with determined faces. Jin found their behaviour adorable and endearing.

It was obvious who would be the first to aim at these kids starting tomorrow.


‘First off, the Tona twins.’


Although the twins were probably still afraid of Jin right now, he was certain that they were scheming something.


‘And someone else who’ll help the Tona twins to keep me in check. It’s highly likely to be Elder Sisters Myu or Anne. It could also be Elder Brother Vigo.’


Whoever the Tona twins’ backer was, Jin was planning on outsmarting them.


“I’ll see you all tomorrow. Oh, and during hours outside of training sessions, make sure you move around in groups of three minimum. You are forbidden from acting individually until I completely conquer the intermediate class.”



* * *


Starting from the intermediate training class, the cadets aren’t taught by a guest instructor from outside the clan like Garon Altemiro. It’s an elder of the Runcandel Clan who is in charge of the cadets.

The elders of the clan who used to be 8-star or higher knights in their youth take turns teaching the class. They also used to be flag-bearers of the clan who failed to become the patriarch.

Currently, there are around 150 cadets in the intermediate class. The elder who has been in charge of instructing them the past few years is ‘Zed Runcandel’. He—who was once famed for being an 8-star knight—was Cyron’s younger brother.





The cadets repeated Zed’s command as they stood at the training ground.


“This year, we have ten new cadets amongst us, while 27 dropped out.”


Zed spoke with a displeased look as he stood on the platform. He was dissatisfied by how there were more dropouts than newcomers.


“Newbies, learn from your seniors how an intermediate cadet’s lifestyle is. My role is only to teach swordsmanship and evaluate everyone. As long as there are no deaths, just deal with all your internal problems between yourselves.”


“I ask the seniors. What is it that I always emphasize?”

“““The Runcandels have no need for weaklings!”””

“““The Runcandels have no need for weaklings!”””


The intermediate cadets suddenly yelled in unison and continued chanting the motto as they stared at the newcomers. Moreover, there was obvious malice in their gazes.

Jin’s cadets were pressured by their stares and shouts that they had a hard time keeping their heads up.

Anyone around the world would also feel oppressed by a sudden ceremony where their seniors preyed on them with a morbid warning.

Amongst the group of people shouting the motto were the Tona twins. Standing around them were several 4 and 5-star knights, who were all part of Myu and Anne’s factions.


‘How noisy. Anyways, the Tona twins are over there… There are a few people around them with deep frowns. Ah, they’re from Elder Sister Anne’s faction.’


The Runcandels have no need for weaklings!

The Runcandels have no need for weaklings!

The chanting continued endlessly. The intermediate cadets seemed to be planning on shouting the warning until the newcomers all lowered their heads.

Suddenly, Jin stepped forward and approached the twins. His steps were light and relaxed as if he were taking a mere walk.


‘Wh-Why is he coming over here?’

‘Don’t be afraid! Just think of destroying him starting from today!’


The Tona twins communicated with their gazes and began yelling louder than ever. Zed watched Jin with great interest as he stroked his beard.

Jin’s pace didn’t slow down. It appeared like he wouldn’t stop until he stood centimeters away from the twins. The other intermediate cadets shifted their gazes from the newcomers to the Runcandel boy.


Skrrrt! Slash!


Jin unsheathed Bradamante out of nowhere and cut something.




The cadets’ deafening chanting ended instantly. Their jaws dropped as they watched the astonishing scene before them in shock.

The Tona twins were petrified like stone statues. Zed’s hand also froze halfway down his beard.

Jin had sliced off a forearm. The forearm that belonged to one of the cadets standing around the twins.

As a member of Anne’s faction, he was a 5-star knight. In other words, he was at the top of the food chain in the intermediate class. Until now.

There was no way the cadet could have predicted or defended himself from that surprise attack.

Even if one were a pure-blooded Runcandel, who in their right mind would brandish their sword on their first day in the intermediate class? During the warning welcoming ceremony organized by Zed Runcandel, to boot?

As blood gushed out of the cadet’s wound, the Tona twins couldn’t do anything as they panicked. The heat and excitement that was overwhelming the training ground moments ago had completely vanished.

The 150 pairs of gazes were all concentrated on Jin. But the boy in question didn’t give any explanation for his actions and simply sheathed his sword.

Instead, he spoke with a composed tone.


“Call the medical team.”


Jin thought to himself:

The ones that needed a warning weren’t him and his cadets. It was their seniors.

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