SYS (Novel) Chapter 46


C46 - Banquet (1)

Three weeks have passed since Jin returned to the clan.

He had left Kajin and the Hass brothers down in the hole on the mountainous road on his way back. Fortunately, the three of them woke up the next day and returned safely to the Garden of Swords afterwards.

However, this time around, Myu and Anne abandoned them for good and cast them aside. In fact, it wasn’t just those three, but all the members of their faction within the intermediate class.

Additionally, Kajin and the Hass brothers were stripped of their titles and qualifications as Runcandel cadets.

These appeared to be extreme punishments to others, especially considering those three had, officially speaking, accomplished the mission at the Kollon Ruins with Jin.

However, all the other cadets knew of the truth. Kajin and the Hass brothers were being banished from the Runcandel Clan due to their mistake; the mistake of joining the wrong faction.


“You must find me foolish and laughable.”


Before leaving the Garden of Swords, Kajin shouted to the intermediate cadets. He looked around the crowd, but then stopped his gaze on the leader of the Youngest Division, Mesa Milkano.


“But soon enough, you all will be in the same situation as me. We’re different from purebloods. No matter how much effort we put into the clan, we’re mere mutts being bred by the Runcandels… And in the end, you get cast aside like trash… Kekeke, I wish you all the best.”


Nevertheless, not a single cadet shared sympathy towards Kajin Romello.

No one had forgotten his tyrannical rule and terrible deeds from back when he was the intermediate class’s dictator.


“Whatever, you retarded dog.”


Mesa snorted and waved her hand towards Kajin, shooing him away as if he were a street dog.


* * *




Every time Jin swung down on the Clear Stone, a beautiful sound resonated inside the hidden training area.


“That’s enough. Your training with the Clear Stones ends today. Tomorrow onwards, the Tona twins will be the only ones who have to attend.”


Although he spoke with a composed tone, Zed was actually having a difficult time hiding his shock. Jin was the first Runcandel child he had trained to complete the Clear Stone training within half a year.


‘Moreover, he perfectly completed the mission at the Kollon Ruins. Whether he’s been blessed with great fortune since his mission at Mamit, or whether he’s accomplished his tasks with his own capabilities, I guess we’ll never know… But whatever the answer is, my elder brother won’t leave him to stagnate amongst the cadets here on out.’


Zed was somewhat suspicious of the incidents that had occurred every time Jin was dispatched on a mission. There was the magician’s terror attack at Mamit, and now there was a fire at the Kollon Ruins.

However, he didn’t find it to be particularly problematic. He didn’t care how Jin had accomplished the missions. What mattered most was that he had skillfully and neatly completed all his tasks using whatever method he had planned in advance.

After Jin escaped from the Kollon Ruins, the Zipfels reported the incident as an accidental fire at the warehouse, just as he had predicted.

There was neither a single bit of information about the robbery of ancient relics nor about the living golems and usage of forbidden magic.

Jin didn’t inform the clan about the Zipfels’ illegal experiments, though.



“Yes, Uncle.”

“You won’t need to attend the morning classes with the cadets anymore either. Next week, the patriarch will make you take an oath.”


The Tona twins’ ears perked up.

Although they were usually dense and dull-witted, they could still understand what Zed was implying with his words.


‘Will Father grant the position of provisional flag-bearer to Jin…?’



The minimum qualification necessary to become a Runcandel flag-bearer was being a 6-star knight. Jin was still at 5-star, so he didn’t meet the requirements. However, his age was a game changer. He was a 5-star knight at such a young age that he had caught Cyron’s attention.

But that young age was the entire reason why he was at the bottom of the hierarchy in the family, so his youth had its merits and demerits.


“Do you understand what I mean? No matter what the patriarch demands of you, I believe that you will be successful henceforth.”


Since Zed was going as far as saying so, it was almost certain that Jin would become a provisional flag-bearer.

The Runcandels’ provisional flag-bearers were given one command: to accumulate achievements and gain honour. It was a trial.

Honour wasn’t something one could suddenly obtain one day. Therefore, provisional flag-bearers often left the clan for a long period of time and ventured out into the world on their own.

Jin was a super rookie amongst the cadets, but no one outside the clan would recognize him. Someone like Mary Runcandel—Jin’s third sister—had to leave to the south and earn the nicknames ‘The Southern Region’s Madwoman’ and ‘Stormwind Mary’ in order to become a fully-fledged flag-bearer.

Thus, one had to gain reputation about their battle prowess and have everyone recognize their glory to become a true flag-bearer. Needless to say, the provisional flag-bearers weren’t allowed to get any help or support from the clan during this entire trial.


“Yes, Uncle! Thank you very much!”


For once, Jin didn’t hide his emotions and expressed his joy.

So far, his life at the Storm Castle and the Garden of Swords was filled with restrictions. He could only train his swordsmanship openly and not his magic or spiritual power.

The other two had to be practiced in secret, away from the public’s eyes as if he were a criminal. However, if he gained the opportunity to spend a long period of time outside the Runcandel Clan…


‘I can train my powers as much as I want, without having to be wary of others!’


Obviously speaking, he would have to return to the Garden of Swords after having gained great fame and hide his abilities again. But there was no need to complain as he would finally gain the proper authority and power of a true flag-bearer.

Because when that day arrives, he would create an enormous fissure in the succession, where the positions and standings of the candidates for the throne would be flipped around.


* * *

* * *


June 1795.

The atmosphere at the Garden of Swords was greatly tense and agitated. All kinds of renowned celebrities and envoys were about to visit the Runcandel Clan to see the youngest child, so everything had to be prepared carefully and be absolutely perfect.

Moreover, the world’s one-and-only Genesis Knight—their patriarch—was returning to the main house.

Cyron was on his way to the Garden of Swords. Not only was it an official visit, he was organizing a large banquet with all the guests.

Currently, there were over five hundred guardian knights escorting Cyron from the Black Sea as a formality. Cyron had departed the Black Sea two weeks ago. While he could’ve used transfer gates to arrive faster, he insisted on walking his way back home.

Travelling from the Black Sea to the main house on foot and by sea would take them at least two weeks to arrive.

During the entire two weeks, the five-hundred-plus guardian knights would be travelling alongside the patriarch, so the necessary expenses were astronomical. Moreover, since over five hundred guardian knights had emptied their positions at the main house, the others had to fill in the empty spots and work a lot harder than usual.

Nevertheless, Cyron insisted on travelling by foot in order to show the entire world the Runcandels’ dignity.

During the past two weeks, the outside world was constantly talking about how Cyron was doing a magnificent parade across the continent to return home.

Whenever Cyron and the guardian knights marched through cities and towns, the inhabitants stood on the side to watch the incredible spectacle and bowed when the Genesis Knight passed in front of them.


“Lord Patriarch, we will be arriving at the Garden of Swords in two hours.”

“My youngest child seems to enjoy constantly disturbing my training. I was planning on staying at the Black Sea for at least ten years. How many times have I left the Black Sea to return to the clan just because of him?”


Although he appeared to be irritated, Cyron had a soft grin on his face.


“I noticed that Young Master Jin was out of the ordinary since his days at the Storm Castle, but… to be honest, I never thought he’d be this outstanding. His behaviour and achievements at the Garden of Swords are really astonishing.”

“His fighting spirit and audacity are quite exceptional. That little kid’s gaze has always shown great ambition and drive ever since I went to visit the Storm Castle. He thinks he kept it properly hidden and that I hadn’t noticed it though… Haha.”


Jin Runcandel. His 13th child. Even Cyron could see that his youngest son was greatly different compared to his other children.

It wasn’t just a question of being able to use a bit of spiritual power due to having gained Solderet’s interest. Cyron had been keeping an eye on Jin because of the fighting spirit and resolve he had seen in the boy’s eyes many years ago.

Although no one had specifically taught him, the youngest already knew how to properly destroy and tear someone down back then.

Even if one assumed that he was able to defeat and oppress the Tona twins back at the Storm Castle thanks to his spiritual power, Cyron was still unable to forget Jin’s silhouette as he provoked his other siblings as soon as he had arrived at the Garden of Swords.


“I already have plenty of children who are eloquent and have a way with words. I wasn’t very surprised when the youngest came to the Garden and immediately provoked the others, but I still had some interest in him. And look at how far he’s come now. He’s returned alive every time his siblings sent him out to die and even became a 5-star knight.”

“I’m still more amazed by the results of his very first mission—the one you assigned to him, Lord Patriarch—rather than his achievements at Mamit and the Kollon Ruins. While Mesa Milkano getting kidnapped was outside our expectations, we could never have imagined the young master would fight and kill the white wolf warrior.”

“It was quite an odd incident. I was hoping the youngest would use his companions as meat shields in order to kill the white wolf warrior; never in my wildest dreams did I think he’d defeat the warrior on his own. He even rescued the kidnapped cadet. It seems he proved to us the weight of his principles and beliefs.”


As he reminisced about the past, Cyron nodded to himself in satisfaction.


“Do you truly believe that the young master defeated the white wolf warrior on his own?”

“I do. Oh, technically speaking, I guess it’s not quite ‘on his own’. In any case, he’s quite the interesting brat. I’ll ask him some questions about that incident when I see him this time.”


Cyron was thinking that Jin had used spiritual power to kill the white wolf warrior.


* * *


The parade reached the Garden of Swords at noon. 

The guardian knights who were at the Garden of Swords had already finished lining up at the gate three hours before Cyron’s arrival.

The knights wearing shining armours all raised their swords in synchronization.


“““All hail!”””

“““All hail!”””


Cyron stood silently and stared at everyone, and nodded in satisfaction after a while. Immediately, all the swords returned to their original positions, by the knights’ sides.

Soon enough, Rosa and the clan’s flag-bearers appeared from behind the guardian knights. The pure-blooded Runcandels who had yet to become flag-bearers were standing behind them.

Jin was the youngest Runcandel pureblood—even when including all his cousins—thus, he was standing at the very back.


“We’ve been expecting you, Lord Patriarch.”

“Rosa. It must’ve been quite exhausting preparing all this.”

“Not at all. Our reliable children were the ones who arranged this, so I had nothing to do with it.”


As she replied, Rosa’s gaze discreetly moved towards Joshua.

She truly believed that the infighting and competition amongst the Runcandels was the virtue of the clan. Moreover, she had recently started to hold great expectations towards her youngest child—who had started showing his prominence and potential.

Nevertheless, she still hoped for Joshua to become the next patriarch. The expectations she had towards her second daughter Luntia, second son Dipus, third daughter Mary, and youngest son Jin were all as candidates for the throne after Joshua.

Cyron could clearly read Rosa’s intentions, but didn’t react to them.

However, there was one thing he found unpleasant: the imposing and confident expression on his eldest son’s face.

Ever since Luna renounced her right for the throne, Joshua was convinced he’d become the next patriarch. He considered this ‘battle for hegemony’ a walk in the park and believed the throne was guaranteed to be his.

Cyron actually thought that his second son Dipus or third daughter Mary were more suited for the throne, despite the fact that they weren’t perfectly satisfactory either.


“If our children were truly so reliable, I wouldn’t have needed to leave the Black Sea. The guests visiting today are only coming here to stay on my good side, not out of fear of our children.”


Cyron put emphasis on the word ‘children’.


“You are indeed correct. Let us head inside. I’ve personally prepared your favourite dishes for the first time in a while.”

“Now that must’ve been quite strenuous. I have great expectations for today’s lunch.”


Cyron walked past Joshua and didn’t even glance at his eldest son. Strictly speaking, he didn’t glance at his other children either as he continued walking. However, it must’ve felt like a humiliation to Joshua as they were standing before the entire clan.

Cyron continued making his way but came to a halt just a single time and spoke out loud.


“Ran, Vigo.”

“Yes, Father.”

“Did you gift your swords to the youngest? The swords I gave you special permission to take from the clan’s armory?”


Cyron finally turned his gaze and stared at the two swords hanging by Jin’s waist.

It was a somewhat reprimanding tone. Cyron was implying his dissatisfaction at his sons for giving away the precious swords he had lent them without his permission, and that they shouldn’t expect to be allowed to borrow any other item from the clan in the future.

Ran and Vigo were about to lose their minds.

If they had indeed gifted those swords, they could somehow appease their father’s anger in the future. But if they told him they had lost the weapons to the youngest, they were doomed.

Yet, that was their only choice. They could only answer honestly.


“...The youngest took them away from us.”

“What? Are you telling me you two lost against the youngest?”

“Ah, that’s not the case. We promised to give them to the youngest if he accomplished his mission at the Kollon Ruins, so…”


Ran and Vigo wanted to dig a hole on the spot and hide. The humiliation was horrible, and they couldn’t bear the thought of their father being disappointed and losing all interest in them.




However, Cyron simply laughed out loud and patted his sons on the shoulder.


“I see, I see. Then next time, make sure you get the swords back from him. The youngest is always so shrewd. I sometimes wonder whether it really comes from my blood. Haha!”


Ran and Vigo sighed in relief. Not only had they avoided their father’s fury, he had also cracked a joke, which washed away all their worries.

However, they didn’t know one important fact.

When Cyron said ‘I sometimes wonder whether it really comes from my blood’, he wasn’t talking about Jin’s shrewdness.

He was talking about Ran and Vigo’s uselessness.

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