SYS (Novel) Chapter 49


C49 - Banquet (4)

Huger’s vigorous laughter and excitement disappeared, and his face hardened.

One second… two seconds… three seconds… four seconds… five seconds…

Jin waited for Huger to make up for his mistake, while Huger’s expression slowly began showing displeasure.

This wasn’t some complicated issue. Even Jonsina Perral—who was entering his fifties this year—was showing proper respect to a boy decades younger than him. So Huger—who had yet to turn thirty—had no right to speak informally to Jin.


“Ah, I’m not sure the food we’ve prepared will suit that tactless and rude cakehole of yours, Huger.”


Jin followed up and spoke softly, to which Huger’s ears turned bright red. Many guests were watching the two of them. The anger and slander made Huger’s blood boil and pump faster through his veins.


“Oi, Mr. Outstanding Brat. Are you trying to embarrass me just because I spoke a bit casually? You may be a Runcandel, but in the world of warriors and martial artists, I’m your senior by far. I was just being friendly since you’re an impressive rookie, so don’t get ahead of yourself!”


Huger spoke as if he couldn’t believe the absurdity of the boy.

But Jin realized he had to explain the current situation in great detail to get across the moron’s empty head.


“Listen carefully, Huger of the Tuko Clan. Your behaviour was an insult not just to me, but also to all the guests who have shown proper courtesy to me. If you really care about senior-junior relations, then you should’ve been far more careful than usual.”


“The first and second flag-bearers of the Ken Clan, Sir Jonsina Perral of the Dragon King Knights, and everyone else. Aren’t they all your seniors? If you have proper eyes and earholes, you should’ve noticed how they have behaved towards me so far.”


Julard and Seager Ken nodded in affirmation, while Jonsina watched with shining eyes as he found the situation interesting.

The other onlookers either sighed or whispered to each other.


“If you behave like that, then what does that make of the others—your seniors? Acknowledge your blunder and apologize. I’ll turn a blind eye to this incident if you do, since I’ve already said my piece.”


Huger was about to explode in rage, but…


The spectators let out sounds of admiration and awe, while some of them even whistled out loud.


“He’s got you this time, Huger!”

“Kuhaha, see? I’ve always told you to be more careful in front of others, Huger. My friend, it seems you’ve been taught an important life lesson by the Runcandel young master.”

“The youngest master has saved your life, you know? I’m sure you would’ve gotten in deep trouble later on in life due to your yapping trap. Haha, listen to the young master’s teachings.”

“Don’t tell us you’re gonna challenge him to a duel due to your embarrassment. I’d like to think you aren’t such a narrow-minded person.”


The other guests naturally approached Huger and patted him on the back and shoulders to lighten the atmosphere. They were all senior martial artists who were close with Huger.

Moreover, Huger was a very simple-minded man. Soon enough, his anger disappeared and he spoke with a light-hearted tone.


“Hm-hm, since my seniors are saying as such… Geez, it seems I’ve blundered. I hope you will forgive your foolish junior for his mistake, Seniors and Elders. I’d be grateful if Young Master Jin were to forgive me as well.”

“Of course, Sir Huger.”


A situation that could’ve escalated terribly had concluded itself in a warm and friendly manner.

The slightly shy Huger laughed out loud to wash away his embarrassment and walked away towards his clansmen.

After a while, the guests around Jin slowly returned to their original groups. Soon, Luna—who was watching this spectacle from the other side of the banquet hall—slowly approached Jin.


“Elder Sister Luna.”

“Haha, you really do have an innate talent at making enemies, don’t you? You can behave more like a cute and ordinary child from time to time if you want.”



The two of them lightly clinked their glasses together.


“If there weren’t so many guests watching us, I would’ve shrugged it off and moved on as well. But just now, I was no different to a representative of the Runcandel Clan, so I had to force myself to become a strict and uncompromising figure of authority.”

“You’re right. But what would you have done had Huger challenged you to a duel? He is still stronger than you. I think he’s around the 6-star stage?”

“I believed that it was unlikely. And if he truly challenged me to a duel, the Tuko Clan’s patriarch and elders who were watching nervously from the table over there would’ve come running at full speed to take Huger away from me.”


Jin discreetly directed his gaze, and Luna turned her attention towards the Tuko Clan’s table. The Tuko Clan’s patriarch was personally scolding Huger for his behaviour.


“...Goodness. Did you actually take them into account and calculated the entire situation as it happened?”

“Yes. Moreover, the Tuko Clan’s patriarch was already frowning when Huger spoke to me informally. He had already realized that his clan member had committed a blunder.”

“Did you learn how to deal with conflicts and how to conduct yourself appropriately from an aristocrat or something?”

“If there really is someone who teaches such life lessons, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to keep them by my side. The only thing I’m taught here at the Garden of Swords is swordsmanship after all.”

“That’s more than enough, no…? What else do you need to learn?”

“Oh, no, someone like Elder Sister doesn’t need to learn anything else. But youngest-born children who are hated by their siblings like me need to learn countless things in order to ensure their survival.”

“Is that so…?”


Luna adorably tilted her head with naivety, as if she truly had no idea what Jin was talking about. She was born as a predator and had no need to be wary of others during her entire life. So it wasn’t surprising that Luna found Jin intriguing.

On the other hand, Jin was watching his elder sister with amazement and surprise.

Meanwhile, Luna thought to herself.


‘He is as gifted, if not more gifted than I am, but he also has a good head on his shoulders. No wonder someone tried to kill him back at the Storm Castle… Just which of our siblings noticed Jin’s potential so many years ago?’


As the guests watched the two siblings have a friendly chat, they wondered whether Luna was truly the terrifying ‘White Whale’.

Ever since the banquet celebrating her reaching the 5-star stage when she was 15 years old, Luna hadn’t participated in any other parties. Moreover, during her own banquet, she took everyone who approached her to the duelling arena and killed about half of her opponents.

People believed that Luna hated parties and being around people like the White Whale from the myths. However, they couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, Luna loved social events more than anyone.

To be more precise, she loved hiding her identity and going to pubs down the street to attend their small parties and dance with others.


“Anyways, I came to this banquet to congratulate you, but as I thought, this type of event isn’t my cup of tea. I’ll be heading over to another, more enjoyable place now.”

“Are you leaving already?”

“Yeah. You’re still a bit too short to dance with me right now. Once you’ve grown enough, I'll take you to a fun little place I know of.”


The brother and sister stared at each other and grinned joyfully.


“I’ll be waiting for that day to arrive, Elder Sister.”

“Oh, before I go, I should leave behind a message to the guests here like you do.”


Luna got up from her chair and walked behind Jin. Then, she gave him a big and deep hug from behind.


‘Geez, why are you doing this? I almost got a heart attack.’


Indeed, Jin almost got a heart attack from her sudden actions.


‘With this, everyone gathered here today will realize that I deeply care for you, won’t they? Then they’ll be less likely to make mistakes and behave rudely towards you out of fear of me. I’ll see you later.’


Just as Luna had whispered, the guests witnessing this scene barely managed to stop their astonishment and shock from appearing in their expressions.

The White Whale—who was known for being awkward around her siblings—was openly and proudly showing her love and affection towards the youngest.

Moreover, the men who secretly had a crush on Luna were divided into two groups. One group realized they had to get on Jin’s good side and use the boy to get an opportunity to meet and converse with Luna. Meanwhile, the other group of people were...


“Urgh… I’m so jealous! Fuck! I also want to hug Lady Luna like that, Lord Vishukel! Uuuuugh, that brat is so lucky!”


Crazy jealous. And one man in particular was expressing his displeasure. He—who considered himself Luna’s greatest fan—was Bouvard Gaston.


“Ah! Lord Vishukel, I will definitely write a poem about her tonight. Haaa, even with my perfect transformation skills, I will never be able to make someone as beautiful and stunning as her…”


Meanwhile, Vishukel Yvliano’s head was about to explode out of irritation.

He had come to attend this banquet using his position as the Yvliano Clan’s next patriarch, but his true objective was to observe the movements and actions of the Runcandel Clan for Kinzelo.

He was originally planning on coming alone, but Bouvard begged him to bring him along as Vishukel’s attendant, and threw a fit until the vice-leader of Kinzelo agreed to it.

This decision had created so many problems and issues.

But the main problem was that ‘attendants’ of guests weren’t allowed to join the Runcandel banquets. Thus, Vishukel had to beg the Garden to allow Bouvard inside. He even had to convince his little sister to come and used her handicapped legs as an excuse to let the fat-ass inside.

However, the only reason behind Bouvard’s wish to attend the banquet… was to see Luna Runcandel. Vishukel hid his trembling fist that couldn’t wait to punch Bouvard inside his coat pocket.


“Aaaah, Lord Vishukel. Tonight, I’ll write a poem for Lady Luna and sing it for the entire night. The entire night!”

“Just… shut up for a minute, Bouvard Gaston.”

“Please don’t be like that, Elder Brother. This may be an important issue for Mr. Bouvard. And thanks to Mr. Bouvard, I’m able to attend and observe the Runcandels’ famous banquet called the ‘single-log bridge’ party.”


A woman with beaming eyes spoke to her brother from the wheelchair Bouvard was pushing.

Vishukel’s one and only little sister, Margiela Yvliano.


“Lady Margiela is such an understanding and kind lady. Sniff, sniff… I, Bouvard Gaston, will explore every nook and cranny of this banquet hall for you, Milady!”

“Thank you, Bouvard.”


The group of three was quite conspicuous due to the wheelchair. In fact, Jin’s attention was caught by them and he was calmly watching them, but he didn’t recognize Vishukel or Bouvard.

He didn’t know Vishukel was Kinzelo’s vice-leader in his past life either, while Bouvard had changed his appearance with his transformation skills.

After a while, Jin shifted his gaze away from them. People were once again coming to make small talk with him, so he didn’t have the leeway to continue observing them.


‘It’s tiresome, being the star of the night. In any case, where did those Zipfels go…?’


Jin had been searching for the Zipfel visitors who had arrived at the last moment. They were, quite obviously, the guests Jin was most wary of.

However, Jin couldn’t find the Zipfel boys and girls amidst the thousand guests in the hall. Maybe they were hiding in one corner of the room, trying not to catch anyone’s attention.


‘Hm, it’s a bit annoying, but let’s try walking around the hall to look for them.’


Jin was about to get off his chair, when suddenly…


Someone laid down their wine glass on Jin’s table and sat down next to him.


“May I dare ask the Runcandels’ rising star for a glass?”


Although her words were polite, her tone wasn’t the same. It was the voice of a young woman who sounded like she was challenging him.

Jin raised his head and made eye contact with the girl. He then couldn’t stop himself from chuckling softly.


“Ah, you are…”

“I am Syris Endorma of the Hidden Palace. It’s an honour to meet you.”


Syris smiled thinly with squinted eyes.

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