SYS (Novel) Chapter 69


C69 - Intertwining Fates (1)

Amongst the dragons currently affiliated with the Vermont Imperial Family, the Seven-Colored Peacock could identify six.

Earth Dragon Labus.

Earth Dragon Virtega.

Earth Dragon Untiel.

Golden Dragon Ziv.

Azure Dragon Madurai.

Silver Dragon Quikantel.

After learning of their identities, Murakan let out a sigh.


“Hah, these guys are still active.”


Before he regressed, Jin had information on the three earth dragons as well as the azure and golden dragons being affiliated with the Vermont Imperial Family.

However, he didn’t expect the Silver Dragon Quikantel to be included. 


‘Were there people who contracted with the God of Time?’


Only a contractor with the God of Time can be blessed with the presence of a Silver Dragon. It was similar to how Fire Dragon Kadun accompanied Kelliark Zipfel, contractor of the God of Flames; Wind Dragon Vyuretta guarded Andrei Zipfel, contractor of the God of Wind; and Black Dragon Murakan protected Jin, contractor of the God of Shadows.

In his past life, Jin was 26 when he heard about a magician who contracted with the God of Time, Olta. 


‘At the time, it had been at least half a century since anyone worthy of being Olta’s contractor had been born, and it caused an uproar throughout the world… If what I heard was true, then it means that something nasty happened.’


And indeed, something nasty had happened.

According to his memory, the contractor was a pureblood Zipfel. And a pureblood Zipfel would not be working as a magician at the Vermont Empire.

Jin tried to tell Murakan this information, but the dragon opened his mouth first.


“And Quikantel? Does Olta’s contractor reside in the Vermont Empire? Hey, twerp. You sure this info’s accurate?”

“Yes, Murakan, Sir. The world does not know that Olta’s contractor is with the Vermont Imperial Family.”

“Which magician clan is Quikantel’s contractor from? Let me think about Olta’s favourite clans… Lafun? Kainul?”

“Oh, that. It’s a commoner named Enya. Apparently, she’s a talented scholar at the Vermont Magic Academy. In fact, she’s still attending school.”

“A commoner! The pure-royal-blood-loving Olta contracted with her? I guess talent doesn’t lie. Anyways, that’s pretty funny. I can just ask Quikantel regarding the whereabouts of Az Mil’s guardian dragon.”


Jin was confused by ‘commoner’ and ‘talented scholar’.


‘I’ve never heard of the name ‘Enya’. If she was able to contract with Olta, then she potentially possesses incredible power. And since she’s a student, she’s about the same age or slightly older.’


Aside from Solderet, the other gods worshipped by magicians were the God of Flames Sheenu, and the God of Time Olta.

Despite that, why didn’t Enya become a famous magician? And, according to Jin’s memory, why did Olta’s contractor only appear half a century later?

There was no need to think hard.


‘Zipfel magicians probably got rid of Enya and formed another contract.’


Although he didn't have any evidence or even something as simple as a hunch, he was certain of it.

Getting rid of a commoner student in a calm suburb was as easy as breathing for them.

But there was no way to form another contract. Nobody knew if it was even possible, but if it were the Zipfels, they would’ve found a way to do so.


“Hm, I’ve heard the rumours quite thoroughly, Sir Kashimir. The Seven-Colored Peacock’s intelligence network is amazing. I didn’t have the time to say so before, but I was really surprised that you were the leader of this incredible information broker agency.”

“It’s nothing compared to the Runcandels’, Young Master Jin. Still, I would like to thank you for your compliment. Phew, I also could not say this, but I vow that I will take your words to my grave.”

“Same here. Even after rescuing Euria, you and I will have a lot of work to do anyways.”

“Indeed, we are now on the same boat. Even if we can’t save my daughter’s guardian dragon… I would never betray you, Young Master. I would assist in your work as if it were my own.”

“I also promise to find and return the dragon.”


Jin extended his arm and the two shook hands. Kashimir looked much calmer compared to when he first learned about his daughter’s condition.

They had work to do in order to save Euria.


“I will divert all resources of the Seven-Colored Peacock to finding the guardian dragon.”

“Good boy. Make sure to play with the kid. I’ll be leaving now.”


“What do you want, kid?”

“I think I should go too.”

“Sure, whatever. What about Strawberry Pie… Since you have a fear of heights, you should just stay here. Also, it’s a little dangerous.”


“Mmm… Quikantel’s a bitch. And we had a rough past.”

“Lady Gilly, I shall hire an escort to take you there. I’ll get some talkative fellows so they can keep you from worrying about Sir Murakan or the young master.”

“If you can, please prepare escorts with Vermont imperial blood.”


As Jin said this, Kashimir’s eyes widened.

Not only was the fact that he led a great information broker agency kept hidden, but also the fact that the great leaders of the Seven-Colored Peacock—the Big Seven—had Vermont imperial blood in their veins wasn’t known to the world just yet. 


“...Damn, I underestimated the Runcandels’ intelligence network. I wasn’t planning on hiding it from you, though, Young Master…”

“I’ll see you later, Sir Kashimir.”


Kashimir left the inn, leaving Jin’s crew in the empty room.


* * *

* * *


They flew for at least two days to a remote ocean territory near the Vermont Empire. As they approached the vast ocean at a high altitude, Murakan slowly began his descent.

They arrived in the early morning, not a single boat afloat in the moonlit waters.

During their journey, Jin listened to many stories about various dragons’ relations from Murakan.


“Are you okay with that? According to your stories… I think these dragons won’t be friendly towards you. If anything, they’d be compelled with fear.”


Murakan said that the current dragons residing in the Vermont Empire got beat up by him a long time ago. It was because they encroached and flew near his mountain during his prime. 


[Anyone who invades my territory is welcomed with a beating. It was like that at the time.]


“Wow, you're so cool,”


Jin sarcastically commented.

However, unlike the other five, Murakan’s relationship with Quikantel was a little complicated. It was one that was littered with love as they were in a loving relationship for about five hundred years.


[For humans, it would be equivalent to meeting each other for five years.]


“With Quikantel? Why’d you break up?”


[Well, just… personality difference. Alright, if I slowly emit my energy, Quikantel or the other goons will come out. I’m starting.]


Murakan began to emit his energy, but Jin couldn’t feel anything.

A special energy that only dragons could emit and identify—akin to a dolphin’s echolocation. It was a signal that humans could not detect.

However, looking down at the ocean directly below Murakan, constant ripples of waves formed.


‘That’s cool… So this signal can really reach the empire’s inner boundaries?’


If estimated, it would at least span about dozens of kilometers. Notifying one’s presence only with this energy was very astonishing.


[It’s possible because I’m me. Not all dragons can do this, kid.]


“You’re full of yourself.”


An hour passed.

Surprisingly, just as Murakan said, two flying figures approached them from afar. It was two earth dragons.


[Labus and Untiel. As expected of the two who I beat the most. Wear your helmet.]


Jin used Myulta’s Rune to cover his face.

They were moving so fast, the tiny specks in the distance became massive draconic figures in a second.

Not fast, more so rushed, as if they were tardy for class.




As they came closer, Murakan communicated in a high-and-mighty voice. 


[Earth Dragons Labus and Untiel. I have awoken from my slumber for some tasks… Offer your assistance.]


The two dragons looked at each other, cleared their throats, and slowed the flapping of their wings.


[Solderet’s acquaintance, the Ruler of the Mountain. I do not know what position you are in, but now is not a good time. Please retreat from this place.]

[Please leave this place! I, Untiel, do not want a battle in the Vermont Empire’s territory. I am glad to greet you today, but I do not wish to put my contractor in danger.]


Listening to Murakan’s altered speech habits along with the other dragons’, Jin wanted to burst into laughter.

They talked as if they were hypnotizing each other.


‘What do they mean by “get out of here”?’


Murakan shook his head.


[There is no place for me to hide under this sky. How dare you tell me to flee? Do you fear me? I’m sure I have stated my business.]


Murakan maintained his composure.

The earth dragons lost it.


[Ah! Fuck, stop! Stop! Now isn’t the time. Get out! Quikantel is thirsting for your death right now!]

[If a fight ensues here, our contractors’ empire will get destroyed! I’m sure you didn’t come knowing that Quikantel is also here?]

[What dost thou mean, my old friends? You claim that the Silver Dragon of Time intends to harm me?]

[Oh, come on! Please, brother, I beg you. Can’t you just leave?]

[The other dragons don’t know of your awakening, right? If you don’t leave, I’ll tell the other drag—]

[It seems you forgot your fear, you lowly earth dragons. Would you like to reminisce about the nightmares from a thousand years ago?]



Murakan released his spirit energy, and their surroundings darkened. Just as Murakan said, the earth dragons were scared out of their minds; they couldn’t even look Murakan in the eyes.

As Jin watched, he found the situation very interesting while also realizing that Murakan was a great dragon in the past.

However, if the other dragons were begging as they are now, maybe fleeing the area was a good idea.





Just as Jin was about to get Murakan to listen to them, the two dragons split apart and began flying in opposite directions.


And from far away, causing a great wave of energy was a figure flying straight at them.

Quikantel’s breath.


“Uh, hey…”


[Hold on tight, kid.]


Murakan bolted across the sky to dodge the breath. Jin turned his head and saw the wave of energy that bent space as it traveled.

It was comparable to an ultimate ability from a mythical knight.


Shwooooot, shooooooom.

More breaths flew towards them. Murakan danced across the sky, dodging the projectiles. Jin verified the attacker’s direction while holding onto Murakan’s scales.


‘Shooting breaths and closing the gap?’


A shiny silver dragon that blended into the night sky finally revealed itself as it flew through the clouds. Quikantel, the one who guarded the horizon of time.


Quickly closing the gap, Quikantel opened her snout and snapped at Murakan’s neck. Thankfully, it only skimmed his scales, but as their bodies tangled, Murakan felt that he was being overpowered.

Unlike Murakan who lost his power after losing Temar, she was still in her prime.


[I will disembowel you. Who do you think you are, showing your face on this land! You should’ve remained asleep.]

[Pretty harsh for a greeting.]


Murakan untangled himself and backed off.


“What’s this? We have to fight that monstrous dragon?”


[That’s why I said it might be dangerous, kid. If she gets any closer, shove Bradamante into her. Okay?]

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