SYS (Novel) Chapter 72


C72 - Intertwining Fates (4)

‘Damn, I already revealed my identity to two people ever since I arrived in Tikan.’


Ghostblade Kashimir and Silver Dragon Quikantel.

Kashimir was already their ally, and it was likely for Quikantel to join their forces as well. Jin wondered if anyone amongst the provisional flag-bearers revealed their identity openly, but at this point, he didn’t care.


‘Who cares if I break some rules? I’m already behind on training anyways. I’m living this life however I want.’


Each time Jin broke his clan’s rules, he felt refreshing pleasure from the delinquency.

Then, Jin formally introduced himself to Quikantel.


“Hm, so you’re that Jin Runcandel. I already expected it when I felt Temar’s aura, but still… very fascinating.”

“I think you’re the more fascinating one. The Silver Dragon of Time. I’ve heard of rumours, but I was speechless when I witnessed you turning back your time.”

“Not something I want to hear from the child who slit my wing. Hm, I’m saying that you’re interesting because Enya often talked about you.”

“Olta’s contractor spoke of me?”

“Yes. Not so long ago, every single press in the world couldn’t stop talking about your 5-star acquisition. Enya read about it and told me multiple times that, even though you’re both 15, she admires you because you’re very talented.”

“Haha, there’s nothing to admire… It’s a little embarrassing since I’ve never even met her before. I’m sure she has incredible potential within her as a contractor.”

“Yeah, Quikantel. Very awkward of you to put Jin on top of a pedestal. You gonna take responsibility for his heightened ego?”


Jin and Quikantel naturally ignored Murakan’s interruption and continued their conversation.


“If that kid sees you, she would be very elated. Why don’t you visit the Vermont Empire before you set out for Vyuretta?”


Quikantel said that it would take about a week to summon the wind dragon.

It would’ve been great if they could immediately meet and beat Vyuretta, but the wind dragon was with the Zipfels’ second-in-command. Basically, not an entity that was easy to meet.


“Enya will also need time to get things sorted out, and it would be nice to have you explain to her why she must leave the empire. Since you’re the man of her dreams, maybe it’ll be easier for her to understand.”


Jin nodded.

Persuading Enya was an ulterior motive. After all, staying in the Vermont Empire to meet Vyuretta was convenient.

The reason being the location of their rendezvous, the place they were standing on—the uninhabited island.

At this location, even if a big fight broke out, no problems would arise from it. Just like how Jin and Murakan were not interrupted while fighting Quikantel.


“Then, Ms. Quikantel. Where would be a good place to stay in the empire? I believe that the capital is too crowded to maintain our secrecy.”


The Vermont Empire was not small like Akin. There were probably people who could recognize Jin in the streets. People like low-ranked nobles and the Dragon King Knights resided there. It would be too risky.


“Oh, you can stay at my place. We have a lot of empty rooms.”

“Hey, hey! Wait. Your house? It’s okay if it’s a small place, so just buy us a remote residence. I’ll repay you later. Isn’t it weird to share a roof when we, you know, broke up?”

“Stop acting hysterical, Murakan. I merely proposed this to help you with your little business.”

“Huh?! Hysterical? What about you?”

“It would be great if we forget past events. Let’s make sure to distinguish work and personal matters.”


Though it was baffling, there was no point in talking. Murakan quaked in frustration before letting out a sigh.


* * *

* * *


Jin and Murakan had no choice but to hide in Quikantel’s wings to sneak in since Murakan couldn’t transform carelessly within the empire.

Quikantel’s dwelling sat in the middle of a forest on the outskirts of the capital. It was a house she built when she became Enya’s guardian dragon.

Built with logs, it had a very clean and cool facade. A nice, refreshing smell of wood lightly surrounded their bodies. 


“Wait for a moment. I’ll be out after cleaning a little bit.”

“Take your time.”


Although they were dragons, was she really conscious about showing a dirty room to her ex? Quikantel went in first, and Jin shrugged.


“How does it feel to ally with your old love interest, Murakan?”

“Ha… Don’t even remind me. I feel a little uneasy inside.”


Murakan could not take his eyes off the log cabin.


‘That bitch… She built the exact same house from a thousand years ago. So this is why she wanted to bring us here.’


Yet, despite being faced with the house of their past, Murakan didn’t feel his burnt-out love rekindle.

His uneasiness stemmed from reminiscing about their nostalgic past.

A thousand years ago, partying all the time with Temar and Quikantel in a log cabin with the same design.

One passed without leaving a grave. And the other became a past lover. As he remembered the good old days, bitterness filled his heart.


“You can come in now.”


As soon as he entered, Jin unintentionally smirked.


‘This is “clean”? Quikantel seems to have an unexpectedly clumsy side to her.’


It looked like the room was hastily cleaned, but around the house, there were clothes and empty bottles lying on the floor.


“Anything to drink?”

“Just some cold water, thank you.”

“You, Murakan?”

“Toss me a few bottles of wine. God damn it, this is why I didn’t want to come here.”

“You came here first and disturbed my peace. And I really don’t have any other intentions, so if you really don’t like it, then get the hell out.”



Murakan murmured some complaints as he tossed himself on the living room sofa.

Before Quikantel could bring over the water and wine to her guests, Murakan was suddenly sound asleep, snoring loudly.


“What the… Murakan? Asleep? How do you just sleep like that?”

“...Probably because of our fight. He was bitten all over, after all. I used a lot of spirit energy myself, which explains my exhaustion.”

“Ah… I see. I didn’t know because you seemed fine a moment ago.”



Quikantel popped the cork off the wine bottle that was originally for Murakan and poured some wine into her own glass.


“Jin Runcandel.”


“I’m assisting you due to my allegiance with Temar as well as for Enya’s safety, but the main reason is that sleeping bastard.”

“I see.”


Jin didn’t have anything to say. He could only imagine how deep her lingering feelings were for Murakan.

But the words that followed were completely different.


“That fool doesn’t really know how weak he has become.”


When he was in his prime, Murakan was the strongest of the strongest. Even the fire dragons, who were born for combat, tried to avoid him at all costs.

In fact, other dragons had subservient relationships with their gods, but Murakan had an equal relationship with Solderet, hence he was special.

Unfortunately, this was no longer the case. Thanks to Jin, Murakan was recovering some of his spiritual energy, but he was still incomparably weaker than his past self.


“Currently, Murakan can’t fight Vyuretta. With respect to his pride, I didn’t mention it a moment ago. But when the time comes for them to fight, I will fight in lieu of him.”

“Is Vyuretta that strong?”

“Kind of, but it’s more because Murakan is significantly weaker. My murderous rampage earlier would simply be a child’s tantrum for the Murakan from a thousand years ago.”


Quikantel drained her goblet into her mouth.

She looked discontent as she poured herself another. 


“I’m saying this so you’d know. If I told this to Murakan, he would strongly deny my help.”


Jin calmly nodded.


‘She was crazy at first sight, but it’s relieving to see this side of her.’


Zzzzzzzz, zzzzzzzzz.

Murakan’s snoring echoed throughout the room.


“Jin Runcandel. What will you do after you confirm whether or not Vyuretta kidnapped Lathry? If I help you capture or kill Vyuretta, the Zipfels will take action.”

“Well, I am a Runcandel… Having disputes with the Zipfels is pretty natural.”

“An interesting response. I can assume you didn’t think this through yet?”

“Not that I’ve never thought about it. However, I don’t have anything fully planned, so you’re not wrong. Either way, the first thing to do is to save Az Mil’s contractor.”

“It seems you are very close to Az Mil’s contractor.”

“Not really. We only met two days ago.”


Quikantel’s eyes widened.



“I mean, I can’t just watch a kid shrivel up and die. Az Mil’s contractor is a child named Euria, and she’s only 5 years old.”

“So for a child you only met two days ago, you’re planning to risk your life and fight Vyuretta? And as a provisional flag-bearer, rouse the entire Zipfel Clan?”

“Something like that.”

“Haha… truly, the return of Temar. Each action and intent of yours is analogous to his fervour. Very interesting.”

“I’ve noticed it earlier, but it seems you were very close to the first patriarch.”

“‘Close’ is an understatement. Temar was a friend I would’ve given up everything for. Together with Murakan, we had a hell of a time in the past.”

“Then why did Murakan go into a thousand-year slumber after losing to the first patriarch?”


A question Jin often pondered about. He asked Murakan a few times, but he never heard a real answer from him. 


“It’ll be better if you heard directly from Murakan. He’ll tell you when the time comes.”


It must be a meaningful story. 

Jin understood the situation and simply nodded. There was no reason to hear the story as of this moment.

Naturally, silence ensued. Soon after, footsteps could be heard from outside the cabin.


The front door opened, and a girl peered inside.


“Ms. Quikantel, I’m… home? Who might these men be?”


It was Enya, who immediately bowed to Jin. She didn’t know who he was, but she had a hunch that he was someone important. 


“Come sit here, Enya. This is Jin Runcandel, and that sleeping scoundrel is a dragon. An old friend.”

“Ah, yes. Mr. Jin Runcandel. It is nice to mee—Jin Runcandel?!”


Enya’s eyes grew and ran up to Jin. Her face flushed red.


“I… I’m a big fan! Lord Jin! It is an honour to be in your presence!”


Quikantel smacked her forehead, and Jin could only offer an awkward smile.


“...Enya, how about we maintain your dignity as a contractor?”

“Oopsie… My apologies, Ms. Quikantel. But it’s Lord Jin. Is he the real Jin Runcandel? Oh heavens, my goodness! Oh god! Lord Jin is in front of my eyes! Aaaaah!”


Enya’s dream came true in the presence of Jin.

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