SYS (Novel) Chapter 75


C75 - Intertwining Fates (7)

‘I would’ve died if I wasn’t careful.’


Wratch—who escaped the remote log cabin—felt relief despite only showing a straight face. His demeanor was born from hours and hours of strict facial expression and emotion suppression training necessary to become a Vermont Special Forces Division Leader. 

Quikantel probably displayed inconceivable power to him, but he didn’t really feel fear. After all, to the Vermont Special Forces, death was considered only a small inconvenience when it came to executing missions.


‘But who were those two guys in the house? The man with long hair was probably Quikantel’s lover, and the boy with the strange artifact covering his face… Maybe she’s hiding her children?’


He would’ve never imagined that they were Jin Runcandel and Murkan—the black dragon who woke from a thousand-year slumber.

Either way, Wratch completely misunderstood the relationship between Quikantel and the two mysterious people. He had a feeling that it wouldn’t be easy finding information about those people.


‘I should tone down on the close-quarter monitoring. I should order soldiers to return with simple reports until she starts acting strange.’

Although he treated death like a common cold, it was different when it came to the sub-class soldier’s livelihood.

Wratch didn’t think he needed to have his henchmen supervise Quikantel while she was in a sensitive state.

Thanks to the division leader’s decision to take caution, Enya and her family were able to safely board the Tikan merchant ship.

And the Vermont Imperial Family did not notice that Olta’s contractor was missing.

At least, until Quikantel left to meet Vyuretta.


* * *

* * *


A week later, mid-July of 1795.

Just as Jin expected, there weren’t any spies monitoring Enya and Quikantel’s location around the cabin at all times.

During that time, Jin and Murakan never left the house. Once a day, only Quikantel left for the city to get food and drinks.

During their stay, Jin received a message that Enya safely arrived in Tikan and was receiving protection under Kashimir.


“Well, I already knew they’d be safe, but receiving a personal letter from Enya is more reassuring. We can definitely meet Vyuretta with a lighter burden.”


Quikantel had already contacted the wind dragon. She requested a rendezvous to discuss Enya.

Vyuretta quickly accepted the request, and the promised date was tomorrow night.


“You think Vyuretta will come alone?”

“Kid, between dragons, etiquette is very important. Quikantel called to just meet, so bringing a line of Zipfel magicians would be unacceptable. Even if you call them for a fight, they’ll come alone—without reinforcements.”

“Oh, so that’s why you went to the Vermont Empire’s ocean territory with such bravado.”

“Of course. There’s nothing that could stop the great Murakan.”

“Sure, buddy. Remember when you almost died to me when you came here? If it weren’t for Jin, you would have been sinking to the depths of the cold ocean right now.”

“That’s… I was going easy on you, Quikantel.”

“Do I need to beat some more sense into you?”



While the two dragons growled at each other, arguing that one’s strength is more superior than the other’s, Jin was deeply entrenched in his thoughts.


‘...So he’s saying the dragons come alone whenever they’re summoned because of etiquette. But we’re a group of three going to meet Vyuretta… Well, who really cares?’


Jin shrugged it off and went to separate the two whose fighting easily became a routine sight for the young Runcandel.


“Yeah, yeah. No more, you guys. You’ll end up fighting before we even meet Vyuretta tomorrow. I think we should plan more thoroughly about what we should do once we meet him.”

“What do you mean, ‘what we should do’? We just tell him that we called to find out about the whereabouts of Lathry, not to talk about Enya. And if he’s bullshitting about teaching them Draconic Magic, then we just beat him up.”

“I concur. Since Enya isn’t here, I can act as aggressively as I want.”

“Hmmm. Yes, it all sounds good. I just wanted to ask because Vyuretta wouldn’t answer so easily. And if a battle breaks out, even if we win, we will need to face the Zipfels’ wrath. I think we should at least consider the consequences of our actions.”


Jin firmly stated this in a serious tone.


‘I already predicted that intervening with the Zipfels in order to save Euria’s guardian dragon would cause some problems… But not this much.’


Fighting with Vyuretta meant turning the entirety of the Zipfel Clan into their enemy.

And, as of the moment, Jin did not have the forces to fight them. Even if he called his latest ally’s army—Kashimir’s regiment of Tikan—they wouldn’t stand a chance.

As a matter of fact, rescuing Lathry wasn’t that beneficial in many ways.

In exchange for allying with Kashimir, Az Mil’s contractor, and the Seven-Colored Peacock, Jin would be turning the Zipfels against himself.

Despite this consequence, Jin chose to meet Vyuretta for three main reasons.

First, he promised Kashimir about returning Lathry to Euria’s side.

Second, verifying the Zipfels’ plot of finding and assassinating contractors.

Lastly, acting in order to save a child was a given.


“Hmmm, the kid’s right. Though I’m not really scared of their retaliation, it’s still something to think about.”

“Not only that, we also have to consider the outcome if we were to lose. Unlike you two, I think it’s possible that Vyuretta would come with the second-in-command, Andrei. In a scenario where he disregards the dragons’ etiquette.”


And if Vyuretta did come with Andrei? Or what if he shows up with other advanced magicians in tow? There was no definitive answer. Each of the Zipfels’ advanced magicians were equivalent in power to a low-tier dragon.

Of course, Jin already had a last resort planned, but he wanted to hear Quikantel’s opinion.


“Don’t worry about that. If Vyuretta brings other goons to the rendezvous point and they try to attack me, I will summon the Vermont Imperial Family’s dragons as reinforcement.”

“That’s a great plan. Even if we don’t find out more about the kidnappings, in the event that Vyuretta refuses to cooperate, we have a good reason to call reinforcements.”

“Exactly. And when I take care of Vyuretta, if we have the Imperial Family’s dragons on our side, then the Zipfels can’t really take action. The Zipfel Clan and Vermont Imperial Family have some complicated political ties, after all.”


The Vermont Imperial Family was the balancing weight between the Zipfel Clan and Runcandel Clan.

Whichever direction the Vermont Imperial Family were to stick to, the balance between the two strongest clans would break. Therefore, Quikantel could destroy Vyuretta, and the Zipfels would still be unable to do anything.

If the Zipfels made the Vermont Imperial Family turn against them, then the Runcandels would take the free benefit.

It would be a very satisfactory response. This way, no matter what they did, they would not be targeted by the Zipfels.


“Sounds good. Then tomorrow, we will entrust the job to you. In the meantime, Murakan and I will be hiding nearby.”

“Huh? Kid, what do you mean by that?”

“It means we’ll be backup. If Vyuretta comes alone, Ms. Quikantel will fight him by herself. Nothing good will come out from us selling our faces to the Zipfels.”


Quikantel smiled at Jin’s response in satisfaction.


“Yeah, Murakan. It would be best if you don’t come out at all. I will be fighting, so all you need to do is watch.”


Her words were lined with a teasing undertone, but Quikantel was genuinely concerned about Murakan. She firmly believed that he stood no chance against Vyuretta in his current state.


“...Damn it. I understand that I got a little weaker, but I don’t want any sympathy from my ex.”

“Who’s sympathizing? Shut your idiotic self up, and help me out if I ever get in trouble. But of course, that would never happen.”


* * *


Nothing would have happened if Vyuretta came alone because, amongst all of the active dragons out there, Quikantel was one of the strongest dragons.

However, as Jin predicted, Vyuretta brought along a person.

And it was the Zipfels’ second-in-command, Andrei Zipfel.

Standing in the middle of the island, Quikantel glared at Vyuretta.

Jin and Murakan were hiding, watching the tense scene. They already filled the forest with spiritual energy, so their presence was concealed.


“Ho, ho, hum. It is this old man’s first time meeting the Silver Dragon of Time. Madame Quikantel, it is an honor to meet you. I am Andrei Zipfel.”


[...Vyuretta. I didn’t think you would bring a person in response to my call.]

[Please understand, Silver Dragon. When I received your signal, Andrei was right next to me. With the topic being about Olta’s contractor, he showed great interest, so I brought him along.]


Quikantel expressed severe disappointment, and Andrei chuckled, messing up his first impression even further.


[Vyuretta, you have been very disrespectful ever since you started asking me to introduce Enya. I hope you never do something like this again.]

[Understood. So, let’s get right into it. What do you want to tell me about Olta’s contractor?]

[Before that, I would like to ask you something.]

[Go ahead.]

[Az Mil’s contractor’s guardian dragon, Lathry. What did you do to them?]


She spoke in a dangerous tone.

Vyuretta chuckled for a bit in return, then held a straight face.


[Damn… I got baited. You called to talk about Lathry, not Olta’s contractor. I knew something was up.]


Vyuretta’s head shook as he spoke.


[Answer my question, Vyuretta. One year ago, you took Lathry to teach them some Draconic Magic. I saw with my own two eyes. And to this day, Az Mil’s contractor failed to locate their guardian dragon.]

[I don’t know how to answer you without leaving you unsatisfied. Hm, Lathry… is fine. I would’ve never known you’d have a connection with Az Mil’s contractor. Were you asked to find Lathry?]

[Exactly. Now, if that made sense, return Lathry now. Az Mil’s contractor is searching intently.]


Wooooosh~ Wooooosh…!

Whirlwinds suddenly manifested, surrounding the island. It was a cyclone caused by Vyuretta’s wind ability.


[Vyuretta, it seems you’ve gone crazy. You are under the Zipfels indeed. But to a point where you kidnap your own kind? And a youngling, at that? Based on your actions, just tell me that you want a fight.]

[You know too much about our business. I will say this now. Hand over Enya, and we will spare you.]


Quikantel smirked.


[Oh yeah? Perfect. I wasn’t going to spare you anyway, no matter what you chose to do.]

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