SYS (Novel) Chapter 81


C81 - Meeting Cyron (1)

It hasn’t even been a month since he became a provisional flag-bearer and left the Garden of Swords, yet Jin has already destroyed the Akin Kingdom’s underground organization, settled in the Free City of Tikan, and killed the Zipfel Clan’s second-in-command along with his guardian dragon, Vyuretta.

The last battle may have been concluded by Luna, but if it wasn’t for Jin, Andrei and Vyuretta would’ve never come to the island in the first place.

No provisional flag-bearer in Runcandel history had this many achievements in such a short amount of time.

However, there was a problem.


“I worked my ass off and did a lot of stuff, but not anything to instantly prove myself worthy of becoming a provisional flag-bearer.”


Murakan sighed at the young Runcandel and spoke.


“Well, when this is all over, I can say that I caused all the ruckus, so there’s nothing to be worried about. Either way, it’s better to not become a public figure right now.”


A provisional flag-bearer’s fame was stocked up on a ‘fake name’ that the clan determined beforehand.

And once it was known that the provisional flag-bearer had gathered enough fame, the clan would contact the candidate to inform them of their worthiness to the throne. 

Therefore, Jin’s fame needs to naturally travel into the ears of the Runcandel Clan in order to be considered a strong candidate.

However, he could not do this. Until now, everything he did wasn’t resolved with only the use of his sword.


‘Since I dealt with stuff using magic, I definitely can’t tell anyone in the clan.’


He would only be able to tell them once he had accumulated enough power and authority—to a point where there would be no problem when his siblings find out about a ‘magic-using Runcandel’.

Until then, Jin planned to remain as a ‘rumour’ to the world.

Simply put, a rumour of a human who could resist the Zipfels and other powerful entities. One who could wield the sword and use magic, and also has unknown individual powers.

Furthermore, a rumour that he is Solderet’s contractor.


‘Until then, the people who know of my ability to use magic must be limited to my companions, Elder Sister Luna, and Father.’


Luna knew Jin’s inner thoughts. Even before she heard Andrei say that Jin ‘broke the oath’, she knew that her brother was a magic-user. Being the one to visit the Storm Castle and detect Murakan’s presence, it was obvious that she knew.

And Jin was certain that she knew about Murakan. He had no doubt that Cyron was also aware of her knowing about the black dragon.


“Our dear youngest brother, using magic even though he’s a Runcandel. A free-flying teenager, I see. He’s gonna cut you in half, hehe.”


Luna walked towards Jin and spoke in a playful tone. 


“I’m also worried about the Young Master’s magic, Lady Luna. If the patriarch hears about this, he won’t sit still.”

“No, Gilly. Father probably already knows. The destruction of the Tesing Clan and Andrei Zipfel’s death… He probably already assumed that it was all done by me.”


Luna nodded at her brother’s conviction.


“You're pretty confident while saying that. You got something planned?”

“Yes, Elder Sister. I’m planning to go see Father with you tomorrow.”

“Oh, sure. We can go see Fa… What?”


Luna stared at Jin in disbelief.


“Everyone knows that you’re impulsive, but wouldn’t it be better to stay put when Father is turning a blind eye to you? What are you going to do when you meet him?”

“I’m going to warn him that the Zipfels are executing multiple plans to strike at the Runcandels.”


The life in Gilly’s face drained, and Murakan was a little surprised.


“Hmm, the story about the orb? Wouldn’t it be better if I told him about it? A provisional flag-bearer returning to the clan without permission is basically ruining your chances to the throne.”


As Luna said, a provisional flag-bearer could not enter the Garden of Swords without permission. It was equivalent to a ‘forfeit’.


“No, if you were the one to tell him, you would also have to mention that I summoned you to the island. It’s better if I confront him myself. And with the story as the base, I plan to strike a deal with Father.”


Gilly spat out the water that she was drinking, shocked at the younger Runcandel’s declaration.


“Y-Young Master, you’re joking, right?”

“On top of returning to your clan, you’re going to make a deal with your dad? Hah, what in the world… I would’ve never thought of that. Not even through my entire lifetime.”


The very idea of striking a bargain with Cyron Runcandel doused the group in awkward silence.

Was that even possible? Even Luna was concerned that her brother might have hurt his head during the battle. 


“What do you plan on bargaining for from Father?”

“There are too many, so I’m planning to choose one or two while on the way there.”

“...I can see how tiresome it is for Gilly to deal with you. Losing your chances of being a flag-bearer is not the problem. One wrong move and you’ll die. What should we do, Gilly? Stopping him will be futile, so is beating some sense into him the right answer?”

“If the situation doesn’t go well, you can just calm him down.”


Luna ultimately didn’t beat Jin, but Gilly could only sigh at the sight of her young master’s impulses.


“Don’t worry, Gilly. If I block with my body, then Father will not be so harsh.”

“Lady Luna… In that case, I shall follow you, Young Master.”

“Awww, not you too. I’m tired.”


Contrary to her words, Luna thought it was nice of Gilly to volunteer.


‘I’m sure she’s scared, but is she declaring that if she were to die, she will die with Jin? The youngest is very lucky to have such a protective guardian.’


She was a little heartbroken. After all, Luna knew the backstory of how ‘Gilly McRolan’ became ‘Nanny Gilly’.


‘If she hadn’t become Jin’s guardian, then she would’ve become the McRolan’s next generation’s strongest sword. A destiny very similar to that of Jin.’


Murakan cleared his throat, attracting everyone's attention.


“Eldest daughter of Runcandel. I shall go together with Strawberry Pie.”

“The great black dragon should remain here. Even if you go, wouldn’t you have to stay as a cat the entire time?”

“I understand…”


Disappointed, Murakan turned into a cat and lowered his tail. However, no one really turned to look at him, so Murakan sauntered over to an adjacent room, where Euria and Enya were playing.

At least there, he was the center of attention.


“Alright, then. Tomorrow, we’ll depart for the first transfer gate. It hasn’t even been a month, but it feels like it's been a long time.”


The day passed, and right before their departure to the Garden of Swords, Jin visited Kashimir’s office.


“Young Master Jin.”

“Sir Kashimir, I came for some favours.”

“Favours? No need. You and I now share the same fate, so all of my powers and acquisitions are yours as well.”


Jin knew that Kashimir was the Fallen Prince of Vermont and that his daughter was Az Mil’s contractor.

Kashimir knew that Jin was a Runcandel provisional flag-bearer who was a talented magic user and got along well with dragons.

Essentially, they both had information that enabled them to hold each other by the throat. Which is why they shared the same fate.

On top of that, Kashimir felt indebted to Jin. Although he didn’t directly bring back Lathry, ultimately, it was Jin who saved his daughter.


“If I never met you, I would be watching my daughter suffer and die without knowing. I would never be able to repay this debt even until my final days.”


Kashimir’s eyes were glistening.


‘He’s very sensitive and delicate—even more so than I expected. I mean, in my past life, I heard that the Free City of Tikan was established during the era of Holy Kings. A very romantic and emotional time period.’


While Jin looked for an answer, Kashimir hurriedly wiped his eyes with a handkerchief.


“My apologies… Haha, the mood would’ve been ruined. Anyways, what do you want me to prepare? Tell me anything you need.”

“Please tell the Seven-Colored Peacock to research and investigate these things.”


He pulled out a piece of paper from his chest pocket and lent it to Kashimir.

Written on the paper was a list of the Zipfels’ wrongdoings that Jin witnessed. The creation of living golems at the Kollon Ruins, and his experiences fighting against the Demon God’s Orb.

Including everything regarding the Cemetery Giants in the Curano Dukedom, which Murakan confessed on discovering as he explained the Orb of Origin yesterday.

Kashimir’s eyes shook after reading through the paper.


“Creation of living golems… If the world finds out, everyone’s respect for the Zipfel Clan would plummet. As for the Demon God’s Orb… Since nobody knows of the Orb of Origin, I will not approach this problem.”

“Alright. However, this is information that shouldn’t be exposed to the public. If anything happens, the Zipfels will conceal their illicit actions even further.”

“I agree. I will order investigations to the most trustworthy agents. On the contrary, may I ask why you want the real name of this gangster named ‘Spiderhand Alu’ and information regarding Vishukel Yvliano?”


Kashimir simply asked about the purpose of the investigation in order to confirm whether Jin also thought of Kashimir as a companion.

Jin answered him without hesitation.


“We caused the destruction of the Tesing Clan and found out back then that Alu had ties with a Runcandel. As for Vishukel… Recently, there were some weird things that happened at the banquet. However, I’m not certain of anything, so it’s hard to answer.”

“I understand. Although I can resolve the Alu and Vishukel cases very quickly, I don’t know how long the other cases will take.”

“It’s alright. Investigating the Zipfel Clan is not an easy task.”


The two met eyes, and Jin extended his arm for a handshake.


“I look forward to our partnership, Sir Kashimir.”

“I as well, Young Master Jin. I will prepare some high quality wine in the belief that you will return in one piece from the Garden of Swords. There are many things I would like to discuss with you. The Free City of Tikan will soon become a country, and you will become its closest friend.”


Kashimir met Jin’s hand.

Within the hour, Jin left Kashimir’s residence and prepared to board a carriage with Luna and Gilly to leave for the transfer gate.

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