SYS (Novel) Chapter 87


C87 - Take Down Alisa! (3)

September 27th, 1795.

The unsupervised land in the east, also known as the Black Sea.

Four days had already passed since Guardian Knight Khan arrived. Which meant that he hadn’t slept a wink for the past four days. He had slashed through more than five hundred monsters along the way.

Even the weakest among the Black Sea’s monsters were incomparably stronger than the monsters in known lands. It was because these monsters grew up breathing pure evil energy. 

Even for a guardian knight like Khan, the slightest mistake could easily result in death—such was the dangers of the Black Sea.

Slash! Slash!

Although he had an emotionless expression, he couldn’t hide his dead, tired eyes.

He felt like there were more monsters than usual.


‘I wonder… What kind of information is written on this letter?’


Khan was suffering like this because he had to deliver a letter from Kashimir to Cyron. It was the first after being informed of the secret address.


‘I’m sure it’s about the Youngest Master’s growth… But it’s only been a month. Has there been rapid and important growth? Enough to report to the patriarch?’


He could only wonder.

Since Khan’s cadet days in the Runcandel Clan and being named a ‘monster’ by his friends, he remembered the tough and strenuous times he went through when he tried to break through the 5-star barrier.


‘There’s no way he already achieved 6-star, right? Phew… I hope Lord Patriarch tells me the information as well.’


Khan charged forward and fought more monsters for five hours.

Soon after, he finally found Cyron sitting in the middle of the Black Sea.


“Greetings to the patriarch. This is Khan.”


Cyron—who had already detected Khan’s presence—slowly opened his eyes. Khan proceeded to salute him. The patriarch raised his hand and waved it in a circle.

As he moved his hand in the air, all of the monsters in the area fled away, scattering as if they were bugs sprayed with bug repellent.

A display of the Genesis Knight’s power and dignity.

Though, in reality, he was suppressing his happiness.


‘It must be about the youngest…!’


Khan handed the letter over with two hands.


“A letter from Sir Kashimir arrived ten days ago. I tried to come as fast as possible, but the monsters were very aggressive. I apologize for my incompetence.”


Cyron received the letter with a frown.


‘I should take some time and kill off some of the monsters in the area. If it weren’t for them, I would’ve received this a day earlier.’



With a flick of a finger, Cyron ripped the letter’s seal. The envelope was quite thick.

Like an elder who found old diary entries, Cyron began to attentively read.


(To the admired Lord Cyron.

As a knight of a small city, I am ineffably honored to flip my pen and send a letter to Your Honor. 

How is the weather in the Garden of Swords?

In the Free City of Tikan, it is currently dusk. The soft clouds like velvet, high in the sky, with stars sprinkled here and there, and they seem to sing of your greatness.

I will say it once more. 

I, Kashimir Alfleon, am very thankful and honored that you offered a mere knight an opportunity to send a heart-filled letter. I hope the deep effort poured into each character satisfies you…)


Cyron flinched.


‘I also felt it last time, but this guy has a problem… Why is this introduction so long?’


He was very annoyed, but with the patience of a Genesis Knight, he turned the page. However, the next page was also filled with greetings and thanks, and there wasn’t even a single sentence about Jin on the third.




Cyron sighed and shook his head, and Khan suddenly felt like it was his fault.


‘The patriarch is… angry. Did something happen to Young Master Jin?’


But then, on the fourth page, Cyron's expression brightened a little. His eyes began to sparkle, and he slowly began to grin.




He even laughed a little.

Khan had been Cyron’s bodyguard for the past twenty years, but it was his first time seeing the patriarch like this. After Luna declared that she wasn’t interested in inheriting the throne, Cyron was always cold with his children.

Thus, Khan was dying from curiosity. What happened to Young Master Jin to make the patriarch that happy?



“Yes, Lord Patriarch?”

“It seems that the youngest is getting beat by Kashimir’s wife. Ahahaha. From the time he wrote this letter, it looks like they sparred at least forty times and Jin lost all of them.”


Khan couldn’t believe his ears.

Usually, Cyron would click his tongue and call his child weak and powerless, but Khan was surprised that he was amused by the news.


“That’s a lot of losses.”

“The first battle lasted three seconds, and the second lasted five. The seventh lasted ten seconds, the twentieth lasted twenty-five, and the thirtieth lasted forty.”

“I can see how the young master withstands against a 7-star using magic and spiritual energy. In fact, if it’s against the same person, he will gradually survive longer.”


Because Khan was Cyron’s most prized and trusted guard, he knew all of Jin’s secrets as well.

Of course, he would never reveal such secrets. Even if Cyron were to unreasonably fire him. 


“Indeed. But do you know what happened in the fortieth battle?”

“What happened?”

“He lasted over 120 seconds. He overcame a barrier—realized something.”


Although it was incredible for a 5-star to make so much progress against a 7-star, Khan knew that it wasn’t only because of his improved swordsmanship.

Khan’s eyes widened as Cyron continued relaying the contents of the letter.


“And it says here that Kashimir’s wife, Alisa Betzer, is a former Vermont Special Forces agent. The 2nd Division. Hoho, now I can only laugh. It has definitely been a while since her retirement, so she’s probably rusty. Still, it’s nice of her to volunteer.”


The Vermont Special Forces.

Amongst the Forces, the division tasked with protecting the Imperial Family was the 2nd Division, and Khan knew well of their strengths.


“...If she was previously in the Special Forces 2nd Division… She’s not an opponent that the young master can use tricks and gimmicks on. I congratulate your son, Lord Patriarch.”

“Since he hasn’t even defeated her, it’s too early to celebrate. Kashimir said that he gave the youngest six months. To defeat her, that is.”

“At this rate, he’ll succeed before the time period ends.”

“If that runt was the first child, I would’ve left the clan in his hands without remorse. What a shame. Khan, what do you think of the youngest?”

“I concur. If he were the firstborn, then Master Joshua would’ve been superseded by Young Master Jin.”

“I didn’t mean that.”


Khan was startled and stared at Cyron.


“Do you mean… as a successor?”


Cyron nodded.

Khan was surprised, but not because of Jin’s measly age of 15.


‘This is the first time the patriarch talked about his desired successor…!’


Cyron had never chosen a successor. Although he looked forward to some of his children—like Luna—this was the first time he explicitly stated his opinion.

People only thought of Joshua as the first successor candidate after Luna’s refusal of inheritance, but Cyron never truly selected him.

The same went for the other successor candidates—Mary, Dipus, and Luntia.

After reorganizing his thoughts, Khan spoke.


“I think he needs a little more observation due to his young age. Although he is growing and learning very quickly, I don’t think he is suited for the throne just yet.”

“And why do you think that?”

“He lacks coldness. The story of the Young Master’s journey to save the beginner cadets was from his personality. I can see that he has a very kind and malleable heart.”

“You’re right. On the other hand, Joshua is the opposite. The youngest often showed weakness towards relationships and attachments. How about when you ignore all of that?”

“When needed, he must be cold enough to get rid of his own sister, and with his current growth rate, he will be perfect for your position.”


Satisfied with the guardian knight’s answer, Cyron grinned.


“Indeed, that is what a Runcandel is. You are dismissed.”

“Yes, Lord Patriarch.”


He had fought and slashed through monsters for four days to get there, but as soon as the order was heeded, Khan immediately began to walk the exact same path that he came from.

To exit Cyron’s domain, he would have to slash and kill monsters for another four days.

Before he drew his sword, a thought occurred to him.


‘Did the patriarch smile because he looked forward to Young Master Jin transcending the Runcandels’ ancestors?’


* * *

* * *


Mid-November, 1795.

Three months had passed since Jin’s quest to defeat Alisa.

No longer did he pre-cast spells before the fight.


“Whew! Young Master Jin. Today was also a close game.”


At the 95th battle, Alisa wiped her forehead after knocking down Jin.


“Haha, you said that yesterday as well. This makes it 95 losses. It’s kinda depressing…”

“The small differences will accumulate. And now, you can fight me for at least fifteen minutes. Anyways, Young Master Jin, are you going to do 'that' before returning?”

“Yes. Please go on ahead, Lady Alisa.”


Tired from watching, Alisa shook her head.

Since one week ago, after each battle, Jin only left the training area after completing ten thousand swings.

Ten. Thousand.


‘I must channel my will through the sword…’


A realm that could be awakened when the first and last of ten thousand swings were identical. While training with Alisa, Jin could enact the same swing three thousand times. Even with an exhausted body.


‘This isn’t about physical strength. Whether I am exhausted or perfectly fine, the importance is in the transferring of one’s will into the blade.’


Jin took his stance for the long haul, and Alisa exited the sparring room.


‘Whew, I didn’t think he would catch up this fast. Watching that toxic amount of training… He makes me feel like I’m not trying hard enough.’


Alisa watched Jin train for a while, then she slowly closed the door.


“He truly deserves to be stronger.”


She never would have expected what awaited her the next day.

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