SYS (Novel) Chapter 90


C90 -  The Cosmos Arena (1)

There wasn’t much information about the ‘other world’.

All entities from the alternate dimension were witnessed in unsupervised lands like the Black Sea which fostered many monsters or through different summoned beasts like the phoenix.

In his past life, Jin had never heard of the ‘Fire Dimension’ despite his vast knowledge of magic—vast enough to trump many professors.


“Fire Dimension… This is top-class information. Usually, incompetent and unimportant runts don’t need to know this stuff. There aren’t many dragons who exactly know of that place, and the number of those who have personally gone there are in the single digits.”

“It’s common knowledge that phoenixes are summoned beasts from the other world, but it’s the first time in which the other world was called the Fire Dimension.”


Jin scratched his chin, and Murakan shook his head.


“The name ‘Fire Dimension’ is just an easy name for us to call it in this world. It’s just a dimension with fire and phoenixes. Even the gods don’t know the true name of that world.”


Everyone listened to Murakan as if he were some lecturer. Enya, who was a pupil in magical studies, was very worked up.


“Even the gods don’t know? Does that mean the Fire Dimension is outside of the gods’ control?”

“Exactly. Even the God of Flames can’t control the fire in that world. However, the ruler of the Fire Dimension, Tess, can’t control Sheenu’s fire either.”

“Ah… Then the Majestic became the Young Master’s summoned beast. Isn’t that a great thing?”

“Strawberry Pie is also correct. But as for it being a great thing… Well, it’s the opposite. It’s very bad.”


Murakan clicked his tongue and a shadow loomed over his face. Quikantel’s expression was still frozen, still shocked from meeting Tess.

One second, Two seconds, Three…

As Murakan’s silence prolonged, some audience members gulped. They thought that Tess’s summoner had received some special curse or something.


“Hey, just tell us. Don’t just leave us hanging. Why’s it bad?”


Jin grew impatient and asked Murakan. The shadow dragon lowered his head.


“It’s great… only for you. God fucking dammit, I don’t like that guy! Why Tess? There are so many other good phoenixes. There’s Maniere or Shankish!”


Murakan threw a tantrum and some punches in the air. Many sighs of relief could be heard from the crowd. Jin thought that Murakan would never mature.


“Well, although I’m a little pissed, I’ll offer you a bland congratulations, kiddo. You can’t use that guy’s full potential ‘cause you lack some mana, but it’s better than some random phoenix.”

“If I unleash all of their power, how strong will they get?”

“You can’t unleash all of their power. Never will. At full strength, your beast can vaporize a mid-high-tier god.”


Quikantel shuddered at those words.

She remembered the horrifying nightmare she experienced when she visited the Fire Dimension with Murakan and their respective gods, Olta and Solderet. That day, she watched five gods disappear from existence.


“What…? They’re that powerful?”


Jin asked, observing Quikantel’s reaction.


“I heard he can’t do it outside of the Fire Dimension. In my case, thank goodness. I can talk to them casually and even tease them a little. Just like how our gods can’t use their powers in the Fire Dimension—a mutual penalty.”

“Mmmm. I see.”


Well, even if Tess’s powers weren’t that overwhelming, Jin was satisfied with it based on what he saw in textbooks. And the best part was that their fire could not be controlled by Sheenu.

A full-scale war was imminent between the Runcandels and Zipfels. And if Jin were to fight against Kelliark, Tess’s strength would be of great help. No matter its tier, normal flame spells would never be effective against Kelliark, Sheenu’s contractor.


“Oh, and what did Tess want to tell me? What kind of conversation did you have with them? And am I not able to directly communicate with them?”

“You can’t. It’s spiritual communication. And the thing they wanted to tell you is, well, nothing much… Just that they like you a lot. Also said it’s the first time they were summoned for such a minor reason. They’re a special fellow. Said to come over to the Fire Dimension after you get stronger.”

“Oh, I can go there too?”

“Well, when you reach 10-star and can comfortably breathe in the fire. That neighborhood’s a little rough.”


Murakan wrapped up his little explanation, and the party continued to talk about Jin’s victory and his summoned phoenix.

And as soon as the celebration ended, Kashimir took a bath and sat in his office, preparing himself to write a new letter.


* * *

* * *


January 1st, 1796.

The new year came.

On the first day of the new year, the family would get together and pray for a safe year. Fostering love with family, loved ones, and friends would be wonderful…

But one man, Guardian Knight Khan, was charging through the Black Sea and covering himself in the black creatures’ blood and guts.

And this time as well, he had a letter stored safely in his chestplate. His new year’s mission was to deliver a letter.


‘This time, it has been three months. Did the Young Master defeat Alisa Betzer? Now I’m looking forward to this letter…’


Khan was also curious about the letter’s content. It seemed to motivate a faster trek to Cyron, who was at the center of the Black Sea.


“Greetings to the patria—”

“Give it here.”

“Yes, sir!”


With a grave expression, Cyron hastily ripped off the seal. He looked like a parent who sent his children off to study abroad.


(To the legendary knight who I admire most, Lord Cyron.

Oh, it is the second letter. I am once again writing this letter with all of my heart and soul with the warm sun shining on my back…)




“Next time, tell Kashimir to write a shorter letter.”

“...Understood, Lord Patriarch.”


Just like last time, the long letter was at least 70% miscellaneous greetings.

But reading the fourth page, Cyron began to smile.


“It seems that Young Master Jin defeated Alisa Betzer.”


Khan guessed so while watching Cyron’s expression.


“Hehe, he won by catching her off guard. On top of that, he seemed to have tamed Tess the Phoenix. I’m sure you know who that is?”

“I apologize, Lord Patriarch. I do not know of that entity.”

“It’s a blue-fire phoenix, and any magician who summons it becomes the best magician of the century.”


“But I don’t care about some phoenix. Today’s letter is just about it. Not more than a single line about Jin’s swordsmanship.”


(His swordsmanship improved significantly. At a ridiculous speed.)


Cyron was disappointed.

He allowed Jin to practice swordsmanship, magic, and spiritual energy at the same time. But of course, as a Runcandel, he wanted to see more improvement in his son’s swordsmanship.

Khan nodded.


“I can see the problem. It’s a little worrying that he might be too entrenched in magic.”

“It’s exactly as you said. I know he’ll balance it out well on his own, but it’s getting on my nerves… Hmmm.”


A long silence.

While Khan maintained his kneeling position, Cyron spoke.


“Ron Hairan’s son. Go find out what he’s up to.”


Ron Hairan.

The Vermont Empire’s swordmaster, patriarch of the Hairan Clan, and at some point, Cyron’s worst enemy.

However, the difference in their power became clear when Cyron achieved the Genesis Knight realm. Even Ron’s children were being overpowered by the Runcandel children.

In that situation, the most talented child was born—Ron’s son.

Despite being a child, he already transcended his generation, being deemed the next patriarch.


“You mean Dante Hairan? Coincidentally, there is information about his recent whereabouts.”


“Yes. Not long ago, we received a request regarding the Cosmos Arena. Seeing that the request asked for an assassination of a pirate, Dante Hairan entered the competition with a fake name.”


Cyron’s eyes shimmered.


“The Cosmos Arena… I’m sure that's… the fighting competition hosted by the pirates? I remember Mary got second place and threw a tantrum.”

“That is correct, Lord Patriarch. And to my knowledge, it was her first defeat. However, she went back for revenge two months later.”


A secret that not many clanspeople knew.


“Send Jin there and have him fight Dante Hairan. It’ll be fun. He can’t use his magic or spiritual energy there, right? He can only fight with his sword.”


The only cases when Jin can use his spiritual energy and magic was when ‘there were no witnesses’ or ‘he can get rid of all the witnesses.’

Of course, he could not use all three of his strengths in that contest. He could enter as a magician and only use magic, or he can enter as a knight and only use swordsmanship.

And Jin could not fight Dante with only a sword.

Cyron wanted to stimulate Jin through Dante. The phoenix and magic were nice and all, but Cyron wanted Jin to prioritize the art of the sword.


“Understood. I will deliver your message to Sir Kashimir.”


* * *


However, the 16-year-old used most of his time training his swordsmanship—enough to make Cyron’s concerns pointless.


‘Ten thousand swings. The first… same as the last…!’


After ending the consecutive battles with Alisa, he devoted all of his energy into his training.

But he didn’t feel as impatient to improve. Thanks to Alisa, he learned many things about himself.


“Is it not boring, Young Master Jin?”

“Nope, it’s only fun—”

“Did you say it’s boring?! I prepared this for you! Tadaaa!”


Kashimir pulled out a piece of paper and shook it in front of Jin.


“What’s this?”

“An entry to the Cosmos Arena. Recently, the intelligence agents found out that a special fellow is entering this competition. An opponent that would compel you to fight—Dante Hairan, the Hairan Clan’s next patriarch!”

“Dante Hairan? Why is that guy going there…”


From Jin’s knowledge, the Cosmos Arena was just a playground for pirates. In fact, most of the competitors were around 2 to 3-star.

Kashimir raised his eyebrows and continued.


“You are mistaken. This competition is more dangerous than you think.”

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