I Will Divorce the Female Lead’s Siscon Brother (Novel) Chapter 93



For some reason, a middle-aged man who looked familiar spoke.

[—It seems like you've hidden a treasure chest here. I see you coming every day.]

The old man stroked his beard in silence.

[—It's a treasure. Well. It's a treasure. Everything I see from here is my treasure.]

Naturally, my eyes turned towards the bottom of the castle wall. I could see a city built on vast terrain. A carefully paved road ran between large and small buildings.

[—This is how a land that was so poor in the past has developed. Also, look at the people there.]

After hearing the old man's words, this time I saw the people living there.

Traders and customers bargaining with sacks of grain, children running, and security forces patrolling the streets. Everyone was full of energy.

[—There is hope in this city. There is a future.]

The old man looked back. Only then did I see his face and convince myself of who these two people were.

[—Thank you. Everything is thanks to you.]

The middle-aged man shrugged.

[—It's also thanks to the efforts of the Count and the people of this city with one heart and one mind.]

[—Effort alone doesn't lead to good results.]


[—Who brought new crops from a distant continent that can grow even in this arid land? Who predicted the Kingdom's attack, devised a strategy, and led to victory? Who successfully handled the influx of refugees here?]

[—Praise is generous today.]

[—Moreover, the things you've done for this region over the last thirty years are countless.]

[—If my ears don't fail me, it seems like you regret something.]

[—... I think meeting you is an unprecedented stroke of luck for our territory. But these days, I feel that way.]

The old man fell silent for a moment.

The middle-aged man patiently waited without urging his master.

[—Was it really luck for you? Did I bind a talented person who would have achieved great success by doing important work in the world due to my greed?]

[—What do you mean by important work in the world?]

[—Well, a place like the imperial family or a duchy.]

[—I wondered what you were thinking.]

The middle-aged man remained silent beside the old man.

[—I'm not interested in improving the situation of the rich. Because it's too easy. Improving the poor is something worth challenging and rewarding.]

He looked towards the city. With eyes that seemed to be looking at something very beautiful.

[—And it's not just the Count's treasure. It's my treasure too.]


[—How many years have I dedicated to this poor land?]

[—You bastard! Who said the territory is poor now? At best, it barely impresses you.]

[—Stop worrying about unnecessary things and let's eat. If this continues, my mother's homemade cornbread will cool down.]

[—Oh God, has it been that long already? I can't keep Mrs. Molly waiting.]

The old man groaned and stood up from his seat. The two descended together from the watchtower.

[—It was thanks to choosing this small world that I could reunite with my mother, who worked in the lord's castle.]

[—I was surprised when I found out that Mrs. Molly was your mother. I never would have thought that you were the son who said he wanted to see but didn't have the courage to go see.]

[—I inherited my outstanding character from my mother, but the Count didn't even notice...]

[—You're being noisy, let's go quickly.]

Thus, they disappeared from my sight. Over time, the boundaries between objects became blurred, and the whole world was painted white.

"Did you see it well? Even if you don't remember anything when you wake up, you'll feel relieved."

I returned to the world dominated by that voice. I tried to make a sound with my mouth.

"Now, right now..."

However, perhaps because it was a dream, my mouth only uttered small syllables that didn't form words.

"Then I'll go. See you next time, if you can."

The blank space trembled as if it were about to disappear. My consciousness was about to wake up from the dream. If I leave it like this, I won't know anything.

"One moment!"

When I gathered all the strength I had, something that could be called a sound finally came out. I argued and listened to the unknown being.

"What kind of gift is... this?"

Somewhat timidly. I guess it's the goddess Miella, right? The first time I heard this voice was when I was praying to Goddess Miella in the temple.

Honestly, I was scared. Not an emperor or a saint, but a god! I had no idea how to deal with the existence of God, but I had to protest.

"There's not much benefit in waking up and not remembering anything, right?"

There was no response. But for some reason, that silence felt like God's will telling me to say more.

"After all, a gift should be something better."

I was afraid of waking up from my dream or that God would get angry, so I spat out what I wanted to say at a rapid pace.

"I'm not asking for much. It's okay to erase my memories of the two people I just saw. It would be nice if I could be sure that the decisions I made were not wrong."


"I hope you can answer my question. And please don't erase my memory of this question and answer."

Before showing me Elliot and Count Miloam, the voice said something that I couldn't quite understand.

After a pause, I asked, "When you say 'that girl,' do you mean Liena Cassius?"

The voice mentioned a significant difference in the degree of use and power of the ability compared to mine. Upon careful consideration, the only ability that required such a grand explanation was the ability to read the book, and my point of comparison was Liena, who had similar abilities.

"Could my assumption be wrong?"

I kept a close eye on God's reaction when he returned. A long silence followed. It was so long that I began to wonder if it was God or a dream.

The tremor in the world grew stronger, and now it began to shake. Additionally, my entire vision turned black, and tremendous pressure squeezed around my body.

"A simple human is trying to shame me."

The voice, which had been irritating a moment ago but was essentially gentle, changed in an instant.

"Did you conclude that I was on your side just because I helped you for a moment?"

Just hearing it or even touching it with my skin made it feel like my hair was burning. I was breathless, and sweat ran all over my body.

"No, are you getting so angry just because I asked that?"

It was unfair. In the novel, wasn't there a goddess who was a bit mischievous but good and trustworthy, caring for the main character, Liena?

The plot of the latter half of "Return and Walk on a Path of Flowers" involved Liena becoming the messenger of the goddess and stopping the plot of the evil god who wanted to devour the world. The long-awaited final battle.

That's why I had my own faith in Miella.

There's no way the Goddess protecting the world would harm me just because I asked her not to erase my memories and asked her a question.

"Could it be that you only care about Liena and don't care about other humans?"

How sad would a person who is not the main character live? Terence was right a hundred thousand times when he said that Miella wouldn't be a merciful God.

At that moment, its eyes, which were black before, turned a bright red. After a while, I realized it was the mouth of a beast the size of a mountain.

"Do you have any last words?"

The black beast let out a strange voice, with saliva dripping from its molars. They say it's also an animal god, and the black beast resembling a dog was Miella.

"Last words? Is this the end?"

The black beast approached me with its mouth wide open, ready to swallow me. I wanted to avoid it, but my body didn't move.

The same happened with my mouth. I screamed in frustration because all my freedom was restricted.

"A main God? In terms of pettiness, it's worse than an evil spirit! Narrow-minded God!"

Just as I was trying to suppress my anger at such a senseless death, the uncomfortable energy surrounding me instantly softened.


The sound, as small as a sigh, soon became uncontrollably loud.

"Hahahaha! Are you surprised? Since you were so serious, I tried making a joke."

Before I knew it, its voice had returned to its original state, and it was smiling cheerfully. The world had also turned white. Was all of this a joke...?

"Yes, it's a joke. You spoke so earnestly. It's been a long time since I saw someone make such a bold request. You were trembling inside."

It was a petition, not a request. And when did it start trembling?

"You were trembling. See? I know everything you think even if you don't say anything, right? It's useless to lie."

That seemed to be true. Well, God would do that.

I didn't consciously say the sound that came out of my mouth and just imagined what I would say to the owner of the voice. Are you really the goddess Miella?

"I have a name like that. I'm usually called that in the Empire where you currently live."

It might be rude, but it looks a bit different from the Goddess Miella I saw in the book. Even if it was just a joke to Liena, it ended up hiding snacks secretly.

"Because the book you have was written from that girl's perspective. The Miella the girl wished for was a merciful and good being, providing her with infinite affection. I just did what she wanted."

And what about me? Miella immediately picked up on the question that came to my mind and answered.

"I'll ask this time. What do you want me to be for you?"

It was a question that made me tilt my head. I never thought about how I wanted Miella to be.

Well, it would be good if she were a good god, but more than that...

"Do you just want to know what kind of person I am?"

That's right. Miella smiled slightly.

"That's all."


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