The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player (Novel) Chapter 119

Chapter 119 - The Last Time Reverser

The normal group mission involves escorting to the destination.

The traitor group mission involves hindering the escort to the destination.

Both missions were completely opposite, meaning only one group could survive.

"Is it a fight of '1,201 people die, or I die'?"

That's the common way of thinking.

However, Ryu Min knew a way to ensure both groups survived.

A method for everyone to succeed in the mission and no one to be eliminated.

"It's not a difficult method. It's simple if you exploit the system's flaws."

Therefore, Ryu Min wasn't too worried.

He had already tested it several times the same way.

"I can't let 1,201 people die just for me to survive."

Among the 1,201 people, the most important was Jo Yong-ho.

An Sang-cheol didn't care if he died, but Jo Yong-ho had to become his strength as the future mercenary king.

"He's too valuable a talent to kill."

So he decided to use a method where everyone survives.

"I'm not worried about being eliminated. The problem is if we can get the Rune of Future Sight."

If everything goes according to plan, getting the rune is bound to happen.

But there are always variables at play.

"There's a small chance the Grand Archbishop won't recognize me."

If he can't create an overwhelming situation that surprises the Grand Archbishop, he won't gain his approval.

If he doesn't get approval, he won't be able to confront him directly, and that would mean losing the reward.

"First, we'll have to wait until the boss appears."

Immediately after, the guild moved, and the real escort mission began.

A large number of players, a total of 1,202, walked protecting the wagons.

Ryu Min positioned himself next to the wagon carrying the Grand Archbishop.

"It would be better if we were noticed now, if possible."

Wouldn't it be easier to get used to fighting alongside the Grand Archbishop from the beginning?

While thinking about that as he walked, a monster appeared.

Countless gargoyles filled the sky.

"Flying monsters in the sky?"

"Darn. How are we going to deal with that?"

Players were confused from the start, but soon they could understand by watching Black Scythe's battle.

It wasn't impossible to defeat the winged monsters.

"Kill them when they come down, like Black Scythe does!"

"Kill them! Damn birds!"

Although they had the appearance of demons, players couldn't gather enough composure to realize.

They were so stunned by the attacks of the gargoyles that they felt dizzy.

"These guys are tougher than I thought."

"They don't die with a single blow."

As they didn't die with a single blow, they attacked and fled quickly.

"We can't chase them because they have wings!"

The battle turned out to be longer than expected, but it wasn't one-sided.

Blow after blow, a gargoyle's head would fall, and another gargoyle next to it would be split in half.

'Night of Death.'

Ryu Min, darkening the space, moved at an even faster attack speed, cutting off the heads of the gargoyles.

If he saw someone trying to escape, he used the skill without hesitation.

'Moonlight Island.'

With a flash, three gargoyles split.

An overwhelming, almost unbelievable performance with overwhelming presence.

Looking at Black Scythe performing solo, players were left in awe.

"Wow, look at Black Scythe."

"Crazy, he's really strong."

"How can he defeat them so easily in a single blow?"

In the midst of this, there were people losing their heads at the sight of the situation.

Watching Ryu Min's performance wasn't just for the players.

Turning his head slightly, the archbishop looked at us through the carriage window.

Although he couldn't read our thoughts, interest was shown in his eyes that couldn't look away.

"Even if he doesn't know, he sure gave him a strong first impression."
After Ryu Min killed all the gargoyles, there was a brief break, followed by the second wave.

"What are those things?"

"They look like trolls from fairy tales."

"Yes, those trolls."

Ryu Min nodded and raised his scythe. Trolls were 2.5 meters tall, not very large for a monster, but they were characterized by their quick regeneration.

"But they can only regenerate minor wounds. If I cut them in a single blow, there's no problem."

Of course, trolls' skin was too thick for other players to cut them in a single blow. But for Ryu Min, it was as easy as cutting tofu.

"Creak, creak!"

Ryu Min cut the trolls into pieces, and players were left in awe.

"He's crazy!"

"How can he deal so much damage?"

"It's not for nothing that he's number one in the rankings."

After killing the trolls, Ryu Min and the other players moved forward. Soon, they encountered a minotaur.

"A minotaur? Really?"

"How are we going to kill that beast?"

"There's no time to rest."

Players remembered how strong the minotaur was in round 6. That's why they were so scared.

Ryu Min shook his head.

"There's no need to be scared. In fact, we should be glad. At least it's a monster we already know."

Moreover, players were now 10 levels higher than in round 6. With a bit of effort, they could defeat the minotaur if they worked together.

It didn't take long for players to realize this.

"Yes! We did it!"

"It seems easier now."

"We can do it, right?"

Ryu Min also joined the fight against the minotaur.


They killed dozens of minotaurs, but they didn't get any items. In round 6, the minotaur was the boss, so it had a higher chance of dropping items. In this round, it was just a normal monster.

After four hours of hunting, the twenty-fifth wave arrived.

"It's finally their turn."

Ryu Min was ready for the wave boss.

Suddenly, everyone heard a deep sound.

"What's that?"

"What's happening?"

"Why is the ground shaking?"

The reason for the tremor was obvious.


An ogre, the strongest monster on earth, appeared before them.

It was a monster over 6 meters tall. The ogre moved with surprising agility, and its hand was like a bird catching a fly.


A player who couldn't react in time was crushed like an insect.

"Kill it!"

Several players surrounded the ogre. Or rather, the ogre surrounded them. For the ogre, it was easier to kill several players at once than one alone.

The ogre wielded its club, as thick as a human arm. Players couldn't dodge it and fell to the ground.




The ogre stomped on the players, crushed them with its club, and ripped off their heads with its hand. With each attack, players died in a humiliating manner.

"Curse! What is that?"

"Such a strong ogre?"

"Isn't this clearly a configuration error?"

There have already been 30 corpses from a single ogre, and they keep piling up.

Although they could stop it if a thousand people run towards it, the amount of damage that will accumulate in the process is an uncertain situation.

At that moment, darkness enveloped the surroundings.

"Who is it?"

"Black Scythe?"

In the eyes of distracted players, Ryu Min, with his Black Scythe, appeared with a calm expression, as if he had been waiting for this situation.

It's the perfect time to test the newly learned skill.

'Crimson Moon.'

The instant Ryu Min felt his eyes turn red, a flash illuminated the area.



The club was cut in half, leaving a long wound on the ogre's chest.

The second flash continued cutting deeper through the chest.


Though the ogre raised its hands in pain, the third flash cut off its arm.

The fourth flash cut its neck, and the fifth flash cut its fallen body once again.

Swoosh! Thump!



Although all this happened in just 10 seconds, players watched it attentively.

Black Scythe is an opponent even thousands of players couldn't defeat.

When the curtain of darkness lifted, Ryu Min turned his head.

The archbishop was looking at him with a slightly open mouth.

'You've calculated well.'

After confirming that the archbishop was watching him, Ryu Min unleashed his skill against the ogre.

Even if he doesn't know, he surely left a lasting impression.

'Should I say something after seeing the show?'

While subtly waiting for someone else to call him, the surrounding gazes heated up.

Did he use that absurd skill five times in a row?

Incredible. What kind of skill is that?

Black Scythe is truly legendary.

Reading the thoughts of others, it seems he has also caught the attention of other players.

Among them was An Sang-cheol.

I'm crazy. I didn't even think about chasing that monster...
'Do you realize that now?'

An Sang-cheol, who finally realizes his lack of sanity, looks at the message that appears on the side.

[You have defeated the ogre!]

[Experience gain increased by 300%.]

[Experience increased by 150% due to title effect.]

[Experience +16.37%.]

[Gold +12,000.]

[Additional gold +6,000.]

[You have obtained 'Ogre Gauntlet.']

[You have obtained 'Ogre Heart.']

As it was designated as a boss, items that wouldn't normally be obtained appeared.

[Ogre Gauntlet]

Rank: Gauntlet

Grade: Unique

Defense: 180

Effect: Strength +30, Additional Strength +30 when facing terrestrial monsters.

Durability: 3,000/3,000

Usage Restriction: Expert rank or higher

Description: Ogre gauntlet, nicknamed as the predator of terrestrial monsters. Increases strength brutally.

Ryu Min smiles upon seeing the gauntlet.

'A unique item has appeared.'

Although it is unique, it is a crazy item that shows legendary properties against terrestrial monsters.

Being better than the shadow gloves he was wearing, he puts them on immediately.

New high-quality materials were added to the Ogre Gauntlets, including the highest-quality magic stone he already had.

[Ogre Heart]

Rank: Possession item

Description: A solid blood-red stone. Although its external appearance may be like that, it's not a real heart, so you can rest assured.

"The Ogre Heart is a legendary rank material."

This was also a necessary item for Ryu Min. It was stored in the inventory.

"I'll have to combine some legendary items next time."

Thinking about that, the escort captain approached.

"Hello, warrior from another world! I saw the previous fight very well. Killing the fearsome Ogre in an instant. This explains why people hire warriors from other worlds as escorts. Haha!"

"Did you really come to say useless things like that?"

Although those words reached his throat, he decided to hold back.

"What's the matter?"

"Oh, calm down a bit. The Archbishop wishes to meet you."


"Yes. It seems the Archbishop was impressed with the warrior's fight."

"Understood. Where should I go?"

"This way."

Following the escort captain, Ryu Min stopped in front of the carriage where the Archbishop was.


Opening the door, the Archbishop gestured for him to come in.


When he sat on the other side, the carriage door closed.

After a brief silence, the Archbishop spoke first.

"Let's talk straight. I've called you to make you an offer."

"An offer?"

"I am in a high position, and due to various threats, I have been looking for a trustworthy bodyguard."

The Archbishop spoke with an arrogant voice.

"What do you say? Would you like to be my bodyguard? There are no opportunities like this anywhere else."

"Indeed, opportunities like this are not common."

In this world, the Archbishop was a figure comparable to the Pope. Even in the Holy Empire, the Archbishop had an influence that would make anyone feel overwhelmed.

"It's not common to reject an offer from a figure like this."

Ryu Min responded quickly.

"I will decline."

"Well, of course, you will... What did you say?"

In the eyes of the Archbishop, who thought he would accept without hesitation, astonishment appeared.

"I appreciate the offer, but I don't have confidence in protecting someone else. I'm sorry."


Rejecting in a situation where he was building friendship with the Archbishop wasn't something Ryu Min would normally do, but this time, he had to decline to not be under the shadow of the Archbishop and obtain the Rune of the Future.

"Hehe, you're different from others. Everyone strives to lick my boots."


"By the way, haven't I heard your name?"

Instead of revealing his name, Ryu Min showed his title, a title he had never revealed to anyone.

[Last Time Reverser]

He showed it to the Archbishop to obtain the Rune of the Future.

"Anyway, the Archbishop is destined to die anyway."

The eyes of the Archbishop narrowed.

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