The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player (Novel) Chapter 127

Chapter 127 - Actors

People sometimes have moments of enlightenment.

"Oh, this is not what I expected, right?"

It seems I've arrived at a strange place, isn't it?

That was exactly what Seo Arin thought at that moment.

Fool-thanks, fool-thanks...

Guided by the hand of a fellow actor, she arrived at a dark club, very different from what it would be during the day.

Although the beats of music echoed in the building, no one was seen dancing.

"Where the hell are we going? Why did we come to a club?"

"Don't talk nonsense and follow me. I'll introduce you to some nice people."

Although the situation seemed suspicious, Seo Arin had no choice but to follow Hong Seon-ah.

It might be just a feeling, and besides, she had in mind that she could leave at any moment if something went wrong.

"It's here."

The place Hong Seon-ah led her to was an exclusive VIP private room.

When they opened the door, thick smoke wrinkled her eyebrows.

"Guys, I brought her."

"Huh? Who's this? Isn't it the famous Seo Arin?"

"Oh, you really brought her."

"Wow, she's even prettier in person than on the screen!"

Scattered liquor bottles, messy tables.

People lying down smoking, others sleeping on the floor like drunks.

They say that when people are surprised, they can't find the words, right?

That was what happened to Seo Arin at that moment.

"Even though I came following Seon-ah without thinking much..."

She didn't expect to encounter this chaos.

But most surprising of all was that she knew all the faces in the room.

All six present were somehow famous actors.


"Who has come?"

At that moment, the eyes of an actor emerged from the bathroom and met Seo Arin's.

"Gu Yeon-seung, the elder?"

That made it seven people in total.

"Ari, I heard you would come, but you really came, didn't you?"

"I told her I would bring her, Elder Gu."

Behind her, Hong Seon-ah smiled significantly.

"Will Ari like this when she returns?"

"Where is that?"

"I went to the bathroom because I needed to take a dump."

Seo Arin, standing like a stake, wondered what was going on.

"Sit down. Since you came, we should have a drink."

"No, thanks. It's already enough."

Although the place was dark, it was still broad daylight outside. Drinking alcohol at this time didn't seem appropriate.

Moreover, she felt something strange and decided to draw a line.

"Seon-ah, enjoy yourself. I'm sorry, but I'll leave first."

"Hey, where are you going?"

"That's right, Miss Arin. We're here after a long time; won't you have at least one drink? Or do you prefer smoking a joint?"


Seo Arin was surprised, but soon regained composure.

"No, no smoke."

"It's not tobacco. So, a drink...?"

"I can't drink alcohol."

"What are you saying, damn it? If Elder Gu suggests it, at least pretend to drink something, for God's sake."

At that moment, Seo Arin doubted her own ears.

"What did you say?"

Although Hong Seon-ah had always been a bit rough, she had never heard that kind of language.

But now, Hong Seon-ah's smile was not friendly. It was a clear mockery.

"Don't mess around, do you think it looks good if I smile while looking at you, bastard?"

Seo Arin instinctively turned instead of responding.

The players crawling on the floor suddenly stood up and blocked the exit.

"What are they doing? Now?"

"Don't you see? They're preventing you from leaving."

"Why are they doing this?"

"Why? Haha, do all who come here say the same thing? They don't know why they've fallen into the trap. Oh, maybe it's because my performance killed them?"

Until recently, Seo Arin doubted, but Hong Seon-ah's attitude confirmed her suspicions.

She had fallen into a trap herself.

Seo Arin looked around quickly at the other actors.

She could feel malice in their expressions and gazes.

"It's all a farce."

Seo Arin's gaze naturally shifted to Gu Yeon-seung, the veteran and leader among them.

It was not surprising.

"Hoho, Miss Arin. It's no use looking at me like that. You may have noticed, but it's all a farce."

He offered to explain, as if he had misunderstood her gaze.

In an instant, an idea to get out of this situation passed through Seo Arin's mind.

'Oh, maybe...'

She didn't know if it would work, but she had to try.

Seo Arin's expression changed quickly, like a scared puppy.

"W-why are they doing this to me?"

Gu Yeon-seung smiled as if finding that look cute.

"I have no personal feelings about it. It's just a survival strategy I've naturally developed to survive."

"What are you saying?"

"Players die halfway in each round, don't they? Maybe even more. But, have you ever wondered this?"

Gu Yeon-seung smiled maliciously.

"The pity of players' belongings that have disappeared. Isn't it a pity that all the gold and items they've acquired vanish forever? Instead of becoming compost like manure, the objects they possess simply evaporate. Wouldn't it be better to use those items for the benefit of other players, like fertilizer?"

Seo Arin realized his intentions belatedly.

"So... if a player is going to disappear anyway, why not loot their items? Is that what they are doing?"

"Oh, have you already raised your intelligence stat? You've understood everything. Although other actors didn't grasp this when I explained it the same way."

"Other actors? Did they do this not only with me but also with other actors?"

"That's right. It's regrettable, but Miss Seo Arin, you're only the 33rd victim. Already, 32 elder people and fellow actors have handed over their items."

She didn't know.

Seo Arin slumped on the sofa, acting as if she had been hit on the back of the head.

"T-this means they killed other fellow actors..."

"Yes, we killed them all. Don't worry. Soon, you'll follow in their footsteps, Miss Seo Arin."


With a shocked expression, Seo Arin covered her face with her hands and shrank.

Meanwhile, two fairies were secretly summoned under the table, without the other actors realizing the situation.

The actors present laughed under their breath as if they were unaware of the situation.

"If you simply hand over the items you have, we'll let you go without pain. But if you refuse, we can't avoid using force."

"W-why... why are they doing this? Why kill fellow actors...?"

"Why do we do this? There are many reasons. First, it's exciting to betray colleagues in the same profession. Second, having good items increases the chances of surviving in the next round. Third, it's a pity to waste items that could disappear. Fourth, I realized that we shouldn't spare means and methods to survive. Fifth, surprisingly, it's fun."


"When will we intimidate and kill someone? We always live aware of the gaze of the fans, could we perform such provocative acts?"

"They are colleagues... fellow actors, not just anyone..."

"Ah, did Seo Arin not understand from the beginning? Doesn't she know what it's like to rise from the bottom?"

The smile on Gu Yeon-seung's face disappeared unnoticed by anyone.

"Do you not know what the life of a theater actor who has lived on the edge is like? Do you not understand the life of an aspiring actor living in poverty, looking towards an uncertain future? I know. I've experienced it all, and it's a case that managed to shine through effort."


"But how would you feel if your hard-earned dream crumbled in an instant? What would the life of an actor be like, who, instead of taking on long-term projects like dramas or movies, has to make a living filming entertainment shows or commercials like a clown? And if suddenly you become a time-limited player, worried about whether you can survive the next round? It would be truly despairing and miserable, wouldn't it?"


"Everyone here is in that situation. People who have lost their precious jobs. People who put all their effort into acting, only to be betrayed by their efforts. What can we do in such a situation? We can only fight desperately to survive. The only strategy left for the player who can still trample others to survive."


"But it turns out a perfect stage has been set to trample others, hasn't it? You can learn scam skills to erase tracks, and besides, can you imagine not killing? Reducing the number of fellow actors will increase the scarcity of celebrities and naturally elevate our value. Our value in reality will also increase; we'll obtain useful items in this world. Where else could we find such a beneficial solution? Haha."


Although there were many objections, Seo Arin focused on her acting in silence.

She trembled as if she were frightened and terrified.

She would use all the acting she had learned until now for this moment, as if she were determined.

"So... are you going to take my items and kill me?"

"Of course."

Seo Arin finally let out a liberating laugh.

"Is... this a joke? Is it a new entertainment program or YouTube? Can someone say this is just a prank?"

"Haha, doesn't this girl realize it yet?"

Hong Seon-ah approached Seo Arin maliciously.


Seo Arin's face turned to the side after receiving a direct slap.

Given the force in the palm, it was clear this was no joke.

"Hey, damn it. Do you think we're joking? Should we cut off a finger to make you understand the situation?"

"Ah, a finger? There's something better than that."

The male actors came forward with sinister smiles, and Hong Seon-ah took a step back with a smirk.

"Anyway, don't men only think about looks when they see someone with a somewhat attractive face? This is just plastic surgery."

"Can anyone undergo plastic surgery? It must be naturally beautiful."

"And if it's plastic surgery, who cares? Haha, as long as the taste is good, it's fine."

Although Seo Arin crouched down and endured the mocking laughter, she simultaneously displayed an expression of shame and disdain, waiting for her opportunity.

Gu Yeon-seung gestured for silence with his hand.

Guys, why intimidate her so soon? Miss Arin? Don't worry. If you hand over all the items, we'll let you go painlessly. I'll make sure those guys don't bother you.


Why? Judging by your expression, it seems you don't like it. Isn't it better to hand over the items and die a pleasant death than be tortured like a rag and then die?

".... Is it really, if I give the items, I'll die pleasantly?"

"Yes. Ah, by the way, there's something I haven't mentioned."


"Do you know Jang Bok-chul? He has tremendous affection for Miss Arin. He even declared it in the media as his ideal type. So when I said Miss Arin was coming, he was very excited."


"So do what he says. Can't you do that before you die?"

"What are you saying...?"

"It's sad, isn't it? He went from being an unknown actor to surviving as a player instead of an actor. And that kid pointed to Miss Arin as his ideal type, can't you do that for him? Anyway, we'll all die. Wouldn't it be nice to fulfill someone's wishes before parting? Right?"


"I understand if you don't answer. Anyway, there are no options for you."


"However, don't resist. Do you see how many of us there are? We'll be nine when Jang Bok-chul joins. Everyone has a level higher than 35. According to what I heard from Sun-ah, Miss Arin is level 37, isn't she? It wouldn't make sense to resist, right?"

"P-please, let me live. I was wrong, I admit it."

Seo Arin showed tears as she clasped her hands.

A picture facing reality belatedly.

From the mouths of the male actors came a bitter laugh.

"So, are all like this in the end? Please let me live, I won't do it again, I'm sorry. Hey, shouldn't I give the items first before begging for my life?"

"I'll give them. I'll give them."

Seo Arin pretended to take out items from her inventory while casting a discreet glance.

It was the moment.


With the command, Seo Arin's body was enveloped with her equipment.


Before people could be surprised by the sudden armament, the fairies waiting under the table came out.

Then, those adorable creatures shot beams of light directly towards Gu Yeon-seung.



With the sound of burning flesh, Gu Yeon-seung screamed.

Thanks to raising his arms, he avoided his eyes from being hit, but if he had delayed a little more, his eyeballs would have been affected.

"Damn it! Catch her!"

Before Gu Yeon-seung could shout, the actors had already put on their equipment.

Seo Arin's vision was surprised by their quick response.

'Quick decision-making.'

Apparently, they were prepared to resist.

Seo Arin, who quickly summoned Golem, pushed the actors who were in front of the door.

Dull thud-!


Suddenly, a 1.5-meter golem appeared without warning and hit the man with all its strength, throwing him against the wall.

Without delay, Seo Arin grabbed the door handle and swung it wide open.

Initially, they had no intention of confronting them directly; they were just thinking of escaping when the opportunity arose.

"It's okay, if we get out quickly..."

However, before crossing the threshold.


Black chains wrapped around Seo Arin's body.

"Damn it, where do you think you're going to escape?"

The owner of the chains was Gu Yeon-seung.

Until now, no one had managed to escape the touch of the dark wizard.

"Damn it, do you think I've faced women like you only once or twice? Even those who resist with the appearance of players. I thought you were different, damn it, did you get fooled by a woman's tears?"


Seo Arin tried to summon her fairies, but she realized too late that it was impossible, as a message indicated that she had already been annihilated by Gu Yeon-seung's black arrows.


Even the golem had turned into debris in front of the players.

'Ah, what do I do? All my summons have died.'

To summon her allies again, she would have to wait 10 minutes due to the cooldown time. In such an urgent situation, there was no time for that.

"Why don't you try summoning them again? Ah, is it because of the cooldown time, right?"


"Then, can I play with you as much as I want now?"

"Brother, we agreed to yield to Jang Bok-chul."

"I changed my mind. I can't wait for Jang Bok-chul to come every time she wants to summon. I can't afford to wait until he comes."

Gu Yeon-seung gave orders to his companions with a look full of life.

"Guys, get ready. Let's show this damn girl what shame means."

"Haha, okay."

"We were waiting for this."

The male actors advanced with malicious smiles, and Hong Seon-ah withdrew, laughing under her breath.

Seeing the men grabbing Seo Arin's arms and legs, she was enveloped in a sense of despair.

'Oh, so this is how...'

Unfortunately, her escape plan had failed.

With nowhere to run, everything turned dark in front of her eyes.

It was at that moment.


Someone entered through the open door.

The actors' gazes focused on him.

A familiar face, it was Jang Bok-chul.

"Oh, Bok-chul, here's your beloved Seo Arin..."

The actors stopped upon seeing his expression.

Behind him, a villain with a white mask was standing.


Before they could ask, Jang Bok-chul's head sharply bent under the weight.

He was a corpse.

The masked villain was holding Jang Bok-chul's lifeless body.

"That guy, is he your friend, right?"


When he let go, Jang Bok-chul fell without strength.

"Who are you?!"

"It seems it's true."

When the masked villain spoke, Jang Bok-chul's lifeless body disappeared as if it had never been there.

It was evidence cleanup.

"It smells like garbage around here. They gathered here."

"I asked who you...!"

In an instant, Gu Yeon-seung swallowed his words.

The other actors did the same.

A silence filled the air as if time had stopped.

It was not necessary to ask who it was.

In the hands of the masked villain, a large scythe suddenly appeared.

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