Regressor of the Fallen Family (Novel) Chapter 52 - 53 - 54

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C52 - 53 - 54

Chapter 52. The next day.

– The lord himself will impart intermediate swordsmanship techniques.

The knights of the Maclaine family had gathered at the training ground from early dawn after hearing the unbelievable news the day before.

“Did our family even have intermediate-level swordsmanship to pass on?”

“Maybe it’s just the household head imparting some tips?”

“We’ve already been given plenty of advice on that. If that’s all there is to it…”

“Oh come on. He’s not one to make empty promises.”

As the murmurs among the knights grew louder, a familiar middle-aged face slowly entered the training ground from the corner.

As soon as they noticed him, all the knights bowed their heads simultaneously.

“Greetings, my lord!”

“Greetings, my sovereign!”

Despite their respectful and polite greetings, the expression on Patriarch Padric entering the grounds was not a pleasant one.

“…Truly split into two, aren’t we? Since when did our knight order become a pair of rivals?”

Padric voiced his disbelief and all the knights flinched at the same time.

Indeed, the knights were currently divided into two groups—one with 41 members and the other with 32—standing arrayed as if they were from opposing nations.

One was made of knights originally from the Maclaine family, while the other consisted of knights who had defected from Teslon.

“While it’s understandable that there’s some tension, given that you once fought each other to the death, I thought it would improve gradually given the knight’s code of honor… Instead, tsk.”

His tone conveyed his frustration, but his presence was gradually becoming more commanding.

The red-haired, red-eyed middle-aged man stood there, and the dawn light behind him seemed to bleed out in a crimson hue at that moment.

“During my silence, absurd rumors have reached my ears. Clique-forming, laziness—it’s disappointing to believe they might be true…”

The knights could only sweat nervously at each encounter with the lord’s discontented eyes, while Padric’s presence continued to rise.

“Filled with complacency. While I train relentlessly in the pursuit of strength and my son tirelessly manages the estate…”

While the lord’s steady approach seemed relaxed, the pressure felt heavier than ever.

“To think that knights, sworn protectors of the estate, are engaging in petty brawls like children. I’ve been too negligent, have I? Yes, it’s my fault. Isn’t it?”

As Padric’s imposing aura pressed down upon the entire order, Heinckel, standing in front at the time, instinctively knew that their lord had grown stronger still.

Instead of reveling in the break-through from decades of stagnation, they all felt increasingly tense.

“It’s not so!”

The knights, sensing the increasingly hostile atmosphere, responded in unison, shaking their heads vigorously.

“No, it’s indeed my fault. Hence, I’ve decided to pay a bit more attention from now on. Alright?”


“Good. So first of all…”


As the knights tensed up, gazing at their lord, a two-meter-long red light beam erupted from the wooden sword Padric had picked up.


“What is that?!”

Even the most skeptical knights widened their eyes as they clearly witnessed their lord reaching the pinnacle of mastery.

“Swordsmanship is best learned with the body. Come forth, one by one.”

But to them, at that moment, this was nothing but a calamity.

Watching the downcast expressions of his knights, Padric’s face grew colder.

‘Rolling in the mud will keep them from entertaining any foolish thoughts.’

To leave behind a worthy knight order for his son, he was prepared to go through any hardship.

* * *

Awakening from meditation and finishing his morning training, Logan headed to his office. On the way, he encountered Dwayne and immediately addressed him, bypassing pleasantries.

“Have you posted the recruitment notice for soldiers?”

“Yes. We’ll begin recruiting at both fortresses with the onset of winter. Ferran, who’s in charge of the soldiers, is quite agitated by the sudden news of reinforcements, but we have plenty of money.”

Something about Dwayne’s words didn’t quite add up, causing Logan to clear his throat.

“*Cough* Money is money and work needs people. Help out where you can…”

“What’s there to worry about when there’s ample money? He’ll manage on his own.”

Dwayne’s bright smile suggested he had no concerns.

‘…This man has certainly changed.’

Though Logan internally sighed, he felt no urge to do anything about it.

“Well, father will soon take over the regular troops’ training as well.”

“Wasn’t Patriarch planned to handle the knights’ training?”

“Soldiers are, broadly speaking, knight-in-training. Who knows if more Awakened will emerge under his tutelage?”

Placing talent in the appropriate roles was key to estate management.

Logan intended to keep his father busy, ensuring no regret for relinquishing authority too soon.

“Haha. Well, please proceed as you wish.”

Fortunately, Dwayne, now seemingly an absolute yes-man, posed no objections.

“Have all the vassals completed their work and returned home? We’ll need to gather them again in about a month, but let them rest well before that.”

“Are you referring to the village construction? That’s already been arranged. The vassals are responding well.”

“…The response is good?”

Even though they should be resting during the onset of winter?

“That’s the impact the young master has made.”

“I see…”

While Logan was yet to adapt to this situation, he decided to accept it, considering it to be a good thing.

“They will also be provided food. Besides, it’s their own homes they’ll be building.”

In hindsight, Dwayne’s reasoning did seem logical.

“And when we recruit soldiers…”


Suddenly, a piercing scream swallowed Logan’s words, coming from a distance. The agonizing cry drew their attention.



“Sounds like it came from the training ground…”

“It does. Isn’t that where the knight training is taking place now..?”


“…Save me…!”

“L-lord, p-please…”

“Ron! Snap out of it, open your eyes!”

Approaching the training ground, they could hear even more distinct screams of distress. Both men could hardly mask their bewilderment.

“Did knight training always sound… like that?”

Remembering the absurd horseback training, Logan tried to reason.

“It shouldn’t be…”

The dreadful wailing wasn’t typical.

“Well, it must be a new training plan by father.”

He must be quite determined.

It was unexpected, but Logan’s thoughts went no further.

“Just today, I’ve been put in charge of training the soldiers… Argh!”

“Leave all other matters to Logan. You’re training solely with me for a while!”

The knights learned inadvertently that one of their most essential duties had been entrusted to them on the spot.

‘Well, I’m in charge of recruiting soldiers anyway.’

For Logan, raising the level of the soldiers was not a bad turn of events.

But first, there was something else to handle.

* * *

“Why is Lord Logan acting like this? Lately, it’s almost like a dictatorship….”

Lately, these complaints had been frequently lodged with Dwayne.


“Young master must have his reasons. Why bother to question it? Now that the budget’s increased, you’re getting ahead of yourself? Where do you think that budget comes from! Eh? If Logan commands, you should do it. No questions asked!”

Dwayne no longer paid attention to the concerns of his subordinates, who asked why they needed to save money when there was an abundance.

“D-Dwayne, sir?”

Dwayne’s eyes reflected the realization that he was free to sign paperwork without worrying about the budget for the first time in his 20-year management career.

‘Twenty years in management, and I never knew how happy it could be to sign off on something without budget concerns.’

And he did not want anything to jeopardize that happiness.

“Are you going to spend ten million gold on gold bars?! For what reason? What are you planning to do?!”

However, Dwayne seemed to see a vision where the money that brought him joy was dissipating like mist.

“Next month, I’ll pay by ship. Don’t worry.”

Though it sounded like something a con artist would say, the man spouting those words controlled the finances.

“But still, why do we need such an absurd expenditure?”

“I’m buying mithril. Quite a lot of it.”



“What are you buying?”

“I’m buying mithril, about 100 kilograms.”

“Why in the world?!”

Dwayne’s scream almost sounded like a shriek.

Mithril, the metal known as the silver of gods, is a rare magical ore that naturally contained magical power. It was significantly stronger than refined steel—10 times so—and weighed only a third. It was usually found in small quantities within iron, gold, or silver mines and was valued at 1,000 times the weight of gold.

So, Dwayne had no choice but to be utterly flabbergasted by such news.

“What are you going to do with 100 kilograms of mithril!”

As always, Logan was not one to entertain counterarguments.

“Enough with ‘why.’ Aren’t you tired of it?”


“If I were you, I would have stopped out of sheer exhaustion. Have I ever been wrong in my decisions?”

“Well, yes, but…”

The undeniable reality created by his track record forcefully quelled Dwayne’s objections. He had much to say but couldn’t voice his objections. Seeing Dwayne in pain, Logan added an explanation.

“I’m planning to craft some weapons for the knights.”

“What?! Mithril weapons? That is utterly reckless…”

“Mithril isn’t reckless! I’m not giving them pure mithril artifacts. Even if they buy that much, considering the number of knights, mithril alloy is the best option.”

“Ugh, the gold mine has totally ruined your concept of money…”

Observing the despondent Dwayne, Logan comforted him further.

“The knights have been working for lower pay than those in other territories. Isn’t it time they received what they deserve?”

“But is mithril weaponry necessary for that?”

“We have the money, and we have dwarves. What else is there to worry about? That level of spending with a month’s revenue seems reasonable.”

“Reasonable… Haha.”

Extravagance can become a habit.

If this outrageous spending was considered reasonable, it could lead to a precedent of further similar occurrences.

In Dwayne’s imagination, the bright future he had envisioned was darkening in real-time.

‘I need to stop this. But I can’t…’

Nonetheless, the initiator of this extravagance had, true to his name, proven everything through accomplishments. Moreover, the gold mine was technically his own property, so there was no right to object.

“I’ve already decided. Keep that in mind. If there’s an urgent need for money, put it on hold for a bit.”

Leaving behind that declaration, Logan departed. Having made up his mind, he could no longer be stopped by anyone.


“…Patriarch, you gave up control too quickly. *sob*”

As the door closed, leaving Dwayne alone, the administrative officer could do nothing but mourn where no one else could hear.

‘Certain reinforcements to the knights’ prowess.’

Upgrading the quality of armaments.

To some, it seemed nothing less than a capricious waste, but to Logan, it was just another necessary task.

He would have liked to give them artifacts directly, but even with a gold mine, outfitting an entire knight force with pure mithril artifacts was impossible.

‘For a knight order mostly of average knights, pure mithril weaponry would be too light and wasteful.’

After consideration, this was the most rational choice.

Just possessing weapons made of mithril alloy could be expected to enhance their combat effectiveness by a minimum of 10% and up to 20%.

‘Maybe I should craft my own sword out of pure mithril?’

The thought alone brought a contented smile to his face.

Despite being a knight with no lack of ambition for a splendid weapon, he had never even laid eyes on mithril alloy weaponry in his previous life. Now, he felt that a little greed was permissible.


[It’s impossible.]

Philip’s firm statement brutally crushed those hopeful expectations.


Episode 53

“…Why? Why not?!”

[Mithril can’t be bought simply with money. Although its monetary value is as you mentioned, its scarcity means…]

“Are you saying it can’t be bought because it’s not available?”

He had thought money could solve most issues.

[If we must be specific, then yes, that’s the case. 100 kg? Such a massive purchase requires not just money but also power.]

In his past life, as Logan, who had been a mercenary barely able to even glimpse mithril, this was something he couldn’t have known.

“Huh…? Power?”

Logan was flustered by the sudden realistic obstacle.

But soon enough, he came up with a solution.

“The Sword Duke should have enough power, right?”

[What?! But will he personally intervene for just a transaction…?]

Philip expressed doubt, but Logan believed his relationship with the Sword Duke was more than ‘just a transaction.’

He couldn’t explain it in detail to Philip, but it was clear that the Sword Duke held more than just a buyer-seller relationship with him.

“There’s no harm in trying. I’ve got to talk to him.”

[I’m worried it might ruin the trust you’ve built for nothing.]

“Trust that’s broken with one request isn’t worth much. I just have to ask.”

Despite Philip’s worried expression, Logan immediately entered different coordinates into the communication device.

He had never used these coordinates since he got them, and while he was worried, thankfully the connection was made quickly.

[This is the residence of Duke Felix Esperanza. Connection coordinate… McLean? Please hold on a moment.]

[…Where is this? Anyone familiar? Some country …]

Although he heard some displeased remarks, the coordinates seemed accurate.

Then, about 30 minutes later.

[Did the Duke arrive already?]

[Damn it. Is there someone important in this backwater place?]

[Hey, the communication device is still on…]

[Ah! I messed up…]

[My apologies! The Duke will be here soon.]

After the commotion over the communication device, a familiar face appeared, followed by a voice he knew well.

[It’s been a while, Logan.]

“Did everything go well since we last met, my lord?”

[Yes. Except for my pupil, who didn’t send even one message.]

The Sword Duke seemed almost pettily upset.

“Ha ha. How could I dare to send personal news to you, my lord? I know my place.”

Logan’s smooth smile didn’t waver, regardless of the faint guilt now evident.

[You always did have a way with words. Well, your timing is perfect; I was thinking of thanking you, actually.]

Those unexpected words rang in Logan’s ears.

“Wha… What?”

Thanks for what? What had he done, unknowingly?

Or was it a disguised threat for not contacting sooner?

[Duke Esperanza, there’s 3 months of pregnancy and 3 months have passed. It’s been 3 months, and my hope has been fulfilled.]

The Duke’s radiant expression blew away all of Logan’s concerns.

“Gosh, congratulations, my lord!”

[Yes, thank you. It’s all thanks to you.]

“How could it be thanks to me, my lord? Surely it was your own effort… uh!”

Logan nearly blurted out too much and just barely held his tongue in time.

“Ahem. Surely, it’s a blessing from above.”

[Haha, you still speak so formally. Indeed, it’s a blessing and my own effort. But first and foremost, it’s thanks to you. I’m truly grateful.]

“Ah… haha.”

Without guile or calculation, the Sword Duke expressed genuine joy and gratitude, and a natural smile spread across Logan’s face.

“I’m glad my timing was good when contacting you.”

[Yes. If you hadn’t, I would’ve come rushing over to see if you mastered the Heavy-Pressing Sword Technique and whether you’re ready for the next lessons.]

“Haha. Even the thought is an honor… Cough! What did you just say?”

[Why, do you object? Should I just forget about it?]

“No, not at all! If that’s the case, I’d be grateful!”

Logan quickly declined, startled by the unexpected offer.

[That’s the spirit. Once the child is born, visit the capital again. My wife also wants to extend her personal gratitude. I’ll throw a lavish party for you.]

“Haha. There’s really no need for a party. Your words are more than enough.”

[Then should I not bother teaching you anymore?]

Logan’s refusal promptly disappeared at that remark.

“…What party? What’s the dress code? I’ll follow whatever you wish, as long as it’s not… a skirt.”

[Hahaha! Right, that’s more like you.]

What is this ‘like me’ you speak of?


‘It’s not bad news, but it’s complicating at this moment.’

He unintentionally connected on a trivial matter, only to be caught up in an important event…

“Ah! My lord. Before we speak of the party, might I inquire about acquiring some mithril?”

Logan almost forgot his essential reason for calling, swept up by the Duke’s sudden announcement.

[Mithril? You’re rich enough, just buy it.]

“Well… I need about 100 kg.”

[100 kg? Not 100 grams?]

“Yes. That’s why I’m contacting you.”

[Hmm. So you need power.]

Thankfully, the Sword Duke understood his request immediately.

[You’ve made so much money? Haha. That medicine must’ve indeed been something.]

Although there was a slight misunderstanding, Logan did not feel the need to correct it and just brushed it off with a laugh.

[Alright. I assume you have money; what do you need all that mithril for?]

“I want to provide mithril alloy armor for the knights who have worked hard.”

[For regular knights? Mithril armor?]


[Hahaha, I underestimated your generosity.]

“…Excuse me?”

[Well then, I like it. You’re worth investing in.]

Logan was perplexed by his growing misunderstanding.

[I’ll step in. Only need to help your subordinate in the capital?]

As the awaited words fell, Logan instinctively bowed deeply.

“Thank you, my lord.”

[Oh please, it’s nothing difficult. Just be sure to attend the party when my child is born. And by then, perhaps refer to me as your teacher. Let’s keep in contact more often.]


[Then, contact me again once the deal is done.]


As the communication ended with the Duke looking slightly embarrassed, Logan was left with a dumbfounded expression. It was only after a while that he clenched his fists and turned around.

And then.


In a space where no one could hear him, he let out a cry of joy.

‘To be the disciple of the Sword Duke. Good, good.’

He had merely planned to make a small request based on a past connection, but he found himself holding a golden lifeline.

Unable to hide his elation, Logan’s heart soared.

‘Once Hamar finishes with the crossbow and the town’s affairs, I’ll have to hand over the mithril to him.’

He nearly rushed to meet Hamar in his excitement, but eventually restrained himself.

‘Let’s honor his holiday.’

He remembered the greater efficiency when Hamar returned from a brief rest last time.

Not all people could run continuously like himself.

Hence, he decided to simply keep the future task in mind.

‘How benevolent an employer I am.’

Logan felt a sense of pride, having grown a step further.

Of course, he was unaware of the nightmare that woke the sleeping dwarf and that salt was being spread and spit on outside the lodging.

* * *

“To reenlist as a soldier… you say?”

There was reason for Kai’s skepticism.

At a time when the contract period for Logan’s mercenaries, hired in preparation for the war with Tesron, was coming to an end, the employer proposed something unusual.

“Yes. I’ll appoint you as an exclusive training instructor, with a knight’s treatment. Any other who desires will be hired as regular soldiers.”

The others were merely C-rank mercenaries.

Considering this, the offer was extraordinary, which made it even more…

“These men won’t accept it. Their monthly wages will be slashed.”

“But it’s steady work.”

“I wonder. Since it’s different from a long-term contract. Surely some desire the independence of a mercenary life.”

“You too?”

“I’d be content, being treated like a knight and instructing seems to suit me. Besides…”


“I wish to witness the growth of this family.”

At that response, Logan’s smile broadened.

“And you’re not eyeing potential spoils afterward?”

“Well, maybe a little.”

“That’s fine. As long as I can secure you, I can handle the others with a two-year contract or so.”

“And if anyone refuses…”

“They refuse. You know why?”


The reason was singular: the rapid-fire crossbow.

The design would eventually spread, but not yet.

Though some wanted to end their contract within a year, Logan had no intention of letting them go.

‘Even if there are interested parties already, like the Wolves, they’ll be doubtful after just one battle.’

However, once the civil war begins and the McLean family achieves another success, the situation will change completely.

‘Spies may infiltrate, theft or losses in battle may occur. Not everything can be prevented.’

At the latest, the crossbow would inevitably become widespread by the end of next year.

Therefore, the intent was to strictly control it until then.

“There will be backlash.”

“Suppress it. That should be possible for you.”

“But still…”

“Should they still wish to leave after that time, I have no objection.”



Kai’s emerald eyes bore into Logan with suspicion, but Logan did not avert his gaze.

“You’re sincere.”

“I’m always sincere.”

“…This isn’t preparation for war within 2 years?”

At Kai’s cautious inquiry, Logan let out a brief laugh.

“I’m not a warmonger.”

It’s simply that when the time comes, he must be ready to wage war.

“You have my… obedience.”

Unable to decipher the intentions behind Logan’s smile, Kai bowed again.

“Let’s start with soldier training then.”


“Recruitment of about a thousand training soldiers is planned, and along with the existing soldiers, basic martial arts and crossbow cavalry training will all be conducted.”


The first task handed to the official training instructor was even more perplexing than Kai could have imagined.

* * *

– Soldier recruitment notice. Eligibility: males aged 16-20. Simple tests conducted at McLean and Tesron castles…

The so-called ‘Miracle of the Wasteland’ had greatly bolstered trust in Logan and the McLean family.

However, it hadn’t immediately solved their subsistence issues.

Concerned about how long the food distribution could continue, and being dubious about the promise to carry on until next year, the majority of people with children of suitable age wished for them to enlist as soldiers.


“Rick’s son from the east village, Rom. He’s sixteen this year…”

“What sixteen! He barely looks thirteen!”

“Pan’s son from the west village, Raum. He’s sixteen this year!”

“Hey, he’s only fifteen! Don’t you remember the household survey during food distribution? What’s gotten into these people?!”

Parents were even trying to trick their way into getting their children into the recruitment by lying about their ages.

“Do we really need to recruit so many? If we just follow tradition and recruit around ten times the number of knights, that would be enough for now…”

“I’ve got this.”

Despite Dwayne’s persistent nagging, increasing troop numbers was an essential task Logan was committed to, despite the consequences.

He would have preferred not to limit the recruiting.

‘If it weren’t for the kingdom’s backward thinking, I’d recruit women without discrimination. If we did that now in our kingdom…’

He shuddered at the thought of the immense backlash such an action would generate.

The local resistance could somehow be quelled, yet the severe backlash from other nobles in the kingdom, whom they would need to confront and conquer eventually, was unmanageable.

‘The empire had many female knights.’

Regretting the outdated patriarchal culture of his current nation, he sighed.

‘Unless we conquer the entire kingdom… No, still problematic.’

Logan shook his head to dismiss the impractical thoughts.

‘Anyway, the number of soldiers isn’t what matters. It’s about finding those with the potential to become knights.’

The current enlistment was about planning for the distant future.

Merely having a large number of soldiers wasn’t very beneficial – they would only serve as auxiliaries.

Even assuming crossbows were distributed to every soldier, an additional thousand would suffice.

Moreover, with less than a year left until civil war, anything more was overly ambitious.

Even in this recruitment alone…

“Over two thousand have flocked. More than a thousand are just from McLean Castle.

The administration is overwhelmed by the numbers…”

“All the knights claim they have the authority to recruit for their own ranks. They even want to go to Tesron…”

Amidst the advisors’ individual concerns, Logan raised his hand to silence them.

“Instruct the knights to properly train themselves. I’ll start with McLean Castle, and Dwayne, Feran, and Rugel, you three will join me.”

“Why must I…?”

“Why, should I do it alone?”

It was supposed to be the knights’ duty, and they were eager, yet why involve the administrators?

The disapproving glares from those selected met Logan squarely, but he was unfazed.

‘New standards must replace old perceptions. Traditional knights won’t work.’

That’s why establishing clear criteria from the start was critical.

“Are all soldiers currently considered knight trainees?”

“Yes, although some have given up, regulations still…”

“Exclude those who gave up, but from the new soldiers, select those with talent or guts and group them separately. Create a knight trainee unit.”

“Excuse me? What about the others…”


Logan did not pay heed to the concerns of his vassals. Establishing a fresh batch of soldiers with a new perspective was vital. Despite the confusion this new direction might cause, the importance of upending old customs in favor of rigorous new standards was not lost on him.


Chapter 54: Elite Soldiers Supporting the Knights, the Regular Soldiers

The elite troops supporting the knightly order were essentially aspiring knights, otherwise known as knight trainees. Tasked with undergoing the rigorous training required to become a knight, they simultaneously assumed the roles of soldiers responsible for the peace and security of their domains. Not just in Maclaine, but in most territories, adolescent boys on the cusp of adulthood were tested for their physical abilities. Among them, only those who surpassed a certain standard and boasted remarkable strength were recruited and trained as soldiers. The grueling training was not merely a test of human limits but also aimed to nurture Force users.

Among the selected soldiers, those with talent would awaken to the Force during their training and become knights. Of course, the majority would abandon the path of knighthood and remain common soldiers, but even then they became a force to be reckoned with, vastly surpassing average conscripts in combat power. ‘Enduring the harsh training to become a knight certainly requires stamina. That’s what everyone thought.’

In fact, most knights were chosen through this method and only awakened to the Force after enduring many years of demanding training. There were also those who came from traditional knightly or noble families, awakening their Force from an early age through training within their households. Without any special secrets, these individuals didn’t necessarily have a higher chance of awakening to the Force. This in itself was evidence that the existing theories were flawed, but at the time, such awareness was not common among the people.

However, even at this time, the Empire was experimenting with a new theory. ‘Superior strength and Force awakening are distinct matters. Sensitivity might be more important,’ were the thoughts of the time. ‘There will surely be opposition within the Empire…’

Research conducted by the imperial Magic Tower over many years had led to this realization. They had collected data on individuals who had undergone even more rigorous training but failed to awaken to the Force, and based on this data, formulated their theory. The Empire accepted it as official doctrine and changed the entire process of recruiting regular soldiers.

As a result of focusing on recruiting children with exceptional senses and reflexes to serve as regular troops, the Empire would, after ten, no, just nine years, boast an overwhelming force of 50,000 knights in the impending war, crushing the neighboring nations with sheer might. Naturally, the Empire’s standards became known throughout the world thereafter.

‘Just looking at Ronian or Victor makes it clear that selecting soldiers based solely on physical strength is foolish.’ However, at that time, there were few who paid heed to this fact. They simply thought that a genius was different because they were a genius, recalling the approaching sight of the Empire’s knight legion that filled the horizon was enough to make one sick even now.

‘Then I should do it too. Even if it’s only within the domain controlled by our family. Nine years should be plenty for those with talent to become knights.’ That was why he was excessively investing in weapons and paying attention to the expansion of the regular soldiers. And to utilize them properly, standards had to be set from the beginning.

“How’s the situation with the regular soldiers now?”

“Out of the 502 who survived the last war, 402 excluding 100 have been dispatched on public order missions with General Vector at Teslon Castle.”

“Are all the knights in Maclaine?”

“As per your directive to not separate the main knightly force…”

Logan barely suppressed a snort. ‘Probably because of the knights who defected. Any excuse would have been pointless…’ The knights from Teslon numbered 32, not much different compared to the 41 surviving knights of Maclaine. Even with the presence of an upper-class knight, or rather now a high-class knight like Patrick Maclaine, it was impossible to let them operate separately.

‘Well, that’s probably for the better.’ There was no space in Maclaine to accommodate the accommodations of more than a thousand regular soldiers. It was also one of the reasons why there was a limit on the number of recruited soldiers.

“All the trainees to be recruited from Maclaine Castle will head to Teslon. From now on, Teslon will serve as our base for military training. Leave only the top fifty senior soldiers in Maclaine Castle. Notify all the soldiers.”


“We’ve got over 70 knights here; we don’t need that many soldiers.”

It was a potential problem that could arise when the number of knights surpassed that of the soldiers.


“Well, Father will keep the knights busy with continuous training. Just tell the remaining soldiers to work a little harder. The seniors have had it easy until now, haven’t they?”

In Maclaine Castle, the only source of pride was the stable public security. A decrease in soldiers was unlikely to pose an issue.

As if in agreement with his thoughts, resonant voices echoed from the inner training ground.

“Vicsel is wrong. Start over from the beginning!”

“You son of a…”

“Who’s talking during training! Double the work!”


‘It remains to be seen whether this will cause problems for the knights.’

Listening to the voices, which were a mix of shouting and screaming, Logan couldn’t help but smile faintly.

“Well, it’s not a bad thing.”

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