The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player (Novel) Chapter 138

Chapter 138 - End of Round 9

★ Round 9 Results ★

[General Area]

└ 1st place: Black Scythe (Level 89, Reaper) - 1,024 monsters eliminated

└ 2nd place: Cheonma (Level 43, Dark Knight) - 631 monsters eliminated

└ 3rd place: Foolish Idiots (Level 42, Shaman) - 574 monsters eliminated

[Specific Area C3-ESKA001]

└ 1st place: Black Scythe (Level 89, Reaper) - 1,024 monsters eliminated

└ 2nd place: Cheonma (Level 43, Dark Knight) - 631 monsters eliminated

└ 3rd place: Foolish Idiots (Level 42, Shaman) - 574 monsters eliminated

Although Black Scythe once again took the first place, players didn't show much interest in it.

Their attention focused solely on the ranking measurement method.

"By looking at how many monsters they defeated, could it be...?"

[Yes, what they are thinking is correct. This time, the ranking method was the number of monsters eliminated!]

"Ah... so, the first one was the best, huh?"

"Ah... I chose the third in vain."

"I'm ruined. I couldn't catch that many..."

While players lamented, a ranking message appeared.

Players who entered the top 3,004 positions cheered as if it were a stroke of luck.

Min Juri, with a relieved expression, was among them.

"Fortunately, I managed to enter the top positions."

Ryu Min, smiling slightly, looked at his message.

[Congratulations. You have completed the mission as the first in this area.]

[Congratulations. You have completed the mission as the first in the entire region.]

[Black Scythe's current ranking is first in the entire region and in this area.]

[As a reward for taking the first place in this area, a "material object selection coupon" will be granted.]

[As a reward for taking the first place in the entire region, a "special reward selection box" will be granted.]

After reading the message, Ryu Min used the material object selection coupon.

[Choose one of the following materials.]

└ 1. Resilient magic skin



└ 7. Highest quality resilient leather

└ 8. Dragon's bubbling liquid

└ 9. Ungrouped crystal

└ 10. Horn of Immortality

Checking the options, most were unique.

Of course, Ryu Min knew which one was the best, but...

'Number 7 is legendary.'

After obtaining a legendary material, Ryu Min used the special reward selection box.

[You can choose one of the following special rewards.]

[Touch the reward you desire.]

└ 1. 200% experience boost bonus (Valid for 10 rounds)

└ 2. 50% stat boost bonus (Valid for 10 rounds)

└ 3. Information about round 10

I don't need information about round 10.

So, what's more necessary between 1 and 2?

Ryu Min didn't hesitate and chose 2.

'In the next round, stats are more important than experience.'

Moreover, isn't it necessary to boost already high stats? If someone asked, it is.

'In round 10, there's an interval where having high stats is advantageous.'

Therefore, this round would also be crucial for Min Juri's buff.

Although it's not necessary to bring Min Juri every round.

[By the way, the secondary mission of this round was to find the hidden portal.]

"Hidden portal?"

"Was there something like that?"

[Player success, although not much interest in it. Anyway, it's time to disappear. Surely, you've checked your ranking. Goodbye to those below rank 3,005!]

"Ah, no!"

"Save meeee!"

The fervent cries were in vain, as around 2,000 players turned to dust and disappeared.

Although they didn't feel any special emotion seeing their companions vanish before, this time the surviving players couldn't help but feel melancholic.

Not because they mourned the loss of their comrades, but because they were the last players in Korea.

"Only 3,000 players in total in our country."

They sighed but didn't express it openly.

At this moment, the most important thing was that they had survived and could breathe.


[Complete Zone]

└ Survivors: 647,681

[Specific Zone C3-ESKA001]

└ Survivors: 3,004

[Soon, their souls will be transferred to their bodies in the original dimension.]

[Round 10 will start on October 1, 2022, at midnight. Congratulations on surviving!]


As soon as he returned home, Ryu Min sent a message to Min Juri.

[Ryu Min: Juri, did you survive?]

[Min Juri: Yes! Thanks to choosing option 1, I could easily overcome it. It seems like you did too, fortunately!]

[Ryu Min: Yeah, yeah. How about we meet to share information about the next round during lunch?]

[Min Juri: Sure, why not?]

[Ryu Min: Then, sleep well and see you at lunch.]

With those words, Ryu Min collapsed on the bed, falling asleep as if he had fainted.

Although he had regained his stamina and mental strength, after enduring 28 hours without sleep, he needed rest.

When he woke up, it was already daytime.

At lunchtime, Ryu Min met Min Juri at the agreed-upon place.

"Min Juri."

"Oh, Ryu Min."

"Are you hungry? Let's go quickly."

The two headed to a restaurant as usual.

In a quiet atmosphere, they discussed Round 9.

"Min, did you also receive a message? After completing the retaliation, it seems our mercenary rank has risen, right?"

"Ah, from apprentice to expert, right?"

"Yes, exactly! I'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing that our rank has risen."

"It's a good thing. With a higher rank, you can take on more challenging missions in the future."

"Oh, so does that mean we can get better rewards?"

"Yes. Mercenary work has its privileges in that regard. Aren't you a higher rank than us?"

"Really? But Ryu Min, how do you know these things? Did you predict it with your prophet abilities?"

"Of course. Why do you think I'm a prophet? If you don't know these things, you couldn't even present yourself as a prophet anywhere."

"Haha, you really make me laugh."

The story about the mercenary ranking was not false.

At times, when they experienced fantasy worlds like in an open-world game, what if they accepted missions from a group of mercenaries?

They could rise in rank, defeat more powerful monsters, and accumulate rewards and renown.

"And if it continues like this, we will eventually participate in wars and territorial battles."

But the highlight of rising in rank in a mercenary group was dragon hunting.

"Dragon hunting is not something anyone can do. You must be a master mercenary of maximum rank to intervene in the subjugation," he said.

Dragon hunting is, without exaggeration, the main reason for increasing rank as a mercenary.

Given that they are the most powerful monsters, not to mention the rewards.

"Min Juri, have you reached level 40?"

"No, not yet. Have you already achieved it?"

"Yes. This time, I leveled up to 41 and got a protection buff. I'll put it on you when you go, just in case it's dangerous. The world is dangerous now."

"Yes, it is. Only 3,000 people left."

"Even so."

Although he said it that way, the buff was exactly what Ryu Min expected.

"Well, you don't even have to ask. I used to put buffs on you even without asking."

So every time he gave her a prediction for the next round, Min Juri gave him a set of three buffs he wanted when they said goodbye.

"Thanks for the buff!"

"I should thank you for the prediction! Who knows if Round 10 will be a challenge for you."

"I don't think that'll happen. I saw you surpass it in the prediction."

Hearing those words reassured him. "Do you need gold by any chance? Now that there's a trading function, I can give you something if you need it. I have a lot of gold."

"No, I have plenty of gold."

"If you ever need it, let me know. I can give you as much as you want."

"I will. If that ever happens."

Ryu Min smiled at Min Juri in front of the convenience store and shook her hand.

"I'll contact you again next time."

"Yes, take care."

After receiving the buff, Ryu Min returned home, killed 100 worms in the bathroom, and got the extermination rune buff.

"Preparation is complete."

Ryu Min entered his room and put on his gear.

Changing his weapon to Death Scythe with stat options, he maxed out his luck stat.

"My current luck stat is 1,638. Is it because of the 70% improvement from Min Juri's blessing?"

He felt incredibly strong.

"So, should I start?"

Ryu Min took an item from his inventory.

This time, it was an Infinite Materials Bag he received as a reward from Akasic Record.

"With this luck stat, at least 5 material items are guaranteed. The question is how many will be God-rank..."

With the blessing, he would probably get more than before.

"So far, my best score was 3, so I can expect 4 this time."

Even if only three of the five materials were God-rank, it would still be a great harvest.


The bag in Ryu Min's hand disappeared with a bright light.

"Congratulations. You have obtained 5 material items!"

"The items will be delivered to the inventory."

He had hoped for five to come out.

The issue was their content.

Ryu Min checked the items that were delivered to his inventory.


He couldn't help but be surprised.

Because all five items obtained were God-rank.

"Only five God-rank materials, huh? Haha..."

And none of the materials were duplicates.

They were all different.

Of course, he didn't get Ether Condensed, which was the main God-rank material, but he already had it from the previous God-rank crafting reward.

He didn't know he would use it so soon.

"Since I have all the materials, I should do it right away. A God-rank set."

He decided to use a legendary weapon and planned to fill other parts with God-rank equipment.

"Seeing the available materials, the God-rank items I can make are..."

Ryu Min bought a normal item from the store.

Then, he placed all the materials on the combination window.

[Main Materials]

Luxury Iron Helmet
[Secondary Materials]

Ether Condensed

Black Iron Powder

Angel's Golden Powder

Bubbling Magic Solution

Adamantite Plate

With the available materials, Ryu Min was able to craft a helmet.

"Like armor, the helmet is also very important."

It couldn't be denied that armor protects the heart, and the helmet protects the head.

Ryu Min pressed the combination button without hesitation.

A golden light shone before his eyes.

[Combining a God-rank item.]

[It will become an item suitable for your current class.]

[Combination success.]

[You have created the 'Thanatos Helmet.']

[Thanatos Helmet]

Type: Helmet

Rank: God

Defense: 1,600

Effect: All attributes +50, can use the skill 'Death God.'

Durability: 20,000/20,000

Usage restriction: Master rank or higher

Description: A helmet created using the divinity of the death god, Thanatos. Grants additional effects when wearing the full set.

The options of the helmet were not bad.

With all attributes increased by 50, there was nothing to complain about.

However, there was one thing he didn't understand.

The skill 'Death God.'

"Probably people seeing it for the first time won't know what skill it is. There's no explanation, just says it can be used."

To see the skill description, he had to wear the helmet.

Of course, Ryu Min already knew it even without wearing it.

'I already made a God-rank in the last occasion.'

Therefore, he also knew how incredible the 'Death God' skill was.

Even if it only had that skill without other options, he would be satisfied.

'There's no other skill as powerful anywhere.'

Satisfied, Ryu Min put on the equipment.

When he used both the God-rank armor and helmet, the set effect was activated.

Thanatos Set Effect (2/5)

Set Effect 2: Resistance +20%

Set Effect 3: ????

Set Effect 4: ????

Set Effect 5: ????

Resistance, which was difficult to increase, went up.

For Ryu Min, it was also satisfying.

'When I use all the elements, my resistance will be quite high.'

In the Tower of the Test, the rewards from floors 97 and 98, which test the mind, increased resistance by 10%.

'With a 50% rainbow effect, the resistance obtained in the tower would be 20%, shared skill resistance effect of 15%, set effect resistance effect of 20%, and, when needed, with the skill tree's jade necklace at 35%, and the resistance ring at 35%... how about that?'

0.5x0.8x0.85x0.8x0.65x0.65=0.115. The calculation resulted in an 88.5% resistance against abnormal states.

'In other words, the probability of being stunned for 5 seconds is 11.5%. Even if that happens, it will recover in about 0.57 seconds.'

The resistance was high enough.

"Now you don't have to worry about abnormal conditions."

When Ryu Min checked the skill window, he noticed that a temporary skill called 'Death God' had been added.

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