The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player (Novel) Chapter 143

Chapter 143 - Practice

"We are here waiting for five minutes, and we will leave immediately when we receive an alert. The top priority is to arrive as quickly as possible, assess the situation, and save the citizens from threats," explained Ryu Min as he drew on the temporary meeting place's whiteboard.

Even though it was nighttime, the eyes of the members listening to the training gleamed with attention.

Ryu Min continued explaining, "Most criminal players feel special, but at the same time, they fear whether they will survive the next round. They are in a mentally unstable and dangerous state because they are pushed to the edge of a cliff."

The unit members nodded, recalling the fear of the next round they had experienced.

"When you are mentally exhausted, it's easy to fall into the temptation to do anything to avoid dying in the next round. That's why they have no brakes. They feel like they're going to unleash all repressed impulses before they fail."

Ryu Min explained that this was the reason why crimes by players were frequent.

"They commit crimes like robbery, looting, rape, and murder without hesitation. But now it's different. We have to instill fear in them and change the perception of citizens who distrust both the police and players."

The unit members mentally prepared themselves for the practical training that would follow.

"The real battle will take place in Seoul, where most players' residences are concentrated. Let's check if there are any received reports."

Ryu Min turned on the walkie-talkie and set the frequency to receive reports at any time.

"Good luck. Fortunately, there were no reports during the hour we were training. It's better not to have to go out to work," Ryu Min commented.

However, at that moment, a crackling sound came from the radio.

"An incident occurred, code zero one, an emergency bell report was received from a convenience store in Seongnae-dong. Confirm the exact location."

The alarm in the temporary meeting center also sounded, and Ryu Min commented, "You're not lucky."

The unit members prepared for the mission that awaited them, aware that the situation had changed.



The unit members, traveling in a van with police insignias, listened to the leader's explanations.

"Three minutes ago, a report came from a convenience store in Seongnae-dong. There is a high possibility that they are under threat from players since they pressed the emergency bell exclusive to them. It's an emergency situation."

The unit members became nervous upon hearing that it was an emergency situation.

It was their first time responding to a report while conducting a raid for drunk drivers.

"The criminal player is like a ticking time bomb that can explode at any moment. That's why quick decision-making is crucial. Today is the first day, so allow me to show you how it's done. Just watch how I do it."


Soon, after two more minutes, the reported convenience store appeared.

The unit members, who arrived exactly in five minutes, hurriedly entered following Ryu Min.

No, they tried to.

Until Ryu Min went back out onto the road.

"Eh? Why are you going out again?"

"We have already assessed the situation. Go take a look."

After entering for about 5 seconds, had they already assessed the situation?

The unit members entered the convenience store with perplexed faces.



A lamentable sigh erupted from the mouths of the unit members as they saw the scene.

The store owner, about 40 years old, who was presumed to be the informant, was already dead.

The cash register, turned into a bloodbath with a clear knife mark on the neck, displayed a heartbreaking scene.

"Damn bastard. Killing an innocent civilian..."

"Where the hell do you think this bastard went?"

Although the unit members were angry and searching the store, there were no signs of any suspects.

He probably snatched money from the cash register after killing the owner and fled.

The unit members bravely exited and approached Ryu Min, who was surveying the surroundings.

"Boss, we took a look."

"That's right, did you assess the situation already?"

"Yes. It seems the store owner, who appears to be a civilian in his 40s, is dead, and the criminal seems to have disappeared. But how could you assess the situation so quickly?"

"I entered and saw a civilian about 40 years old dead behind the counter, and no signs of activity detected by the sense. With just that, I can tell that the guy killed him and fled."

"Ah, so should we go in and look for evidence on the criminal? Or check the security camera recordings...?"

"It's not a simple criminal; it's a player. It's an emergency situation like a walking time bomb. There's no time to gather evidence or investigate calmly. We don't know when there might be another victim."


It wasn't an incorrect statement, so the unit members nodded their heads.

"So, what should we do now? We have no information on the criminal."

"No information. Judging by the situation, it seems like he left in a hurry. It's probably his first time killing a civilian. He won't be very smart."

"Eh? How can you know that?"

"Firstly, the cash register has no cash. His goal was the money. He achieved his goal, but still, he killed the owner. He probably did it out of fear of being reported. But why kill the owner and not erase the obvious traces? He left evidence stupidly after killing someone out of fear of being reported. Why did he do that?"

"Well, what do you think?"

"He probably got scared after killing someone for the first time. In other words, he's a novice not accustomed to this kind of thing. It's probably his first time killing an ordinary civilian."


The members were left dumbfounded by the swift conclusion.

Deciding everything with just a quick glance?

The unit leader turned out to be surprisingly astounding.

"So, where do you think the novice criminal who killed an ordinary civilian will go?"

"Well, I'm not sure..."

"In my opinion..."

Ryu Min moved toward an alley next to the convenience store.

"It's more likely he fled through this alley rather than the main street. He probably wanted to hide in dark places without attracting people's attention."

"Then, if we follow the alley, will we find him?"

"Yes, exactly. What we need in times like this is the environmental scanning skill. Why not try that skill first?"

Ryu Min used one of his common skills, [Environmental Scanning].

It's a function that displays a miniature map of the surroundings within a 500-meter radius.

In front of Ryu Min, a map window appeared, visible even to others.

On the map, many red dots were seen, clearly indicating the presence of living beings.

And among them, there was a dot that was moving.

"Look, do you see the guy running towards the alley on the map?"

"Oh, yes, I really see it!"

As Ryu Min said, there was a dot selectively moving only through the alley.

As if trying to avoid the gazes of people.

"There's a high probability that this guy is the culprit."


"So, let's catch him before he escapes."

"Yes, understood!"

The unit members followed Ryu Min into the alley.

But the distance quickly widened, and Ryu Min's figure disappeared from their sight.

"What, what's happening? Does the leader have that speed?"

Like a car or a bicycle, perhaps?

Although they were running with all their might, they couldn't keep up with Ryu Min's speed.

It was natural.

During the duel, he didn't carry items, but now Ryu Min wore full equipment.

Given the significant increase in agility stats, there was no way to match his previous movement speed.

While running without seeing the leader's figure, the unit members stuck out their tongues.

"We can't catch up. No way."

"It's really amazing the more you see it."

Losing sight of him, they had to rely on the environmental scanning skill.

The members who had the skill checked the map and pursued Black Scythe.

In a short time, the unit members could see Black Scythe and the suspect facing off in the alley.

But the suspect's arm wrapped around the neck of a person.

"Don't come any closer. Damn bastard!"

"Please, save me. Please, save me!"

A woman in her thirties was being held hostage by the suspect.

Once again, a player was threatening a civilian.

"That crazy damn bastard..."

Probably, while running through the alley, he encountered the woman and took her as a hostage.

Looking at the man holding a knife to the woman's neck, the unit members were sure.

This guy was the killer who murdered the bar owner and escaped.

"Who are you? Why are you chasing me? If you come closer, I'll cut this woman's throat!"

The unit members hesitated.

In a situation where a wrong move could result in a hole in the neck.

"Hey, miss, calm down..."

"Miss? Screw you! Do I look like a miss? Hey, you! And what's with that fixed gaze and not hiding your weapon? Are they your friends? Also, why aren't you hiding your weapon, all of you?"

"Please, save me..."

"Hey, you damn bitch, shut up for a while. Do you want me to stab you right here?"

It was at that moment.

A loud sound echoed.

The man's head exploded as if it had been hit by a bomb.

Ryu Min's scythe, extending like a whip, accurately pierced the face of the culprit.

A quick reaction without giving time for a response.


"Save me... aah!"

Terrified at the sight of the corpse, the woman recoiled as best she could.


Ryu Min, mercilessly, retrieved his scythe after killing the culprit.

In the face of his coldness, the group members were left speechless, without words.

"Are you okay?"

"Yes... yes..."

"Don't worry. You're safe now."

Ryu Min reassured the trembling woman and then turned to the group members.

"Why act like this?"

"Killing the culprit without arresting him..."

"According to the main laws of players, there are two cases where immediate death penalty can be applied to a criminal player. One is when the criminal has committed serious crimes like murder, robbery, or rape. The other is in emergency situations considered harmful to civilians. This individual fits both cases. Of course, killing the bar owner is just a suspicion, but by reviewing CCTV footage and matching the clothing, it can be proven. Even if not, he already posed a threat to civilians by attacking an ordinary person."


"On the field, quick decision-making is vital. How fast they catch the criminal can prevent additional victims. The same happened now. If I hadn't intervened, couldn't there have been a second victim?"

The group members couldn't deny it.

Probably, if Ryu Min hadn't pursued them, the woman might have died just by being in an alley.

Thanks to Ryu Min pulling out his scythe, the criminal got scared and could take the woman as a hostage.

"It wasn't safe to capture him alive in that situation. The death penalty was necessary in this case. The analogy of players as time bombs also applies to this. If you can't contain a time bomb that wraps around your entire body, the wise decision is to remove the detonator immediately."

In reality, rather than removing a detonator, Ryu Min simply crushed the brain, but the group members didn't consider it a cruel punishment.

They had already witnessed a brutal murder scene, which prevented them from feeling sympathy for the criminal.

Well, even if not, they were group members willing to punish criminals.

"Leader, what should we do with the corpse? Should we erase the traces?"

"No, we can't destroy the evidence. The police have already been called and are on their way here. We just have to deal with threatening players and report the situation. The rest is in the hands of civilians."

"Ah, I see."

"Do you have an idea of how to do it after seeing the example? The important thing is quick decision-making, criminal pursuit, and rescue of people. Depending on how fast they act, they can save lives. Understand?"

"Yes! Understood!"

Watching the group members, who were completely focused, Ryu Min smiled happily under his mask.

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