The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player (Novel) Chapter 146

Chapter 146

Members of the human trafficking organization, Mbako, were taken aback.

"Oh, I can't see the attack."

Their gaze shifted slightly downward.

In an instant, a taxi driver who had been doing steady business with the organization turned into a corpse.

"A scythe? Is that how it happened with that scythe extending?"

No matter how the scythe extended, what mattered was the speed that was so fast he couldn't even react.


Even though he held an automatic machine gun, Mbako was nervous.

A speed surpassing a superhuman, a weapon beyond common sense, a face that looked young.

In short, it was clearly a player he had only heard of in words.

"A player... facing a player in my life, damn."

He thought it was an ordinary man around 40 with a beard, but it turned out he was pretending to be a civilian to find their location.

"Who are you? Are you a cop?"

Mbako, speaking without thinking, corrected his words in his mind.

"No, that doesn't make sense. The police in this area have us all under control. Besides, that guy is Asian, right?"

Mbako aimed the gun again, not taking his eyes off his opponent.

Although he was called a player, he wasn't afraid as he had an invincible automatic machine gun.

If things got ugly, he could just shoot.

So, wouldn't any human die?

"Who are you? What organization do you come from?"

"Would you know if I tell you? Just come here quietly."

"Would someone like you go?"

When Ryu Min took a step forward, Mbako made a decision.

He would kill the opponent no matter who it was.

"Die, you bastard!"


Mbako had anticipated it before pulling the trigger.

The opponent, who turned into a honeycomb shortly after, would spill blood and die.

Anyway, in the end, wouldn't it be a human?

"Aren't you coming? If you don't come, I'll go."

When Ryu Min moved his feet, Mbako made up his mind.

He would kill the opponent no matter who it was.

"Oh, don't come! Don't come! Damn monster!"

He fired again, but...


Even before pulling the trigger, Mbako had already foreseen it.

The opponent turned into a honeycomb would dodge the bullets and come out unharmed.

An unbelievable scene to believe even when seen with your own eyes.

Ryu Min laughed as he looked at his surprised opponent.

"It seems like you only trusted the gun. No way."

With increased runes of balance and slaughter, Ryu Min's agility was 1,176.

Even with a machine gun faster than a pistol, it wasn't difficult to dodge the bullets.

"And also, with runes of the future."

Ryu Min laughed again and took another step forward.

"Oh, don't come! Don't come! You're a damn beast!"

He shot again, but...


Even though he pulled the trigger several times, he ran out of bullets.

"Well, let's reload..."

As he tried to change the magazine with trembling hands.


Seeing the opponent approaching so close, Mbako recoiled in horror.

"Don't you have bullets, right?"

"Hello, hello..."

Mbako, backing away, finally fell backward.

Ryu Min did nothing.

He just watched as the guy trembled in fear.


Yamti, hiding behind, peeked her head out.

"Yes, sir."

"Subdue this guy. And tell him to lead the organization to the boss."


Quick steps echoed as armed comrades with machine guns approached.

"Mbako, are you here?"

"Suddenly heard gunshots, what's happening?"

At that question, Mbako shrugged as if it wasn't a big deal.

"The humans we captured for human trafficking rebelled, so we scared them a bit by shooting the ground."

"These are the humans you captured? Really?"

"That's what happened?"

The comrades couldn't continue talking.

Ryu Min mercilessly cut their throats with his scythe.

Tap, tap, tap.

Watching the heads fall one after another, Ryu Min spoke coldly.

"Keep going. Towards where the boss is."

It was time to start cleaning up the trash.


A nauseating basement where not even sunlight reached.

Subina, an ordinary 30-year-old woman, cried behind the bars.

"If only I had been born two months later, I could have been a player. Then... I wouldn't have been trapped in this hellish place..."

Normally, the idea of living a life with a time limit like a player would lead to despair, but Subina was different.

Instead of lamenting not becoming a player with just a few months' difference, she regretted not doing so.

Being trapped in this hellish place was simply due to her lack of strength.

"How much time has passed?"

She didn't know how many days had passed since she was kidnapped, but she had seen a lot in this place.

People were beaten like cattle if they didn't like their looks, and organization members would often take women with lustful looks.

The looks of the women who returned after being taken were heartbreaking, like those of someone missing a screw.

It was obvious what they had done to them.

Sometimes, someone new would appear and point at women in the market as if choosing merchandise, but they never appeared again after choosing.

"Still, is it better than what happens to others? Nothing has happened to me yet..."

When Subina was first captured here, she remembered the words of a man who seemed to be the boss.

"Is her face and figure totally my style? Guys, don't touch this woman. After settling the pending matters, we'll loot her starting from her."

"Yes, boss. We'll make sure to take care of her in the meantime. Haha."

Apparently, he liked how she looked, and that's why nothing had happened to her so far.

"I definitely heard it. They'll loot me."

Subina, hugging her knees, buried her head deeply.

How would cattle feel knowing they will be sacrificed?

Since she realized that something terrible was about to happen, each passing hour became unsettling for her, and she couldn't help but pay attention to every step she took.

This time, it seemed to be her turn.

"If I were the player, this wouldn't have happened to me..."

Helplessness consumed the defender's mind.

"I'd rather, I would prefer to bite my tongue and die..."

Although she had considered suicide several times, the accompanying pain was too terrifying.

But thinking about the pain that awaited her in the future, suicide seemed like the right option.

"What the hell should I do...?"

At that moment, he heard footsteps in the quiet basement.

As if not having time to think, the steps were fast.

"Oh, oh. Ah, he's here. It must be the boss."

But what he heard in his ears was the voice of a woman he had never heard before.

"Eh? Is there someone here too?"

The defender, who was closing his eyes in fear, slowly opened his eyes upon hearing an unfamiliar foreign language.

It was a woman.

Moreover, an Asian woman dressed strangely.

"That attire... could she be a player?"


When she broke the padlock on the gate with a knife in hand, the defender realized.

A strength beyond the category of an ordinary person.

That woman was a player.

But why was she breaking the padlock?

Perhaps because she thought there was no hope, the defender didn't even realize that he was being saved.

"Come out, quickly."

When Yamti gestured, the defender came out with a confused expression.

"Where the hell do you plan to take me?"

"What are you saying? Just follow me."


Even though he was told to follow, the defender stood staring foolishly, and Yamti took his hand and dragged him along.

The two who came out of the nauseating basement stepped outside the building.

It was a space with scattered trees and an open area like a courtyard.

Under the streetlights, people gathered making noise.

"What, what is this? It's scary."

Although the defender remained on guard, his expression relaxed a bit upon seeing the faces of the people gathered under the lights.

They were none other than the kidnapped women he had seen here before.

"What is everyone doing here...?"

At that moment, the defender was surprised to see a pile of bodies beneath his feet.

They were human corpses.

It took him a while to realize the scent of blood that wafted up, but that too lasted a moment.


When he saw the face of the head of the organization that had intimidated him, surprisingly, the repulsive feeling disappeared.

The corpses were not just that.

Upon closer inspection, he saw that there were numerous bodies that seemed to be members of the organization.

"What, what happened...?"

At that moment, a suspicious man with a white mask approached the Asian player.

"Yamti. Have all the kidnapped ones been freed?"

"Yes. I examined them with my perception, and everyone here is the ones who were."


Ryu Min counted the people who had gathered.

They were all women, exactly 12 in total.

They were all locked in gates arranged in different parts of the building.


When Ryu Min greeted in English, all eyes turned towards him.

Since the English he used was common in Nigeria, no one could understand it.

However, perhaps due to the masks, everyone looked at him with cautious eyes.

"There's no need to be so on guard. As you can see, we are players who came to rescue you. You've already seen the evidence, right?"

When Ryu Min pointed downwards, the women nodded.

The individuals, worse than demons who mocked them, were now reduced to a handful of pieces of meat.

Ryu Min intentionally didn't erase his traces to show the women.

"As you can see, I killed the head of the organization. I also eliminated the 21 members of the organization who were here. The total threat has disappeared, so you can rest easy. In other words, you are free. You can go home."


"Are we really free?"

At the incredulous question, Ryu Min took out the car keys from his pocket.

"Here are the car keys I picked up from the organization members. If anyone can drive, you can take the car home. Here you go."

When Ryu Min handed over the keys, the women, finally feeling the reality, began to cry.

"Haha, thank God. Really, thank you."

"Now I can go home."

Ryu Min knew how many days of suffering the women trapped here had gone through, thanks to the tales of their atrocities by the head of the organization.

"They've been kidnapping travelers and ordinary people over 30, seemingly harmless, and keeping them imprisoned as if they were a handful of meat to sell to other organizations for large sums. In other words, we could call them first-tier suppliers."

In the process, verbal abuse, beatings, threats, and rape were common.

In cases where a virgin was needed, even the rapes were controlled, but according to the kidnapped women, it was equally despairing.

"Anyway, this organization is just a human trafficking gang, not IS1S."

Ryu Min had already investigated IS1S in his previous attempt to build his reputation with Black Scythe.

But he didn't know exactly where the headquarters of IS1S was.

He thought it wasn't worth remembering, as they changed locations all the time, and he didn't need to remember.

"Anyway, if we gradually unravel from the grassroots organizations, we will eventually reach IS1S."

He had found the leader of IS1S in this way in a previous attempt.

And now, with Yamti included, it would be even easier to gather information and lure them.

"No need to take many cars, just take two. After driving, get rid of the cars to avoid being traced."

"Thank you, thank you so much."

"Thanks for saving us."

"You are our savior."

The women expressed their gratitude, crying towards Ryu Min.

Curiously, the same Subina, who used to express gratitude among the women, didn't ask what really mattered.

"But, what is our savior's name?"

At the expected question, Ryu Min smiled from behind his mask.

"I am Black Scythe. Just remember that."

"Black Scythe..."

"I'll remember."

"I won't forget."

Ryu Min didn't hesitate to reveal his nickname.

Even this anecdote of rescuing women from the human trafficking organization would be useful to build Black Scythe's reputation.

That was also one of the reasons why he wore the mask.

"Go, it's getting late."

When Ryu Min waved his hand, Subina asked.

"But, aren't you leaving, Black Scythe-nim?"

"I'll stay here for some things I need to do. Go, please."

"Ah, then I'll go first."

"I won't forget this favor."

"I really appreciate this."

The women showed their first bright smiles.

So, when the women left in the van, only Ryu Min and Yamti remained in the organization.

Ryu Min erased all traces by disposing of numerous corpses.

Then, he extended his hand towards Yamti.

"Did you pick up that guy's phone?"

"Yes. Here it is."

Ryu Min took the phone from the deceased boss and sent a message in English.

[Three women, one man, urgent, at a 20% cheaper price. Please contact.]

It was a message sent to the contact book of the organization listed as the business partner.

Soon, he received a response.

[Okay. I'll come now.]

"It seems the bait worked."

Ryu Min smiled at the corner of his lips.

"So, should we prepare the welcome for the guest?"

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