The Main Characters That Only I Know (Novel) Chapter 5

Chapter 5

After the contract was over and the mission was successful, I was able to take a closer look at my surroundings.

‘I heard that she had a hard time before she was called the Sword Master, but this is a bit too much.’

At first, I wondered what was going on.

The Sword Master I knew was a collector who was admired by everyone and had charisma.

There was even a rumor that she grew up in a wealthy family because she was so noble.

‘She lived in this shabby and cramped goshiwon, wearing worn-out training clothes and eating cup noodles while blowing on them.’

At this point, it was beyond absurd and pathetic.

I opened the book floating above her head. 

I checked only the part of her characteristics as a collector.

Name: Kang Hye-rim

Traits: [Sword Master of Goryeo Era] Body and Sword as One Blue Sky Sword Path

‘Wow… This is crazy.’

As soon as I checked her traits, I couldn’t help but be shocked inside.

I had to admit that she was definitely the Sword Master just by looking at her traits. 

But, I didn’t know she was this amazing.

‘She has three protagonist-level traits. And one of them is even Cheok Jun-gyeong’s [Story].’

Collectors are given traits when they awaken their power by joining the Genesis System.

And these various traits are naturally divided into grades, and in the mixed world, they were divided into four major categories.

Protagonist-level, Main Character-level, Supporting Character-level, and Extra-level.

For the spirits, the humans of the lower world. 

In other words, for collectors, it was no different from the [Stories] that tellers show.

And as with all stories, there had to be main characters, supporting characters, and protagonists.

Of course, the best ones were protagonist-level traits.

‘She has three protagonist-level traits. And two of them are still unawakened. The first one she awakened is this one.’

Moreover, the other unawakened traits were also related to swords by their names. 

If all three of them opened their eyes, they would create a synergy effect and produce tremendous results.

She had such traits, so she became stronger and successful so quickly after her appearance.

‘Is that the future Sword Master? This is amazing.’

She had such traits, but it was surprising that she lived like this.

She could just apply to some giant clan and say that she had Cheok Jun-gyeong’s [Story], and they would all want to take her in.

‘Come to think of it, it’s really strange. Why does she have such abilities, but live like this?’

I looked at Kang Hye-rim with a blank expression and suddenly thought of one hypothesis that crossed my mind.


I thought it wouldn’t be true, but I cautiously called her.


“Yes, yes! Teller!”

She looked like a princess who was chosen by a prince, clasped her hands together and listened to my words attentively.

I couldn’t control my expression because of her dazzling gaze, so I lowered my hand and said.

“Please call me Kang Yu-hyun comfortably. And I just found out through the contract, but you know what your trait is, right?”

“My trait?”

She opened her eyes wide and tilted her head.

“Isn’t my trait really bad?”


What is she talking about?

When I urged her to answer with my eyes, she squirmed and whispered in a crawling voice.

“Oh, I learned in basic education that I shouldn’t talk about this trait carelessly.”

“It’s okay with me because we have a contract.”

She seemed to have gained courage from my words, and Kang Hye-rim said shyly.

“The name of the trait is Sword Master of Goryeo Era. Anyone can see that it’s a ridiculous name.”


I was speechless for a moment.

Is she serious about saying that? 

She dismissed the protagonist-level trait that others couldn’t get even if they went crazy as a joke?

I must have looked incredulous because she hastily added an explanation.

“Re, really! Look. The word of an old country called Goryeo and the word of a fantasy world called Sword Master are together. Who wouldn’t think it’s a weird trait? It’s like a joke. A joke.”

“No, that’s…”

I closed my mouth as I tried to say something.

One thing I could be sure of was that Kang Hye-rim really didn’t know how great her trait was.

“This. You haven’t told anyone else about it?”

“No. Usually no one asks me. There is a law that allows collectors to hide their trait information if they don’t want to.”

Kang Hye-rim smiled bitterly and continued.

“Honestly, I want to tell you, but it’s embarrassing. Sword Master of Goryeo Era. Who would believe such a thing?”



I understood the situation roughly.

Why she lived in this room with such a trait. 

Why she was different from the past her I knew.

‘Ignorance is really scary.’

To a child who knows nothing, a dazzling diamond is just a pretty stone. 

Until someone tells them, it’s hard to know clearly about its value.

What Kang Hye-rim showed was the same principle.

That’s why the Sword Master lived like this.

Of course, I was glad of this situation.

She didn’t know her trait? 

I was grateful that she didn’t know. 

Thanks to that, I was able to take it.

She seemed to see something different from me, and Kang Hye-rim asked carefully.

“Uh. Are you disappointed? Because my trait is weird? Don’t, don’t cancel the contract! I really might get kicked out of the goshiwon if I do this…”

“No. It’s not because of that. I have something else to think about. I’m not disappointed. It’s good if it’s good.”

“Re, really?”

“Yes. Really.”

I answered with confidence to her who was worried. 

She still lacked awareness of her abilities, so her self-esteem was very low.

Anyone would be like that if they lived in this environment.

‘Anyway, I solved the mission with this. It doesn’t matter if it’s fast or slow as long as I make a contract.’

I also got a message that I was promoted to an employee. 

But, I didn’t think it would end here. 

To be exact, I thought it was just the beginning.

As if to prove it.


Another message was delivered through the system window.

[Mission-Entrance Ceremony]

You have taken a great first step as a teller. As a regular employee, you will perform your given role as a teller from now on. As a congratulation for you, an entrance ceremony will be held soon.

Content: Please attend the entrance ceremony. (This mission cannot be refused.)

Success: Rewards vary depending on your actions.

[Would you like to leave now?]


[PS. If you do not take any action, you will be moved automatically after 5 minutes.]

‘Here it comes.’

I thought there would be a time when they would call me to the headquarters even if they were an organization that threw me into the field as soon as the mission started. 

Apparently, this was exactly that timing.

‘The timing is perfect.’

I wanted to sort out the situation with Kang Hye-rim as soon as possible, but I didn’t have enough time.


“Yes. Teller Kang Yu-hyun.”

“I think I’ll be away for a while.”

“Yes?! All of a sudden? How long are you away?”

“I can’t be sure about that. I just have to leave right away.”

I thought for a moment and said.

“Well, I’ll give you some light advice before I go. Hye-rim. What equipment do you use?”

“Me, I use a shield.”

She said that and lifted up a shield that was stuck in the corner of the room. 

The room was so messy and unorganized that I thought it was a pile of junk. 

I didn’t know that it was the equipment that was given.

“Did you exchange it for a weapon?”

“Yes. No matter what, I don’t have any combat-related traits, but strangely, I’m so strong. So I thought it would be better to hold a shield and stand in the front line.”𝕟𝗼𝘷𝒆𝑙𝚋𝓲𝔫.𝘯𝖊𝑡

“You must have received basic education and training when you first awakened as a collector, right? You didn’t hold a shield when you took combat-related classes, did you?”

“Oh. I held a spear then. The reach was long and stable, so the instructors recommended it.”

She avoided swords as much as possible.

Well, people call swords the cure-all, but that’s wrong knowledge. 

If swords were the best, there would be no weapons other than swords in the world. Why would there be axes, spears, bows? 

Only ignorant people say that.


I knew what state she was in, so I had an idea of what advice to give her.

“Hyerim. Listen carefully. First of all, exchange this shield for a sword that is given as basic equipment right away. You still have time to exchange it, right?”

“Oh, yes.”

“Be sure to change it to a sword. And even if you don’t go inside the gate, just practice swinging the sword in a wide place.”

“Yes? Is that enough?”

“That’s enough. No, you’ll know for yourself. How ridiculous that [Sword Master of Goryeo Era] trait you have is.”

I wanted to explain more, but there wasn’t much time left.

“Just practice as I told you.”

I urged her strongly for the last time and pressed the [YES] button right away.

In an instant, my sight changed and I was standing somewhere else.

Looking around, I saw the scenery of space. 

The brilliant starlight and nebulae, and the flowing Milky Way.

The place where I arrived was a train station floating in space.

As I looked around, tellers who had already arrived were gathered together. 

The white rice cakes were clustered together like a group of rabbits.

“Are they all here?”

Then a voice came and a teller with a deer head made of bones appeared.

He glanced at the audience and checked that no one was missing. 

It seemed like his eyes lingered on me for a long time.

‘Well. Is that natural?’

Looking around me, the other guys were still like newborns who hadn’t taken shape yet. 

Only I looked like a normal person, so I had to attract attention.

I looked over his head. 

Of course there was a book on him, and it was silver.

“Hmm. It looks like everyone is here.”


As he said that, a train horn sounded from afar.

Everyone’s eyes turned to that direction. 

From afar, a light came across space and approached quickly.

It didn’t take long to realize that it was a train.

‘Space train.’

It was a train specially made for traveling around various spaces in this mixed world.

It looked like a train made after the industrial revolution, but it was never something to be treated the same as that.

The tellers including me got on the train as soon as it stopped and sat down in an empty seat.

As I looked out the window at the outside scenery, the train started again with a powerful horn.

In an instant, the station became distant, and the vast scenery of space colored the window.

‘SKY Corporation.’

I saw that sight, but my mind was only on the destination of this train.

One of the three major teller organizations in the mixed world, SKY Corporation.

And it was also known as the most popular organization, so I heard a lot about it in my previous life. 

I even had some acquaintances in the accounting department.

But even so, I had never been to the headquarters.

It was a forbidden area that only accounting department employees could go to.

‘I wonder what kind of place it is.’

There was too much going on today.

But, I still had things to do.


An exclamation burst out from the rice cakes in front of me.

I was sitting by the window and I knew why right away.

‘We’re here.’

SKY Corporation

From the other side of space, the giant organization slowly revealed its appearance.


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