The Main Characters That Only I Know (Novel) Chapter 182

Chapter 182

Lao Chen broke out in a cold sweat.

What the hell was going on? 

He had clearly stabbed him in the heart. 

He had done it with his own hand, and he could still feel the sensation of piercing the heart on his fingertips.

He had not made a mistake. 

He was not so inexperienced to make a mistake.

‘Then, what the hell is that?’

Teller, who had been dead, suddenly came back to life. 

Not only that, he also showed a strange power that he had never shown before.

Especially that black mask on his face, it looked so creepy that it stimulated his instincts.

It took about one second for Yu-hyun to get up from his seat and complete the mask.

It took about 0.5 seconds for Lao Chen and the old man next to him to realize the situation and move to kill him.


In the slowly flowing world, Lao Chen’s tattoo swelled up. 

His arm, which was implemented in the shortest and fastest way, had changed more ferociously than before. 

That huge twisted arm tried to reach Yu-hyun.

But Yu-hyun was no longer there.

‘He disappeared?! How?!’

Lao Chen quickly rolled his eyes.

He had not taken his eyes off Yu-hyun since a while ago. Without any carelessness, he kept watching Yu-hyun. Yet he missed him. 

The old man next to Lao Chen was the same.

Yu-hyun revealed himself near the skinny man who stood in front of Seosumin.


He was focused on Seo sumin, so he noticed Yu-hyun’s approach too late.

How did the dead guy?

As his eyes of disbelief captured Yu-hyun’s figure.


With a gesture of Yu-hyun’s hand, the man’s head disappeared.

Blood splashed, and the headless body collapsed weakly.

Everyone looked at that scene with disbelief.

Lao Chen’s group, Seo sumin, and even the spirits.

In the quiet world, only Yu-hyun was the conductor who made sound.


Yu-hyun clenched and unclenched his hand that was overflowing with power from his whole body. 

The pierced wound had all healed. 

A black leather glove was wrapped around his hands without him noticing.

[The spirits are shocked.]

[The spirits widen their eyes and wonder what is going on.]

The spirits who were watching the scene all spat out shock without anyone to do anything.

They saw Yu-hyun’s death.

He died, and they sensed that this library was over. 

They were sorry and angry, but they couldn’t help it. 

They couldn’t interfere with the matter of limits.

Thorough spectators.

Spirits were originally such beings. 

They enjoyed the stories of limits, but they didn’t pour their sincerity into them.

Even those spirits were ‘sincere’ly surprised by the current situation.

It was impossible for the story that they thought was over to reignite strongly unless they turned back time.

Another emotion sprouted in somewhere in the hearts of the spirits, pushing aside the shock.

It was an expectation that was qualitatively different from what they had shown so far.

The starlight’s interest filled with desire and curiosity focused on Yu-hyun.

‘I’m alive.’

Yu-hyun touched his heart with his hand.

Thump. Thump.

The heart that should have been gone was beating again fiercely.

But Yu-hyun knew. 

This was not really a heart.

‘I succeeded.’

The gamble that could overcome this situation succeeded.

Yu-hyun felt a strange exhilaration as Celine’s voice came to his ears.


‘What is it?’

-Ho, how… How did you…?


Instead of answering Celine, Yu-hyun turned his head to Seosumin. 

Seo sumin also looked up at him with disbelief in her eyes.

She had witnessed Yu-hyun’s death clearly. 

Yu-hyun, who threw himself to save her when she lost consciousness, was stabbed in the heart while covered in blood.

She thought he died.

And Seosumin despaired of everything.


“You were… alive?”

He didn’t just come back to life. 

He became much stronger than before.

And what the hell is that devil’s mask on his face and the red eyes like rubies?

Yu-hyun grabbed Seosumin’s hand and lifted her up. 

The light from the mask was blazing like hot magma.

“Did you just think that you wanted to die?”

Yu-hyun’s bleak voice coldly woke up Seo Sumin’s mind.

“You thought that it was okay to die now that things have turned out like this, right? You tried to run away again, even though I told you not to, right?”

“I, I…”

“Shut up.”

Yu-hyun grabbed Seo Sumin’s chin and lifted her head up.

 He forced her to look at his face, even though she tried to avoid his gaze.

“You won’t die.”

And then, he declared.

To her who had given up on everything.

“I won’t let you die.”

He said something that was no different from a curse.

“Even if you are tired of life, tormented by the past, and despairing of the present. I won’t let you die. You have to know this. The real pain is not dying, but living. Do you want to die? Do you want to close your eyes? I won’t let you choose such an easy way out.”


Tears flowed from Seo Sumin’s eyes.

She didn’t know why. 

She wasn’t sad. 

She just cried.

Yu-hyun raised his hand and wiped away the tears that ran down her cheek.

“Don’t be tormented by your sins. Face them and accept them. All the things that you have done, everything.”

Like a whisper of a devil.

Yu-hyun’s voice slowly seeped into Seo Sumin’s heart.

It chained her who was trying to fall into hell by herself and bound her with a chain.

Lao Chen and the old man belatedly realized that Yu-hyun had killed his own comrades.

“What the hell, when did you…!”

Lao Chen tensed up and glared at Yu-hyun’s back of the head, but Yu-hyun didn’t care about them at all.

He wiped away Seo Sumin’s tears and looked at something else.

[Probability 0.0032%. You have realized an impossible possibility.]

Yu-hyun felt his heart sting, and just before he collapsed.

He spent a huge amount of points on his body and engraved a single mark.

The enhancement of the body to withstand the enormous power.

[All the things that made the impossible possible for you until now become one story.]

Just before he lost consciousness in the last second.

Yu-hyun took out an item from his inventory as he fell.

It was the ‘Fruit of Life’ that Satan had given him as a gift.

[The power to turn possibility into reality dwells in your body.]

Yu-hyun shoved the Fruit of Life into where his heart should be.

It was a crazy thing to do. 

To put a foreign object into a wound.

He felt a terrible pain, and he was so miserable that he almost lost his mind, but Yu-hyun clenched his teeth and endured it.

He forced his hand deep into his chest, and the Fruit of Life took the place of Yu-hyun’s empty heart.

[The power to turn impossibility into possibility dwells in your body.]

The Fruit of Life had an intense life force. 

Even an ordinary collector would explode or mutate if they ate it without being able to withstand the power of life.

That was why Yu-hyun had left the great item called the Fruit of Life alone until now.

Yu-hyun thought of a possibility that could be called insane in his last moments.

‘If I consume the Fruit of Life, I will lose a lot of power and it will be hard to absorb it.’

But what if this Fruit of Life becomes part of my body?

Like a dragon heart that only dragons have.

What if this Fruit of Life, which emits endless energy, becomes a source?

The answer was right now.

Complete assimilation.

He replaced the center of all life, the heart, with the Fruit of Life, and poured his enormous points into strengthening the vessel to suppress any possible runaway.

It was a dangerous gamble that could end up dying in vain if he made even a slight mistake.

A probability of 0.0032%, which was extremely low.

Yu-hyun grabbed the possibility that was almost closed with both hands and tore it open, forcing it to unfold.

That led to resurrection.

All the great achievements that had accumulated until now exploded at this point and gave Yu-hyun one story.

[The probability of breaking through the Ottoman army and leading to victory.]

The charge that everyone thought was impossible, risking their lives.

[The probability of finding light in the collapsing abyss.]

The faith that created a foothold for reversal in the collapsing world.

[The probability of achieving an impossible victory against the sea demon.]

The victory he obtained after fighting with the ruler of the ocean.

[The probability of resurrecting from death.]

And finally.

The miracle of coming back from death.

[You have gained the power to turn possibilities into reality.]

All of those things came together

and created one story.

[You have acquired a fragment of Maxwell’s Demon.]

At the same time, a fragment of Laplace’s Demon reacted.

[New fragment acquired.]

[TYPE: Maxwell]

[Synchronization complete.]

Laplace’s Demon

Maxwell’s Demon.

The two powers merged into one, and formed a mask on Yu-hyun’s face.

[Incomplete Mask of ■■■■]

Two red glows, symbolizing the power of the two demons, flowed out.

Uncertainty, which he thought could never exist again, descended upon reality.



Satan, who had been watching everything without missing a single scene, burst into laughter.

From his residence, the endless lake of ice Cocytus, Satan’s laughter echoed through the frozen sky.

The ice in the frozen sky shattered, and huge icebergs that spanned tens of kilometers fell like hail.

[As expected, my choice was not wrong!]

He saw potential in Yu-hyun.

The fragment of the story that he possessed, but could not use himself.


He had hoped and gambled that Yu-hyun might be able to use it. 

And his gamble paid off successfully.

[Hehe. Oh dear.]

And then, from beyond the faraway space.

He felt a very hot light glaring at him.

The lofty light of heaven, the one who resembled the supreme light the most, and who had been his enemy since the beginning of time, the angel had doubts.

Satan did not react. 

He was in a very good mood right now. 

He could even laugh off Michael’s provocative behavior with ease.

[You better keep watching.]

With words that no one knew who he was talking to, the three-headed snake muttered.

[The story of this world will go towards an ending that even we do not know. Unlike the ‘previous’ one.]

His voice was cold and echoed quietly in the dark world.


Yu-hyun, who wore a black mask, loosened his tie slightly. 

Lao Chen and the old man tensed up at his sight.

They didn’t know how it happened, but Yu-hyun, who should have died, came back to life. 

And he became much stronger than before.

‘Even so, he’s already died once. It might be a very temporary power.’

Lao Chen did not like to deny common sense. 

He thought that even if his resurrection was a miracle, it would end there.

Lao Chen sent a signal to Wang Xian, who was watching the situation from afar and pulling his bowstring hard.


The bowstring that contained a tremendous amount of tension snapped and a dark iron arrow tore through space.


The distance was over 2km, but it took very little time to reach. 

Wang Xian also saw the situation. 

He fired his strongest strike that he could. 

And that was three shots in a row.

He aimed for Yu-hyun’s temples, forehead, and heart.

Three black snakes targeted Yu-hyun’s vital points and cunningly bared their fangs.

Yu-hyun, who had been still, reached out his hand. 

As if trying to catch a pesky fly, Yu-hyun lightly swung his hand.

From inside to outside, he swung his hand and three arrows were caught between his fingers.

‘This crazy…!!’

Wang Xian’s eyes widened as he watched him through his skill. 

His strongest attack that could easily pierce an armored car was caught by Yu-hyun’s hand so easily.

He didn’t think it was a coincidence. 

He didn’t know what kind of trick he used, but he definitely became stronger.

Wang Xian wondered whether he should launch another attack or run away.

At that moment, Wang Xian realized that Yu-hyun was looking at him.

‘He saw me? No way. The distance is too far! I can barely reach him with my skill…’

Found. You.

His spine chilled.

Yu-hyun held a white harpoon in his right hand. 

It was a harpoon made from the bone of the sea monster Moby Dick.

‘A harpoon? What can he do with a harpoon at this distance…’

Yu-hyun threw the harpoon as it was.


The harpoon tore through the wall of air and surpassed the world of sound. 

It took about 3 seconds for the harpoon to reach Wang Xian after breaking the sound barrier with a sonic boom.

Wang Xian saw a white and huge whale coming towards him with its mouth wide open. 

A white whale that was so massive and overwhelming that it swallowed everything.

His memory stopped there.


The White Bone Spear that pierced through King Xian’s head felt a tug and returned to Yu-hyun through the space.

Yu-hyun retrieved the White Bone Spear back to his inventory and quietly marveled at his enhanced physical abilities.

He had felt some limitations in his physical strength, but the endless energy supplied by the Fruit of Life ignored all those limits easily.


More than anything, the power given by the mask he was wearing now was also incredible.

Yu-hyun objectively assessed his own strength.

‘I’ve just surpassed the mid-level collectors. If I have to compare, do I have to face the high-level collectors?’

The wall between the mid-level and the high-level was very high and huge.

Yu-hyun realized that he had crossed that wall.

‘By the feel of it, I think I can compete with the top 3rd-grade, or even the 2nd-grade collectors. I’m not sure about anything beyond that.’

It was one thing to have physical abilities, but from the high-level collectors onwards, they had their own solid stories and concepts. 

To face them with physical strength alone was like trying to cut water with a sword.

‘Anyway, this power is just perfect for me right now.’

He felt good as he felt that he had become stronger.

Yu-hyun did not let his guard down. 

He felt a sudden mental fatigue, perhaps due to the aftereffects of dying and resurrecting.

He needed to finish this quickly.

“I don’t know what you did, but don’t think you can die easily…”

Lao Chen tensed up as he saw Yu-hyun’s figure and prepared himself. 

The tattoos on his body sprouted like thorns and covered his whole body. 

The old man next to him also took out a pair of daggers and readied himself for Yu-hyun’s attack.

But their determination was in vain.

Yu-hyun disappeared from his spot and reappeared behind the two men.


Lao Chen and his subordinate’s necks twisted backwards. 

They died without resisting or retaliating.


Yu-hyun took off his mask and exhaled.

The fight was over.

Shamath, who had been watching the scene from his room as an observer, screamed.

“This is impossible!”

Shamath desperately suppressed his urge to tear off his scales. 

He thought he had almost succeeded, but suddenly everything failed. 

Yu-hyun, who had died, resurrected and cleared out the assassins he had sent with unbelievable power.

‘I used the Seed of Story and even Jinsin Sari for this, what the hell is this!’

He always had to maintain his composure, but this time it was different.

Shamath belatedly remembered the guest in his library.

“Yo-your Holiness! Th-this is…”


His voice did not blame Shamath. 

He did not feel any reproach or anger towards him, so Shamath unknowingly felt relieved.

However, he shuddered at what happened next.

Boom boom boom boom!!

His library, the observer’s room, began to shake under a tremendous pressure. 

Cracks appeared all over the white space and it gradually collapsed.

“Yo-your Holiness?! Your Holiness! This can’t be! What is happening right now…!”

[I should have done this from the start. It was a mistake to entrust it to you guys in the first place. And you failed everything.]

The Holy Spirit of Black Stained Pure White Cloth.

Although it was only a corner, it was one of the 16 Nahan of Sakyamuni, and a being who was always ridiculed for his lack of talent.

Yet he did not forget his teachings, and stubbornly pushed forward with them alone, earning a place among the stars.


[I will take action myself.]

He moved. 

He was the Holy Spirit of Sukhavati, the Great Sage Army.


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