The Main Characters That Only I Know (Novel) Chapter 211

Chapter 211

Seo Sumin swung her baseball bat with a cool breeze. It was a shield that could easily block even Kuekus magic bullet, but it was powerless in front of Seo Sumins attack.

The moment the baseball bat touched the shield, the knights upper body disappeared as if it was cut off with the shield.

Goo Seo-yoon bit her lip at the unbelievable sight and shouted.

Attack at the same time!

The infantrymen who received the order surrounded Seo Sumin while keeping their distance and stabbed their spears.

At the same time, Seo Sumin also moved.

She twisted her shoulder, or bent her body slightly forward, or stepped back. Every time she did that, the spear tip lost its target and only pierced the air.

An unbelievable movement.

As they failed to hit her, Goo Seo-yoon became desperate, and the infantrymen who were influenced by her emotion stabbed their spears at the same time.


Ten spears tangled and collided in the air. But these sharp red teeth bit into the teeth of their fellow countrymen. 

Seo Sumins figure had already disappeared from that spot.

Goo Seo-yoon opened her eyes wide. She rolled her eyes quickly and looked for Seo Sumin.

Up there!

Her eyes caught Seo Sumin floating in the air. 

Surprisingly, Seo Sumin had jumped over 10m with a light roll of her feet. 

Even if she was an awakened collector, it was not a physical ability that a novice student could show.

Goo Seo-yoon thought that this was an opportunity anyway.

Seo Sumin floating in the air was slowly falling according to the laws of physics.

You cant avoid it in the air!

The knight who received Goo Seo-yoons command waited near Seo Sumins landing point, and the infantrymen aimed at Seo Sumin with their spears raised.

It was not a skill for killing, so there would be no flesh piercing, but it would still be painful as if they were stabbed.

There were people watching from the audience, so sighs of pity came out from everywhere.

Oh, oppa. What about Sumin?

Kang Yoo-ra was one of them. 

She shook Yoo Hyuns arm back and forth without hiding her anxiety.

Yoo Hyun was about to answer, but he closed his mouth. 

Before he could speak, Seo Sumin showed her response.

Seo Sumins falling speed accelerated. 

The audience opened their eyes wide.

Seo Sumins movement was too fast and beyond common sense, like a hawk catching its prey.

Block it!

The red army reacted to Goo Seo-yoons desperate scream.

The spear soldiers predicted where Seo Sumin would fall and stabbed their spears. 

Seo Sumin slipped out of the gap between the sharp spear attacks like a snake climbing a tree.

Seo Sumins body rotated half a turn and lightly stepped on one of the spears that had been stabbed. 

She used the spear as a stepping stone and lightly jumped, landing softly on the head of one of the infantrymen with her foot.


The red infantrymans head burst open. 

What followed was a repetition of the same thing. 

Every time Seo Sumin walked, the heads of the red army burst open.

It was a very short-lived red magic flower.

As if a butterfly stepped on a flower bud that could not bloom, every time Seo Sumin passed by, the red army bloomed flower buds like pieces of shrapnel.

And, the effect was fully transferred to Gu Seo-yoon.


As the four shield knights and ten spear soldiers she summoned were wiped out in an instant, Gu Seo-yoon felt the rebound.

Fortunately, Gu Seo-yoon was in a dominant position over her summons. 

The relationship between a normal summoner and a summon was equal, but the rebound was also large. Gu Seo-yoon had almost no such penalty.

Thanks to that, the rebound from the reverse summoning was not big, but for a master like Seo Sumin, such a minor change was more than enough opportunity to aim for the opponents throat.

Seo Sumin, who had been flying in the air like a butterfly, landed on the ground as lightly as a feather.

It was then that the cavalry that had been waiting by Gu Seo-yoons side moved.


The red horse neighed and ran towards Seo Sumin. 

The cavalry on the horse thrust their lances at Seo Sumin like arrows.


The baseball bat that Seo Sumin held became blurry like an afterimage, and the cavalrys head exploded.

Seo Sumin walked as if she was taking a stroll. 

The cavalry could not hit Seo Sumin with their spears. 

They thought they had stabbed her, but Seo Sumin passed by them like a ghost.

Accelerating with all their might, the cavalry who passed by Seo Sumin all had their heads explode with a time lag.

The audience was mesmerized by the scene that seemed like a dream.

Seo Sumin approached Gu Seo-yoons nose.

Wait, wait!

Gu Seo-yoon shouted in desperation, but Seo Sumin did not stop.

She held the baseball bat in her left hand behind her, and stretched out her bare hand towards Gu Seo-yoons forehead.

And then, a powerful flick of her fingers!

Thousand Demon Nutcracker


Gu Seo-yoon screamed in pain as she felt it on her forehead and collapsed. 

The security guard who had been watching the scene as if he was bewitched shouted hastily.

Th, the winner is Seo Sumin!

There was no cheer that should have come out when the winner and loser were decided this time either.

The people who gathered here today realized one thing for the first time.

A truly overwhelming fight does not even have a frenzy for victory.

Gu Seo-yoon, who had fainted, was carried out on a stretcher, and Seo Sumin returned to where Yu-hyun and Kang Yura were.

Wow! Sumin!

Yura ran into Seo Sumins arms as if to hug her.

I thought you were going to lose! Are you okay?! Where are you hurt?!

Im fine, Yura. Im fine. Im not hurt at all.

Thats good~.

The people who had sat in the seats and cheered for Gu Seo-yoons victory all had a shitty expression on their faces.

No, where did that kid come from?

Where did White Flower Management find such a talent? With that level of skill, she could be the next collector after Geomhu and Gwangrang.

This is crazy.

What made them even more confused was that this fight ended with pure skill difference without any unfair intervention.

Seo Sumin was much stronger than Gu Seo-yoon, and thats why she won. 

It was an indisputable match.

You did well.

I knew this would happen, but Seo Sumin showed me a much more impressive sight than I had imagined.

Are you sure you didnt overexert yourself?

No. I just fought with my skills, nothing more. Of course, I used a little bit of internal energy. It was hard to deal with them without it.

Seo Sumin said she used a minimal amount of internal energy, but Yu-hyun didnt blame her. 

ather, he was a bit amazed by Gu Seoyun, who pushed her to the point where she had to use it.

It was already long since the balance was lost when Seo Sumin entered the A-rank tournament.

It was like releasing a huge tiger among puppies.

Can you do well in the next match too? If you feel like its too hard or impossible, just tell me.

Pfft. You know thats a boring joke, right?

Well, you laughed, so it worked, didnt it?

Seo Sumin had no intention of losing, no matter who her opponent was in the final.

She used to be afraid of using her power and fell into trauma, but not anymore.

She had nothing to fear now.

Rather, the ones who should be afraid were the ones who would face Seo Sumin in the final.

In fact, Larina and Kim Juhyuk, who had to play the semi-final, felt chills running down their spines.

They were in big trouble whether they won or lost here.


Shamath, the head of the Pentagram department at Celestial Corporation. 

No, he should be called the former head and the sinner now. 

He was trapped in a glass box surrounded by magic circles.

He was accused of being an accomplice in sending the spirits of the upper world to the lower world with Great Sage Army Paradise, and he received the mark of one of the worst criminals in Celestial Corporation.

And the ones who interrogated him were the tellers from the inspection office, along with Celestina, who captured him when he tried to escape.

Tsk, stubborn bastard. How can you not say a word?

Celestina glared at Shamath with one eye and muttered.

Shamath endured the harsh interrogation without admitting his wrongdoing.

He was a senior teller with extraordinary mental strength, but he also knew that if he confessed, he would face a more horrible future than the interrogation.

Well, at least we got something out of him.

Ah. Utata.

The person standing next to Celestina was a teller with a shining white sphere for a head.

His body was human with a white suit, but his head was different. Inside the white sphere, something black swirled like oil without mixing. It gave off a strange impression.

Utata, the chief of the inspection office at Celestial Corporation.

He looked at Shamath who fainted and said.

We got all the basic information anyway. Of course, hes desperately hiding the fundamental reason, but thats not important.

Thats true.

Dont be too disappointed. Have you forgotten what our inspection office does?

Of course not.

Celestina smiled faintly.

The inspection office of Celestial Corporation was not a place that was very diligent in its work normally. 

If there was no incident, it was practically the place with the least work to do.

But when an incident occurred, and it became a serious matter.

The tellers of the inspection office turned into grim reapers from their usual relaxed and gentle attitude.

Now Utata was emitting white light and speaking softly. 

He looked harmless. But as soon as he entered the interrogation, his sphere turned from white to red.

Red Utata was one of those that Celestina didnt want to mess with.

She quickly changed the subject.

Still, its a shame. I wanted to give that octopus head a good punch.

Demiarios, the chief. Hes someone we have to watch out for too. But he seems too hard to pin down with this incident. Hes too clean, almost suspiciously so.

Right. Hes a chief after all.

The word chief was not just a simple title for Teller. It contained the values of how amazing a being he was and how far he had walked on his path.

Theres no way he would be caught by something like this. Damn it. That makes me more annoyed. Even if hes still scheming something, we have no way to stop him.

But, its only a matter of time now. Shamart crossed the line too much. Thats why we locked him up in the trash bin.

The large glass box that held Shamart was a specially made prison that was called the trash bin inside the Celestial Corporation.

As the name implied, the Tellers who were trapped inside were literally trashed of all their stories.

Considering that text was the foundation of Tellers existence, the trash bin was essentially an execution ground that meant death for Tellers.

The stories extracted from the trash bin are no different from the history of the Teller who owned them. If we arrange and combine the decomposed texts, we can figure out what he did to some extent.


It was a ridiculous thing to do, to kill someone forcibly and then autopsy their corpse to find out their whereabouts, but the world of Tellers made it possible.

Of course, trashing a Teller with the trash bin and assembling his stories was unethical in the world of Tellers.

But, considering what Shamart had done, there was no other way. 

Besides, this was something that was approved by the central office.

The will of the central office was in line with the will of the president.

Even if most of the Tellers opposed it, if the president ordered it, they had to do it. 

That was the rule of the company.

Wouldnt they have spared him if they had just exiled him?

Are you serious about that?

Utata reacted as if he was startled by Celestinas words.

That exile place where even stories are frozen is worse than the trash bin now. Its better to die cleanly.

I know. I was just saying. Phew, Im done. Ill go now. Theres nothing more to see here anyway, and I have things to do too.

Oh, okay. Bye then.

After receiving Utatas farewell, Celestina left the disposal room and headed to the record room.

Have you arrived?

Galiaz was reading a book as usual. 

He closed the book he was reading and pushed it aside.

Celestina sat down naturally across from him.

So, inspiration. Why did you call me? I was fine with asking for inspiration and catching that Shamart guy, but Im busy as hell because of that. Just tell me what you want quickly. I have a pile of work to do.

Tsk tsk. Is that what you say to someone who shared information with you?

Ah, shit. I know that, but Im really busy! Im stressed out like crazy. How fishy is that octopus head, I cant even see his shape when I try to catch him.

Yeah. It looks like that.

Galiaz said that and handed over a paper document to Celestina.

Celestina wondered why he didnt just give it to her through Genesis Net instead of this old-fashioned way, but her eyes quickly scanned the contents of the document.

Her eyebrows twitched as she read everything.

Wait a minute. Inspiration, is this real?

Yeah. Its real.

Galiaz nodded at Celestinas incredulous gaze.

Its an announcement that came down just recently. The story value of Earth has risen by two levels from before.

Two levels at once? Isnt this unprecedented?

Yeah. Its unprecedented. Its literally the first time.

Earth was on the verge of being discarded until recently. 

It was called a barren land of stories that could no longer produce quality stories.

But then, suddenly, the upper echelons raised their evaluation of Earth.

Galiaz focused on the behavior of the upper echelons who changed their attitude like flipping their palms.

Galiazs voice settled calmly.

There must be something we dont know.


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