The Main Characters That Only I Know (Novel) Chapter 187

Chapter 187


Chullapantaka was about to deliver the final blow, but he had to stop at the moment he felt a huge force pulsing behind Yu-hyun.

His eyes, which had been calm until now, widened uncontrollably with emotion.

His gaze turned to Seo Sumin, who held a sword.

‘Did she get up again in that situation?’

Gokrakjeongto considered Seo Sumin’s ability to be dangerous.

That was why they used the seeds of the story and the Sacred Buddhist Relic.

They knew they couldn’t do anything with force, so they tried to make her despair by exploiting her only weakness: her mental state.

Their plan was half successful.

Seo Sumin actually came close to death.

But unlike the original history, Yu-hyun was here.

His existence alone helped awaken the absolute ruler of Murim, who should have died.

Just a teller.

From the lofty and grand perspective of Great Sage Army, he was less than a bug.

But he ruined everything.

The evil that should have collapsed endured all the hardships and rose up. Stronger than before.

‘How can this be? Is this really the fate of the world?’

Chullapantaka lamented the fate of this world where evil became rampant.

The wrinkles on his forehead, which had been gentle, deepened, and his eyebrows shot up to the sky. Something bubbled up inside him.

Chullapantaka did not hide his anger.


His voice contained his will.

The light that seemed to fade became stronger.

The lotus that Chullapantaka was riding on bloomed fully and spread out.

[It must be eliminated!]

Their plan was not over yet.

He would not let it end.

Chullapantaka was relieved that he was here. He was glad that he manifested himself in Hage after everything failed and he overcame that failure.

If not, Paradise Pure Land Would not have been able to stop the seed of evil that would hatch here.

[It’s no use changing your mind now!]

Chullapantaka clasped his hands and moved his lips quickly, reciting a verse.

“Look at the red lotus that smells fragrant

Like a flower that blooms at dawn and emits fragrance”

Two lines of verse pressed down on the whole world with the power of light.

An invisible giant hand slowly crushed the world.


The trees in the forest crumbled from the end.

The collapse slowly headed towards the ground.

The world screamed as it couldn’t withstand the immense pressure.

Chullapantaka intended to erase everything without leaving anything behind, even as an idea.


In the midst of the roaring noise that made the world go away, Seo Sumin’s voice rang out softly.

Her calm voice sounded strangely clear in their ears.

“It’s not useless.”

One Sword

Seo Sumin swung her sword lightly from top to bottom.

At the same time, the huge pressure that crushed the world split in half.

The dark energy stained with blood cut the sky and the earth precisely in half.


The one sword that split the world struck the pillar of light where Chullapantaka was staying.

The light that had barely faltered in front of Kang Hye-rim’s full-powered lightning shattered into pieces and scattered.

The pressure that crushed the world disappeared.

Chullapantaka clenched his teeth and began to gather all his energy.

Crack! Crack!

More cracks appeared on his flesh, which barely maintained its shape. Chullapantaka thought it didn’t matter.

He needed to do this much to face Seo Sumin now. He had to knock her down even if he had to throw away everything he had.

[How can you claim that you gave up everything, but still resist now!]

“Look at Angira shining everywhere”


The lotus petals that Chullapantaka was riding on scattered in all directions and headed towards Seo Sumin.

One petal had enough power to blow away an entire city.

Everyone gasped and looked at Seo Sumin.

No matter how strong she was, it was hard to stop those lotuses.

So, Seo Sumin decided to show them.

Why she was called the greatest of all time and the Heavenly Demon.

Her ‘real’ power.

“Seven Demon Black Sky Divine Skill.”

It was her own unique martial art that she established when she ascended to Heavenly Demon’s position.

All martial artists trembled in fear, and even the sub-leader of Heavenly Demon Singyo knelt before her, making her rule as an absolute ruler.

Her own divine skill of martial arts.

“One Demon.”

Disaster Flower

Black flowers bloomed around Seo Sumin.

The flowers of energy that bloomed from the buds in an instant exploded as they were.

The world was dyed with black petals in an instant.

Thousands of black petals had a will and collided with the lotus petals.

As the lotus petals with the will of the stars clashed with the petals of strength, they scattered with a dazzling light.


“What kind of power is this?”

A storm raged along with the blinding flash.

Kang Hye-rim and Kwon Ji-ah, who were watching the scene, exclaimed softly.

Yu Hyun silently crossed his arms and watched Seo Sumin’s fight.

Chullapantaka shouted at Seo Sumin, who was showing her strength.

[How dare you resist! Don’t you see your sins, and don’t you know that it is for the sake of the world to disappear quietly!]

“I don’t care about that!”

Seo Sumin unleashed all the anger she had been holding back.

“I’m just fighting against what oppresses me!”

There was a man who awakened her to that.

And there was a friend who wished her to live.

She was able to gain an insight from her long regrets.

But what was important to her was not how big this insight was.

It was which direction this small insight would lead her to.

That was all.

[The seed of evil tries to resist until the end!]

“I’m not evil!”

Seo Sumin screamed with bloodshot eyes.

“I’m the Heavenly Demon!”

Strength flowed into her hand holding the sword.

Her will surged from the tip of the sword.

She saw a vision of the distant past.

The subordinates who waved their hands at her like fools, but whom she loved dearly.

The embodiments of regret that she killed with her own hands.

Her world changed.

The dry and painful world that existed only in black and white was gone.

She saw the light.

She realized how full this dark world was of various colors.

The nightmare that she thought could never be reversed.

It became her unforgettable memory.

“I am a supreme being of the original sect!”

The ground cracked with every step she took. The earth’s power rushed out and bowed to her in worship.

“And I am the first grandmaster martial artist of Murim!”

The world screamed with the magic that filled the heaven and earth.

She passed by with black magic swirling around her.

“The one that all martial artists desire!”

Chullapantaka’s eyes turned to her.

His eyes widened in disbelief as they captured Seo Sumin’s figure.

“I am the Heavenly Demon!”

She shouted as if she would vomit blood.

“I am Seo Sumin, the Heavenly Demon!”

The swirling black power wrapped around her sword. Seo Sumin used her second martial art.

Seven Demon Black Heaven Divine Skill (七魔黑天神功)

Second Demon Black Silk Prison (黑絲牢)


Along with the thrust sword, countless black lines shot out at Chullapantaka.

Each line was a bundle of compressed power.

Chullapantaka did not break his palms.

The lotus without petals carried him at a speed beyond cognition.

He clenched his teeth and escaped from the power lines that Seo Sumin had sprayed.

It was an unbelievable feat to do so while keeping his palms together and his legs crossed.


The gold engraved on Chullapantaka’s body grew longer.

Chullapantaka saw his end slowly closing in on him.

He wondered where he went wrong.

The plan was perfect.

He had devised a way to destroy Seo Sumin’s mind and use the existence of Hage to finish her off for good.

But the plan failed.

They had an unbelievable streak of luck.

Even though he did not let his guard down, it happened.

It was a situation that could only be seen as fate’s mockery.


Chullapantaka gritted his teeth.

Seo Sumin, who had awakened, was strong.

It was not for nothing that she coveted the position of transcendence.

He was not perfect either, but Seo Sumin was not at her peak either.

Yet he felt that way.

But she was not without weakness.

‘How long can she maintain such an attack with a body that has not been properly trained?’

He could tell just by looking at Seo Sumin’s appearance.

Her arms and legs were trembling pitifully.

It was the price of using a martial art that surpassed her limits with a will beyond cognition.

He was amazed by her awakening, but that was all.

Seo Sumin had reached her limit.

‘No. Is that true for me too?’

Chullapantaka looked at his body and sensed that this was his last chance.

It was the same for Seo Sumin too.

They collided with each other with full force in an incomplete state. It was impossible for a fight like walking on thin ice to last long.


A bundle of energy stretched out and was sucked back into Seo Sumin’s sword, as if it was spinning around her will.


The dark energy on the blade rotated at an incredible speed.

Seo Sumin exerted all her power to control the energy on the sword.


Chulapantaka loosened his clasped hands.

His hands slowly descended on his knees.

The light that flowed from Chulapantaka, who had relaxed his whole body, was incomparably stronger than before.

He shone like a sun that could not be faced.

“Like a red lotus that smells fragrant

Blooming at dawn and spreading its fragrance

Behold the Angirasa that shines everywhere”

Chulapantaka recited the third verse of the song.

His voice, which should have ended there, did not stop.


Chulapantaka pulled up all his strength.

He, who possessed the power of the stars, emitted heat comparable to the core of a star for a moment.

Chulapantaka recited the last fourth verse.

“Like the sun that shines in the sky”

The light that was released with full force swallowed Seo Sumin like a ripple on a calm surface where a drop of water fell.

Everything that touched it burned without leaving any ashes.

The wall of the garden collapsed and scattered like dust, and the trees did not leave even a single root.

The light of destruction swallowed the world and tried to erase all the illusions.

At the same time, Seo Sumin also showed the best technique she could perform right now.

Seven Demon Black Sky Divine Skill (七魔黑天神功)

One Demon (一魔) Disaster Flower (災花) Flower Point Piercing (花點穿)

Nine swirling strands split into nine and then merged into one.

The compressed energy spun at a tremendous speed and aimed at Tianyuan (天元).

A huge sunbeam and a single black swirl collided.



A trickle of blood ran down Seo Sumin’s mouth.

Her insides were shaken by the collision of forces.

Her weak muscles screamed, and her head felt like it was on fire.

The attack compressed to the limit could not penetrate Chulapantaka’s final attack.

The forces collided and continued to wrestle.

She knew that the moment she backed down, everyone would die, so Seo Sumin clenched her teeth and endured.

Yu-hyun fought with his life to protect her, who was lacking.

So, this time it was her turn to protect him.



Her left hand holding the sword bounced off, unable to withstand the recoil.

Seo Sumin put strength into her remaining right hand and desperately resisted being pushed back.

Her two legs fixed on the ground slowly slid back.

The distant pain that crossed her body dyed her vision white.

The scenery on her retina flickered several times.

The difference in power was clear.

Seo Sumin was slowly being pushed back in this fight.

‘Is this…the end?’

She thought she had realized it just now, but was it too late?

If she had realized it a little bit sooner.

If she had trained a little bit more in case of any possible situation.

She regretted every moment that had passed by trivially.

Her hair fluttered under the enormous pressure. She stared at the light that was hard to open her eyes to and saw something hallucinate.

It felt like someone was holding her hand.

“Hold on.”


It wasn’t a hallucination.

Yu-hyun had come to her side and held the sword with her. Was he also out of strength?

Yu-hyun was not wearing a mask.

“It’s not over yet.”

Yu-hyun looked at the present with Laplace’s eye. But he didn’t know what would happen after this either.

He only knew that this was the only way to victory that he had longed for so much, and he was sure of everything he had staked on it.

What he needed to reach Chulapantaka with this blow was not great.

Just one step.

That was enough.

“Only one step forward is enough. Can you do it?”

“What do you think of me?”

Seo Sumin gave a different answer than before hesitating. With a smile full of confidence.

“I am the Heavenly Demon.”


Yu-hyun also smiled satisfactorily at her answer.

“Then let’s go.”

He put strength into his hand holding the sword.

The two of them used all their strength to move forward.


The white light and darkness collided without rest.

In the midst of the explosion that shook heaven and earth, Yu-hyun, Seo Sumin, and Chulapantaka saw it.

A small change that occurred at the peak of the turbulence where light and darkness met.


The light began to crack.

The small and trivial crack gradually grew in size.

From a point to a line, from a line to a plane.

In the brilliant light, Chulapantaka watched the two of them.

Those who had eyes that held a light brighter than the starlight in the sky.

The future they would have as they broke through the wall that was him.

Chulapantaka thought.

With a straight faith that did not waver, those who kept going on.

‘How beautiful is that?’

Chulapantaka closed his eyes.

At the same time, the light that enveloped him collapsed.

A single swirl pierced through the light wave like a fish swimming against the current.


The last blow that Yu-hyun and Seo Sumin made pierced through Chulapantaka’s chest.


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