The Main Characters That Only I Know (Novel) Chapter 150

Chapter 150

-What should we do?

‘…There’s no choice. Tell them to wait. I’ll go there.’

Yu-hyun sighed softly after ending the call with Kang Hye-rim.

“Why, why are you like that…?”

“No, it’s not because of them, so don’t worry. It’s just that things got a bit complicated.”


Bang Sang looked down at Kim Jun Bae’s corpse and let out a small sigh. 

She didn’t show it, but she was also bewildered by the sudden betrayal.

She couldn’t fully comprehend the situation in her head, but the fact that she had picked up a hatchet showed that she had gone through a fierce fight.

“Normally, we should have handled this ourselves, but the situation got a little out of hand.”

“Should I… go with you…?”

“Well, since Ms. Seo Young has already seen this. There’s no helping it.”



Bang Sang asked in surprise, and Yu-hyun realized his mistake too late.

‘…Ah. Come to think of it, I didn’t reveal her name.’

Gweseon never revealed her identity to anyone. Most people didn’t even know that she was a woman. Yu-hyun knew her name and identity from the book, so he unconsciously called her by her name instead of her nickname.



A strange silence hung between them.

Gweseon stared at Yu-hyun intently. She was wearing a mask, so her expression was hidden, but her gaze was clearly felt.

-How do you know my name?

That’s what Gweseon’s eyes were asking.

Yu-hyun hesitated on how to answer. 

His ability to read other people’s information was a secret even among his colleagues.

[The spirits are curious about your ability.]

Even the spirits who usually paid attention to Yu-hyun took this opportunity to express their curiosity.

Yu-hyun felt that he was cornered for the first time since he was reborn.

‘I’ve become too careless.’

He made a mistake in a trivial part. 

This was the result of adapting to a peaceful world and a peaceful life. 

Yu-hyun reflected on his actions.

First of all, he had to get out of this situation.


As Yu-hyun was about to say something, the spirits and Gweseon focused on his mouth.

“It’s just that.”


[The spirits are dumbfounded by your answer.]

Yu-hyun’s simple answer made everyone who was tense lose their momentum.

“No, I mean, you know how it feels when you look at someone. Oh, that person’s name must be Chul Soo. Oh, that person’s name must be Young Hee. You know, something like that. I also thought that when I first saw you. Oh, that person’s name must be something like that.”

“Do you think… I would believe that…?”

“Of course not?”

Yu-hyun awkwardly smiled and decided to reveal one of his hidden cards.

“Well, since the spirits seem curious too, I’ll tell you a little bit. This is one of my special abilities. To be precise, it’s the story I have.”

“The story… you have…?”

[The spirits are wondering what kind of story it is.]

“It’s a secret. If I reveal this much, I’m exposing too much of myself. But just one hint.”

Yu-hyun snapped his fingers and grinned.

“It’s a gift from someone very amazing.”


Gweseon Son Seo-young was curious about what kind of gift it was. 

The spirits were also curious about the identity of the gift, but they all kept their mouths shut, looking at each other.

[The one who laughs in the darkest place nods his head as if he is satisfied.]

Right now, in this library, the most likely being who gave the gift was nodding his head proudly.

Satan was happy to realize that Yu-hyun had properly absorbed the ‘Laplace’s Demon Fragment’ that he had given as a gift.

The spirits could only infer that Satan had given Yu-hyun a gift and that it had something to do with obtaining information.

‘They are not allowed to know more than that.’

Some of the spirits might get into trouble if they couldn’t contain their curiosity and jumped in, but Yu-hyun casually mentioned Satan’s name there.

He said it was a story given by him and he couldn’t reveal it carelessly. He asked for their understanding.

Of course, as spirits, they had no choice but to accept it.

If it was something given by Satan, then it could be possible.

‘What are you going to do if you don’t?’

Satan was one of the seven lords of the Great Demon Army Pandemonium.

He was a top-class spirit in terms of rank. 

He was a first-generation spirit, and there were only a few who could match him in any ordinary Great Demon Army.

No sane spirit would dare to go against Satan’s will or try to dig behind his back.

“So, please understand. Of course, I won’t spread your personal information to others without your permission. Don’t worry. If you’re really worried, we can make a contract.”

“No… It’s okay. But… Please let me touch the owl more…”

“If you wish.”

Yu-hyun quickly finished the situation summary and headed to where Kang Hye-rim was waiting.

A dark night. 

The gap between the ships was close enough that it was not difficult to move to another ship.

“Ah, Yu-hyun… sir.”

Kang Hye-rim greeted Yu-hyun with joy, but she trailed off when she saw Gweseon following behind him.

“Miss Hye-rim. You’ve been waiting, right?”

“No. That’s not it, but who is that person behind you…?”

“This is Mr. Gweseon Bang-sang. He helped me while I was fighting. Since we’re here anyway, we just came together.”

Kang Hye-rim could only nod her head with a slightly nervous expression. 

The important thing now was Ahab, who was behind her with his arms crossed, asking her with his eyes what the hell was going on.


The lion who had been silent growled.

“What the hell are you trying to do on my ship?”

“…It seems like we need some explanation.”

Yu-hyun cautiously told Ahab about the situation.

To summarize, they were all guests, but they came from different places and had conflicting interests.

“I see. Let’s say that’s true. But why are these three trying to sink my ship with their lives on the line? That doesn’t fit with their interests at all.”

“If we die here, the organization of the culprits who are waiting on the mainland will be happy.”

“Oh really? Is this some kind of ‘let’s die together’ thing? They’re really loyal bastards. But they have some big guts to mess with my ship.”

Ahab smiled with his mouth, but not with his eyes. He had a strong will to tear apart and kill the Twilight Veil Clan who caused this incident with his bare hands.

“What happened to the guy you caught?”

“What do you think?”

“…Let’s not ask.”

Yu-hyun glanced at Kang Hye-rim who gestured with her hand how he did it behind Ahab’s back.

Kang Hye-rim’s hand gesture looked like she grabbed a person’s neck and head on both sides and popped off the cap like a bottle. 

The invisible corpse must have been thrown into the sea.

Yu-hyun shivered and said.

“It’s a good thing anyway. We stopped them before they did anything.”

“It doesn’t make much difference whether these three useless guys disappear or not. Well, whatever. This turned out well in the end, so let’s just move on. The important thing right now is not this.”

I wondered if it was acceptable to overlook the situation where the ship almost sank because of the internal personnel, but considering the monster that was targeting us now, I couldn’t deny it either.

Just then, Kwon Jia came over, having finished her work on the other side. Behind her was Park Cheol-oh, who had a heavy expression on his face.

“So… it ended up like this.”

“You’re not going to say anything about excessive decompression or something like that, are you?”

“Of course not. If I were in your position, I would have killed them all first.”

“That’s not the point.”

Ahab interrupted.

“Shouldn’t we think about how to catch that damn whale? Isn’t that the problem?”

“I didn’t expect you to say that first, captain. Besides, haven’t you seen it before? How big it is, you should have told us in advance…”

“Oh. I didn’t know that either.”


“That thing. I knew it was bigger than a normal whale when I saw it before, but now it’s grown so much that it’s incomparable to then. Well, judging by its appearance, it seems like this is its final growth stage. But its size was beyond my expectation too.”

“…I see. But I can’t think of any way to deal with it.”

Yu-hyun tried to rack his brain, but he couldn’t figure out how to deal with Moby Dick’s body that was over 200m long.

It was practically impossible to face it in this vast sea. 

This place was no different from its front yard.

And it wasn’t even a simple-minded beast. It was a cunning fantasy creature that knew how to run away when it was in danger.

‘Even if the Nautilus came out, we might have had a chance, but at this rate, even the Thousand Sons might not work properly.’

It was a difficult situation in many ways.

Yu-hyun thought that the key to breaking through this situation was the remaining fragments of the story that he hadn’t revealed yet.

‘This place is a world of ideas mixed with Moby Dick and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. And there is one more story in addition to that. I have to find it.’

This wasn’t just a matter of his life. The lives of the rest of the people, including Kang Hye-rim and Kwon Jia, were at stake.

Everything he had achieved since he came here after reincarnating.

The key to clearing this world of ideas was a crisis that could destroy everything he had built up so far.

‘On the other hand, if I succeed, I can maintain a much stronger tower than what I have accumulated so far.’

There was no way back. The entire ocean world itself felt like a monster’s mouth that existed to devour him.

That sense of crisis, that situation of being cornered.

‘It’s fun.’

The moment he realized that it was similar to the apocalypse that had driven him for 10 years in his previous life, Yu-hyun felt his senses sharpened as he had suppressed them until now.

Despair is a trial of fate that exists to destroy others.

The moment you endure and overcome it,

You can move forward more.

“Ah, by the way, Mr. Park Cheol-oh.”

Before leaving his seat, Yu-hyun said something to Park Cheol-oh.


The meeting started early the next morning.

The crew members didn’t get enough sleep. They didn’t know when or where Moby Dick would strike again, so they slept with their eyes open.

“Damn. I’m so tired.”

“What the hell is this, damn it. That monster whale bastard, we don’t know when he’ll come.”

Ishmael was also exhausted.

“Phew. Queequeg. Do you think we can catch that monster?”

“I don’t know about that. Ishmael.”

“But you saw it, right? That huge whale. The toughness that didn’t flinch even when hit by a harpoon. I still feel like yesterday’s event was a dream.”

Ishmael shuddered as he closed his eyes and recalled Moby Dick’s appearance that had shattered the ship. 

Queequeg, who shared the same room with him as a harpooner, pretended not to care but felt the same way.

The harpoon he threw did not affect him at all.

What could he do against a monster that was unaffected by Captain Ahab’s harpoon, which could kill a normal whale in one shot?

“Quiet, everyone! It’s time for the meeting!”

The crew members, who were aware of the seriousness of the past day, gathered on the Pequod and attended the meeting. The square captain came with his subordinates as before. The collectors also came without missing anyone.

The number of 30 people had dwindled to only 20. A third of their power had flown away in a day.

“Well, shall we start?”

In the center of the meeting room, Yu-hyun spoke in a loud voice that reached everyone’s ears.

“Today’s topic is, how to hunt Moby Dick.”


“Can we catch it?”

“Shouldn’t we run away right now?”

“Arthur. You know when you see it. If we run away, it will surely chase us. We’ve already become its prey.”

“But, that doesn’t mean we can win by fighting…”

“Just now, there.”

Yu-hyun pointed to one of the crew members who were whispering quietly among themselves.

“Me, me? Me?”

“Yes. You. What did you just say?”

“Oh, no, that’s…”

“It’s okay. I didn’t call you to scold you. Just say what you said earlier.”

“Well, well… That monster called Moby Dick, if we run away, it will surely chase us…”

“That’s right.”

Yu-hyun smiled as if he had found a clue.

And then he made a bombshell statement in front of everyone with a smiling face.

“Let’s run away. We.”


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